Leadership in Congress
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Adams, John QuincyBiography
Adams, JohnBiography
Albert, Carl B.Biography
Aldrich, Nelson W.Biography
Allison, William B.Biography
AppealEncyclopedia Entry
Baker, Howard H., Jr.Biography
Barkley, Alben W.Biography
Benton, Thomas HartBiography
Beveridge, Albert J.Biography
Blaine, James G.Biography
Bolling, RichardBiography
Borah, William E.Biography
Byrd, Robert C.Biography
Calhoun, John C.Biography
Cannon, ClarenceBiography
Cannon, Joseph G.Biography
Cheney, Richard B.Biography
Clark, James B. “Champ”Biography
Clay, HenryBiography
Clinton, Hillary RodhamBiography
Congressional Leadership StructureEncyclopedia Entry
Conkling, RoscoeBiography
Connally, TomBiography
Daschle, TomBiography
DeLay, TomBiography
Democratic leaders: 1933–1945Encyclopedia Entry
Dirksen, Everett McKinleyBiography
Dole, RobertBiography
Douglas, Stephen A.Biography
Ellsworth, OliverBiography
Ervin, Sam J., Jr.Biography
Foley, Thomas S.Biography
Ford, Gerald R.Biography
Frist, BillBiography
Fulbright, J. WilliamBiography
Gephardt, Richard A.Biography
Gingrich, NewtBiography
Gore, AlBiography
Great SocietyEncyclopedia Entry
Hart, Philip A.Biography
Hastert, J. DennisBiography
Hayden, CarlBiography
Hayne, Robert Y.Biography
House Chief Administrative OfficerEncyclopedia Entry
House Leadership: A Hierarchy of SupportEncyclopedia Entry
House Party Leadership Positions: The Majority LeaderEncyclopedia Entry
House Party Leadership Positions: WhipsEncyclopedia Entry
House Party Leadership: Making Committee AssignmentsEncyclopedia Entry
House Party Leadership: Policy and Strategy CommitteesEncyclopedia Entry
Humphrey, Hubert H.Biography
Johnson, HiramBiography
Johnson, Lyndon B.Biography
Kefauver, EstesBiography
Kennedy, Edward M.Biography
Kennedy, John F.Biography
La Follette, Robert M., Sr.Biography
Leadership in the Senate: “We Know No Masters”Encyclopedia Entry
LeadershipEncyclopedia Entry
Lodge, Henry CabotBiography
Long, Huey P.Biography
Long, Russell B.Biography
Longworth, NicholasBiography
Lott, TrentBiography
Madison, JamesBiography
Majority and Minority LeadersEncyclopedia Entry
Mansfield, MikeBiography
Martin, Joseph W., Jr.Biography
McCarthy, Joseph R.Biography
McCormack, John W.Biography
Mills, Wilbur D.Biography
Mitchell, George J.Biography
Nixon, RichardBiography
Norris, George W.Biography
O’Neill, Thomas P., Jr.Biography
Organization: 109th CongressContact Information
Organization: 110th CongressContact Information
Party Leadership in Congress, 1977–2007Facts & Figures
Party Support Structure in the SenateEncyclopedia Entry
Party System: Unforeseen DevelopmentEncyclopedia Entry
Pelosi Accepts SpeakershipPrimary Source
Pelosi, NancyBiography
Powell, Adam Clayton, Jr.Biography
President Pro TemporeEncyclopedia Entry
Presiding OfficerEncyclopedia Entry
Randolph, JohnBiography
Rankin, JeannetteBiography
Rayburn, SamBiography
Reed, Thomas BrackettBiography
Reid, HarryBiography
Russell, Richard B.Biography
Selected BibliographyBibliography
Senate Party Leadership: Party CommitteesEncyclopedia Entry
Senate Party Leadership: WhipsEncyclopedia Entry
SenateEncyclopedia Entry
Seniority SystemEncyclopedia Entry
Sessions of the U.S. Congress, 1789–2007Facts & Figures
Sherman, JohnBiography
Shifting power: 1981–1993Encyclopedia Entry
Smith, Howard W.Biography
Smith, Margaret ChaseBiography
Statement of the Ethics Committee of the U.S. House of Representatives Listing Alleged Violations of House Rules by Speaker of the House J. Wright and Farewell Speech by J. Wright of May 31, 1989Apr. 13, 1989Primary Source
Stennis, John C.Biography
Stevens, ThaddeusBiography
Sumner, CharlesBiography
Taft, Robert A.Biography
The House Speaker, 1789-1809: Framers' Intentions and the Early Speakers1789 - 1809Encyclopedia Entry
The House Speaker, 1869-1889: Rise of Minority Obstructionism1869 - 1889Encyclopedia Entry
The House Speaker, 1911-1931: Decline of the Speaker's Power1911 - 1931Encyclopedia Entry
The House Speaker, 1962-1977: Transitional Speakers McCormack, Albert1962 - 1977Encyclopedia Entry
The House Speaker, 1977-1987: O'Neill and the Modern Speakership1977 - 1987Encyclopedia Entry
The House Speaker, 1989-1995: Foley and the End of an Era1989 - 1995Encyclopedia Entry
The House Speaker, 1999-2000: Hastert and the Return to Tradition1999 - 2000Encyclopedia Entry
The House SpeakerEncyclopedia Entry
The Legislative Year, 20052005 - 2005Legislative Analysis
The political year, 20072007 - 2007Legislative Analysis
Thurmond, StromBiography
Trent Lott on His Racial Beliefs: Statement in Which He Appeared to Endorse Segregationist Policies of the Past; Apology for that Comment; and Announcement that He Would Step Aside as Senate Republican LeaderDec. 5, 2002Primary Source
Truman, Harry S.Biography
U.S. House of RepresentativesFacts & Figures
Unanimous Consent AgreementEncyclopedia Entry
Underwood, Oscar W.Biography
Vandenberg, Arthur H.Biography
Webster, DanielBiography
Women in CongressEncyclopedia Entry
Wright, JimBiography