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Doe v. McMillanMay 29, 1973Case Summary
Eastland v. U.S. Servicemen's FundMay 27, 1975Case Summary
Gravel v. U.S., U.S. v. GravelJun. 29, 1972Case Summary
Helstoski v. MeanorJun. 18, 1979Case Summary
Hutchinson v. ProxmireJun. 26, 1979Case Summary
U.S. v. BrewsterJun. 29, 1972Case Summary
United States v. HelstoskiJun. 18, 1979Case Summary
AdjournmentEncyclopedia Entry
Advice and ConsentEncyclopedia Entry
AppealEncyclopedia Entry
ApportionmentEncyclopedia Entry
Bells, LegislativeEncyclopedia Entry
BicameralEncyclopedia Entry
Blue Dog DemocratsEncyclopedia Entry
Boll WeevilEncyclopedia Entry
CalendarEncyclopedia Entry
Calendar WednesdayEncyclopedia Entry
CongressEncyclopedia Entry
Congress: Structure and PowersEncyclopedia Entry
Congressional RecordEncyclopedia Entry
District of Columbia and CongressEncyclopedia Entry
Elections, CongressionalEncyclopedia Entry
Enacting ClauseEncyclopedia Entry
Extensions of RemarksEncyclopedia Entry
Federal RegisterEncyclopedia Entry
Federalist Papers, TheEncyclopedia Entry
FilibusterEncyclopedia Entry
Government Printing OfficeEncyclopedia Entry
HoldsEncyclopedia Entry
House ManualEncyclopedia Entry
House of Representatives, QualificationsEncyclopedia Entry
Jefferson’s ManualEncyclopedia Entry
JournalEncyclopedia Entry
LogrollingEncyclopedia Entry
Mace, HouseEncyclopedia Entry
Printing Committee, JointEncyclopedia Entry
Readings of BillsEncyclopedia Entry
ScandalsEncyclopedia Entry
Senate ManualEncyclopedia Entry
Senate, QualificationsEncyclopedia Entry
Term LimitsEncyclopedia Entry
Terms and Sessions of CongressEncyclopedia Entry
The District of ColumbiaEncyclopedia Entry
Unanimous ConsentEncyclopedia Entry
Women in PoliticsEncyclopedia Entry
Writing to a Member of CongressEncyclopedia Entry
Appendix B: African American Members of the 110th United States CongressFacts & Figures
Appendix C: African American Members of Congress, 1870–2007Facts & Figures
Approval of Congress, 1974-20051974 - 2005Facts & Figures
Attempted and Successful Cloture Votes, 1919–2008Facts & Figures
Congressional Apportionment, 1789–2000Facts & Figures
Congressional Committees, 109th and 110th CongressesFacts & Figures
Congressional Workload, 80th–106th Congresses, 1947–20001947 - 2000Facts & Figures
Conservative Coalition Votes and Victories in Congress, 1957–2000 (percent)1957 - 2000Facts & Figures
Distribution of House Seats and Electoral VotesFacts & Figures
Extraordinary Sessions of Congress since 1797Facts & Figures
House Committee Support of the Conservative Coalition, 1959–1998 (percent)1959 - 1998Facts & Figures
House Discharge Petitions since 1931Facts & Figures
House Membership in the 109th CongressFacts & Figures
House Membership in the 110th CongressFacts & Figures
House Workload, 80th–106th Congresses, 1947–20001947 - 2000Facts & Figures
Ideological Positions of House Party Coalitions, 80th–106th Congresses, 1947–20001947 - 2000Facts & Figures
Ideological Positions of Senate Party Coalitions, 80th–106th Congresses, 1947–20001947 - 2000Facts & Figures
Members of Congress, 2005–2009Facts & Figures
Members of Congress: Female, Black, Hispanic, Marital Status, and Age, 1971–20051971 - 2005Facts & Figures
Members of Congress: Seniority and Occupation, 1995–20051995 - 2005Facts & Figures
Membership Changes, 109th and 110th CongressesFacts & Figures
Pages in the Federal Register, 1936–20011936 - 2001Facts & Figures
Party Unity Scores in Congressional Voting, 1954–2000 (percent)1954 - 2000Facts & Figures
