Congressional Staff and Budgets
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Allowances for Representatives, 1977–20011977 - 2001Facts & Figures
Allowances for Senators, 1977–20011977 - 2001Facts & Figures
Budget ActEncyclopedia Entry
Budget and Accounting Act of 1921Encyclopedia Entry
Budget Committee, HouseEncyclopedia Entry
Budget Committee, SenateEncyclopedia Entry
Budget ProcessEncyclopedia Entry
Budget TermsEncyclopedia Entry
ChaplainEncyclopedia Entry
Clerk of the HouseEncyclopedia Entry
Committee and Personal Staff: what they DoEncyclopedia Entry
Committee Mailings, 2003-2004 Legislative Chronology2003 - 2004Legislative Analysis
Congressional Budget OfficeEncyclopedia Entry
Congressional DirectoryEncyclopedia Entry
Congressional Employment Practices, 1977 Legislative Chronology1977Legislative Analysis
Congressional Immunity, 1985-1986 Legislative Chronology1985 - 1986Legislative Analysis
Congressional Office Expenses, 1979 Legislative Chronology1979Legislative Analysis
Congressional Staff, 1930-20011930 - 2001Facts & Figures
Congressional staff, 1979–20011979 - 2001Facts & Figures
Congressional Staff: Ethics and LegalitiesEncyclopedia Entry
Congressional Staff: IntroductionEncyclopedia Entry
Davis v. Passman: U.S. Supreme Court Opinion on Job Bias Suits against Members of CongressJun. 5, 1979Primary Source
Debt LimitEncyclopedia Entry
District Office Funds, 1977 Legislative Chronology1977Legislative Analysis
Drug Testing of Hill Staff, 1985-1986 Legislative Chronology1985 - 1986Legislative Analysis
EarmarksEncyclopedia Entry
Election Cycle in AmericaEncyclopedia Entry
Evolution of the Congressional Staff: Contraction of the 1980s and 1990s1980 - 2000Encyclopedia Entry
Evolution of the Congressional Staff: The 1946 Reorganization Act1946Encyclopedia Entry
Evolution of the Congressional StaffEncyclopedia Entry
Fiscal YearEncyclopedia Entry
Floor ManagerEncyclopedia Entry
Former Members of CongressEncyclopedia Entry
Franking Privilege, 20052005 - 2005Legislative Analysis
Government Accountability OfficeEncyclopedia Entry
Gramm-Rudman-Hollings ActEncyclopedia Entry
Hill Employees' Student Loan Perk, 2003-2004 Legislative Chronology2003 - 2004Legislative Analysis
Hispanics in CongressEncyclopedia Entry
House Administration CommitteeEncyclopedia Entry
House Chief Administrative OfficerEncyclopedia Entry
House Committee Funding, 19971997 - 1997Legislative Analysis
House Employee Rights, 1987-1988 Legislative Chronology1987 - 1988Legislative Analysis
House Employees' Pay, 1972 Legislative Chronology1972Legislative Analysis
House Staff Based in District Offices, 1970–20011970 - 2001Facts & Figures
Legislative Branch Appropriations and the Consumer Price Index, 1946–20001946 - 2000Facts & Figures
Legislative Branch Appropriations Bills, Fiscal Year 19991998Legislative Analysis
Legislative Branch Appropriations, by Category, Fiscal Years 1984-20001984 - 2000Facts & Figures
Legislative Branch Staff, 1993-19941993 - 1994Legislative Analysis
Members of Congress: CharacteristicsEncyclopedia Entry
Office of Senator Mark Dayton v. Hanson2007Case Summary
Party Leadership in Congress, 1977–2007Facts & Figures
Pay and PerquisitesEncyclopedia Entry
Postwar Waves of Staff ExpansionEncyclopedia Entry
Presiding OfficerEncyclopedia Entry
Qualification of MembersEncyclopedia Entry
QuorumEncyclopedia Entry
Secretary of the SenateEncyclopedia Entry
Senate Committee Funding, 1985-1986 Legislative Chronology1985 - 1986Legislative Analysis
Senate Committee Staffs, 1975 Legislative Chronology1975Legislative Analysis
Senate Fair Employment Plan, 1978 Legislative Chronology1978Legislative Analysis
Senate Office Addition, 1972 Legislative Chronology1972Legislative Analysis
Senate Staff Based in State Offices, 1972–20011972 - 2001Facts & Figures
Seniority SystemEncyclopedia Entry
Sergeant-at-ArmsEncyclopedia Entry
Speaker of the HouseEncyclopedia Entry
StaffEncyclopedia Entry
Staffs of Congressional Support Agencies, Fiscal Years 1946–20011946 - 2001Facts & Figures
Staffs of House and Senate Standing Committees, 1891–20011891 - 2001Facts & Figures
Staffs of House Standing Committees, 1947–20011947 - 2001Facts & Figures
Staffs of Members of the House and Senate, 1891–20011891 - 2001Facts & Figures
Staffs of Senate Standing Committees, 1947–20011947 - 2001Facts & Figures
The Congressional Workplace: Questionable Hiring PracticesEncyclopedia Entry
The Cost and Pay of Congressional StaffEncyclopedia Entry
Women in CongressEncyclopedia Entry
Zone or Regional WhipsEncyclopedia Entry