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National Parks System

2000 Everglades Revival Bill Clears As Shuster Wins Promise To Restore Slashed Projects
1998 House Defeats Parks Bill As Controversial Riders Sink Popular Projects
1997 House Seeks To Limit Designation Of National Monuments
1996 Parks, Lands Bill Clears Under Wire
1996 Park Bills Promote Fee Changes, Conservation, and Limited Hunting Rights
1995 Congress Looks at National Parks
1994 Park Fee Increase Falls Victim To Year-End Slowdown
1994 No Consensus on Park Concessions
1994 National Parks Bills in 1995: Protections for Rivers, Everglades
1994 National Parks Bill Runs Out of Time
1991 Tall-Grass Prairie
1988 Presidential Veto Message: Reagan Vetoes Park-Access Bill
1988 Manassas Battlefield Land
1987 National Park Fees
1987 Grand Canyon Flights
1983 Park Protection Measure
1983 Miscellaneous Parks Bill
1983 Alaska Sport Hunting Bill
1982 Wolf Trap Reconstruction
1982 National Park Visitor Facilities
1982 National Park Protection Bill
1980 National Parks Bills Cleared
1980 Kalaupapa Park Bill
1978 Redwood Park Expansion
1978 Omnibus Parks Bill
1977 Redwood Park
1977 Land Conservation Fund
1976 Mining in National Parks
1976 Land Conservation Fund
1974 National Park System
1974 Grand Canyon Park
1974 Cuyahoga Valley Park
1973 Parks and Recreation
1972 National Park System
1971 National Parks
1971 Capitol Reef National Park
1971 Canyonlands National Park
1971 Arches National Park
1970 Parks Centennial
1970 Park Expansion
1970 National Park Tourism
1970 Everglades National Park
1970 Everglades Flood Control
1970 C & O Canal National Park
1969 Public Land Use Restrictions
1968 Congress Clears Redwood National Park Bill
1967 Senate Passes Redwood Park Bill
1967 North Cascades Park
1967 National Park Foundation
1967 Congress Authorizes no Major Park Acquisitions
1966 Indiana Dunes Lakeshore
1966 Congress Approves More Parks, Recreation Areas
1965 National Park Concessions
1965 Major Park, Recreation Legislation of 1965
1961 Shoreline Parks
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Arches National Park

An article from CQ Almanac 1971

Congress Oct. 29 completed action on S 30 (PL 92-155), a bill establishing the Arches National Park in Utah. The bill authorized $125,000 for land acquisition and $1,031,800 for development of the 73,234-acre park.

The new park replaces the 82,952-acre Arches National Monument administered by presidential proclamation. S 30 provided for retention of grazing privileges for permit holders for the duration of the permit plus one renewal period. It also required a study to be made by the Interior Department on proposed wilderness areas within the park.

S 30 originally passed the Senate on June 17 by voice vote. A related House bill, HR 7136, was passed by the House Oct. 4 by voice vote under suspension of the rules; the House then substituted the language of HR 7136 for the Senate language in S 30 and returned the measure to the Senate. The Senate accepted the House version of the bill Oct. 29, thus clearing it for the President's signature.


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