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 Welfare and Housing

January 11 - Budget-Buster Hot Potato: The Earnings Test
January 11 - CORRECTION: Fiscal 1992 Labor, HHS and Education Appropriations/Passage.
January 11 - How the Earnings Test Works
January 18 - LABOR: Plan Would Again Extend Benefits
January 18 - Legislative Schedule -- New Business Solid Waste: Rewrite Of Garbage Laws
February 8 - SECTION NOTES: Senate Voices Approval Of Welfare Tracking
February 29 - Parental Notice: Whose Choice?
March 7 - CITIES/STATES: Housing Panel Approves Job-Creation Measure
March 14 - LABOR: Panel's Partisan Chisel Shapes, Then OKs Child Labor Bill
March 21 - SECTION NOTES: Worker Regulation Delay Angers Senate Democrats
March 28 - A Welfare Glossary
March 28 - New Cries for Welfare Reform Target Able-Bodied Poor
April 4 - SECTION NOTES: Matching Funds Tied To Closed-Captioned Ads
April 4 - SECTION NOTES: U.S. Customs Overtime Pay, Other Benefits Targeted
April 11 - SECTION NOTES: Bill Cleared To Reauthorize Abused-Children Programs
April 11 - SECTION NOTES: Senate Approves Measure To Reauthorize JTPA
April 11 - Senate Panel OKs New Limits On Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac
April 11 - SOCIAL SECURITY: House Ignores Deficit Threat In Raising Earnings Ceiling
April 11 - States Bypassing Congress In Reforming Welfare
April 11 - Tangled Jurisdiction
May 2 - Disability Fund Is Drying Up
May 2 - LABOR: Disputes but No Direction On Jobless Benefits Bill
May 9 - Evolution of Anti-Poverty Programs From President Roosevelt's New Deal
May 9 - Jobless Benefits Reform Bill Draws Add-Ons, GOP Fire
May 9 - Prosecuting Brutality
May 9 - Rhetoric, Not Radical Change Likely Result of L.A. Riots (HR5069, HR4210, HR3732, HR2399; WR 5/09/92 p. 1247; 555 lines)
May 9 - Riots Resurrect Enterprise Zones
May 9 - SECTION NOTES: House Bill Would Extend Bilingual Assistance
May 9 - SECTION NOTES: Senate Seeks Highway Funds Diverted by Courthouse
May 16 - APPROPRIATIONS: House Approves $494.7 Million In Aid for L.A., Chicago
May 16 - How JTPA Works (chart)
May 16 - URBAN AGENDA Bush, Democratic Leaders Agree to Work Together
May 16 - URBAN AGENDA: Both Sides' Conciliatory Gestures Mask Budget and Political Risks
May 16 - VETERANS: Health Bill Clears; Workers' Bill, Too
May 23 - APPROPRIATIONS: Senate Adds $1.45 Billion
May 23 - Efforts To Police Use of Housing Credit Under Fire From Congress, Developers
May 23 - HOUSING: Reauthorization Bill Wrangling Reinforces Partisan Wall
May 23 - LABOR: Downsized Jobless Benefits Bill Emerges With Reforms Intact
May 23 - SECTION NOTES: Bill Takes Aim at Gangs, Other Youth Problems
May 23 - SECTION NOTES: Bill Would Help Veterans Affected by Cutbacks
May 23 - SECTION NOTES: Child Nutrition Bills Passed by Senate
May 23 - Urban Aid Package Inches Ahead; Little Progress on Issues
May 30 - City Projects Bill Stalls
May 30 - LABOR: Panel Rewrites Its Benefits Bill To Cut Millions From Deficit
May 30 - Partisan Differences Hamper Occupational Safety Rewrite
May 30 - URBAN AGENDA: Democrats' First Idea Is To Add $9 Billion to Popular Programs
June 6 - Aid Bargaining Now Is Centered On Enterprise Zones for Cities
June 6 - APPROPRIATIONS: Urban Spending Bill Gets OK Despite Veto Threat
June 6 - SECTION NOTES: WIC Pilot Project Wins Agriculture Approval
June 6 - Urban Supplemental (chart)
June 13 - APPROPRIATIONS: Urban Aid Measure Stalled By Face-Off With Bush
June 13 - How ERISA Backfired
June 13 - Revision of ERISA Supports States' Rights on Contracts
June 13 - SOCIAL SECURTIY -- Bentsen to Rostenkowski: Let's Talk Earnings Test
June 20 - APPROPRIATIONS: $1.1 Billion Urban Aid Bill Sent to President Bush
