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 Welfare and Housing

January 7 - Gonzalez Introduces Housing Trust Plan as HR1
January 28 - 'ABC' Child-Care Bill Reintroduced
January 28 - 'Issue From Hell' Persists: Expert Panel Advises No Action To Fix Social Security 'Notch'
January 28 - Downey Steaming After He Was Burned By Talk of Mortgage-Interest Deduction
January 28 - Households and Housing Subsidies Distribution by Income, 1988
January 28 - Limits on Mortgage-Interest Deduction,
January 28 - Mortgage-Interest Deduction: Still Sacrosanct?
January 28 - National Service Proposal Introduced
January 28 - Tax Breaks for Homeowners (chart)
February 4 - New Parental-Leave Bills Introduced
February 4 - Rostenkowski's Pledge Is Limited: Some Lobby Groups Still Fret Over Mortgage-Interest Break
February 18 - Earned-Income and Dependent-Care
February 25 - HEALTH/HUMAN SERVICES: Sullivan Nomination OK'd 19-0 By Key Senate Committee
March 4 - CONFIRMATION HEARINGS: Bennett Headed for Approval As National 'Drug Czar'
March 4 - Sullivan Confirmed As HHS Secretary
March 11 - Backers of New JOBS Program Fear Shortage of Funding
March 18 - Bush Outlines His Child-Care Plan
March 18 - Child-Care Debate Intensifies As ABC Bill Is Approved
March 18 - HOUSING POLICY: Cranston, Gonzalez Head Off In Different Directions
March 25 - Partisan Bidding War Erupts Over Aid to Poor Children
March 25 - Proposals for National or
April 1 - HEALTH/HUMAN SERVICES: Sullivan to Keep Severance Pay
April 8 - Budget Constraints May Pinch Programs for the Disabled
April 15 - DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA: Bush, Congress Launch Efforts To Fight Crime, Drug Crisis
April 15 - LABOR: Parental-Leave Bill Moves Forward
April 22 - Fiscal 1989 Supplemental Bill Boosted to $4.74 Billion
April 22 - HUMAN SERVICES: Consensus Grows on Dual Path To Boosting Child-Care Aid
April 22 - Parental, Medical Leave Bill Gets Markup in Senate
April 29 - SECTION NOTES: Parental-Leave Measure Clears Final Panel
May 6 - Expiring Federal Subsidies Raise a Policy Dilemma
May 6 - Expiring Section 8 Rent-Subsidy Contracts (chart)
May 6 - HUMAN SERVICES: House Panel Votes to Renew VISTA, Other Programs
May 13 - Anti-Bias Shield for Disabled Has Strong Support Base
May 13 - Major Civil Rights Laws
May 13 - Members of Congress Deplore Influence-Peddling at HUD
May 13 - VETERANS: Benefits Changes Get Markup
May 20 - AFDC Benefit Levels: Losing Value
May 20 - Critics on Both Sides Take Aim At Bush Anti-Crime Plan
May 20 - Draft Welfare Regulations Draw Fire From States
May 20 - Moynihan Fuming at HHS
May 20 - SECTION NOTES: Airport Noise Abatement Supported by House
May 20 - SECTION NOTES: Emergency-Exit Seating Voted for Blind
May 27 - Former HUD Secretary Grilled On Influence-Peddling Scam
May 27 - HUMAN SERVICES: House Subcommittee Approves Senior Volunteer Programs
May 27 - TAXES Split Opens Within Bush Team Over Housing Tax Credit
May 27 - Thrift-Industry Salvage Bill Carries Pair of Riders
May 27 - Whitten Amendment to HR2072
June 10 - Former Interior Secretary Watt Grilled About HUD Scandal
June 10 - House Agrees to Restructure Ailing Home-Loan Program
June 10 - HUMAN SERVICES: House Panel Votes to Renew Numerous Social Programs
June 17 - Congress Is Moving to Relax Earnings Test for Seniors
June 17 - HUMAN SERVICES: Jobless-Tax Hike OK'd to Aid Poor
June 17 - New Investigations Launched As HUD Scandal Widens
June 17 - Partisan Lines Drawn in Senate As Child-Care Debate Opens
June 24 - Bush Outlines His Proposal For Volunteer Service
June 24 - Hatch: GOP's Child-Care Maverick
June 24 - HUMAN SERVICES: House Panel Votes Increases For WIC, Other Programs
June 24 - National-Service Bills Compared (chart)
June 24 - Senate's Child-Care Measure Would Broaden U.S. Role
June 24 - Social Security Changes OK'd By Full Committee in House
June 24 - TRANSPORTATION: Truck-Stop Drugs Targeted by Bill
July 1 - EDUCATION: Student-Aid Expansion Eyed As Rider to Bush's Plan
July 1 - Flag Burning, HUD Scandal Dominate Press Queries
July 1 - HUD Scandal Widens Further; Kemp Scraps One Program
July 1 - Lantos, Shays: A One-Two Punch
July 1 - Panel Approves Child-Care Bill After Rancorous Markup
July 1 - RECONCILIATION: Flood and Crime Insurance OK'd
July 1 - So, When Is Our Turn?
