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 Welfare and Housing

January 6 - Moynihan Seeks to Roll Back Social Security Tax Rate (charts)
January 6 - Stalemates of Last Decade Haunt Agenda for 1990: Social Policy
January 20 - SECTION NOTES: Kemp Kills Reagan-Era Co-Insurance Program
January 27 - Bush's $10.6 Billion Strategy
January 27 - President's 'Points of Light' Still Only a Dim Twinkle
January 27 - Progress of the Points
February 3 - Former HUD Secretary Pierce Faces Special Prosecutor
February 17 - Unneeded Policies and the Elderly
March 3 - Bill To Spur Community Service Wins Approval in Senate
March 3 - HOUSING: Legislation Already Enacted, But HUD Hearings Go On
March 3 - SOCIAL SECURITY: Greenspan Offers Critique Of Moynihan Proposal
March 3 - Special Counsel Named In Pierce Investigation
March 10 - HOUSING: Ex-HUD Official May Testify
March 10 - HUMAN SERVICES: Long Deadlock on Child Care May Get Resolved Soon
March 10 - LAW/JUDICIARY: Discrimination Bill Advances Despite Cost Concerns
March 17 - House Child-Care Compromise Faces Challenge on Floor
March 17 - HOUSING/COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT: Kemp Outlines HOPE Proposal To Skeptical House Panel
March 17 - HUD SCANDAL: Report Criticizes Ethics Program
March 24 - GOP Cries 'Foul' Again
March 24 - HUMAN SERVICES: Church-State Squabble Stalls Child-Care Bill in House
March 24 - NUTRITION: Committee Approves Increases In Food Programs for Poor
March 31 - Bush Veto Threat Shadows Child-Care Legislation
March 31 - Comparison of Child-Care Bills As Passed by House, Senate
March 31 - LABOR: GOP Opposition Stalls Action On Age-Discrimination Bill
April 7 - House Gives Nod to Increase In Fiscal 1990 Spending
April 7 - HOUSING: Congress Permits Bargaining For Housing Trust Funds
April 7 - HUMAN SERVICES: House Subcommittee Approves Big Head Start Expansion
April 7 - LAW/JUDICIARY: Third House Committee OKs Disability-Rights Measure
April 7 - PROVISIONS: House Child-Care Bill
April 21 - Gains: Real or Illusory?
April 21 - HUMAN SERVICES: Child-Care Bill Held Hostage By Senate Republicans
April 21 - Poverty War's Accidental Success
April 28 - D'Amato-Dodd Bill Denounced
April 28 - Households Added To Federally
April 28 - Housing Proposals Compared
April 28 - HUMAN SERVICES: Republicans Unhand Child-Care Bill
April 28 - Little New Aid Is Expected Despite Growing Need
April 28 - SECTION NOTES: 'Whistleblower' Extension Approved on Partisan Vote
May 5 - HOUSING: Pierce Directed HUD Grants, Jailed Aide Tells Panel
May 5 - HUMAN SERVICES: Social Security Earnings Test Could Be Eased Slightly
May 5 - Major Expansion of Head Start OK'd by House Committee
May 5 - Sweeping Program Overhaul Moving in Both Chambers
May 12 - House Passes Parental Leave; White House Promises Veto
May 12 - HUD SCANDAL: Congress Lax About Oversight, Inspectors General Say
May 12 - HUMAN SERVICES: After a Delay, Child-Care Bill Is Ready for Conference
May 12 - Overhaul of Federal Programs Approved by House Panel
May 12 - Parental Leave -
May 12 - SECTION NOTES: House Panel OKs Measure To Reduce Disabilities
May 19 - Deal Near on Supplemental As House Lards the Bill
May 19 - Hill's Insistence on HUD Pork Seems About To Pay Off
May 19 - OBSCENITY DEBATE: Arts Groups Called to 'Summit' On Endowment Renewal
May 19 - SECTION NOTES: Aid to Disabled Students OK'd by House Panel
May 19 - Where the Grants Would Go
May 26 - SECTION NOTES: Second HUD Alumnus Accuses Pierce
June 2 - HUD SCANDAL: Thornburgh Seeks Wider Probe
June 2 - New Fight Likely Over Change In Mobile Home Standards
June 9 - Scrap Over Construction Plan Provokes Delay in Markup
June 9 - SECTION NOTES: Child-Care Conference Gets Under Way
June 9 - SECTION NOTES: FHA in Financial Trouble, Kemp Tells Senate Panel
June 16 - APPROPRIATIONS: HUD-VA Funding OK'd by Panel
June 16 - Renewal of Housing Programs Is Ready for Floor Action
June 16 - Tenacious Texan at Work
June 23 - CHILD CARE: Policy Disputes, Turf Quirks Complicate Conference
June 23 - House Committee's Arts Bill Takes the Easy Way Out
June 23 - Housing-Reform Discussions Have Up-and-Down Week
June 23 - SECTION NOTES: HUD Developer Takes Fifth As House Probe Continues
June 23 - SECTION NOTES: Veterans' Housing Bill Wins Subcommittee OK
June 30 - APPROPRIATIONS: HUD-VA Bill Survives Attempts To Reduce Large Increase
June 30 - HUD's Kemp Comes Out on Top In Negotiations With Senate
