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CQ Almanac
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Policy Tracker

 Abortion and Family Planning
 Adoption and Child Welfare
 Affirmative Action
 Agricultural Appropriations and Farm Bills
 Agricultural Insurance
 Agricultural Loans and the Commodity Credit Corporation
 Agricultural Price Support and Subsidies
 Agricultural Research and Education
 Agricultural Surpluses
 Agriculture Annual Overviews
 Airline Industry and Air Transportation
 Alcohol and Alcoholism
 Animal Rights and Animal Research
 Anti-Poverty Programs
 Arms Control and Nuclear Proliferation
 Arts and Humanities
 Assisted Living Facilities and Nursing Homes
 Atmospheric and Oceanographic Research
 Atomic Energy Commission Organization and Appropriations
 Automobile Industry
 B-1 Stealth Bomber
 Balanced Budget Act
 Bilingual Education and ESL
 Cabinet Nominations
 Campaign Finance
 Cancer Research and Treatment
 Capital Gains Taxes
 Characteristics of Members of Congress
 Chemical and Biological Weapons
 CIA and Intelligence Agencies Organizational Structure
 Civil Rights
 Classified Information and Declassification
 Clean Air Act and Air Pollution
 Clean Fuels, Wind and Solar Power
 Coal and Synthetic Fuels
 Coastal Management and Ocean Conservation
 Cold War Trade
 Colleges and Universities
 Committee Assignments and Organization
 Communication Regulation and Deregulation
 Communist Containment in the Americas
 Computer Technologies and Research
 Congress Leadership Votes
 Congressional Elections
 Congressional Ethics
 Congressional Pay and Member Benefits
 Congressional Travel Allowances
 Conservation of Wild and Scenic Rivers
 Consumer Protection
 Copyright Law
 Corporate Fraud
 Cotton and Textiles
 Counterterrorism and Domestic Intelligence
 Credit and Consumer Debt
 Crime and Sentencing
 Crop and Livestock Inspection and Food Safety
 Death Penalty
 Defense Annual Overviews
 Defense Appropriations
 Defense Contracts, Procurement and Accountability
 Defense Department Organization and Operations
 Democratic Platforms
 Department of Agriculture Organization
 Development Aid to Economically Depressed Areas
 Diplomacy, Embassies, and Recognition of Sovereignty
 Disabled Persons Rights
 Disabled Veterans Benefits
 District of Columbia
 Educational Standards, Testing, and No Child Left Behind
 Electricity and Utilities
 Elementary and Secondary Education
 Embargoes, Boycotts, Bans and Sanctions
 Emergency Farm Relief
 Emergency Preparedness
 Employee Benefits
 Endangered Species and Wildlife Management
 Energy Annual Overviews
 Energy Appropriations
 Energy Department Organization and Regulations
 Energy Efficiency, Technology and Standards
 Energy Policy
 Energy/Water Appropriations Bills
 Environment Annual Overviews
 Environmental and Earth Sciences
 Environmental Impact Statements and NEPA
 Environmental Research and Education
 EPA Organization and Funding
 Equal Employment Opportunity and Workplace Diversity
 Estate and Gift Taxes
 Faith-Based Initiatives
 Federal and Civil Service Employees
 Federal Antiracketeering Law
 Federal Educational Conferences, Commissions, and Research
 Federal Housing and Development Agencies
 Federal Labor Agencies and Commissions
 Federal Land Management
 Federal Reserve
 Federal, Subsidized or Low Income Housing
 Federally Subsidized School Meals
 Fertilizer and Pest Control
 Financial Aid for Students
 First Amendment Issues
 Fisheries and Aquaculture
 Flood Control, Insurance, and Relief
 Foreign Aid Appropriations
 Foreign Policy Annual Overviews
 Franking Privilege
 Free Trade Agreements
 Freight Rail Transportation
 Gambling and Lotteries
 Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgendered Individual Rights
 General Education Reauthorizations & Appropriations
 General Labor Appropriations
 General Public Health Measures
 Genetics, Cloning, and Stem-Cell Research
 Global Warming and Climate Change
 Government Accountability Office (GAO)
 Gun Control and the Second Amendment
 Hate Crimes and Crimes against Religion
 Health Care Costs
 Health Care for Special Groups
 Health Professionals
 Health Services for Children
 Heart Disease and Strokes
 Hospitals and Health Care Facilities
 Housing Appropriations
 Housing Industry
 Human Rights and Foreign Aid
 Human Rights and Trade Sanctions
 Hunger Relief Programs
 Illegal Drugs
 Immigration Agencies and Departments
 Immigration: Illegal Immigration and Deportation
 Immigration: Visas, Residency, Naturalization and Citizenship
 Independent Counsel Law
 Infectious Diseases and Vaccination
 Insurance Industry
 Intelligence Spending, Operations and Oversight
 Interior Department Organization and Funding
 International Agricultural Trade Agreements: Coffee
 International Agricultural Trade Agreements: General
 International Agricultural Trade Agreements: Sugar
 International Agricultural Trade Agreements: Wheat and Grains
 International Commercial and Import Tax Treaties
 International Communications Agreements
 International Trade Bills
 Internet Regulation
 Iran Hostage Crisis
 Iran-Contra Affair and Involvement in Nicaragua
 Israel and the Palestinians
 Job Training and Youth Employment Opportunities
 Judicial Nominations
 Jury System
 Juveniles in the Criminal Justice System
 Labor Appropriations