June 20 - Committee Housing Bills Compared
June 20 - HOUSING: Inner-City Needs Spur Push For Housing Compromise
June 20 - INDIAN AFFAIRS: 'Inadequate' Alcohol Treatment Cut From Health Service Bill
June 20 - INSURANCE: Banking Panel OKs Industry Study
June 20 - SECTION NOTES: Bush Tallies 29th Veto, Rejects Sioux Suit
June 20 - SECTION NOTES: Community Development Plan Gets Senate Labor Nod
June 20 - SECTION NOTES: Help for Homeless Vets Gets Quick Approval
June 20 - SECTION NOTES: Senate Thwarted On GSE Bill
June 20 - SECTION NOTES: Social Security, JOBS Plans Approved For Later Bill
June 20 - SECTION NOTES: Tribal Justice Bills Offer Aid To Indian Courts
June 20 - Urban Supplemental (chart)
June 27 - APPROPRIATIONS: Panel Gives Nod To D.C. Request
June 27 - Cherry Hill Program Provides Food And Food for Thought About WIC
June 27 - Documented Success
June 27 - Enterprise Zones
June 27 - Enterprise Zones Win OK From Ways and Means
June 27 - HUMAN SERVICES: Welfare Reforms Get Backing From Ways and Means
June 27 - Praise Is High, Funds Are Low For Welfare That Works
June 27 - Projected Savings Attributable
June 27 - SECTION NOTES: Bill Seeks To Simplify Welfare Rules
June 27 - SECTION NOTES: House Panel Moves Bill Funding Advanced Rural-Urban Links
June 27 - SECTION NOTES: Social Security Breakaway Advances in Committee
June 27 - URBAN AGENDA: Framework for Aid Package Still Not Nailed Down
June 27 - VETERANS: Bills Offering Help Advance in Senate
June 27 - WIC APPROPRIATIONS (chart)
July 4 - A Benefits Case Study
July 4 - House Passes Urban Aid Bill With Deal on Capital Gains
July 4 - HUMAN SERVICES: Surtax on Wealthy May Imperil $78 Billion Child Welfare Bill
July 4 - LABOR: Bush Relents, Expected To Sign Jobless Benefits Extension
July 4 - SECTION NOTES: House Votes for Independence For Social Security Agency
July 4 - SECTION NOTES: Judiciary Committee Approves Federal Errant Parent Bill
July 4 - SECTION NOTES: Labor-HHS Spending Bill Gets Panel's Approval
July 4 - Social Security Scuffle
July 11 - D.C. Spending Bill Passes House Despite Partners Law Criticism
July 11 - HEALTH: More FDA Enforcement Power Favored in Party-Line Vote
July 11 - SECTION NOTES: House Veterans' Affairs Panels OK Benefit Improvements
July 11 - SECTION NOTES: Programs for the Disabled Renewed By House Panel
July 25 - Labor, HHS Spending (chart)
July 25 - SECTION NOTES: Bill Exempts Some D.C. Actions From Congressional Review
July 25 - SECTION NOTES: Bill Would Provide For DES Research
July 25 - SECTION NOTES: Chambers Iron Out Differences On Rail Safety Programs
July 25 - SECTION NOTES: Chinese, but Not Haitians, Included in Refugee Bill
July 25 - SECTION NOTES: Veterans' Affairs Approves Benefit Increases
July 25 - SECTION NOTES:Panel Votes To Make Head Start Changes
July 25 - Senate Panel Finagles Funds To Meet City's Request
July 25 - Social Program Cuts Austere; Discomfort To Be Felt by All
July 25 - Tax Cut Frenzy, Take Two
August 1 - ABORTION: Political Strategies Confused By Casey, Public Mood
August 1 - Agreement on Everything, Almost
August 1 - APPROPRIATIONS: Senate Gets Pinch-Penny Bill, Will Likely Revive Old Issues
August 1 - HEALTH: Panel OKs Bill To Reauthorize, Revise Disability Programs
August 1 - HOUSING: Policy Fixes Move Forward But Use Up Precious Time
August 1 - HUMAN SERVICES: Head Start Reform Quickly Approved
August 1 - Labor, HHS, Education Spending (chart)
August 1 - SECTION NOTES: Job Help for Homeless Vets Affirmed by House
August 1 - SECTION NOTES: Senate Acts To Stop Food Stamp Cuts
August 1 - SECTION NOTES: Senate Votes for Increases For Vets' Disabilities
