Congressional Campaigns and Elections
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109th Congress Special Elections, 2005 Gubernatorial ElectionsFacts & Figures
110th Congress Special Elections, 2007 Gubernatorial ElectionsUnknown
2004 Electoral VotesFacts & Figures
2004 Presidential ElectionFacts & Figures
2006 Elections Returns for Governor, Senate, and HouseUnknown
2008 Democratic Convention BallotingFacts & Figures
2008 Elections Returns for Governor, Senate, and HouseUnknown
2008 Presidential ElectionFacts & Figures
2008 Republican Convention BallotingFacts & Figures
At-LargeEncyclopedia Entry
Baker v. CarrEncyclopedia Entry
Blacks in CongressEncyclopedia Entry
Campaigns and ElectionsEncyclopedia Entry
Candidate-Centered CampaignsEncyclopedia Entry
Characteristics of MembersEncyclopedia Entry
Congressional Districts with a Racial or Ethnic Minority Representative or a “Majority-Minority” Population, 2009Facts & Figures
Congressional ElectionsEncyclopedia Entry
Contested ElectionsEncyclopedia Entry
Contribution Limits under the Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act of 2002Facts & Figures
Direct Election of SenatorsEncyclopedia Entry
Divided GovernmentEncyclopedia Entry
Election of Members: Evolving ProcessEncyclopedia Entry
Elections, CongressionalEncyclopedia Entry
Electoral AnomaliesEncyclopedia Entry
Electronic VotingEncyclopedia Entry
Functions of PartiesEncyclopedia Entry
Governors, 2005–2009Facts & Figures
House and Senate Election Results, by Congress, 1788–2008Facts & Figures
House and Senate Incumbents Retired, Defeated, or Reelected, 1946–2008Facts & Figures
House and Senate Seats That Changed Party, 1954–2008Facts & Figures
IncumbencyEncyclopedia Entry
IncumbencyEncyclopedia Entry
Incumbent Reelection Rates: Representatives, Senators, and Governors, General Elections, 1960–2008Facts & Figures
Joint Session; Joint MeetingEncyclopedia Entry
Lame DuckEncyclopedia Entry
Latinos in CongressEncyclopedia Entry
Midterm ElectionEncyclopedia Entry
More Voters, Changing Voter PatternsEncyclopedia Entry
PAC Congressional Campaign Contributions, by Type of PAC and Incumbency Status of Candidate, 1991–2008 (millions)Facts & Figures
Party Contributions and Coordinated Expenditures, by Office and Party, 1991–2008Facts & Figures
Party Victories in U.S. House Elections, by State, 1860–2008Facts & Figures
Political PartiesEncyclopedia Entry
Popular VoteEncyclopedia Entry
Popular Vote and Seats in House Elections, by Party, 1896–2008Facts & Figures
Power of IncumbencyEncyclopedia Entry
Proxy VotingEncyclopedia Entry
RecountEncyclopedia Entry
Removing Obstacles to VotingEncyclopedia Entry
Results of House Elections, 1928–2008Facts & Figures
Second Midterm Elections (“The Six-Year Itch”)Encyclopedia Entry
SenateEncyclopedia Entry
Senate, ElectingEncyclopedia Entry
Senatorial CourtesyEncyclopedia Entry
Shifts Between ChambersEncyclopedia Entry
Special ElectionsEncyclopedia Entry
Split Presidential and House Election Outcomes in Congressional Districts, 1900–2008Facts & Figures
Summary of Presidential Elections, 1789–2008Unknown
Table 1-17 Losses by President's Party in Midterm Elections, 1862–2006Facts & Figures
Table 5-11 The 111th Congress: House of RepresentativesFacts & Figures
Table 5-12 The 111th Congress: SenateFacts & Figures
Term LimitsEncyclopedia Entry
The Black Vote: A Long, Painful StruggleEncyclopedia Entry
The Eighteen-Year-Old VoteEncyclopedia Entry
Turnover in MembershipEncyclopedia Entry
Victorious Party in Presidential Races, 1860–2008Facts & Figures
Voters and CongressEncyclopedia Entry
Voting in CongressEncyclopedia Entry
Winner Take AllEncyclopedia Entry
Women in CongressEncyclopedia Entry
Women's Vote: a Victory in StagesEncyclopedia Entry
WriteinvoteEncyclopedia Entry
Youth FranchiseEncyclopedia Entry
Congressional Vote in General Elections, by Groups, 1994–2004 (percent)1994 - 2004Facts & Figures
The Political Year, 20012001Unknown
Election Overhaul, 2001-2002 Legislative Chronology2001 - 2002Legislative Analysis
The Political Year, 20022002Unknown
The Legislative Year, 20042004Legislative Analysis
The Political Year, 20042004Unknown
Election Law, Supreme Court Decisions, 2004-20082004 - 2008Case Summary
Members of Congress Under Self-Imposed Term Limits2005Facts & Figures
The Political Year, 20052005 - 2005Legislative Analysis
Politics and National Issues Overview, 2005-20082005 - 2008Legislative Analysis
Internet Speech, 20062006 - 2006Legislative Analysis
The Political Year, 20062006 - 2006Legislative Analysis
Voter Photo Identification, 20062006 - 2006Legislative Analysis
President Bush and Minority Leader Pelosi on Midterm Election ResultsNov. 8, 2006Primary Source
Campaign Pay to Spouses, 20072007 - 2007Legislative Analysis
Electronic Voting, 20072007 - 2007Legislative Analysis
Voter Intimidation, Deception, 20072007 - 2007Legislative Analysis
Voting Machines Challenge, 2007-20082007 - 2008Legislative Analysis
Supreme Court on Regulation of Issue AdsJun. 25, 2007Primary Source
Paper Ballots, 20082008 - 2008Legislative Analysis
The Political Year, 20082008 - 2008Legislative Analysis