 Labor-Management Relations: Strikes
 Labor-Management Relations: Taft-Hartley Act
 Labor-Management Relations: Unions
 Legislative Branch Appropriations
 Legislative Veto
 Library of Congress and Congressional Research Services
 Livestock and Poultry
 Lobbying and Special Interests
 Managed Care and Health Insurance
 Maritime Transportation
 Mass Transit
 Medical Education and Training
 Medical Malpractice
 Medical Research and Research Facilities
 Medical Technology
 Medicare and Medicaid
 Mental Health
 Migrant Farm Workers
 Migrant Labor
 Military Aid and Arms Sales: Africa
 Military Aid and Arms Sales: East and South Asia
 Military Aid and Arms Sales: Europe
 Military Aid and Arms Sales: Latin America
 Military Aid and Arms Sales: Middle East and Central Asia
 Military Aid, Arms Sales and Mutual Assistance
 Military and Veterans' Education, Employment and Housing
 Military and Veterans' Medical Services and Oversight
 Military and Veterans' Pensions and Life Insurance
 Military Construction and Base Closures
 Military Courts and Discipline
 Military Enlistment, Deployment, and National Reserves
 Military Pay, Honors and Recognition
 Military Personnel and Veterans' Dependents' Benefits
 Military Weaponry and Technology
 Minimum Wage
 Mining Safety
 Missile Shield Technology
 Most Favored Nation Status
 MX Missile System
 National Parks System
 National Science Foundation
 National Security Agency and Department of Homeland Security
 Native American Issues
 Nature Preserves and Conservation of Wilderness Areas
 Newspaper Industry
 Non-Defense Satellites
 North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA)
 Nuclear Energy, Research and Safety
 Nuclear Waste Management
 Occupational Health
 Office of Technology Policy
 Oil and Gas: Exploration Rights and Land Leases
 Oil and Gas: Pricing, Profits, and Taxation
 Oil and Gas: Supply, Production, and Delivery
 Oil Spills
 Omnibus Budget Bills
 Omnibus Trade Bills
 Organ Transplants
 Organic Farming and Sustainable Agricultural Land Use
 Panama Canal
 Parental Leave and Child Care
 Patent Laws
 Pensions and Retirement: General
 Pensions and Retirement: Railroad Industry
 Physical Sciences
 Postal Service
 Presidential Elections
 Prisoners and Corrections
 Private, Parochial, and Home Schooling
 Professional Sports
 Promotion of U.S. Exports
 Public Broadcasting
 Public Facilities and Public Works Projects
 Public Service, Volunteerism, and Charities
 Reciprocal Trade Agreements Act
 Redistricting and Gerrymandering
 Refugees and Asylum
 Religion and Schools
 Republican Platforms
 Right to Die and Euthanasia
 Rule Formalization
 Rural Development
 Rural Electric and Telephone Access
 Savings and Loan Industry
 School Facilities and Construction
 Science and Industry
 Science and Math Education
 Segregation and Desegregation
 Services for the Elderly
 Sex Offenders, Pornography, and Sex
 Small Business
 Smoking and Tobacco Use
 Social Security
 Social Services for the Disabled
 Soil Erosion Control and Forestry
 Space Exploration and NASA: Authorizations & Appropriations
 Space Exploration and NASA: General
 State Department Organization and Funding
 State of the Union Addresses
 Steel Industry
 Stock Market and Financial Services
 Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI)
 Students with Special Needs
 Superfund Program and Hazardous Waste Cleanup
 Supreme Court Justice Nominations
 Supreme Court Overview
 Tax Law Reform
 Teaching Professions
 Telephone and Telegraph
 Television: Cable and Satellite Services
 Television: General
 Television: Programming
 Term Limits
 Terrorism: Domestic
 Terrorism: Foreign
 Title IX and Women in Education
 Tobacco Cultivation, Subsidies, and Quotas
 Trade Policy Annual Overviews
 Transportation Annual Overviews
 U.S. Customs Law
 U.S. Foreign Direct Investment
 U.S. Imports and Tariff Policies
 U.S. Military Operations in Iraq and Afghanistan: 2000s
 U.S. Military Operations in Iraq: 1991-1993
 U.S. Military Operations in Korea
 U.S. Relations and Policy: Afghanistan
 U.S. Relations and Policy: Africa
 U.S. Relations and Policy: Canada
 U.S. Relations and Policy: Cold War Russia
 U.S. Relations and Policy: Cuba
 U.S. Relations and Policy: East and South Asia
 U.S. Relations and Policy: Europe and the EU
 U.S. Relations and Policy: Iran
 U.S. Relations and Policy: Iraq
 U.S. Relations and Policy: Mexico
 U.S. Relations and Policy: Middle East and Central Asia
 U.S. Relations and Policy: Post-Soviet Russia
 U.S. Territories
 Unemployment and Unemployment Benefits
 United Nations
 Universal Health Care Coverage
 Urban Development
 Victims of Crime
 Vietnam War: Background, Strategy and Withdrawal
 Vietnam War: Domestic Debate, Funding and Antiwar Activism
 Vietnam War: Regional Operations, Cambodia and Laos
 Vietnam War: Troops Missing in Action (MIA) and Prisoners of War (POWs)
 Violence Against Women and Children
 Vocational and Adult Education
 Voting Rights
 Wartime Rationing, Subsidies and Price Controls
 Waste Management and Recycling
 Water Projects
 Water Quality
 Water Resources
 Weapons Technology Sharing
 Weights and Measures
 Welfare Appropriations
 Welfare Policy
 Whistleblower Protection
 Women's Rights
 Workday Regulation
 World Bank (WB), International Monetary Fund (IMF) and International Finance and Development