August 1 - VA, HUD, Independent Agencies (chart)
August 8 - Bipartisan Support in House Propels New Housing Bill
August 8 - CHILD WELFARE: Family Preservation Bill Vote Shifts Focus to Tax Measure
August 8 - Enterprise Zone Alchemy: '90s-Style Urban Renewal
August 8 - HEALTH: Bills Tackle Malpractice Costs, Medicare Payments and Fraud
August 8 - HEALTH: Oregon's Bid To Boost Coverage Gets Federal Red Light
August 8 - HUMAN SERVICES: Bill Would Assist Youth Programs
August 8 - SECTION NOTES: Bills Would Give Indians Right to File Suit
August 8 - SECTION NOTES: Homeless Aid Programs Win Senate Approval
August 8 - SECTION NOTES: House Approves Changes In Head Start Program
August 8 - SECTION NOTES: House Authorizes Funds For Civil Rights Panel
August 8 - SECTION NOTES: House Votes To Toughen Child Support Laws
August 8 - SECTION NOTES: Indian Development Bill Gets Green Light
August 8 - SECTION NOTES: Indian Language Program Wins Senate Approval
August 8 - SECTION NOTES: Panel Approves Compensation For Japanese Internees
August 8 - SECTION NOTES: Panel Approves Extension In Hawaiian Health Care
August 8 - The Mixed Bag to Success
August 8 - Trenton Sees Its Urban Initiative As a Limited Tool for Revival
August 8 - VETERANS: Senators Reach Compromise On Drug Discounts
August 15 - Bentsen Forestalls Efforts To Derail Urban Aid Bill
August 15 - House Shows No Enthusiasm As It Passes School Reform
August 15 - HOUSING: Lone Republican Short-Circuits Housing Bill in Senate
August 15 - LABOR: Senate Passes Family Leave Under Threat of Veto
August 15 - SECTION NOTES: House Clears Bill To Stop Food Stamp Reduction
August 15 - SECTION NOTES: Rehabilitation Act Conference Expected Soon After Recess
August 15 - URBAN AGENDA: Panel OKs Aid For Cities
September 5 - APPROPRIATIONS: $20 Billion Bill for Andrew At Government's Door
September 12 - Abortion Face-Off Looms
September 12 - APPROPRIATIONS: Air Base Dispute May Impede Action on Hurricane Relief
September 12 - APPROPRIATIONS: Social Security Riders Thrown From Senate Treasury Bill
September 12 - Harkin Seeks $4 Billion Shift From Defense to Domestic
September 12 - HOUSING: This Time, the Center Holds For Policy Bill Supporters
September 12 - LABOR: Diverging Views on Values Doom Family Leave Bill
September 12 - SECTION NOTES: Senate Approves Aid for Homeless
September 19 - APPROPRIATIONS: Senate Resists Adding Money To Popular Social Programs
September 19 - Disaster Relief Package Clears in Brisk Fashion
September 19 - HEALTH: Bill Amends Drug-Price Law That Backfired for VA
September 19 - HEALTH: Drugmakers Back User Fee Bill To Speed FDA Drug Approval
September 19 - HEALTH: Insurance Savings Would Fund Care
September 19 - Housing Bills Compared
September 19 - HOUSING: Conferees Plan To Compromise
September 19 - HUMAN SERVICES: Senate Avoids Earnings Issue, Passes Older Americans Act
September 19 - LABOR: Bush's Family Leave Plan Comes Late For Action
September 19 - LAW/JUDICIARY: Errant Parent Bill Wins Panel OK
September 19 - SECTION NOTES: Expanded Internee Bill Passes In House
September 19 - SECTION NOTES: Funding For Distressed Areas Gets Subcommittee Nod
September 26 - APPROPRIATIONS: Another Space Program Spared As Conferees Set Funding
September 26 - APPROPRIATIONS: Negotiators Leave Veto Bait In District Spending Bill
September 26 - Around the Block
September 26 - Bush Fulfills Veto Pledge On Family Leave Bill
September 26 - EDUCATION: Democrats Balk at Bush Plans; Reform Bill Could Die
September 26 - HUMAN SERVICES: House Clears Act For Elderly
September 26 - LABOR: Senate Overrides Bush On Family Leave Act
September 26 - LAW/ JUDICIARY: Violent Crimes Bill Clears Committee
