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 Welfare and Housing

January 2 - Top Entitlements (chart)
January 2 - What Are Entitlements?
January 9 - LABOR: Top Priority Given Family Leave Bill
January 9 - VETERANS: Brown's Advocacy Past Poses No Obstacle to Confirmation
January 16 - HUD: Urban-Rural Rift Only Ripple At Cisneros' Senate Hearing
January 30 - Fate of Select Panels in Doubt After House Rejects One
January 30 - LABOR: Family Leave Bill Moves Swiftly But Gay Ban Issue at Its Heels
January 30 - Not All in the GOP Family
February 6 - As Family Leave Is Enacted, Some See End to Logjam
February 6 - BANKING: Panels Eager To Get Started On Community Bank Plans
February 6 - Fallout From Businesses
February 6 - Non-Traditional Lending
February 6 - Proposal To Freeze COLA Stirs Up Old Debates
February 6 - SECTION NOTES: Abortion Clinic Blockaders Targeted in New Bill
February 13 - CQ ROUNDTABLE: Certain Social Services Sing Best in Unison
February 13 - PROVISIONS: Family Leave Law
February 20 - A New Interest Group: Children
February 20 - SPECIAL REPORT: Clinton's Program -- Housing
February 20 - SPECIAL REPORT: Clinton's Program -- Veterans Affairs
February 20 - SPECIAL REPORT: Clinton's Program -- Welfare/Income Security
February 27 - A Welcome but Unwieldy Idea? Putting an End to Welfare
February 27 - If It All Sounds Familiar...
February 27 - State Welfare Initiatives
February 27 - WHAT'S AHEAD: Up Next: Jobless Aid, Hatch Act Overhaul
March 6 - HAITIAN REFUGEES: Black Leaders Criticize Continuation of Policy
March 6 - HUMAN SERVICES: Self-Interested Cities, States Cozy Up to Clinton's Plan
March 6 - PRESIDENTIAL ADDRESS: Clinton Urges Participation In National Service
March 6 - SUPREME COURT: At Issue: 1991 Law On Civil Rights
March 13 - Clinton Looking to Tax Credit To Rescue Working Poor
March 13 - COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT: Cities Must Be Quick Off Block To Get CDBG Stimulus Funds
March 13 - Marriage, Retirement, Investments Could Affect the Wealthy's Tax Burden
March 13 - Reinvention of Health Care Is Key to Clinton Overhaul (charts)
March 13 - Time Block
March 20 - ABORTION: Freedom of Choice Bill Returns; Too Early To Predict Outcome
March 20 - HEALTH: Policy on AIDS Complicates NIH Reauthorization
March 20 - SECTION NOTES: Warning Labels for Toys Get Nod From House
March 20 - Veterans Panels at a Glance
March 27 - SECTION NOTES: DNA Recordkeeping Bill Moves Out of Committee
March 27 - VETERANS: Bill Reaffirming Rehire Rights Gets First Round Approval
April 3 - ABORTION: Clinton's Funding Ban Repeal May Leave States in Charge
April 3 - CRIME: House Approves DNA, FBI Bills
April 3 - ORGANIZATION: Funding Bill Axes Select Panels
April 3 - SUPREME COURT: N.D. Abortion Law Goes into Effect
April 3 - VETERANS: Panel Fully Backs Bill To Redo Employee Complaint Process
April 10 - A Housing Glossary
April 10 - HEALTH: Reform Plan Preview Stresses Users' Ease, Local Control
April 10 - Rooms for Improvement: Can Cisneros Fix HUD?
April 10 - Solving Neighborhood Problems Under One Roof
April 10 - THE PRESIDENT'S BUDGET: Commerce, Housing Credit
April 10 - THE PRESIDENT'S BUDGET: Community Development
April 10 - THE PRESIDENT'S BUDGET: Education, Labor
April 17 - Are U.S. Taxpayers Ready For Health-Care Reform?
