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 Welfare and Housing

January 4 - Compromises Tempered Key 1985 Decisions
January 11 - Children's Lobby: Investing in Tomorrow
January 11 - Growing Need Spurs Debate: Democrats in Congress Open New Push for Child Care Aid
January 11 - Most Cities Can Avoid Tax Hike Now . . . . . . But Impact of New Aid Cuts Uncertain
February 1 - President Taps Turnage to Head VA
February 8 - Child Nutrition Conference
February 8 - Congressional Resistance Strong: Deep New Cuts in Social Spending Proposed
February 8 - Infrastructure Spending: New Budget Raises Questions Of Renewal of Physical Plant
February 15 - Federal Grants to State and Local Governments (chart)
February 15 - Major City/State Programs
February 15 - Officials Say Budget Hits States, Cities Hardest
February 22 - Difficult Task Acknowledged: Hill Launches Drive to Shield Local Revenue Sharing Funds
February 22 - Suit Filed to Protect Housing Funds
March 1 - House Holds Developers in Contempt in Marcos Probe
March 8 - Housing Bill May Move As Deadline Nears
March 15 - House Democrats Split Over Course: Efforts to Extend Housing Aid While Rewriting Bill Delayed
March 15 - Panel Seeks More State Aid for Handicapped
March 22 - Housing Extension Clears Congress
March 22 - Legislation Cleared: Cuts in Senior Citizen Meal Programs Averted
March 22 - Social Program Extensions Approved
March 29 - Reagan Proposes No Funding: Members Try to Shield UDAG By Spreading Benefits Around
April 5 - SPECIAL REPORT: RECONCILIATION Housing/Community Development
April 12 - Vietnam Veterans of America Charter Approved
April 19 - Higher Mortgage Credit Limits Proposed
April 19 - Panel Approves VISTA Reauthorization
April 26 - House Votes To Raise Mortgage Credit Limits
April 26 - Native Americans Programs Authorized
April 26 - VISTA Reauthorization Advances
May 3 - Democrats Prepare Scaled-Back Housing Bill
May 3 - House Votes to Renew Five Social Programs
May 10 - Comfortable Margin on Third Try: House Approves $1.7 Billion Supplemental Spending Bill
May 10 - Major Provisions of House-Passed Supplemental
May 10 - Rehabilitation Aid OK'd
May 17 - Protection Sought Against Abuse, Neglect: Advocacy Services for Mentally Ill Approved
May 24 - New Aid for Handicapped Children
May 24 - NSF Authorization Also Approved: Senate Panel OKs Renewal of Social Programs
May 24 - Senate Panel Approves Omnibus Housing Bill
May 24 - VA Mortgage Guarantee Program Continued
June 7 - Stress on Repairs, Not New Construction: House Approves Policy Shift In Public Housing Programs
June 14 - House Ready to Vote on VISTA Reauthorization
June 14 - House Votes Major Housing Policy Changes
June 14 - Job-Protection Guarantees for Workers: Parental Leave Legislation Advancing in House Panels
June 14 - Major Provisions of Senate-Passed Supplemental
June 14 - Supplemental Conferees Fail to Reach Pact
June 14 - Variety of Programs Reauthorized: Senate Votes New Assistance For Preschool Handicapped
June 21 - House Passes FHA Extension
June 21 - Housing Bill: Senate Floor Action Likely Soon
June 21 - Summary of Provisions of Housing Measure
June 21 - Veto Possible for Supplemental Spending Bill
June 21 - VISTA Reauthorization Wins House Passage
June 28 - Maternity and Parental Leave: National Policies Compared (chart)
June 28 - Most GOP Members Oppose Measure: House Committee Approves Guaranteed Family Leave Bill
June 28 - Supplemental Funding Bill Sent to President
June 28 - VISTA Bill Approved
July 5 - Highlights of HR4515 (cleared by Congress June 27) (chart)
July 5 - Summary of FY 1986 Supplemental Appropriations
July 12 - And for the Smart Homeowner, A Brand-New Loophole
July 12 - Real Estate Seeks Some Easement On Tough Tax Shelter Restrictions
July 19 - D.C. Appropriations OK'd by Panel
July 19 - Swift Accord With House Likely: Senate Votes to Reauthorize VISTA, Other Social Programs
July 26 - Enforcing Schooling Rights of Disabled Children: Legal Fee Awards Approved For Parents of Handicapped
July 26 - Funding Exceeds Current Spending, Reagan Request: House Committee Approves Labor-HHS Appropriatons Bill
July 26 - House Passes D.C. Appropriations Bill
July 26 - House, Senate Panels Start Implementing Budget
July 26 - HUD-Independent Agencies Funds
July 26 - Social Security 'Disinvestment' Ban
August 2 - GOP Rebuffed on Spending Cuts: House Passes Labor-HHS Appropriations Bill
August 2 - HUD Funding Bill OK'd by House Panel
August 9 - $54 Billion in Fiscal 1987: HUD, Agencies Funding Bill Ready for House Floor Action
August 9 - New Aid for Handicapped Approved
