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Increase Discoverability of CQ Library

To help your patrons make the most of the rich content in CQ Library, be sure to add it to your library catalog and website. Download the MARC record for CQ Library in your A-to-Z database list as well as in your database subject listings under the political science discipline.

Discoverability Checklists

Check out our discoverability checklists (CQ Library). They outline suggested steps and additional information for improving discovery of the content in order to ensure users can easily locate content in the CQ Library.

User Guides and Tutorial Videos

View tutorial videos for CQ Library products

CQ Library LibGuide

Check out the CQ Library LibGuide, and please feel free to incorporate it into your own LibGuide Collections!

COUNTER Reporting

CQ Library offers the following COUNTER Reports

If you are a customer, go to Secure Center to add and amend your details. If you experience any difficulty, please contact us and we'll be happy to help.

Click here for COUNTER 5 Reports FAQ

Institutional Display

You can display the name of your institution in the header of the CQL Collections. To do this, visit SecureCenter, and enter your institution name into the "Company/Institution Display" field.

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Download CQ Library Posters

Download these poster PDFs and print them out to direct users to the CQ Library.

  1. Time to Leave the Circus (customizable)
  2. The Facts Don't Lie

PowerPoint Slides

Do you use looping PowerPoint presentations to adverstise your resources? Use these slides to promote your CQ Press Library resources!



Shelf Tags

Want to put a shelf tag in your library to alert users that you have more resources online? Look no further!

CQ Press Library Shelf Tag

Feedback and Questions

Submit feedback or requests for technical assistance to technical support, or visit our Contact Us page for all other questions.