About CQ Press Library

Created and hosted by CQ Press, the CQ Press Library is the definitive reference resource for research in American government, politics, history, public policy, and current affairs. A wealth of CQ Press resources and years of journalistic and editorial expertise are combined in this indispensable reference collection. These reference products offer researchers—whether students, scholars, professionals, or interested citizens—a range of tools for discovering and understanding CQ Press's authoritative content.

With CQ Press Library, users

  1. may be confident of quality—all content is produced and vetted by scholars, seasoned journalists, and CQ Press editors;
  2. find content and tools to support the entire research process, from identifying a topic, to researching a variety of sources, to developing a bibliography for further research;
  3. access a combination of full-text and analytical database resources, offering an array of data and documents—nineteen different content types in all;
  4. benefit from the balance and judgment of an independent, non-partisan publisher.

CQ Press Library includes four subject-specific reference databases: Congress Collection, Supreme Court Collection, Public Affairs Collection, and Voting and Elections Collection, each a destination of its own. With enhanced content and advanced search functionality, CQ Press Library offers online editions of four essential reference books: CQ Almanac, Political Handbook of the World, Politics in America,and Supreme Court Yearbook. CQ Press Library also includes the foundational reference resource, CQ Press Encyclopedia of American Government; and an online version of CQ Magazine, offering complete coverage of Capitol Hill.