September 26 - Reauthorization Now Down To Fine Points of Negotiation
September 26 - SECTION NOTES: Child Abuse Penalty Extension Would Apply To Federal Lands
September 26 - SECTION NOTES: Conferees Agree on Overhaul Of Medical Training Funding
September 26 - SECTION NOTES: Davis-Bacon Wage Revision Gets Committee Approval
September 26 - SECTION NOTES: Education Research Agency Renewal OK'd by House
September 26 - SECTION NOTES: Home Loan Pilot Program Targets Indian Veterans
September 26 - SECTION NOTES: Senate Approves Adding COLA To Veterans Compensation
September 26 - SPECIAL REPORT: Beyond the Campaign THE CITIES: Austere Times Offer Few Urban Solutions
September 26 - VETERANS: Survivors' Benefits Gets Senate's OK
October 3 - APPROPRIATIONS: No Beefs as Pork Doubles; Hill Mutely Clears Bill
October 3 - Conferees Get the Lead Out
October 3 - Dead Again: School Reform Done in by Both Sides
October 3 - LABOR: Family Leave Act Falls Again; Veto Override Fails in House
October 3 - Politics and Pressure Converge; Derwinski Resigns as Secretary
October 3 - Reauthorization Conference Yields Delicate Compromise
October 3 - SECTION NOTES: Bill To Assist Women Scientists Passed by Voice Vote
October 3 - SECTION NOTES: Bill Would Crack Down On Illegal Evictions
October 3 - SECTION NOTES: Conferees Approve Revision Of Rehabilitation Act
October 3 - SECTION NOTES: DES Awareness Programs Cleared by Senate
October 3 - SECTION NOTES: House Bill To Benefit Black Lung Survivors
October 3 - SECTION NOTES: House Rejects Measures For Indian Assistance
October 3 - SECTION NOTES: Measure Would Promote Video Training
October 3 - Short but Grim Conference Meets Bush's Demands
October 3 - VA, HUD, Independent Agencies (chart)
October 3 - VETERANS: Benefits Measures Pushed Through
October 10 - APPROPRIATIONS: Devoid of Trouble, Bill Goes To Bush
October 10 - Fine Points of the Housing Bill
October 10 - Hill Bulwarks Renewal Bill, But Will Bush Sign It?
October 10 - HUMAN SERVICES: WIC Bill Penalizes Formula Fraud
October 10 - INDIAN AFFAIRS: Hill Clears Handful of Measures Benefiting American Indians
October 10 - Labor-HHS-Education Spending (chart)
October 10 - LAW/JUDICIARY: Carjacking Bill Roars Through; Other Crime Bills Still in Park
October 10 - Retreating Rights Backers Vow Early Return in Next Session
October 10 - SECTION NOTES: Bill Calls for Reports On Fertility Success
October 10 - SECTION NOTES: Bill Would Expand Programs For Homeless Veterans
October 10 - SECTION NOTES: Bill Would Give Banks Disaster Relief
October 10 - SECTION NOTES: Child Support Reporting Bill Is Cleared by Senate
October 10 - SECTION NOTES: Improvements Sought for Federal Court System
October 10 - SECTION NOTES: Non-Traditional Jobs Urged for Women
October 10 - SECTION NOTES: Reauthorization OK'd For Gallaudet
October 10 - SECTION NOTES: Rehabilitation Act Compromise Clears
October 10 - SECTION NOTES: Senate Clears Video Teaching Measure
October 10 - VETERANS: Backers Prevail Upon Senators; Health, Other Bills Clear
November 21 - LAW/JUDICIARY: Crossing State Lines: Criminal Law And the Federal Government
November 21 - THE MILITARY: Roles for Women, Homosexuals Among Clinton's First Tests
December 12 - Clinton Fills Cabinet Slots At Labor And HHS, Names EPA Administrator
December 12 - TRANSITION: When It's Time To Choose Sides, Clinton Picks From Home Team
December 19 - Infraspeak
December 19 - KEY HOUSE VOTES: 11. Urban Aid
December 19 - KEY SENATE VOTES: 10. Family and Medical Leave
December 19 - KEY SENATE VOTES: 7. Unemployment Compensation
December 19 - Public Works: A Quick Boost Becomes a Tough Call

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