Lobbying Congress
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Constitutional ProtectionEncyclopedia Entry
Korean Influence-Peddling Probe Public Hearings: Opening Remarks and Testimony of WitnessesOct. 19, 1977 - Oct. 21, 1977Primary Source
Lobbying and the LawEncyclopedia Entry
Lobbying Curbs, 1989-1990 Legislative Chronology1989Legislative Analysis
Lobbying Investigations, 1913: Business Lobbying1913Encyclopedia Entry
Lobbying Investigations, 1927: Tax and Utilities Lobbying1927Encyclopedia Entry
Lobbying Investigations, 1929: Naval Armaments1929Encyclopedia Entry
Lobbying Investigations, 1935: Munitions Lobby1935Encyclopedia Entry
Lobbying Investigations, 1935: Utilities Lobbies1935Encyclopedia Entry
Lobbying Investigations, 1938, 1945: Congressional Studies1938 - 1945Encyclopedia Entry
Lobbying Investigations, 1950: Omnibus Lobbying Probe1950Encyclopedia Entry
Lobbying Investigations, 1956: Omnibus Lobbying Probe1956Encyclopedia Entry
Lobbying Investigations, 1959: Retired Military Officers1959Encyclopedia Entry
Lobbying Investigations, 1962: Foreign Lobbyists1962Encyclopedia Entry
Lobbying Investigations, 1978: “Koreagate” 1978Encyclopedia Entry
Lobbying Investigations, 1980: “Abscam” 1980Encyclopedia Entry
Lobbying Investigations, 1986–1988: Reagan Presidential Aides1986 - 1988Encyclopedia Entry
Lobbying Reform, 20062006 - 2006Legislative Analysis
Lobbying Reform, 20072007 - 2007Legislative Analysis
Lobbying Techniques: Increasing SophisticationEncyclopedia Entry
LobbyingEncyclopedia Entry
Rating Members of CongressFacts & Figures
The Internal Lobbyists: Special Interest AlliancesEncyclopedia Entry
Types of Lobbies: Civil Rights GroupsEncyclopedia Entry
Types of Lobbies: Coalition LobbyingEncyclopedia Entry
Types of Lobbies: Education GroupsEncyclopedia Entry
Types of Lobbies: FarmersEncyclopedia Entry
Types of Lobbies: Foreign GovernmentsEncyclopedia Entry
Types of Lobbies: Labor GroupsEncyclopedia Entry
Types of Lobbies: Professional AssociationsEncyclopedia Entry
Types of Lobbies: State and Local GroupsEncyclopedia Entry