Party Unity Votes in Congress, 1953–2000 (percentage of all votes)1953 - 2000Facts & Figures
Postelection SessionsFacts & Figures
Recorded Votes in the House and the Senate, 80th–106th Congresses, 1947–20001947 - 2000Facts & Figures
Senate Cloture Votes, 1917–2008Facts & Figures
Senate Committee Support of the Conservative Coalition, 1959–2000 (percent)1959 - 2000Facts & Figures
Senate Membership in the 109th CongressFacts & Figures
Senate Membership in the 110th CongressFacts & Figures
Senate Workload, 80th–106th Congresses, 1947–20001947 - 2000Facts & Figures
Sessions of the U.S. Congress, 1789–2007Facts & Figures
Table 5-10 Party Unity in Congressional Voting, 1954–2008 (percent)Facts & Figures
Table 5-11 The 111th Congress: House of RepresentativesFacts & Figures
Table 5-12 The 111th Congress: SenateFacts & Figures
Table 5-2 Members of Congress: Female, Black, Hispanic, Marital Status, and Age, 1971–2009Facts & Figures
Table 5-5 Members of Congress: Seniority and Occupation, 1999–2009Facts & Figures
Table 5-9 Party Unity and Polarization in Congressional Voting, 1953–2008 (percent)Facts & Figures
Voting in Support of the Conservative Coalition, 1959–2000 (percent)1959 - 2000Facts & Figures
Bush's Relations with Congress, 2001-2004 Legislative Chronology2001 - 2004Legislative Analysis
Campaign Finance, 1993-1994 Legislative Chronology1993 - 1994Legislative Analysis
Capitol Extension Blocked, 1973 Legislative Chronology1973Legislative Analysis
Capitol Hill Real Estate, 1980 Legislative Chronology1980Legislative Analysis
Capitol Visitor Center, 2005-20062005 - 2006Legislative Analysis
Capitol Visitor Center, 2007-20082007 - 2008Legislative Analysis
Capitol West Front, 1969 Legislative Chronology1969Legislative Analysis
Capitol West Front, 1972 Legislative Chronology1972Legislative Analysis
Carter's Legislative Record, 1977-1980 Overview1977 - 1980Legislative Analysis
Clinton Impeachment1998 - 2000Legislative Analysis
Clinton's Relationship with Congress during his Second Term, 1997-20011997 - 2001Legislative Analysis
Coelho Resignation from the U.S. House, 19891989Legislative Analysis
Commemorative Meeting, 2001-2002 Legislative Chronology2001 - 2002Legislative Analysis
Congress and the Vietnam War: 1951-1975 Overview1951 - 1975Legislative Analysis
Congressional 9/11 Probe, 2001-2002 Legislative Chronology2001 - 2002Legislative Analysis
Congressional Defense Committees: Advocates or Overseers of the Military, 1971 Overview1969 - 1972Legislative Analysis
Congressional Financial Disclosures, 1968-19721968 - 1972Legislative Analysis
Congressional Gold Medal, 20052005 - 2005Legislative Analysis
Congressional Record Changes, 1972 Legislative Chronology1972Legislative Analysis
Congressional Seniority Challenged, 1971 Legislative Chronology1971Legislative Analysis
Congressional Seniority System, 1973 Legislative Chronology1973Legislative Analysis
Contingency Plans for Congress, 20052005 - 2005Legislative Analysis
Contingency Plans, 2001-2002 Legislative Chronology2001 - 2002Legislative Analysis
Controversial Nominations, 1969-19721969 - 1972Legislative Analysis
Controversial Nominations, 1977-19801977 - 1980Legislative Analysis
D.C. Delegate, 1969 Legislative Chronology1969Legislative Analysis
D.C. Delegate, 1970 Legislative Chronology1970Legislative Analysis
D.C. Representation, 1970 Legislative Chronology1970Legislative Analysis
D.C. Representation, 1972 Legislative Chronology1972Legislative Analysis
