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Balanced Budget Amendment, 1985-1986 Legislative Chronology1985 - 1986Legislative Analysis
Balanced Budget Amendment, 1990 Legislative Chronology1990Legislative Analysis
Balanced-Budget Amendment, 1993-1994 Legislative Chronology1993 - 1994Legislative Analysis
Balanced-Budget Amendment, 1995-1996 Legislative Chronology1995 - 1996Legislative Analysis
Balanced-Budget Amendment, 1997 Legislative Chronology1997Legislative Analysis
Budget-Control Efforts, 1992 Legislative Chronology1992Legislative Analysis
Debt Reduction, 1999-2000 Legislative Chronology1999 - 2000Legislative Analysis
Deficit Reduction Bills, 1986 Legislative Chronology1985 - 1986Legislative Analysis
Gramm-Rudman `Fix,' 1987 Legislative Chronology1987 - 1988Legislative Analysis
Gramm-Rudman-Hollings, 1985-1986 Legislative Chronology1985 - 1986Legislative Analysis
Report of the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) on the Budget Surplus: "The Economic and Budget Outlook for Fiscal Years 1999-2008"Jul. 15, 1998Primary Source
Report of the General Accounting Office (GAO). Excerpts from "Budget Issues: Deficit Reduction and the Long Term"Mar. 13, 1996Primary Source