Federal Budget Policy
 Floor Votes
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Waterway User Fees/Water Projects (in Sen.) HR 8309. CQ Key VoteMay 3, 1978Floor Vote
Water Resources, User Fees (in Sen.) HR 5885 CQ Key VoteJun. 22, 1977Floor Vote
Unemployment Tax Collection (in Sen.) HR 9951 CQ Key VoteJul. 31, 1969Floor Vote
Tuition Tax Credits (in H.R.) HR 12050 CQ Key VoteOct. 12, 1978Floor Vote
Tax Revision (in Sen.) HR 10612 CQ Key VoteAug. 5, 1976Floor Vote
Tax Revision (in H.R.) HR 10612 CQ Key VoteSep. 16, 1976Floor Vote
Tax Reform Act of 1969 (in H.R.) HR 13270 CQ Key VoteAug. 7, 1969Floor Vote
Tax Reductions (in Sen.) HR 2166 CQ Key VoteMar. 26, 1975Floor Vote
Tax Reductions (in H.R.) HR 5559 CQ Key VoteDec. 18, 1975Floor Vote
Tax Reductions (in H.R.) HR 2166 CQ Key VoteFeb. 27, 1975Floor Vote
Tax Cuts (in Sen.) HR 5829 CQ Key VoteSep. 25, 1980Floor Vote
Surtax (in H.R.) HR 12290 CQ Key VoteJun. 30, 1969Floor Vote
Stimulus Tax Cuts (in H.R.) HR 3477 CQ Key VoteMar. 8, 1977Floor Vote
Revenue Act of 1978 (in Sen.) HR 13511 CQ Key VoteOct. 6, 1978Floor Vote
Revenue Act of 1978 (in H.R.) HR 13511 CQ Key VoteAug. 10, 1978Floor Vote
Energy Taxes (in H.R.) HR 6860 CQ Key VoteJun. 11, 1975Floor Vote
Economic Stimulus Tax Cuts (in Sen.) HR 3477 CQ Key VoteApr. 27, 1977Floor Vote