D.C. Representation, 1978 Legislative Chronology1978Legislative Analysis
Delegate Voting Privileges, 1993-19941993 - 1994Legislative Analysis
Executive Agreements, 1972 Legislative Chronology1972Legislative Analysis
Executive International Agreements, 1974 Legislative Chronology1974Legislative Analysis
Ford Presidency, 1974-1976 Overview1974 - 1976Legislative Analysis
Foreign Election Campaigns, 1976 Legislative Chronology1976Legislative Analysis
Gerald R. Ford Selected to Succeed Agnew, 1973 Political Chronology1973Legislative Analysis
Glossary of Congressional TermsLegislative Analysis
Hillary Clinton: From First Lady to U.S. Senator1998 - 2002Legislative Analysis
House Chaplain Appointment, 20002000 - 2000Legislative Analysis
House Chaplain Vote, 1982 Legislative Chronology1982Legislative Analysis
House Chief Administrative Officer, 19971997Legislative Analysis
House Subpoenas, 1980 Legislative Chronology1980Legislative Analysis
House TV Coverage, 1977 Legislative Chronology1977Legislative Analysis
Inside Congress, 1973-1976 Overview1973 - 1976Legislative Analysis
Inside Congress, 1977-1980 Overview1977 - 1980Legislative Analysis
Inside Congress, 1993-1996 Overview1993 - 1996Legislative Analysis
Inside Congress, 1997-2001 Overview1997 - 2001Legislative Analysis
Inside Congress, 2001-2004 Legislative Overview2001 - 2004Legislative Analysis
Inside Congress, 2007-2008: Introduction2007 - 2008Legislative Analysis
Introduction: Congress and the Nation, 2005-20082005 - 2008Legislative Analysis
Judicial Nominations, 2001-2002 Legislative ChronologyLegislative Analysis
Judicial Nominations, 2003-2004 Legislative ChronologyLegislative Analysis
Lobbies, 1969-1972 Legislative Overview1969 - 1972Legislative Analysis
Lobbies, 19731973Legislative Analysis
Lobbies, 1973-1976 Legislative Overview1973 - 1976Legislative Analysis
Lobbies, 19741974Legislative Analysis
Lobbies, 19751975Legislative Analysis
Lobbies, 19761976Legislative Analysis
Lobby Disclosure, 1977 Legislative Chronology1977Legislative Analysis
Lobby Disclosure, 1978 Legislative Chronology1978Legislative Analysis
Lobby Disclosure, 1979 Legislative Chronology1979Legislative Analysis
Lobby Disclosure, 1980 Legislative Chronology1980Legislative Analysis
Lobby Reform Efforts, 1976 Legislative Chronology1976Legislative Analysis
Lobby Registration and Spending, 1969-1972 Overview1969 - 1972Legislative Analysis
Members of Congress in Space, 1985-1986 Legislative Chronology1985 - 1986Legislative Analysis
Nixon Presidency, 1973-1974 Overview1973 - 1974Legislative Analysis
Nuclear Bunker, 1991-1992 Legislative Chronology1992Legislative Analysis
O'Neill Library, 1987-1988 Legislative Chronology1987 - 1988Legislative Analysis
Politics and National Issues, 1989-1992 Overview1989 - 1992Legislative Analysis
Politics and National Issues, 1993-1996 Overview1993 - 1996Legislative Analysis
Politics and National Issues, 1997-2001 Overview1997 - 2001Legislative Analysis
Politics and National Issues, 2001- 2004 Overview2001 - 2004Legislative Analysis
Project on Government Oversight (POGO) Contempt of Congress, 20002000 - 2000Legislative Analysis
Public Charities Lobbying, 1976 Legislative Chronology1976Legislative Analysis
Public Laws, 19971997Legislative Analysis
Public Laws, 19981998Legislative Analysis
Public Laws, 19991999Legislative Analysis
Public Laws, 20002000Legislative Analysis
Public Laws: 109th Congress—2005Legislative Analysis
Public Laws: 109th Congress—2006Legislative Analysis
