Congressional Elections
 Reapportionment and Redistricting: General
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Abrams v. JohnsonJun. 19, 1997Case Summary
Apportionment Revolution, 1962-19641962 - 1964Legislative Analysis
Apportionment Revolution, 1965-1968 Overview1965 - 1968Legislative Analysis
At-LargeEncyclopedia Entry
Baker v. Carr: Case SummaryMar. 26, 1962Case Summary
Baker v. CarrEncyclopedia Entry
Bartlett, Executive Director of North Carolina State Board of Elections v. StricklandMar. 9, 2009Case Summary
Branch v. SmithMar. 31, 2003Case Summary
Bush, Governor of Texas v. Vera: Opinions of the Supreme Court on Racial Gerrymandering in TexasJun. 13, 1996Primary Source
Bush, Governor of Texas v. VeraJun. 13, 1996Case Summary
Census of 1970: Reapportionment and Redistricting Overview1970Encyclopedia Entry
CensusEncyclopedia Entry
Colegrove v. GreenJun. 10, 1946Case Summary
Congress and RedistrictingEncyclopedia Entry
Congressional Apportionment, 1789-2010Facts & Figures
Congressional DistrictEncyclopedia Entry
Constitutional ProvisionsEncyclopedia Entry
Davis v. Bandemer: Ruling of the U.S. Supreme Court Holding that Political Gerrymandering Did Not Violate Equal Protection LawsJun. 30, 1986Primary Source
Davis v. BandemerJun. 30, 1986Case Summary
Department of Commerce v. United States House of RepresentativesJan. 25, 1999Case Summary
Distribution of House Seats and Electoral VotesFacts & Figures
Drawing DistrictsEncyclopedia Entry
Early History of ReapportionmentEncyclopedia Entry
Former Chief Justice E. Warren on U.S. Supreme Court Civil Rights and Political Districting DecisionsDec. 11, 1972Primary Source
Franklin, Secretary of Commerce v. MassachusettsJun. 26, 1992Case Summary
Geographical Patterns in Reapportionment, 1790–2010Encyclopedia Entry
Georgia v. AshcroftJun. 26, 2003Case Summary
Georgia v. U.S.May 7, 1973Case Summary
Gerrymandering: The Shape of the HouseEncyclopedia Entry
GerrymanderingEncyclopedia Entry
Growe, Secretary of State of Minnesota v. EmisonFeb. 23, 1993Case Summary
House District Standards, 1967 Legislative Chronology1967Legislative Analysis
How Should the Census Count the Population?Encyclopedia Entry
Hunt, Governor of North Carolina v. CromartieApr. 18, 2001Case Summary
Interstate Transfer of House Seats by Census and Senate, 1960–2010Facts & Figures
Karcher v. Daggett: Ruling of the U.S. Supreme Court on Redistricting in New JerseyJun. 22, 1983Primary Source
Lance v. Coffman, Colorado Secretary of StateCase Summary
Legislative Districting: Deviations from Equality in Congressional and State Legislative Districts (percent)Facts & Figures
Major Supreme Court Cases on RedistrictingEncyclopedia Entry
McNichols v. Baldrige, Baldrige v. ShapiroFeb. 24, 1982Case Summary
Mid-Decade Redistricting and Partisan GerrymanderingEncyclopedia Entry
Mid-decade RedistrictingEncyclopedia Entry
Miller v. Johnson: Supreme Court Opinions on Race-Based RedistrictingJun. 29, 1995Primary Source
Miller v. JohnsonJun. 29, 1995Case Summary
Minority-Majority DistrictEncyclopedia Entry
Multimember DistrictsEncyclopedia Entry
One Person, One VoteEncyclopedia Entry
Origins of the GerrymanderEncyclopedia Entry
Practical Results of Court's RulingsEncyclopedia Entry
Practical Results of the Supreme Court's Rulings on RedistrictingEncyclopedia Entry
Racial RedistrictingEncyclopedia Entry
Realignments and DealignmentsEncyclopedia Entry
Reapportionment and Redistricting: History and Process1789 - 1993Encyclopedia Entry
Reapportionment and Redistricting: IntroductionEncyclopedia Entry
Reapportionment and Redistricting: Judicial HistoryEncyclopedia Entry
Reapportionment and RedistrictingEncyclopedia Entry
Reapportionment Gainers and Losers Following 2000 Census2008Facts & Figures
Reapportionment Gainers and Losers in 2010Facts & Figures
Reapportionment: the Number of SeatsEncyclopedia Entry
Redistricting and Partisan Gerrymandering after the 2010 CensusEncyclopedia Entry
Redistricting Challenges, 1993-19971993 - 1997Legislative Analysis
Redistricting: Drawing the LinesEncyclopedia Entry
Right to an Equal VoteEncyclopedia Entry
Shaw v. HuntJun. 13, 1996Case Summary
Shaw v. Reno: U.S. Supreme Court Opinion on Standards for Determining the Constitutionality of Congressional Districts Drawn to Ensure a Majority of MinoritiesJun. 28, 1993Primary Source
Shaw v. RenoEncyclopedia Entry
Shaw v. RenoJun. 28, 1993Case Summary
Single-Member DistrictsEncyclopedia Entry
State Population Totals and House Seat Changes after the 2010 CensusFacts & Figures
Table 1-29 Legislative Districting: Deviations from Equality in Congressional and State Legislative Districts (percent)Unknown
Table 33-2 State Population Totals, House Seat Changes in the 2000s2008Facts & Figures
The Court and the Individual: Political RightsEncyclopedia Entry
United States Department of Commerce v. MontanaMar. 31, 1992Case Summary
United States v. HaysJun. 29, 1995Case Summary
Utah v. EvansJun. 20, 2002Case Summary
Vieth v. JubelirerApr. 28, 2004Case Summary
Wells v. RockefellerApr. 7, 1969Case Summary
Wesberry v. SandersFeb. 17, 1964Case Summary
White v. WeiserJun. 18, 1973Case Summary
Wisconsin v. City of New YorkMar. 20, 1996Case Summary