July 8 - Provisions: Senate Approves Tax Credits, Subsidies for Child Care
July 15 - APPROPRIATIONS: Panel OKs Spending Increases For Housing, Environment
July 15 - Boosting Child Care
July 15 - Five HUD Programs Scrutinized
July 15 - HUD Scandal Prompts Panel To Halt a Key Program
July 15 - HUMAN SERVICES: Authorization OK'd For Nutrition Aid
July 15 - HUMAN SERVICES: House OKs Reauthorizations Of Volunteer Programs
July 15 - VETERANS: Agent Orange Compensation Approved by Senate Panel
July 15 - Witnesses Testify on HUD Scandal
July 22 - Carla Hills Defends Her Role; Ex-HUD Aide Takes Fifth
July 22 - Child-Care Initiative (chart)
July 22 - Fiscal 1990 HUD, VA, Agencies (chart)
July 22 - House OKs $65.1 Billion Bill For HUD, VA, Agencies
July 22 - Just One More Project, Please . . .
July 22 - Killing 'Mod-Rehab' With Kindness?
July 22 - Ways and Means Approves Major EITC Expansion
July 29 - Committee OKs $155.2 Billion For Health, Social Programs
July 29 - Demands for Justice Action Build In HUD Scandal
July 29 - Labor-HHS-Education Funding (chart)
July 29 - RECONCILIATION: Child-Care Bill Added to Package
August 5 - HUD's Ethics Program Draws Fire
August 5 - HUMAN SERVICES: VISTA, Related Renewal Bills OK'd by Senate Committee
August 5 - Human Services: WIC, Other Feeding Programs Renewed by House, Senate
August 5 - Proxmire Rues 'Fleece' That Fled
August 5 - Questions Mount in HUD Probe As Congress Takes a Break
August 5 - With Bush's Blessing, ADA Bill Sails Through Senate Panel
August 12 - Housing/Community Development
August 12 - Human Services
August 12 - SECTION NOTES: HUD Critic Morrison Requests Convening of Grand Jury
September 9 - Anti-Bias Measure for Disabled Is Passed by Senate, 76-8
September 9 - Bush's Anti-Drug Campaign Emphasizes Enforcement
September 9 - HUMAN SERVICES: Child-Care Measure Edges Forward
September 16 - High-Price Areas (chart)
September 16 - High-Price States (chart)
September 16 - HR2916: HUD, VA, Agencies (chart)
September 16 - Labor-HHS Funding Measure Ready for Senate Action
September 16 - PROVISIONS: Senate-Passed Bill Prohibits Bias Against the Disabled
September 16 - SECTION NOTES: Pierce Is a No-Show At HUD Hearings
September 16 - SECTION NOTES: Senate Votes to Reauthorize Volunteer Programs
September 16 - VA-HUD Rider Would Increase FHA Mortgage-Loan Limit
September 23 - Bush: Conflicting Views
September 23 - Child-Care Plans at Odds
September 23 - COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT: Flood-Insurance Bill Passed by House
September 23 - HOUSING: House Panel Subpoenas Pierce; Kemp Eyes HUD Reforms
September 23 - Labor-HHS Funding Measure Ready for Senate Passage (chart)
September 23 - Mikulski's 'Change Purse' (chart)
September 23 - Senate Votes to Raise Ceiling On FHA-Backed Mortgages
September 30 - At Least Once in the Reagan Era HUD Favors Came From the Very Top
September 30 - COMMITTEES: Rep. Hall to Head Panel on Hunger
September 30 - HOUSING: FHA Losses Complicate Bid To Raise Mortgage Limit
September 30 - HUMAN SERVICES: House Braced for Floor Fight Over Child-Care Proposals
September 30 - Pierce Cites 5th Amendment At House Panel Hearing
September 30 - SECTION NOTES: House Instructs Conferees On Labor-HHS Bill
October 7 - Governors Scramble Signals
October 7 - House Child-Care Proposals Survive Floor Challenges
October 7 - Kemp Outlines Reform Plan For Scandal-Ridden HUD