April 17 - The Tax Proposals at Hand
April 24 - EDUCATION: Clinton's School Reform Plan Has High Hopes, Low Funds
April 24 - EDUCATION: Girls To Benefit In Gender Bill
April 24 - Gun Rights and Restrictions: The Territory Reconfigured
April 24 - How Americans Feel About
April 24 - HUMAN SERVICES: Funds Are Nagging Question In Child Welfare Overhaul
April 24 - Pending Bills
April 24 - The Brady Bill and Beyond
May 1 - HEALTH: Powerful House Panel Disdains President's Medicare Cuts
May 1 - HUMAN SERVICES: Plan Would Raise Threshold For Social Security Taxes
May 1 - Ingredients for the Cure
May 1 - THE HOUSE: Hall Ends Fast After 22 Days
May 8 - Chapter 2 and Beyond
May 8 - COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT: Clinton Proposes New Zone Plan
May 8 - Funding Fights To Dominate In Chapter 1 Rewrite (charts)
May 8 - HEALTH: 'Healthy Skepticism' Greets Medicaid Phaseout Plan
May 8 - SECTION NOTES: Clinton Seeks Postponement Of Welfare Requirement
May 8 - SECTION NOTES: Confederate Group Loses Support
May 8 - SECTION NOTES: House Clarifies, Expands Veterans Job Protections
May 8 - SECTION NOTES: Indian Bills Advance To Full Committee
May 8 - The Bottom Line
May 15 - EDUCATION: House Clears Plan For New Tests
May 15 - EDUCATION: National Service Plan Reflects That Compromise Is Needed
May 15 - EDUCATION: Riley Sets Chapter 1 Priorities: Poorest Students and Schools
May 15 - HEALTH: Medicare, Medicaid Cuts Made; Immunizations Not Affected
May 15 - HUMAN SERVICES: Panel OKs More Food Stamp Aid
May 15 - INDIAN AFFAIRS: Clinton Nominates Ada Deer To Run and Reform Bureau
May 15 - SOCIAL SECURITY: Domestic Worker Tax Level Becomes a Benefits Issue
May 15 - VETERANS: Plan for $2.6 Billion in Savings Meets Reconciliation Goal
May 22 - BANKING: Administration Pares Back Community Bank Plans
May 22 - BANKING: Senate Banking Panel Targets High-Cost Home Loans
May 22 - HOUSING: HUD Nominee's Lesbianism Sets Off Senate Debate
May 29 - APPROPRIATIONS: VA-HUD Spending Approved; Space Station Survives
May 29 - HEALTH: Lingering Disputes Lack Power To Logjam NIH Bill
May 29 - INTELLIGENCE: Retirement Bill Clears Senate
May 29 - LAW/JUDICIARY: Bill Would Combat Sex Crimes
May 29 - SECTION NOTES: Achtenberg Confirmed For HUD Post
May 29 - SECTION NOTES: House Bill Authorizes Funds For VA Education Advice
May 29 - SECTION NOTES: Refugee Resettlement Office Authorized Through FY 1994
May 29 - SECTION NOTES: Striker Replacement Bill Advances in House
June 5 - Senate Bill Aims To Put Brakes On High-Risk Drivers (charts)
June 5 - The New Vision of Welfare: Offer More, Demand More
June 5 - The Progress of Reform
June 12 - APPROPRIATIONS: Will Restored Abortion Funding Survive Strong Opposition?
June 12 - Days of Reckoning Arrive For Social Services
June 12 - RECONCILIATION: Fragile proposals To Increase Welfare Spending Signal Shift in Policy Toward the Poor
June 12 - SECTION NOTES: Judge Rules Haitian Detainees Must Be Released
June 19 - APPROPRIATIONS: Domestic Partners, Abortions Disputed in D.C. Spending
June 19 - District of Columbia Spending (chart)
June 19 - EDUCATION: National Service Goes to Floor In Both Chambers
June 19 - SECTION NOTES: Four Approved Bills Address Health, Domestic Violence
June 19 - SECTION NOTES: Panel Approves $4 Million For Arson Deterrence
June 26 - APPROPRIATIONS: District Policies Debated Before Funding Approved
June 26 - ARTS: House Panel OKs Arts Funding, Sidesteps Obscenity Issue
June 26 - EDUCATION: School Standards Approved Along Party-Line Vote
June 26 - Labor, HHS Spending (chart)
June 26 - LABOR: Pension Law Bill To Aid States
June 26 - PRESIDENTIAL NEWS CONFERENCE: Former State Health Chief Named First AIDS Czar
June 26 - SECTION NOTES: High Court Toughens Standard For Proving Discrimination
June 26 - SECTION NOTES: House Voices Approval For Health Research
June 26 - SECTION NOTES: Inouye Upbraids Indian Bureau Over Trust Fund Management
June 26 - SECTION NOTES: New Drug Czar Asks For More Money
