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 Welfare and Housing

January 2 - Final Provisions, Fiscal 1988 Labor-HHS Appropriations
January 2 - Major Provisions of Housing Authorization Bill
January 2 - Many Labor-HHS Programs Win Fund Increases
January 9 - Fiscal 1988 HUD/Independent Agency Funds (chart)
January 9 - Major Provisions of the Fiscal 1988 Reconciliation Bill
January 9 - Slightly Less Than Fiscal '87: $57 Billion Provided for Housing, VA, Others
January 23 - Right to Bar Handicapped Students Limited
January 30 - Housing Panel Angered by 'No-Show' Pierce
January 30 - UDAG Funds Awarded Under Old Formula
February 6 - Hill Oversight Law Blocks New UDAG Awards
February 13 - 'Dial-a-Porn' Rider May Snag Education Bill
February 20 - House Clears VA Home-Loan Correction
February 20 - House Squabbles Over 'Dial-a-Porn' Ban
February 20 - Major Proposals in Reagan's Fiscal 1989 Budget
February 27 - Church-Based Centers: A Funding Dilemma
February 27 - Consensus on Need, Division on Means: Committees Starting to Focus on Child Care
February 27 - Curbs OK'd for Home-Equity Loans
February 27 - Governors Press Reagan, Bentsen on Welfare
February 27 - HUD's Pierce Agrees to Testify, Within Limits
February 27 - Poor Are Getting Poorer, CBO Finds
March 5 - Fair-Housing Debate Postponed
March 5 - House Votes to Ban 'Dial-a-Porn' Messages
March 5 - Ignoring Reagan, House Passes Grove City Bill
March 12 - Not Enough to Keep Up Current Services: Summit Accord Squeezes Funding for the Poor
March 19 - Demographic Profile of Savers (chart)
March 19 - Indian Housing Bill Approved
March 19 - President Offers Alternative: Reagan Vetoes Grove City Bill; Override Vote Set for March 22
March 19 - Text of Reagan's Message: President Vetoes Civil Rights Bill, Outlines His Alternative
March 26 - Elderly Lobby Group Continues to Thrive... ...But Image on Capitol Hill Still Tarnished
April 2 - Cranston, D'Amato Lead Effort: Plan to Revamp Housing Policy Faces Same Old Problem: Funds
April 2 - HUD Funding, 1978-89 (chart)
April 2 - Only 'Dial-a-Porn' Issue Unresolved: Conferees Reach Agreement On Major Education-Aid Bill
April 2 - Senate OKs Conference Report on Child Abuse
April 9 - 'Cost-Effectiveness' Rewarded: Certain Low-Income Programs Are Winners in Budget Process
April 9 - Long Term Care '88: Campaign for an Issue
April 16 - 'Dial-a-Porn' Dispute Delays Education Bill
April 16 - Kennedy Introduces 'Smart Start' Bill
April 16 - Prevention and Treatment of Family Violence: Congress Votes to Reauthorize Anti-Child-Abuse Programs
April 16 - Senate Finance to Mark Up Welfare Overhaul
April 23 - Markup Slow and Contentious: Fair-Housing Bill Begins Uncertain Journey
April 23 - Measure Sent to President Reagan: 'Dial-a-Porn' Ban Approved As Rider to Big Education Bill
April 23 - Senate Finance Endorses Modified Welfare Bill
April 23 - SUPREME COURT NOTES: Veterans and Alcoholism
April 23 - Welfare for Two-Parent Families: An Old Issue
April 30 - Floor Fight Likely Over Amendments: Fair-Housing Bill Approved By House Judiciary Committee
April 30 - Indian Housing Measures Ready for Floor
April 30 - Panel Extends Reprieve on AFDC 'Error Rates'
May 14 - House Approves Indian Housing Bill
May 14 - House OKs WIC Coupons for Farmers' Markets
May 14 - Seven Charged in 1983 Bombing of Capitol
May 21 - Bills on Trauma Care, Homeless Also OK'd: Panel Seeks Stiffer Review of Medical Devices
May 28 - $60 Billion HUD Bill Approved: Spending Tug of War Intensifies Between NASA, Other Programs
May 28 - Homeless-Aid Package Faces Funding Shortfall
June 4 - Conservative Opposition an Obstacle: AIDS Experts Urge Anti-Discrimination Law
June 4 - House Subcommittee OKs Homeless-Aid Bill
June 18 - Child-Support Provisions Are the 'Engine'
June 18 - Deep Schisms Still Imperil Welfare Overhaul
June 18 - Fiscal 1989 HUD/Agency Funds (chart)
June 18 - Labor/HHS/Education Funding (chart)
June 18 - Senate Clears Indian Housing Bill
June 18 - Space Station Decision Delayed: Their Backs Up Against a Wall, Appropriators Give Up UDAG
June 25 - Bills on Drugs, Handicapped Win Approval