October 7 - SOCIAL SECURITY: Relaxation of Earnings Test OK'd by Senate Finance
October 7 - VETERANS' AFFAIRS: Senate Passes Benefits Bill, Opens Agent Orange Talks
October 14 - Both Chambers Seek to Renew Crime and Flood Insurance
October 14 - Fiscal 1990 Appropriations for Labor
October 14 - Government-Sponsored Enterprises
October 14 - HUMAN SERVICES: WIC, Other Feeding Programs Near Final Approval on Hill
October 14 - Kemp, Key Democrats on Hill Joust Over HUD Programs
October 14 - SECTION NOTES: Child-Abuse Measures Cleared for Bush
October 14 - SECTION NOTES: First House Panel Moves ADA Bill
October 21 - Help for Quake Victims
October 21 - Impasse Over Anti-Deficit Bill Snags Social Initiatives
October 21 - Increase in FHA Mortgage Cap Retained by Conferees
October 21 - Should Social Security Count When Deficit Is Weighed?
October 21 - Social Security Trust Funds (chart)
October 28 - 1990 Appropriations for VA, HUD, Agencies (chart)
October 28 - APPROPRIATIONS: Earmarks in HUD Funding Bill Survive Brickbats in House
October 28 - House Approves Entitlement For Japanese-Americans
October 28 - HOUSING: Pierce Again Cites Fifth Amendment
October 28 - SECTION NOTES: Flood, Crime Insurance Renewed by Congress
October 28 - SECTION NOTES: Gov. Kean to Head Panel On 'Points of Light'
October 28 - VA-HUD Funding Bill Retains Big Hike in FHA Loan Cap
November 4 - 'Mr. Housing' Bows Out
November 4 - D'Amato: Proud, Not Repentant
November 4 - DRUGS: House Approves Anti-Narcotics
November 4 - House Committee Opens Debate On HUD Program Renewals
November 4 - HOUSING: Inquiry Into HUD Scandal Entering New Stage
November 4 - LAW/JUDICIARY: Senate Panel Approves Renewal Of School Aid for Disabled
November 4 - PROVISIONS: Major Child Nutrition Programs Reauthorized by Congress
November 4 - SECTION NOTES: VA-HUD Spending Bill Cleared for Bush
November 11 - HUMAN SERVICES: House-Senate Conferees Agree On New Child-Care Program
November 11 - In Turnabout, House Banking Advances HUD Reform Bill
November 11 - Kemp May Ignore Some Earmarks
November 18 - ADA Bill Approved by First Of Four House Committees
November 18 - DRUGS: Anti-Narcotics Funding Clears; Other Bills Near Completion
November 18 - HIGHLIGHTS: House OKs HUD 'Reform' Plan; Senate Proposal in Works
November 18 - HOUSING/COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT: Bush Plan Echoes Reaganism, Disappoints Some on Hill
November 18 - HUD-Reform Bill Is Nearing Final Approval by Hill
November 18 - HUMAN SERVICES: Delay on Child-Care Measure Prompts Angry Criticism
November 25 - COMMUNICATIONS: New 'Dial-a-Porn' Language OK'd
November 25 - DRUGS: Bush Wins Andean Initiative; Two Narcotics Bills Falter
November 25 - HUD-Reform Package Clears On Edge of Adjournment
November 25 - HUMAN SERVICE: Renewal of Volunteer Programs Cleared for White House
November 25 - SECTION NOTES: Damage-Claims Measure Cleared by Congress
December 2 - Kemp Targets Hill Earmarks In HUD's New Spending Bill
December 2 - LEGISLATIVE SUMMARY: Housing
December 2 - LEGISLATIVE SUMMARY: Human Services
December 9 - Former HUD Secretary Pierce May Face Special Prosecutor
December 9 - HEALTH/HUMAN SERVICES: Social Security Benefit Checks Will Fall Short for Months
December 9 - PROVISIONS: HUD 'Reform' Package Ready For Bush Signature
December 16 - A Bundle of Veterans' Bills
December 30 - SECTION NOTES: Social Security Refunds Set for Four Months

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