Public Laws: 110th Congress—2007Legislative Analysis
Public Laws: 110th Congress—2008Legislative Analysis
Rep. Barney Frank Admits Homosexuality, 1987-1988 Legislative Chronology1987 - 1988Legislative Analysis
Rep. Stewart B. McKinney Death, 19871987Legislative Analysis
Security at Capitol, 1985-1986 Legislative Chronology1985 - 1986Legislative Analysis
Sen. John P. East Suicide, 1985-1986 Legislative Chronology1985 - 1986Legislative Analysis
Seniority System, 1975 Legislative Chronology1975Legislative Analysis
Spellman Vacancy due to Disability, 1981 Legislative Chronology1981Legislative Analysis
Televised House Debates, 1979 Legislative Chronology1979Legislative Analysis
Term Limits, 1995-1996 Legislative Chronology1995 - 1996Legislative Analysis
The Legislative Process in BriefLegislative Analysis
The Legislative Year, 1969 Overview1969Legislative Analysis
The Legislative Year, 1970 OverviewLegislative Analysis
The Legislative Year, 1971 OverviewLegislative Analysis
The Legislative Year, 1973 Chronology1973Legislative Analysis
The Legislative Year, 1974 Chronology1974Legislative Analysis
The Legislative Year, 1975 Chronology1975Legislative Analysis
The Legislative Year, 1976 Chronology1976Legislative Analysis
The Legislative Year, 1977 Chronology1977Legislative Analysis
The Legislative Year, 1978 Chronology1978Legislative Analysis
The Legislative Year, 1979 Chronology1979Legislative Analysis
The Legislative Year, 1980 Chronology1980Legislative Analysis
The Legislative Year, 1981 Chronology1981Legislative Analysis
The Legislative Year, 1982 Chronology1982Legislative Analysis
The Legislative Year, 1983 Chronology1983Legislative Analysis
The Legislative Year, 1984 Chronology1984Legislative Analysis
The Legislative Year, 1985 Chronology1985Legislative Analysis
The Legislative Year, 1986 Chronology1986Legislative Analysis
The Legislative Year, 1987 Chronology1987Legislative Analysis
The Legislative Year, 1988 Chronology1988Legislative Analysis
The Legislative Year, 19891989Legislative Analysis
The Legislative Year, 19901990Legislative Analysis
The Legislative Year, 19911991Legislative Analysis
The Legislative Year, 19921992Legislative Analysis
The Legislative Year, 19931993Legislative Analysis
The Legislative Year, 19941994Legislative Analysis
The Legislative Year, 19951995Legislative Analysis
The Legislative Year, 19961996Legislative Analysis
The Legislative Year, 19971997Legislative Analysis
The Legislative Year, 19981998Legislative Analysis
The Legislative Year, 19991999Legislative Analysis
The Legislative Year, 20002000Legislative Analysis
The Legislative Year, 20012001Legislative Analysis
The Legislative Year, 20022002Legislative Analysis
The Legislative Year, 20032003Legislative Analysis
U.S. National Commitments Resolution, 1969 Legislative Chronology1969Legislative Analysis
War Powers, 1970 Legislative Chronology1970Legislative Analysis
War Powers, 1971 Legislative Chronology1971Legislative Analysis
War Powers, 1972 Legislative Chronology1972Legislative Analysis
Watergate Crisis, 1972-1976 Political Chronology1972Legislative Analysis
Watergate: A Constitutional Crisis, 1972-1974 Political Overview1974Legislative Analysis
Watergate: The Cast of Characters, 1974 Watergate Background1974Legislative Analysis
Wright Resignation as House Speaker, 19891989Legislative Analysis
"Contract with America" Signed by 300 Republican Candidates for the U.S. House of RepresentativesSep. 27, 1994Primary Source
