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Kenneth Jost has covered legal affairs as a reporter, editor, or columnist since 1970 and has contributed to a variety of legal publications. He is the author of the Supreme Court Yearbook (since the 1992-1993 term), Supreme Court A to Z, and The New York Times on the Supreme Court, all published by CQ Press. He also serves as an editorial consultant on the Supreme Court Collection and a contributing writer to CQ Researcher, where he was a staff writer and later associate editor for twenty years. Jost is an honors graduate of Harvard College and Georgetown University Law Center, where he teaches media law as an adjunct professor.

In addition, he has been a frequent commentator about the Supreme Court on television and radio programs, including CBS Radio, CNN, C-SPAN, Fox News Channel, MSNBC, NPR, and several local radio and television outlets. Kenneth Jost currently blogs about legal issues at Jost on Justice ( and tweets @jostonjustice.


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