June 26 - SUPREME COURT: Haitian Policy Sanctioned; Refugee Groups Object
June 26 - VA, HUD, Independent Agencies (chart)
July 3 - APPROPRIATIONS: Border Patrol Gets Increase; Other Law Programs Cut
July 3 - ARTS: NEA Shouting Match Shows New Edge to Old Grudges
July 3 - EDUCATION: Education Nominee Payzant Answers Detractors
July 3 - Labor-HHS-Education Spending (chart)
July 3 - LAW/JUDICIARY: Harris an Advocate For Prison Moms
July 3 - SECTION NOTES: Education Panel Endorses Two Bills
July 3 - SECTION NOTES: House Approves Establishing African-American Museum
July 3 - SECTION NOTES: Lawmakers Hail TV Warnings But Seek To Go Further
July 3 - SECTION NOTES: Two Housing Assistance Bills Get House Nod
July 3 - Stokes: Qualified Success
July 10 - HUMAN SERVICES: Clinton's Welfare Reform Plan To Be Out in Fall, Aides Say
July 10 - WHAT'S AHEAD: Mississippi Flood Relief, Spending Bills Await
July 17 - Clinton Plan Would Fund Community Lenders
July 17 - Congress Must Find Flood Aid Despite Tough Budget Times
July 17 - Enterprise Zones Struggle To Make Their Mark
July 17 - HEALTH: Competing Immunization Bills Seek Increased Vaccinations
July 17 - High Marks for FEMA - for Now
July 17 - Initial Spending
July 17 - Insurance Finds Few Takers
July 17 - SECTION NOTES: Senate Confirms Deer for BIA
July 17 - Simplifying CRA
July 17 - Starting From the Grass Roots
July 17 - The House Proposal
July 17 - VETERANS: Abortion Funding Issue Arises, Does Not Stop Two Bills
July 17 - Zones of Contention
July 24 - APPROPRIATIONS: Bill To Spark Floor Debate Over District Policies
July 24 - House and Senate Disagree On Domestic Worker Taxes
July 24 - SECTION NOTES: Senate Approves COLA For Vets, Survivors
July 24 - VETERANS: VA Against Easing Eligibility For National Cemetery Plots
July 31 - APPROPRIATIONS: Abortion Prohibition Missing From D.C. Spending Bill
July 31 - APPROPRIATIONS: House, Senate Move on Flood Aid As Costs Continue To Rise
July 31 - Domestic Protections Prevail Over International Programs
July 31 - Flooded Districts (chart)
July 31 - HOUSING: HUD Bill Would Ease Rules On Foreclosed Apartments
July 31 - INDIANS: Senate OKs Upgrade Of Tribal Courts
July 31 - INSURANCE: Competing Bills on Redlining Approved by Panels
July 31 - RECONCILIATION: Accord Reached on Direct Loans; More Compromises in Works
July 31 - SECTION NOTES: Bill Gives More State Aid To Fight Drunken Driving
July 31 - SECTION NOTES: Education, Disability Programs Approved by Panel
July 31 - SECTION NOTES: Vets, Survivors COLA Set at 3 Percent
July 31 - Stokes Focuses on Minorities As Head of VA-HUD Panel
July 31 - Voicing His Concerns
August 7 - APPROPRIATIONS: House OKs More Flood Relief As Bill Nears Passage
August 7 - Disaster Spending (chart)
August 7 - HEALTH: Republicans Block Elders Vote, But Confirmation Expected
August 7 - Highlights of the Bill
August 7 - HOUSING: Pension Fund Bill Passes House
August 7 - LABOR: Makes Age A Job Factor
August 7 - OTHER PROGRAM CHANGES: Veterans
August 7 - SECTION NOTES: Child-Support Payment Bill Passes by Voice Vote
August 7 - SECTION NOTES: Education, Disability Programs Gain House Approval
August 7 - SECTION NOTES: Three Veterans Bills Get House OKs
August 14 - CRIME: Democrats' New Proposal Seeks Consensus by Compromise
August 14 - INDIAN AFFAIRS: Senate Passes Bills On Old Disputes
August 21 - HUMAN SERVICES: System Failings Highlighted At Welfare Reform Hearing
August 21 - Poor, Minorities Want Voice In Environmental Choices
September 4 - HEALTH: Brewster's Go-Slow Approach Born of Rural Trepidations
September 4 - HEALTH: Synar's Gung-Ho Roadshow Charts Hard Course Ahead
September 4 - The Small-Town Struggle
September 11 - BANKING: Community Development Plan Nearing Senate Action
September 11 - Chapter 1 Proposal Highlights
September 11 - EDUCATION: Clinton Would Tie Federal Aid To Learning Standards
September 11 - VA, HUD, Independent Agencies (chart)
September 18 - ABORTION: Blockades and Violence Propel Clinic Access Bill Forward
