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A Bumpy Transition for Solicitor General’s Office – March 22, 2021

When a new president moves into the White House, the federal agencies in charge of national security and domestic welfare quickly change policies in line with the political views of the new chief executive, but not the solicitor general’s office. The solicitor general’s office, the arm of the Justice Department that represents the government at the Supreme Court, prides itself on providing the justices with independent, nonpartisan legal advice based on law not politics and aimed at best serving the government’s long-term interests. For that reason, the solicitor general (SG) changes legal positions with a new president in the White House only rarely. But the post-Trump transition in the first few months of 2021 has been different, marked by at least nine changes of position by the solicitor general’s office in new filings in cases pending at the Court during the 2020 term. In this Court Report, court expert Kenneth Jost discusses the cases on which the incoming administration has chosen to change course on.