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 Welfare and Housing

January 10 - HUMAN SERVICES: Restoring Federal Nutrition Aid Creates Food Fight
January 17 - HUMAN SERVICES: Child Care Proposal Sparks Debate Over Working, At-Home Mothers
January 17 - Incremental Shifts in Immigration Law Value Job Skills Above Family Ties
January 31 - Key Clinton Proposals
January 31 - PRESIDENTIAL ADDRESS: Clinton Stresses Accomplishments, Calls State of the Union 'Strong'
January 31 - REPUBLICAN RESPONSE: Lott: Fighting for the Family Is GOP's Top Priority
February 7 - Abundant Foes Say 'No Chance' To Clinton's Chosen Tax Breaks
February 7 - HOUSING: Disaster Insurance Measure May Not Weather Debate
February 7 - How Each Agency and Department Would Fare Under Clinton Budget
February 14 - Editor's Note
February 14 - HUMAN SERVICES: House Bill Supports At-Home Parents
February 21 - COVER STORY: Housing Overhaul Still Looking For a Home in GOP Congress
February 21 - From Overhaul to Tax Credits
February 21 - Richmond Already Making Changes
February 21 - The Rocky Relationship of Housing and Welfare
February 21 - Tribes To Get Block Grants, More Power
March 7 - HOUSING: Block Grants Bill Passes House
March 7 - HUMAN SERVICES: House Bill Reduces Penalties For Child Support Systems
March 14 - Editor's Note
March 21 - DEFENSE: Hill Critics of Mixed-Sex Training Find Ammunition in Report
March 28 - HUMAN SERVICES: Congress To Debate Restoring Food Stamps to Immigrants
March 28 - Reinvestment Act Again in Cross Hairs
April 4 - HUMAN SERVICES: Senate Shifts Food Stamp Aid To Increase Road Spending
April 4 - Supplemental Bills Compared
April 4 - THE BUDGET: House Emergency Spending Measure Heads for Collision With Senate
April 11 - RECESS NOTES: Child Support Enforcement Bill Heads to Conference
April 18 - Considering Back-Road Route For Middle-Class Mortgages
April 25 - Disability Payments
April 25 - SOCIAL POLICY: Proposed Fixes Could Widen Social Security Gender Gap
May 2 - SOCIAL POLICY: Fearing Election-Year Rhetoric, House Moves To Avoid Specifics On Social Security Until Next Year
May 16 - House Passes Tougher Penalties For Neglecting Child Support
May 23 - SOCIAL POLICY: Congress Gives Moderate Response To Panel's Push for Privatization Of Social Security Overhaul
June 6 - SOCIAL POLICY: House Clears Agriculture Bill, Restoring Food Stamps To Legal Immigrants
June 6 - SOCIAL POLICY: Years of Belt-Tightening May Be Coming to an End For Child Nutrition Programs
June 20 - APPROPRIATIONS: Bid To Raise Mortgage Limit Proves To Be a Sticky Issue For House VA-HUD Panel
June 27 - APPROPRIATIONS: WIC Plan OK'd With Measures To Curb Fraud
July 4 - FINANCE: Plan To Expand FHA Mortgages Finds a Haven in the House
July 11 - Identity Theft Measure Sails Through Senate Panel
July 18 - Correction
July 18 - VETERANS AFFAIRS: Senate Moves Swiftly on VA-HUD; House Gets Caught Up in Debate Over Housing Overhaul
July 25 - APPROPRIATIONS: District of Columbia Bills Differ Over Transportation, Economic Development
July 25 - SOCIAL POLICY: House Votes To Expand Child Nutrition Aid, Feed More Students
August 8 - HOUSING: Speedy House Action Predicted On Home Ownership Bill After Subcommittee's Solid OK
September 5 - APPROPRIATIONS: Senate Spurns House Cuts In Labor-HHS Spending; Clinton Praises 'Good First Step'
September 5 - Chart: Labor-HHS-Education Spending
September 5 - Chart: VA-HUD-Independent Agencies Spending
September 19 - WIC Reauthorization Gets Unanimous Senate Approval
September 26 - SOCIAL POLICY: House Passes Bill To Restore Immigrant Aid
October 3 - Labor-HHS Spending Bill Heads for House Floor
October 3 - SOCIAL POLICY: With Social Security Ripe for Action, Can Clinton Seize the Moment?
October 10 - APPROPRIATIONS: The Housing Bill That Compromise Built
October 10 - Senate Clears Bill To Restore SSI Benefits to Certain Immigrants
October 10 - SOCIAL POLICY: House Clears Reauthorization Of Nutrition Programs, Extending Aid to Low-Income Teens
October 17 - HOUSING: Bill To Ease Home-Buying Stalls in Senate
October 17 - PROVISIONS: Public Housing Overhaul
November 21 - SOCIAL POLICY: White House Offers No Plan As House Ways and Means Takes Up Social Security Fix
November 28 - SOCIAL POLICY: Breaking Down Barriers For the Working Disabled
December 5 - Lessons From Britain and Chile
December 5 - Social Policy: The Quest for Leadership On Social Security Overhaul
December 5 - SOCIAL POLICY: The Risky Business Of Privatizing Social Security
December 12 - SOCIAL POLICY: Clinton Backs Investing in Market To Strengthen Social Security

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