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January 24 - Mad Cow Case in Washington State Pushes Labeling Issue to Fore
February 14 - Bill to Avert Trade Sanctions, Aid Film Industry Still at a Stalemate
February 14 - Film Industry Warms to GOP As Best Bet for Tax Breaks
February 14 - Free Trade Takes Necessary Blow To Preserve Australia Deal
February 14 - GOP Says Hooray for Hollywood
February 14 - Sugar Trade Not Sweet for Some
March 13 - For Democrats Blasting Bush on Jobs, Outsourcing Is In
March 13 - Senate Limits Grant Authority Of U.S.-Mexico Bank
March 20 - Thomas Blends Ethanol Into Effort To Move Corporate Tax Overhaul
March 27 - Corporate Tax Bill Stalls in Senate; House Mulls Altering Its Version
March 27 - Tax Treatment on Sweeteners Hits a Sour Note with Grassley
April 3 - WTO Rule on Gambling Ban Draws Fire
April 10 - Sweeteners Fail to Serve Purpose, Likely to Stay in Tax Bill Anyway
April 24 - Corporate Tax Bill Remains Stalled As Tariffs Begin Taking Their Toll
April 24 - European Tariffs Target U.S. Goods
April 24 - Lawmakers Promise Close Watch On China Policy Despite Successes
May 1 - Cotton Ruling Alarms Lawmakers
May 8 - Business Lobby Storms Senate to Shape Corporate Tax Bill
May 8 - Lawmakers Say Politics Hinders U.S. Competitiveness
May 15 - House Thickets Await Tax Bill After Solid Senate Victory
May 22 - Free-Trade Accords Could Be A Tough Sell to Congress Amid Anxiety About U.S. Jobs
June 5 - Short of a Magic Act, Thomas Tries to Expand Corporate Tax Bill's Appeal
June 12 - Thomas Trades Pure for Practical to Move Much-Altered Tax Bill
June 19 - African Trade Extensions Await Senate
June 19 - House Democrats Provide Edge for Super-Sweetened Tax Bill
June 26 - Corporate Tax Bills Stuffed, Scorned -- And Supported
June 26 - Corporate Taxes: Caterpillar's All-Out Lobbyfest Leaves Thomas on the Ropes
June 26 - Draft of Australia Free-Trade Pact Rejected by Senate Finance Panel, Tripped Up by Conrad Amendment
June 26 - Frist Support Leads Senate to Clear Africa Trade Bill
June 26 - Myanmar Trade Bill Cleared
July 10 - Both Chambers Put Trade Deals With Morocco and Australia On Track for Pre-Recess Passage
July 17 - 'Mock' Markups in Committees Advance Morocco Trade Pact
July 17 - Corporate Tax Bill Inches Closer to Law With Senate Consensus on Tobacco; Though Cost Remains a Divisive Issue
July 17 - House and Senate Overwhelmingly Pass Australia Free-Trade Agreement
July 24 - Easy Passage of Morocco Accord Caps Bush Trade Agenda in 108th; CAFTA Looms in Next Session
July 31 - Once Again, It's Trade Bill Deja Vu for Congress
August 7 - CAFTA Still a Possibility
August 7 - Outcome of November Election Key to 109th's Trade Agenda
August 7 - Working on Free-Trade Pacts
September 4 - President's Redeployment Plan Fuels Debate Over Base Closures
September 11 - Provisions in Agriculture Spending Measure To Ease Trade With Cuba Sets Up Battle Between Midwest, Florida Voters
September 25 - Lawmaker Urges Bush to Quit Sweating the Small Trade Stuff
October 2 - Corporate Tax Cut Bill's Math Faces Electoral Calculations
October 9 - Highlights of Corporate Tax Bill
October 9 - Steelmaking States May Remind Bush on Nov. 2 That His Removal of Tariffs Still Hurts
October 9 - Sweeteners to Ease Passage of Corporate Tax Bill
October 9 - Tax Writers' Winning Formula: Billions in Targeted Provisions
October 16 - How Companies Would Benefit From Trade Bill
October 16 - Lame-Duck Session Is Last Chance for Miscellaneous Trade Legislation
October 16 - Special Interests Strike Gold in Richly Targeted Tax Bill
October 23 - GOP Splits Over Liberalization Of Military Technology Rules
November 6 - Lame-Duck Session May Offer a Crystal Ball Into Next Year
November 20 - Housekeeping Trade Bill Clears, But a Dispute Over Socks Thwarts Haiti Legislation
November 27 - Delegation Explores Trade With Mideast
December 4 - 2004 Legislative Summary: Australia
December 4 - 2004 Legislative Summary: Central America
December 4 - 2004 Legislative Summary: Corporate Tax Overhaul
December 4 - 2004 Legislative Summary: Miscellaneous Tariff and Trade Rules
December 4 - 2004 Legislative Summary: Morocco
December 4 - CAFTA Puts Labor Money on the Table
December 11 - Archery Tax Correction Pleases Retailers, But New Fee Will Target Consumers

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