June 30 - HUMAN SERVICES: Emergency WIC Funding Bill Is Cleared by Congress
June 30 - Roasting the Archenemy of Pork
June 30 - VA-HUD Appropriations (chart)
July 14 - Congress Clears Sweeping Bill To Guard Rights of Disabled
July 14 - HOUSING: Bill Heading to House Floor In Shadow of Veto Threat
July 14 - HUMAN SERVICES: School Volunteer Aid Considered
July 14 - Labor-HHS Appropriations (chart)
July 21 - APPROPRIATIONS: Partisan Sparring Punctuates Passage of Labor-HHS Bill
July 21 - CHILD CARE: House Gambit To Delay Funds Fails To Budge Conferees
July 21 - Labor-HHS-Education Funding (chart)
July 21 - SECTION NOTES: House Committee Passes Community Service Bill
July 21 - SECTION NOTES: Panel Votes To Reauthorize Funding for Homeless
July 28 - Financing
July 28 - HOUSING: Members Weighing Remedies For Ailing FHA Program
July 28 - PROVISIONS: Americans With Disabilities Act
July 28 - SECTION NOTES: Panel Seeks To Broaden Inquiry Into Pierce
July 28 - VETERANS AFFAIRS: COLA Adjustment OK'd for Disabled
August 4 - Housing Grants and Programs (chart)
August 4 - Kemp Is Dealt Major Defeat On Home-Loan Program
August 4 - New Programs: Highlights
August 11 - SECTION NOTES: Senate Bill Aims To Protect American Indian Children
August 18 - Social Policy: Major legislative actions of the 101st Congress
September 8 - Child Care Compromise
September 8 - Child-Care Measure Is a Venue For Windfall for the Elderly
September 8 - Financing A $70,000 Home (chart)
September 8 - For Kemp, Time To Deliver
September 8 - How Earnings Test Works (chart)
September 8 - New Programs: Highlights
September 8 - Politically Resonant Decisions Loom Over Housing Aid
September 8 - PROVISIONS: Housing Authorizations
September 15 - APPROPRIATIONS: Senate Panel Drops $2 Billion In Housing, Space Funds
September 15 - Committee Offers Compromise On Long-Delayed NEA Bill
September 15 - SECTION NOTES: American Indians Gain Federal Benefits
September 15 - SECTION NOTES: Bill Would Open Books On Graduation, Crime
September 15 - SECTION NOTES: Conference Scheduled On Housing Bills
September 15 - SECTION NOTES: Measure Seeks To Inform Public About Beaches
September 22 - SECTION NOTES: Conferees May Be Closing In On Child-Care Bill
September 29 - APPROPRIATIONS: VA-HUD Spending Gets Backing
September 29 - Conferees Trying To Blend Shelter, Social Services
September 29 - SECTION NOTES: Tighter Rules Sought On Hazardous Waste
September 29 - SECTION NOTES: TV Decoders Sought For Hearing Impaired
September 29 - VA-HUD Funds (chart)
October 6 - 'Special Purpose' Grants (chart)
October 6 - COMMUNICATIONS: Closed-Captioning Access Opened
October 6 - ENERGY: State Grant Bill Clears Senate
October 6 - HOUSING: Disputes Great and Small Bog Down Negotiations
October 6 - HUMAN SERVICES: Budget Agreement May Boost Child-Care Bill Momentum
October 6 - SECTION NOTES: Bill Would Prevent Mailing Of Hazardous Products
October 6 - Senate Challenges Kemp Over Special Projects
October 13 - Hill, Kemp Continue Wrangling Over Authorization Measure
October 13 - The Armstrong Factor
October 20 - APPROPRIATIONS: Space Programs Beat Out HUD On Conferees' Priority List
October 20 - Conferees' Authorization Bill Marks Turnabout in Policy
October 20 - HUMAN SERVICES: Disability Bill Is Cleared
October 20 - Negotiators Nearing Accord On Child-Care Package
October 20 - VETERANS AFFAIRS: House Votes To Aid Vietnam Veterans
October 27 - APPROPRIATIONS: $80 Billion VA-HUD Measure Is Cleared for President
October 27 - Congress Wraps Up Decision On Child-Care Legislation
October 27 - HOUSING: Coin Redesign Almost Snags Sweeping Policy Overhaul
October 27 - MEMORANDUM OF DISAPPROVAL: Bush Vetoes Rights Bill, Objects to 'Quotas'
November 3 - Fiscal 1991 Appropriations for Labor,
November 3 - LEGISLATIVE SUMMARY: Government and Commerce
November 3 - LEGISLATIVE SUMMARY: Social Policy
November 3 - SECTION NOTES: Aid for Homeless Reauthorized
November 3 - SECTION NOTES: Cleared Bill Protects American Indians
November 3 - SECTION NOTES: Senate Passes Bill To Bury Exposed Pipelines
November 3 - VA-HUD Funds (chart)
November 3 - VA/HUD: Space Scores Win In Spending Test
November 3 - VETERANS AFFAIRS: Debate Over Agent Orange Stalls COLA Measure
November 10 - NEW HOUSE PROFILE: Rosa DeLauro, D-Conn. (3)
November 24 - PROVISIONS: Clean Air Act Amendments (chart)
December 8 - PROVISIONS: Housing Authorizations

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