September 18 - Clinton Pushes Health Debate To Center Stage in Congress
September 18 - Clinton's Changes to the System Would Have a Wide Reach
September 18 - Financing the Plan (chart)
September 18 - INSURANCE: Panel Approves Measure To Combat Redlining
September 18 - Labor-HHS-Education Appropriations (chart)
September 18 - SECTION NOTES: House Panel OKs Aid To Prosecute DWIs
September 18 - SECTION NOTES: Unemployment Extension Not an 'Emergency'
September 25 - 1993 HEALTH REFORM SUPPLEMENT: Americans In Need of Help - Behind the Figures
September 25 - 1993 HEALTH REFORM SUPPLEMENT: Century of Debate
September 25 - 1993 HEALTH REFORM SUPPLEMENT: Health Care Around the Globe
September 25 - 1993 HEALTH REFORM SUPPLEMENT: Some States Get Ahead of the Game
September 25 - APPROPRIATIONS: Cloud Over Space Station Lifts; Selective Service Also Saved
September 25 - BANKING: Community Lending Plan Approved by Panel
September 25 - BUDGET: Ex-Senators Form Group To Tackle Deficit
September 25 - LAW ENFORCEMENT: House Hate Crimes Measure Would Increase Sentences
September 25 - SECTION NOTES: Federal Share Increased For Flood Repairs
September 25 - SECTION NOTES: House Approves Grants To Prosecute DWIs
October 2 - APPROPRIATIONS: Counterblows: Census Concerns Lead to Funding Battle
October 2 - APPROPRIATIONS: Lautenberg Moves To Reduce Transportation Earmarks
October 2 - Energy-Water Development Spending (chart)
October 2 - How the System Works (chart)
October 2 - Mrs. Clinton Conquers Hill, Sets Debate in Motion
October 2 - SECTION NOTES: Bill Calls for Hiring Standard For Security Guards
October 2 - SECTION NOTES: Catawba Land Settlement Bill Heads to Conference
October 2 - SECTION NOTES: Senate Combines, Revises Housing Programs
October 2 - SOCIAL SECURITY: Chater Nomination To Full Senate
October 2 - SUPREME COURT: Tension Between Court, Congress Reflected in Civil Rights Cases
October 9 - APPROPRIATIONS: Spending Bill Faces Tug of War As It Goes Into Conference
October 9 - Biological Survey Bill Halted After Heated House Debate
October 9 - Is Independent Agency Status In Social Security's Future?
October 9 - It's Chater - At Last
October 9 - Labor-HHS-Education Appropriations (chart)
October 9 - LABOR: Benefits Impasse Continues; Foley Drawn Into the Fray
October 9 - SECTION NOTES: Agency Adoption Discrimination Prohibited by Bill
October 9 - SECTION NOTES: House Clears Housing Bill To Aid the Homeless
October 9 - SECTION NOTES: House OKs Bill To Help Areas Hurt by Timber Limits
October 9 - Senators Try To Route Dollars Home
October 9 - TRANSPORTATION: Child-Safety Seats Backed by House
October 16 - APPROPRIATIONS: Conferees Restore Funding For D.C. Crime Initiative
October 16 - APPROPRIATIONS: Swift Senate Approval Expected For Military Building Bill
October 16 - ARTS AND HUMANITIES: National Endowments Renewed As Opponents Are Thwarted
October 16 - Crime Bill Comparison
October 16 - CRIME: Work Expected To Begin On Anti-Crime Bills
October 16 - District of Columbia Spending (chart)
October 16 - House Approves Reform Bill Setting National Goals
October 16 - LABOR: Hispanic Protests Fail To Alter Emergency Jobless Benefits
October 16 - Radio and TV Marti Avoid Cancellation
October 16 - SECTION NOTES: House Clears Catawba Bill Settling Land Dispute
October 16 - SECTION NOTES: Senate Approves Meissner As INS Commissioner
October 23 - APPROPRIATIONS: Abortion Foes Force D.C. Bill Back to Conference
October 23 - APPROPRIATIONS: Treasury-Postal Bill Moves Step Closer
October 23 - Bill To Ease HUD Disposals Gets Panel's Go-Ahead
October 23 - House: Yes to Selective Service, But No to Rocket Motor
October 23 - HR2648: James Hudson's Legacy
October 23 - LAW/JUDICIARY: Measure Aims to Prevent Gun Sales to Minors
October 23 - Regarding Two Henrys
October 23 - SECTION NOTES: Early Retirement Bill Targets Police and Firefighters
October 23 - SECTION NOTES: Seat Belt, Helmet Law Reprieve Written Into Correction
