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 Welfare and Housing

January 14 - Block Grant Proposal
January 14 - House GOP Welfare Plan Shifts Focus From Work to Teen Mothers
January 14 - Key Members Seek To Expand State Role in Welfare Plan
January 21 - Senate Committees: Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs
January 21 - Senate Committees: Special Aging
January 28 - Concerns Over House Bill
January 28 - Members Pushing To Retain Welfare System Control
February 4 - Governors Split on Welfare; Funding Methods at Issue
February 11 - HUMAN SERVICES: New Welfare Overhaul Plan Expected To Clear Panel
February 18 - Major Aspects of Welfare Bill Approved by Subcommittee
February 18 - Welfare Bill Reshapes Cash Programs Reduces Eligibility for SSI
February 25 - Children Who Receive AFDC By
February 25 - GOP Welfare Plan: Self-Help, And Leave It to the States
February 25 - House Panel Votes To Give States Authority Over Social Services
February 25 - Provisions of Food, Child-Care Plan
February 25 - REPUBLICAN CONTRACT: Welfare
February 25 - VA-HUD Panel's 'Most Difficult' Markup
March 4 - House Panel Poised To Approve GOP Welfare Overhaul Bill
March 4 - Paring Food Stamps
March 11 - Bill To Set Food Stamp Cuts, Work Rules OK'd by Panel
March 11 - Provisions of Food Stamp Plan
March 18 - GOP Moderates Central To Welfare Overhaul
March 18 - Provisions of House Welfare Bill
March 18 - SECTION NOTES: Subcommittee Approves Bill On 'Seniors Only' Housing
March 18 - Welfare, Spending Cuts Top Agenda
March 18 - WHAT'S AHEAD: Welfare Overhaul Bill Tops House Action
March 25 - 1995 SPECIAL COMMITTEES REPORT: House Ways and Means
March 25 - 1995 SPECIAL COMMITTEES REPORT: Senate Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs
March 25 - 1995 Special Committees Report: Senate Special Aging
March 25 - Highlights of House Welfare Bill
March 25 - House Passes Welfare Bill; Senate Likely to Alter It
March 25 - Welfare Reform: CBO Cost Estimates (chart)
March 25 - Welfare Reform: Voting Against the Tide
April 8 - 100 DAYS AND COUNTING: Welfare
April 8 - SECTION NOTES: House Passes Bill To Protect Senior Housing From Suits
April 22 - PRESIDENTIAL NEWS CONFERENCE: Clinton Lays Down Challenge On Welfare Reform Bill
April 29 - HUMAN SERVICES: Answers Provide Details On Welfare Overhaul Plans
April 29 - HUMAN SERVICES: Key GOP Senators Back Giving States Leeway on Welfare
May 13 - Rescissions Negotiators Restore Some Cuts in Social Programs
May 13 - SECTION NOTES: Lawmakers Support Hiring Private Housing Firms
May 20 - APPROPRIATIONS SPECIAL REPORT: VA/HUD - Huge Bill Has Some Inviting Targets
May 20 - GOP Factions Aim To Abolish Or Shrink Beleaguered HUD
May 20 - Governors Group Sidelined In Welfare Debate
May 20 - HUMAN SERVICES: Senate Finance Is Poised To Approve Shifting of Welfare Control to States
May 27 - HOUSING: Housing Aid Bill Gets Panel OK
May 27 - HUMAN SERVICES: At Odds Over Proposals
May 27 - HUMAN SERVICES: Senate Plan Has Fewer Block Grants, Fewer Limits Than House Bill
May 27 - HUMAN SERVICES: With Child Care Bill, Panel Aims To Influence Welfare Debate
May 27 - Senate's Plan Falls in Line, Shifts Welfare to States
June 10 - HUMAN SERVICES: Senate Democrats Put Forward Alternative Welfare Plan
June 17 - HUMAN SERVICES: GOP Rift Delays Action on Welfare
June 17 - Subcommittee OKs Deep Cuts In Research, Preserves WIC
June 24 - HUMAN SERVICES: Welfare
June 24 - Sunbelt Senators Revolt Over Welfare Formula
July 8 - WELFARE: Fixing a Schedule
July 8 - WELFARE: Putting Recipients to Work Will Be the Toughest Job
July 8 - WELFARE: States Experimenting With Ways To Help People Stay Off Welfare
July 15 - APPROPRIATIONS: HUD's Allies Rally 'Round
July 15 - ENVIRONMENT: VA-HUD Bill May Jeopardize Superfund Plan, Oxley Says
July 15 - Panel Reshapes VA-HUD Bill To Mirror GOP Aims
July 15 - WELFARE: GOP May Link Welfare Reform To Budget To Limit Dissent
July 22 - APPROPRIATIONS: VA, HUD, Independent
July 22 - CORRECTION: VA-HUD Appropriations.
