Congressional Elections
 Congressional General Elections: General
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1949–1951: The Eighty-First Congress1949 - 1951Encyclopedia Entry
1953–1955: The Eighty-Third Congress1953 - 1955Encyclopedia Entry
1955–1957: The Eighty-Fourth Congress1955 - 1957Encyclopedia Entry
1957–1959: The Eighty-Fifth Congress1957 - 1959Encyclopedia Entry
1959–1961: The Eighty-Sixth Congress1959 - 1961Encyclopedia Entry
1961–1963: The Eighty-Seventh Congress1961 - 1963Encyclopedia Entry
1963–1965: The Eighty-Eighth Congress1963 - 1965Encyclopedia Entry
1965–1967: The Eighty-Ninth Congress1965 - 1967Encyclopedia Entry
1967–1969: The Ninetieth Congress1967 - 1969Encyclopedia Entry
1969–1971: The Ninety-First Congress1969 - 1971Encyclopedia Entry
1971–1973: The Ninety-Second Congress1971 - 1973Encyclopedia Entry
1973–1975: The Ninety-Third Congress1973 - 1975Encyclopedia Entry
1975–1977: The Ninety-Fourth Congress1975 - 1977Encyclopedia Entry
1977–1979: The Ninety-Fifth Congress1977 - 1979Encyclopedia Entry
1979–1981: The Ninety-Sixth Congress1979 - 1981Encyclopedia Entry
1981–1983: The Ninety-Seventh Congress1981 - 1983Encyclopedia Entry
1983–1985: The Ninety-Eighth Congress1983 - 1985Encyclopedia Entry
1985–1987: The Ninety-Ninth Congress1985 - 1987Encyclopedia Entry
1987–1989: The One Hundredth Congress1987 - 1989Encyclopedia Entry
1989–1991: The 101st Congress1989 - 1991Encyclopedia Entry
1991–1993: The 102nd Congress1991 - 1993Encyclopedia Entry
1993–1995: The 103rd Congress1993 - 1995Encyclopedia Entry
1995–1997: The 104th Congress1995 - 1997Encyclopedia Entry
1997–1999: The 105th Congress1997 - 1999Encyclopedia Entry
2001–2003: The 107th Congress2001 - 2003Encyclopedia Entry
2003–2005: The 108th Congress2003 - 2005Encyclopedia Entry
2005–2007: The 109th Congress2005 - 2007Encyclopedia Entry
2007–2009: The 110th Congress2007 - 2009Encyclopedia Entry
ChallengerEncyclopedia Entry
Congressional Electoral AnomaliesEncyclopedia Entry
Congressional Vote in General Elections, by Groups, 1994–2004 (percent)1994 - 2004Facts & Figures
Congressional Vote in General Elections, by Groups, 2000–2010 (percent)Facts & Figures
Election Cycle in AmericaEncyclopedia Entry
Election Results: Congress and the Presidency, 1860–2010Facts & Figures
House and Senate Election Results, by Congress, 1788–2004Facts & Figures
House and Senate Election Results, by Congress, 1788–2010Facts & Figures
IncumbencyEncyclopedia Entry
Incumbents Reelected, Defeated, or Retired, 1946–2010Facts & Figures
Party Victories in U.S. House Elections, by State, 1860–2010Facts & Figures
Politics and Issues During Years of Uneasy Peace: IntroductionEncyclopedia Entry
Politics and issues in the post-World War II years: IntroductionEncyclopedia Entry
Results of House Elections, 1928–2008Facts & Figures
Split Presidential and House Election Outcomes in Congressional Districts, 1900–2008Facts & Figures
Table 1-15  Mean Turnover in the House of Representatives from Various Causes, by Decade and Party System, 1789–2010Facts & Figures
The General Election Campaign for the U.S. HouseEncyclopedia Entry
Top Ten Most Expensive Races for U.S. Senate and Governor, 2000 and 2002Facts & Figures
Voter Turnout Rates, Presidential and Midterm Elections, 1789-2010Facts & Figures
Write-In VoteEncyclopedia Entry