June 25 - Clear Sailing Forecast for Fair-Housing Bill
June 25 - Difficult Conference Likely on Welfare Bill
June 25 - Fiscal 1989 HUD/Agency Funds (chart)
June 25 - House Committee Approves Funds for Homeless
June 25 - Labor/HHS/Education Funding (chart)
June 25 - Major Provisions of Senate-Passed Welfare Bill
June 25 - UDAG Bites the Dust: Space Station Survives Money-Tight HUD Bills
July 2 - Child-Care Benefits, Work Policies (chart)
July 2 - Day-Care Package Clears First Hurdle in House
July 2 - Prognosis Good as Housing Bill Goes to Senate
July 9 - Southern Democrats Bolt: House Orders Its Conferees To Slash Cost of Welfare Bill
July 16 - Bush's Endorsement Is Added Bonus: Welfare Conference Begins, Buoyed by Bentsen's Selection
July 16 - NASA Wins, UDAGs Lose in Senate HUD Bill
July 23 - Moratorium on Welfare Penalty Payments
July 30 - $1 Billion Over Two Years: Homeless-Aid Reauthorization Readied for Quick Floor Action
July 30 - Amendments Held for Second Measure: House OKs 'Dire Emergency' Supplemental Bill
July 30 - Both Parties Seek to Patch Gaps in Their Image
July 30 - Child-Care Measure Faces Floor Fight: Senate Labor Committee Approves ABC Bill
July 30 - House GOP Adopts Old Democratic Plan: Tax Credit Pushed as Alternative to Wage Hike
July 30 - Penalty Urged on Pension Cash-outs
July 30 - Still Exceeds Senate Version by $1.6 Billion: House Offer on Welfare Bill Pares Total Costs Somewhat
August 6 - $59.4 Billion Plan Approved: Conferees Save Space Station, Cut Housing, EPA, VA, FEMA
August 6 - ABC Bill Sets Off New Church-State Debate
August 6 - Backed by Reagan, Senate OKs Fair-Housing Law
August 6 - House Agrees to Reauthorize Homeless Aid
August 6 - House Committee to Try Again: Markup of Child-Care Bill Slows as Disputes Develop
August 6 - House Seeks to Boost LIHEAP Funding
August 6 - Welfare Conferees Narrow Their Differences
August 13 - Congress Clears 'Dire' Fiscal 1988 Spending Bill
August 13 - Congress Clears Fair-Housing Bill
August 13 - Dukakis' Endorsement of Space Station Sought
August 13 - Negotiations at a Decisive Point: Accord Near on Welfare Bill, But White House May Resist
August 13 - OK'd by Committees in Both Chambers: ABC Child-Care Legislation Now Ready for Floor Action
August 20 - Major Provisions of Fair-Housing Legislation
August 27 - Reagan Signs Second of 13 Appropriations Bills (chart)
September 3 - 100th Congress Will Finish on a Partisan Note
September 10 - Trying to Shelter Nation With No Room in Budget
September 17 - Final Fiscal 1989 Labor-HHS Appropriations (chart)
September 17 - House Again Prods Welfare Conferees
September 17 - Housing Overhaul Faces Splintered Support
September 24 - 'Workfare' Impasse May Doom Welfare Bill
September 24 - House Panel Votes Aid to 'Colonias'
October 1 - Congress Clears Overhaul of Welfare System
October 1 - Election-Year Politicking: Senate Fills Its Spare Time Feuding Over 'Family Issues'
October 1 - Highlights, Welfare-Overhaul Legislation
October 1 - Senate Accepts $1.3 Billion Homeless-Aid Bill
October 1 - Senate Approves Anti-Pornography Language
October 8 - Congress Approves Overhaul of Welfare System
October 8 - Parental-Leave, Child-Care Measure: Senate Democrats Are Stymied On So-Called 'Family Issues'
October 15 - Conferees Reach Agreement: $1.3 Billion Homeless-Aid Bill Headed for Final Floor Action
October 15 - Final OK Near for Credit-Card Disclosure Bill
October 15 - House OKs Bill to Help Border Residents
October 15 - House, Senate Vote to Set Up Deafness Institute
October 15 - Reagan Signs Welfare Bill
October 22 - $1.3 Billion Homeless-Aid Legislation Clears
October 29 - LEGISLATIVE SUMMARY: Housing/Community Development
October 29 - LEGISLATIVE SUMMARY: Human Services
December 10 - Bush's Social Policy: Big Ideas, Little Money
December 10 - Committee Chases SSA as It Tries to Retreat
December 10 - Few Firm Price Tags for Bush Proposals (chart)
December 10 - Some Bush Ideas Are Current Law
December 24 - Legislative Outlook: Housing/Community Development
December 24 - Legislative Outlook: Human Services

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