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 National Parks System
   Document Name Sort ascending alphabetically Sort descending alphabetically Year Sort ascending Sort descending
Everglades Revival Bill Clears As Shuster Wins Promise To Restore Slashed Projects2000
House Defeats Parks Bill As Controversial Riders Sink Popular Projects1998
House Seeks To Limit Designation Of National Monuments1997
Parks, Lands Bill Clears Under Wire1996
Park Bills Promote Fee Changes, Conservation, and Limited Hunting Rights1996
Congress Looks at National Parks1995
Park Fee Increase Falls Victim To Year-End Slowdown1994
No Consensus on Park Concessions1994
National Parks Bills in 1995: Protections for Rivers, Everglades1994
National Parks Bill Runs Out of Time1994
Tall-Grass Prairie1991
Presidential Veto Message: Reagan Vetoes Park-Access Bill1988
Manassas Battlefield Land1988
National Park Fees1987
Grand Canyon Flights1987
Park Protection Measure1983
Miscellaneous Parks Bill1983
Alaska Sport Hunting Bill1983
Wolf Trap Reconstruction1982
National Park Visitor Facilities1982
National Park Protection Bill1982
National Parks Bills Cleared1980
Kalaupapa Park Bill1980
Redwood Park Expansion1978
Omnibus Parks Bill1978
Redwood Park1977
Land Conservation Fund1977
Mining in National Parks1976
Land Conservation Fund1976
National Park System1974
Grand Canyon Park1974
Cuyahoga Valley Park1974
Parks and Recreation1973
National Park System1972
National Parks1971
Capitol Reef National Park1971
Canyonlands National Park1971
Arches National Park1971
Parks Centennial1970
Park Expansion1970
National Park Tourism1970
Everglades National Park1970
Everglades Flood Control1970
C & O Canal National Park1970
Public Land Use Restrictions1969
Congress Clears Redwood National Park Bill1968
Senate Passes Redwood Park Bill1967
North Cascades Park1967
National Park Foundation1967
Congress Authorizes no Major Park Acquisitions1967
Indiana Dunes Lakeshore1966
Congress Approves More Parks, Recreation Areas1966
National Park Concessions1965
Major Park, Recreation Legislation of 19651965
Shoreline Parks1961