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Early Organization of the HouseGlossary
Economic Stimulus Tax Cuts (in Sen.) HR 3477Glossary
Effective DatesGlossary
Electronic VotingGlossary
Emergency AppropriationGlossary
En BlocGlossary
En GrosGlossary
Enacting ClauseGlossary
Enactment DateGlossary
Engrossed BillGlossary
Engrossment and Third ReadingGlossary
Enrolled BillGlossary
Entitlement ProgramGlossary
Equality of the HousesGlossary
Equally DividedGlossary
Equivalent QuestionGlossary
Ethics RulesGlossary
Ex OfficioGlossary
Exclusive CommitteeGlossary
Executive BusinessGlossary
Executive CalendarGlossary
Executive CommunicationGlossary
Executive DocumentGlossary
Executive JournalGlossary
Executive OrderGlossary
Executive PrivilegeGlossary
Executive SessionGlossary
Expedited ProceduresGlossary
Expired AccountGlossary
Explanatory StatementGlossary
Expunging from the RecordGlossary
Extensions of RemarksGlossary
Extraction PowerGlossary
Extraneous MatterGlossary
Extraordinary MajorityGlossary