Congressional Campaign Finance
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'527' Political Action Committees (PACs), 2000 Legislative Chronology2000 - 2000Legislative Analysis
Buckley v. ValeoEncyclopedia Entry
Buckley v. ValeoEncyclopedia Entry
Bush Reelection, 2001-2004 Legislative Chronology2001 - 2004Legislative Analysis
Campaign Finance Issues and ControversiesEncyclopedia Entry
Campaign Finance Reform, 1973 Legislative Chronology1973Legislative Analysis
Campaign Finance Reform, 1974 Legislative Chronology1974Legislative Analysis
Campaign Finance Reform, 1997-1998 Legislative Chronology1997 - 1998Legislative Analysis
Campaign Finance Reports, 1995-1996 Legislative Chronology1995 - 1996Legislative Analysis
Campaign Finance Spending Regulations, 1993-1994 Legislative Chronology1993 - 1994Legislative Analysis
Campaign Finance, 1985-1986 Legislative Chronology1985 - 1986Legislative Analysis
Campaign Finance, 1987-1988 Legislative Chronology1987 - 1988Legislative Analysis
Campaign Finance, 1989-1990 Legislative Chronology1989 - 1990Legislative Analysis
Campaign Finance, 1991-1992 Legislative Chronology1991 - 1992Legislative Analysis
Campaign Finance, 1995-1996 Legislative Chronology1995 - 1996Legislative Analysis
Campaign Finance, 1999-2000 Legislative Chronology1999 - 2000Legislative Analysis
Campaign Finance, 2001-2002 Legislative Chronology2001 - 2002Legislative Analysis
Campaign Finance, 2005-20062005 - 2006Legislative Analysis
Campaign FinanceEncyclopedia Entry
Campaign FinancingEncyclopedia Entry
Campaign Law Revision, 1977-1980 Legislative Chronology1977 - 1980Legislative Analysis
Campaign Spending, 1969-1972 Legislative Chronology1969 - 1972Legislative Analysis
Clinton Scandals: Campaign Financing Practices1996 - 2000Legislative Analysis
Congressional Candidates’ Contributions and ExpendituresEncyclopedia Entry
Delaying Elections, 2003-2004 Legislative Chronology2003 - 2004Legislative Analysis
Electronic Filing, 20072007 - 2007Legislative Analysis
Ethics Code Rewrite, 1989-19901989Legislative Analysis
Ethics Committee, Senate SelectEncyclopedia Entry
Federal Election Commission (FEC) and 527s, 2003-2004 Legislative Chronology2003 - 2004Legislative Analysis
Federal Election Commission Authorization, Fiscal Year 19811980Legislative Analysis
Financial DisclosureEncyclopedia Entry
Financing Campaigns: Historical DevelopmentEncyclopedia Entry
Grandfather ClauseEncyclopedia Entry
Income Tax Checkoff, 1973 Legislative Chronology1973Legislative Analysis
Limitations on PACs, 1977-1980 Legislative Chronology1977 - 1980Legislative Analysis
Major Reform Laws Enacted in the 1970sEncyclopedia Entry
Overhaul After Decades of StalematesEncyclopedia Entry
Oversight PowerEncyclopedia Entry
Political Action CommitteesEncyclopedia Entry
Public Campaign Funds, 1977-1980 Legislative Chronology1977 - 1980Legislative Analysis
The Legislative Year, 20042004Legislative Analysis
The Political Year, 20012001Unknown
The Political Year, 20022002Unknown
The Political Year, 20042004Unknown
Uncertainties, Controversies Surround SystemEncyclopedia Entry