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  1. 2020 Elections Data in the CQ Library databases! Our dedicated editorial staff spends many months gathering, cleaning and updating elections data as the states release their official results. See editorial details below.

    In order to profile an individual candidate’s election record over time, we have to ensure that they are properly tracked from election to election. For example, we need to verify whether John Smith from a 2016 election is the same as one who ran in 2020. This means hand-selecting candidates for each race and verifying past election records to reduce the likelihood of mistakes.

    We only begin to collect data when each state has certified their results. This could take days or weeks (or longer) after the general election. Each state has its own way of displaying data, from advanced online portals to exportable PDF files. Because of the significant variability of formatting for each state we have to enter all returns by hand. Sometimes this means performing our own calculations because of the way a state has organized their returns. As we publish data at the county level for most races, you can imagine how it would take to collect and verify data for states like New York. After entering all of the returns into the database, every race is checked against the source material for accuracy.

  2. The 117th Congress is live! Contact us for more information.

  3. The CQ Press LibGuide is available. See how CQ Press online products can help you. Please feel free to add these pages to your own LibGuides.

  4. Enhanced download capabilities are available on the CQ Press Voting and Elections Collection. We removed previous year and state limitations. You can now download up to ten years of data and all states in a single download.

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