July 22 - Panel Approves VA-HUD Bill, Shaping Policy With Cuts
July 22 - WELFARE: Senate Leadership Plan Widens States' Authority Further
July 29 - APPROPRIATIONS: The HUD Funding Maze
July 29 - GOP Moderates Exert Power To Temper VA-HUD Bill
August 5 - APPROPRIATIONS: House Revives EPA Restrictions Before Passing VA-HUD Bill
August 5 - APPROPRIATIONS: VA, HUD, Independent
August 5 - SECTION NOTES: Panel Approves Bill To Protect Housing for Seniors
August 5 - WELFARE: Dole Bill Aims To Clear Obstacles For Snarled Welfare Overhaul
August 5 - WELFARE: GOP Draft Bill Relies Heavily On Block Grant Flexibility
August 12 - Senate GOP Puts Overhaul On Hold To Muster Votes
September 2 - SOCIAL POLICY: Housing.
September 2 - SOCIAL POLICY: Welfare.
September 9 - WHAT'S AHEAD: Welfare, Budget Issues Top Senate Agenda
September 16 - APPROPRIATIONS: Panel Votes To Soften Cuts In Labor-HHS Spending
September 16 - APPROPRIATIONS: Senate Heading for a Showdown Over VA-HUD Spending Bill
September 16 - APPROPRIATIONS: VA-HUD-Independent
September 16 - Uneasy Compromise Reached On Welfare Overhaul
September 16 - WHAT'S AHEAD: Senate Welfare Vote Dominates Agenda
September 23 - RECONCILIATION: Panels Approve Proposals On Housing Program Cuts
September 23 - Remarks From the Floor
September 23 - Senate Overhaul Plan Provides Road Map for Compromise
September 23 - Some Key Differences
September 30 - Senate Anticipates Veto, Passes Program Cuts
October 7 - VA-HUD-Independent
October 14 - APPROPRIATIONS: VA-HUD Spending Bill Sputters As GOP Tries To Avoid Veto
October 14 - SECTION NOTES: Bill Approved To Keep Public Housing For Elderly Separate
October 28 - PROVISIONS: Welfare Bills Compared
October 28 - SECTION NOTES: House OKs Measure To Shield Elderly
October 28 - Senate Panel OKs First Step In Sweeping Overhaul
October 28 - WELFARE: Outlines of Agreement Emerge As Conference Convenes
November 4 - Clashing Needs: Budget Cuts Vs. Money for Food Stamps
November 4 - HOUSING: Chicago Relocation Takes Top Priority in Markup
November 4 - RECONCILIATION: Allotments Cook Up Controversy
November 4 - RECONCILIATION: Key Welfare Money Provisions Remain in Budget Bill
November 4 - SECTION NOTES: $50 Million Set Up for Groups That Help Homeless, Poor
November 11 - HOUSING: Shift in Public Housing Powers Approved by House Panel
November 11 - RECONCILIATION: GOP Produces Welfare Agreement, Urges Clinton To Sign On
November 18 - APPROPRIATIONS: Conferees Agree on Report For VA-HUD Spending
November 18 - RECONCILIATION: Internal Squabbles Interfere With Welfare Overhaul
November 18 - RECONCILIATION: Provisions of Welfare Bill
December 2 - APPROPRIATIONS: House Surprises Leadership, Rejects VA-HUD Agreement
December 2 - VA-HUD-Independent Agencies
December 2 - WELFARE: School Lunch Fight Bogs Down Overhaul Agreement
December 9 - APPROPRIATIONS: House Ignores Veto Threat, Adopts VA-HUD Report
December 9 - RECONCILIATION: Clinton Refines Welfare Plan
December 16 - RECONCILIATION: Governors Looking for the
December 23 - SECTION NOTES: Clinton Vetoes Spending Bill For Veterans, Housing
December 23 - SECTION NOTES: House Clears Protection For Senior Housing
December 23 - WELFARE: Conference Report Highlights

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