Origins and Development of Congress
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A House Divided: 1829–1861Encyclopedia Entry
Blacks in CongressEncyclopedia Entry
Changing Forms of GovernmentEncyclopedia Entry
Clinton and the Republicans: 1993–2001Encyclopedia Entry
Clinton Years: 1993–2001Encyclopedia Entry
Colonial Background: Growing Friction with EnglandEncyclopedia Entry
Commerce PowerEncyclopedia Entry
Committee SystemEncyclopedia Entry
Computers in CongressEncyclopedia Entry
Congressional Reform Study, 1991-1992 Legislative Chronology1992Legislative Analysis
Congressional Reform, 1993-19941993 - 1994Legislative Analysis
Congressional Web Site Rules, 1995-19961995 - 1996Legislative Analysis
Congressional Workplace Compliance, 1993-19941993 - 1994Legislative Analysis
Congressional Workplace Compliance, 1995-19961995 - 1996Legislative Analysis
Contingency Plans, 2003-2004 Legislative Chronology2003 - 2004Legislative Analysis
Democratic leaders: 1933–1945Encyclopedia Entry
Democratic years: 1933–1947Encyclopedia Entry
Early Construction, 1792–1811Encyclopedia Entry
Emerging Senate: 1809–1829Encyclopedia Entry
Era of Reform: 1901–1921Encyclopedia Entry
Ethics Committee, Senate SelectEncyclopedia Entry
Excerpts from Remarks Made at the U.S. Capitol's Bicentennial Celebration; Historian D. McCullough, Senator G. Mitchell, Senator R. Dole, Vice President A. Gore, President B. Clinton, and OthersOct. 23, 1993Primary Source
Expansion, 1851–1892Encyclopedia Entry
Finance Committee, SenateEncyclopedia Entry
Financial Disclosure, 1976 Legislative Chronology1975Legislative Analysis
George W. Bush Years: 2001–2009Encyclopedia Entry
Historic MilestonesFacts & Figures
House Ethics Overhaul, 1997-1998 Chronology1997 - 1998Legislative Analysis
House of RepresentativesEncyclopedia Entry
Institutional changes: 1969–1981Encyclopedia Entry
Judiciary Committee, HouseEncyclopedia Entry
Judiciary Committee, SenateEncyclopedia Entry
Lame-Duck AmendmentEncyclopedia Entry
Legislative Reorganization Act of 19701969 - 1972Legislative Analysis
Liberal Advances: 1970–1981Encyclopedia Entry
Lobbying Restrictions, 1995-19961995 - 1996Legislative Analysis
Lobbying Senators, 2001-2002 Legislative Chronology2001 - 2002Legislative Analysis
New complexities: 1861–1901Encyclopedia Entry
Obama Years: 2009–2011Encyclopedia Entry
Party Government: 1861–1901Encyclopedia Entry
Party System: Unforeseen DevelopmentEncyclopedia Entry
Postwar Era: 1947–1969Encyclopedia Entry
Postwar Era: 1947–1969Encyclopedia Entry
Professional Administrator for the U.S. House, 1991-1992 Legislative Chronology1992Legislative Analysis
Reagan and Bush era: 1981–1993Encyclopedia Entry
Reconstruction and Expansion, 1815–1829Encyclopedia Entry
Republican Stalemate: 1921–1933Encyclopedia Entry
Republican Years: 1919–1933Encyclopedia Entry
Rise of Congress: 1809–1829Encyclopedia Entry
Senate Operations Study, 1976 Legislative Chronology1976Legislative Analysis
Senate Operations, 1995-19961995 - 1996Legislative Analysis
Senate Procedural Changes, 1985-1986 Legislative Chronology1985 - 1986Legislative Analysis
SenateEncyclopedia Entry
Shifting power: 1981–1993Encyclopedia Entry
Speeches at the Joint Session of the 101st Congress Commemorating the Bicentennial of the First Congress and Speech of President George Bush in New York CityApr. 30, 1989Primary Source
Supermajority Vote for Tax Increases, Constitutional Amendment, 1995-1996 Legislative Chronology1995 - 1996Legislative Analysis
Table 5-3 Black Members of Congress, 1869–2011Facts & Figures
The Constitution: Breaking the BondsEncyclopedia Entry
The Early Senate: 1789–1809Encyclopedia Entry
The Formative Years: 1789–1809Encyclopedia Entry
The George W. Bush era: 2001–2009Encyclopedia Entry
The Golden Age: 1829–1861Encyclopedia Entry
The House and ObamaEncyclopedia Entry
Tyranny and Reaction: 1901–1919Encyclopedia Entry
Vice PresidentEncyclopedia Entry
Women in PoliticsEncyclopedia Entry