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Commerce PowerEncyclopedia Entry
Congress: Structure and PowersEncyclopedia Entry
Congressional Oversight: Intelligence CommunityEncyclopedia Entry
DelegatesEncyclopedia Entry
Executive Agreements: Congressional ConcernsEncyclopedia Entry
Foreign Affairs Committee, HouseEncyclopedia Entry
Foreign Relations Committee, SenateEncyclopedia Entry
Foreign TravelEncyclopedia Entry
Goldwater v. Carter: U.S. Court of Appeals Ruling the President Could End Mutual Defense Pact With Taiwan without Congressional ApprovalDec. 13, 1979Primary Source
Iran-contra AffairEncyclopedia Entry
Legislative Process: Opportunities to Influence PolicyEncyclopedia Entry
Major Arms Control and Disarmament AgreementsFacts & Figures
Senate Ratification of the Seabed Arms Control TreatyFeb. 15, 1972Primary Source
The Constitution: Division of PowersEncyclopedia Entry
The Senate on Chemcal and Biological DisarmamentApr. 10, 1972Primary Source
The Treaty Power: Constitutional RoleEncyclopedia Entry
The War Power: Continuing ControversyEncyclopedia Entry
Treaties and Executive Agreements Concluded by the United States, 1789–2008Facts & Figures
Treaty-Making PowerEncyclopedia Entry
Use of U.S. Armed Forces Abroad, 1798–2008Facts & Figures
War Powers Resolution and VetoNov. 7, 1973Primary Source