October 23 - SECTION NOTES: Senate Debate on Jobless Bill To Begin Oct. 25
October 23 - SECTION NOTES: Senate Labor Addresses Homeless Issues
October 23 - VA, HUD, Independent Agencies (chart)
October 23 - VETERANS: Bill Sets COLAs, Other Payments
October 30 - D.C. Officials Claim Victory As Spending Bill Clears
October 30 - Energy-Water Development Spending (chart)
October 30 - LAW/JUDICIARY: Senate Passes Bill Strengthening Religious Freedom Protections
October 30 - SECTION NOTES: Bill Would Reinstate Redress In Pension Fund Lawsuits
October 30 - SECTION NOTES: Compromise in the Works On Flood Bill
October 30 - VETERANS: Panel Approves Bill To Expand Services for Women
November 6 - Brady Bill Goes to House Floor
November 6 - HOUSING: Flood Insurance Fund Bill Targets High-Risk Areas
November 6 - HUMAN SERVICES: Better Shopping Access for Poor Is Goal of Food Stamp Bill
November 6 - SECTION NOTES: Panel OKs Relocation Aid For Flood Victims
November 6 - SECTION NOTES: School Safety Bill Targets Funds To Stop Violence
November 6 - Voters, Weary of Violence, Prompt Crime Bill Action
November 13 - BANKING: Remodeled Community Plan Approved by Committee
November 13 - Congress Responds to Violence; Tackles Guns, Criminals
November 13 - Defense Spending (chart)
November 13 - Employee Benefits (chart)
November 13 - Hitting Back at Youth Crime
November 13 - HUMAN SERVICES: Food Stamp Bill Gets Panel OK
November 13 - HUMAN SERVICES: GOP's Two-Year Welfare Limit Sends Message to Clinton
November 13 - LABOR: House Passes Bill Giving States More Power on Job Benefits
November 13 - Previous Mandates
November 13 - SECTION NOTES: Congress Clears EPA Grants For Indian Reservations
November 13 - SECTION NOTES: Panel Expands DEA Authority On New Substances
November 13 - SECTION NOTES: Safety Agency Age Limits Approved by House
November 13 - SECTION NOTES: Vets Panel OKs Resuming Spousal Benefits
November 13 - TRANSPORTATION: Senate Commerce Approves Bill Aimed at Teen Drunk Drivers
November 13 - WHAT'S AHEAD: Crime, NAFTA Highlight Rush to Adjournment
November 20 - ABORTION: Bills To Criminalize Intimidation At Abortion Clinics Approved
November 20 - CORRECTION: Welfare bill number
November 20 - HUMAN SERVICES: Children and the Elderly Make Gains in Senate
November 20 - SECTION NOTES: Bill Would Give States Leeway In Paying LIHEAP Benefits
November 20 - SECTION NOTES: Bill Would Help Government Sell Foreclosed Apartments
November 20 - SECTION NOTES: Bills Would Help Entrepreneurs In Distressed Areas
November 20 - SECTION NOTES: House Panel Approves Anti-Crime Measures
November 20 - SECTION NOTES: New Office Planned For Tribal Justice
November 20 - SECTION NOTES: Social Security Would Become An Independent Agency
November 20 - The Brady Bill Push in the Senate
November 20 - Tough-Minded Senate Adopts Crime Crackdown Package
November 27 - DISASTER AID: House Passes Further Measures Aimed at Flood-Ravaged Areas
November 27 - Plans Abound for Savings
November 27 - SESSION WRAP-UP NOTES: Bill Would Allow Grants For Arson Control
November 27 - SESSION WRAP-UP NOTES: Community Bank Plan Wins House Backing
November 27 - SESSION WRAP-UP NOTES: Food Stamp Access Bill Goes to the President
November 27 - SESSION WRAP-UP NOTES: House OKs Biennial Approach To Poverty Data
November 27 - SESSION WRAP-UP NOTES: Senate Approves $100 Million For Drunk Driving Programs
November 27 - SESSION WRAP-UP NOTES: Senate Clears Bill Modifying Energy Assistance Payments
November 27 - SESSION WRAP-UP NOTES: Senate Votes for Renewal Of Programs for Homeless
December 11 - SUPPLEMENT: WHERE THE MONEY GOES A Year Of Few Favors -- Fiscal Year 1994
December 11 - SUPPLEMENT: WHERE THE MONEY GOES District of Columbia -- Fiscal Year 1994
December 11 - SUPPLEMENT: WHERE THE MONEY GOES Labor, HHS, Education -- Fiscal Year 1994
December 11 - SUPPLEMENT: WHERE THE MONEY GOES Veteran Affairs -- Fiscal year 1994
December 18 - 1993 KEY SENATE VOTE 5: National Service

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