Address by General H.N. Schwarzkopf to Congress After Victorious Return from Operation Desert StormMay 8, 1991Primary Source
Address of President J. Carter, U.S. Senator Edward M. (Ted) Kennedy at the Democratic Midterm ConferenceDec. 8, 1978 - Dec. 10, 1978Primary Source
Announcement by Sen. B. Bradley of His Retirement from the SenateAug. 16, 1995Primary Source
Conclusions of the U.S. House of Representatives Select Committee on AssassinationsDec. 31, 1978Primary Source
Constitution of the United StatesJun. 21, 1788Primary Source
Democratic Vice Presidential Nominee Sen. T. Eagleton Withdraws from TicketJul. 14, 1972 - Aug. 8, 1972Primary Source
Eulogy of Senator Edward M. Kennedy for His Nephew, John F. Kennedy Jr., at the Church of St. Thomas in New York CityJul. 23, 1999Primary Source
House Foreign Affairs Committee Report on Jonestown, Guyana, Mass Suicide and Assassination of Rep. L. RyanMay 15, 1979Primary Source
House Leaders on Congress's First One Hundred Days: Speeches and Remarks by N. Gingrich, D. Gephardt, T. Daschle, 1995Apr. 7, 1995Primary Source
Hutchinson v. Proxmire: U.S. Supreme Court Opinion on Libel Suits and Congressional ImmunityJun. 26, 1979Primary Source
J.F.K. Remembered: Poem by Senate Majority Leader M. Mansfield Commemorating President Kennedy on 10th Anniversary of His AssassinationNov. 22, 1973Primary Source
Kennedy Library Dedication: Speeches by President J. Carter and Sen. E. KennedyOct. 20, 1979Primary Source
Obama 2008 Speech on RacePrimary Source
Opening of the 104th Congress: Excerpts of Speeches of N. Gingrich and R.A. GephardtJan. 4, 1995Primary Source
Senator E. Kennedy Withdrawal from Consideration for the 1976 Democratic Presidential NominationSep. 23, 1974Primary Source
Senator E. Kennedy's Apology at Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University for Faults in his Private LifeOct. 25, 1991Primary Source
Senator James Jeffords's Statement on Leaving the Republican PartyMay 24, 2001Primary Source
Speech by Former Senator Mike Mansfield on Civility in the Senate: "The Senate and Its Leadership," Old Senate Chamber, Washington, DCMar. 24, 1998Primary Source
Speech by Senator G. McGovern, Defeated Presidential Contender, at St. Catherine's College, Oxford UniversityJan. 21, 1973Primary Source
Speech by U.S. Senator E.M. (Ted) Kennedy to the Moral Majority on Respect for the Rights of Others. Liberty Baptist College, Lynchburg, VAOct. 3, 1983Primary Source
Speech of H.R. Clinton on Her Election as U.S. Senator from New York, New York City, NYNov. 7, 2000Primary Source
Speech of Sen. E. Kennedy of Massachusetts to the 1980 Democratic National ConventionAug. 12, 1980Primary Source
Statement and Speech by N. Gingrich Announcing His Intention to Resign as Speaker of the House of RepresentativesNov. 6, 1998Primary Source
Statement of Robert L. Livingston, Republican from Louisiana, on His Resignation from the House of RepresentativesDec. 18, 1998Primary Source
Statement of Senator R. Dole on His Resignation from the SenateMay 15, 1996Primary Source
Statements of Congressional Leaders on the Close of the 104th Congress: T. Daschle, R.A. Gephardt, T. LottSep. 27, 1996Primary Source
U.S. Term Limits, Inc. v. Thornton: U.S. Supreme Court Opinions on Congressional Term Limits, Justices W.H. Rehnquist, J.P. Stevens, A.M. Kennedy, C. ThomasMay 22, 1995Primary Source
Vice President W. Mondale's Eulogy of Senator H. HumphreyJan. 15, 1978Primary Source
Congressional Information on the InternetUnknown
The Political Year, 20032003Unknown