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 Welfare and Housing

January 19 - Budget-Cutters Eye UDAGs: Supporters Pledge to Protect Popular Urban Aid Program
January 26 - 'Unisex' Insurance Fight Shifting Locale
January 26 - Special Report: Women's Agenda Women Renew Drive for 'Economic Equity'
February 2 - Funding Cutoff Proposed: Hill Supporters Seek Ways To Shield Rural Housing Aid
February 2 - Social Security Legislation
February 9 - HUD Fiscal 1986 Funding Cut Sharply: Reagan Proposes Two-Year Housing Freeze
February 9 - New Strings Attached to Food Aid
March 16 - Proposals for Housing Cuts Denounced
March 16 - Would Reverse Court School Ruling: Bills Launched to Let Parents Of Disabled Win Legal Fees
March 23 - Democrats, Elderly Will Oppose: Bid to Rein In Social Security Faces Senate Floor Challenge
March 23 - States Appeal to Congress for AFDC Changes
March 30 - Bipartisan Bills on Homeless Offered in Both Chambers
March 30 - Members Seek Permanent Aid for Homeless
April 20 - Food Stamp Cuts vs. Expansion Debated
April 20 - Increased Funding for Food Programs Sought
May 4 - Extra Funds for Food, Veterans Approved
May 4 - Food Aid Bill Reduced to Win GOP Support
May 4 - Minor Changes OK'd in Social Security Programs
May 4 - Rejects Plan to Abolish Agencies: Subcommittee Raises Funds For EDA, Appalachian Panel
May 11 - House Panel Votes Small Raise for Food Aid
May 11 - Renewal of Refugee Programs OK'd
May 18 - Democrats' Housing Freeze Draws GOP Fire
May 18 - Funding Change Also Proposed: Senators Agree to Restore Urban Grants to Budget Plan
May 18 - Minor Social Security Changes
May 18 - Panel Backs EDA, Appalachian Commission
May 25 - Veterans' Health, Job Training
May 25 - Water Projects Draw OMB Flak: Appropriations Panel Votes $13.49 Billion Supplemental
June 1 - BUDGET CONFERENCE OUTLOOK - Senate, House at Odds on COLAs
June 1 - BUDGET CONFERENCE OUTLOOK House Would Increase Funding: Two Plans Disagree Sharply on Food, Housing for Poor
June 8 - Subcommittee Markup Continues: Housing Panel Agrees to Trim Authorization by $437 Million
June 15 - Administrative Cases at Issue: Subcommittee Bills Disagree On Handicapped Legal Fees
June 15 - Panel Pushes Judicial Review of VA
June 15 - Panel Rejects Additional Cuts in Housing Bill
June 15 - Panel Would Expand Food Stamp Eligibility
June 15 - Protective Services, Legal Aid: Panel OKs Advocacy Program On Behalf of the Mentally Ill
June 22 - Panel Approves $16.3 Billion for Housing Aid
June 29 - House, Senate Divided: Foreign Aid, Water Disputes Delay Talks on Supplemental
June 29 - Senate Subcommittee Action: Bill to Improve Prosecution Of Child Molesters Approved
June 29 - Subcommittee OKs HUD, Agency Funds
July 6 - Administration Opposes $16.3 Billion Total: Bill Reordering Housing Aid Set for House Panel's Action
July 6 - Proposed Home-Ownership Program Aimed at Moderate-Income Families
July 6 - Supplemental Funding Bill Awaits Conferees
July 13 - Advocacy Program for Mentally Ill
July 13 - Banking Panel OKs $16.3 Billion for Housing
July 13 - Committee Votes Child Abuse Bill
July 13 - House Committee Votes to Expand Food Stamp Program
July 20 - HUD, Agencies' Fiscal 1986 Funding: Overriding Reagan Requests, Panel OKs $57.8 Billion Bill
July 27 - NASA, Veterans' Funding Protected: Members Cut Housing Aid, Vote $56.3 Billion HUD Bill
July 27 - Social Security Issue Splits Each Party As House Opposes Senate on Budget
August 3 - Anti-Child Abuse Bill Passed by Senate
August 3 - Congress Clears Water Project, 'Contra' Funds
August 3 - Fiscal 1986 Appropriations: Panel OKs $54.8 Billion for HUD, Agencies
August 3 - Handicapped Legal Fees Approved by Senate
August 3 - Senate Panel Freezes '86 Arts Funding
August 3 - Veterans' Court Review Approved
August 10 - CONGRESS AT MIDYEAR: Housing/Community Development
August 10 - CONGRESS AT MIDYEAR: Human Services
August 10 - Fiscal 1986 Funding: Senate Committee and House Avoid Sharp Split on Housing
August 31 - Construction Down, Costs Up: Real Estate Industry Predicts Dire Harm From Reagan Plan
August 31 - Poverty Rate Drops
September 7 - Illicit Narcotics Trade: Congress Strengthens Stance Against Drug Sources Abroad
September 14 - Cultural Support and Pornography
September 14 - House Takes Up Bill on Child Nutrition Programs
September 14 - Senate Panel Votes Food Stamp Program Changes
September 21 - Congress Moves to Protect Social Security
September 21 - GOP Efforts to Cut Rejected: House Approves $121 Million Hike for Child Food Programs
September 21 - House Committee OKs Attorneys' Fee Bill
September 21 - House Democrats Initiate Plan: Housing Bills May Be Added To Reconciliation Measures
September 21 - Labor-HHS Funding Bill Advances in Senate Panel
September 21 - Senate Agriculture Panel Approves Food Stamp Savings
September 28 - Rejects Attempt to Block Court Decision: House Panel OKs $105 Billion For Labor-HHS Spending Bill
October 5 - Heckler Steps Down at HHS
October 5 - Senate Votes Authorizations for Cultural Agencies
October 12 - Effort to Scale Back Food Stamp Hikes Fails
October 19 - $54 Billion for Fiscal 1986: Senate Votes Housing Funds After Bitter Budget Struggle
November 9 - Debt Crisis Politics Ensnare Social Security
November 9 - Garn Seeks Assurance of Action: Conferees Set HUD Bill Funds At $56.5 Billion for Fiscal 1986
November 9 - Reagan Names Former Governor to Head HHS
November 16 - Congress Moving to Bolster Law: Education for Handicapped Seen as Policy Success Story
November 16 - Expiring Programs Extended Again
November 16 - Fiscal 1986 Appropriations: Senate Clears $57.3 Billion for HUD/Agencies
November 16 - House OKs Bill on Handicapped Legal Fees
November 23 - Food Stamp Cut Axed; Some Benefits Hiked
November 30 - Senate Votes to Reauthorize Child Food Aid
December 7 - Fiscal 1986 Labor-HHS-Education Funding (chart)
December 7 - Labor, Health and Human Services: $106.5 Billion Social Spending Measure Clears
December 14 - Senate Confirms Otis Bowen as HHS Secretary
December 21 - Housing Rewrite Put Over Until New Session
December 21 - Veterans' COLA Bill Clears
December 28 - Special Report: Legislative Summary HOUSING/COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT
December 28 - Special Report: Legislative Summary HUMAN SERVICES

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