August 9 - Panel Moves Labor/HHS Funding Bill
August 16 - Head Start, Community Services, Other Programs: House-Senate Conferees OK Omnibus Social Services Bill
August 16 - House Panels Vote Ammo for War on Drugs
August 16 - Labor, HHS Funds Cut to Meet Target
August 23 - CONGRESS AT MIDYEAR: Housing/Community Development
August 23 - CONGRESS AT MIDYEAR: Human Services
August 30 - Time and Controversy Threaten Housing Bill Despite Compromise, Senate Measure Stalls
September 13 - House Passes $54 Billion HUD Bill
September 20 - Fiscal 1987 Spending for HUD/Agencies: Senate Panel Calls for Shifting Funds to NASA
September 20 - Incentive Grants to States: House Committee OKs Aid For Handicapped Preschoolers
September 20 - Omnibus Human Services Authorization Cleared
September 20 - Senate Passes D.C. Appropriations Bill
September 20 - Testing of Federal Employees Stirs Fuss: Reagan, Senate Republicans Join Drug War
September 27 - AFDC Benefits: A Tattered Safety Net For U.S. Children, Mothers in Poverty
September 27 - Head Start, Energy Aid, Child Care Programs: Omnibus Social Services Bill Cleared for President Reagan
September 27 - More for NASA, Less for Housing: $53.7 Billion in 1987 Spending Approved for HUD, Agencies
September 27 - New Stress on Helping Preschoolers: Congress Clears Legislation On Education for Handicapped
September 27 - Senate Takes Up Compromise Anti-Drug Bill
September 27 - States Ahead of Congress on Retirement Age
September 27 - Tied to Bailout Bills: Panel Links Banking, Housing In Effort to Win Quick Passage
September 27 - Welfare Reform: Big Proposals, Small Fixes
September 27 - Welfare Reform: The Next Domestic Priority? 'Workfare' Variations Are Focus of Interest
September 27 - Work Incentives for SSI Recipients
October 4 - ACTION Conference Report Passed by House
October 4 - FHA Insurance for Indians
October 4 - House Passes SSI Amendments
October 4 - House Votes Down FEMA Disaster Rule
October 4 - Job Training for Handicapped: Congress Expected to Clear Vocational Rehabilitation Bill
October 4 - Link With Housing Bill Broken: Congress OKs FHA Extension After Brief Delay in the House
October 4 - Omnibus Banking, Housing Bill Delayed
October 4 - Reagan Vetoes Bill to Renew Indian Programs
October 4 - Senate OKs Veterans' Compensation Bill
October 4 - Sheltered Workshop Bill Cleared
October 4 - Text of Reagan's Veto Message on Indian Programs Bill -- Sept. 26, 1986
October 11 - Congress Clears Veterans' Disability COLA Bill
October 11 - Congress Reauthorizes Volunteer Programs
October 11 - Fiscal 1987 Funding: Conferees Agree on $53.6 Billion for HUD Bill
October 11 - Housing Provisions Attached: Banking Bill Passed by House May Face Senate Controversy
October 11 - Renewal of SSI Work Program OK'd
October 25 - The 99th Congress Legislative Summary: Housing/Community Development
October 25 - The 99th Congress Legislative Summary: Human Services
October 25 - The 99th Congress Legislative Summary: Veterans' Affairs
November 1 - 4 Percent Cut From Last Year: Housing, Agencies' Funding Drops to $56 Billion in FY '87
November 1 - Final Provisions, Fiscal 1987 Labor-HHS Funding Bill (chart)
November 1 - Fiscal 1987 D.C. Appropriations (chart)
November 1 - Fiscal 1987 HUD/Agency Funds (chart)
November 1 - Go-Ahead Given for New Prison in City: Congress Votes $560.4 Million In U.S. Funds for the District
November 1 - Spending Boosts for Health, Education: Congress Votes $114.78 Billion for Labor-HHS
November 8 - Senate Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs Committee: Change in Banking Policy Expected
November 8 - Senate Labor and Human Resources Committee: A Swing to the Left in Panel Leadership
November 8 - Senate Special Aging Committee: Post Has Distinctive Meaning for Pryor
November 15 - Kennedy Chooses Labor Committee
November 15 - Reagan Signs Bill on SSI Disability Benefits
November 15 - Texts of President Reagan's Messages Accompanying Three Pocket Vetoes
November 22 - But Two Versions Enacted, Causing Problems: Five Child Nutrition Programs Reauthorized by Congress
November 29 - Group Urges Cash Payments in Place of Welfare
December 6 - City Leaders Fear Iran May Pre-empt Domestic Needs
December 20 - Special Report: Legislative Outlook HOUSING/COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT
December 20 - Special Report: Legislative Outlook HUMAN SERVICES
December 27 - Coalition at Odds With Reagan Welfare Report
December 27 - Implementation Set for Child Nutrition Programs

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