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February 3 - Fast Track's History
February 3 - This Week in Congress
February 3 - Zoellick Pushes for Prompt Revival Of Fast-Track Authority
February 10 - GOP Drive to Roll Back Sanctions Promises to Be a Case-by-Case Struggle
February 10 - Zoellick Confirmed for Trade Post
February 24 - Bush's Trade Agenda Starts Out Between Big Steel and a Hard Place
February 24 - Byrd Law Bogs Down
March 3 - Pastrana Courts Lawmakers Wary of Colombia Policy
March 10 - 'New Consensus' Mired in Old Arguments Over Trade Negotiating Authority
March 17 - House-Passed Bill Would Open Madrid Protocol to U.S. Firms
March 24 - GOP Senators Seek Assurances That White House-Backed Export Curbs Would Not Weaken National Security
April 14 - Bush to Attend Trade Talks Without Fast-Track Nod From Congress
April 21 - Maintaining China Trade Status No Longer a Done Deal
April 28 - No Deal Near On High-Tech Export Rules
May 12 - 'New Democrats' May Hold the Key To Deal on Fast-Track Trade Authority
May 12 - Signed, but Not Yet Sealed
June 9 - Bush Free-Trade Policy Detours With Push to Aid Steel Industry
June 16 - GOP Hopes Fast-Track Bill Gauges Support
June 23 - Transportation Spending Bill Heads for Floor Fight Over NAFTA-Related Truck Safety Issue
June 30 - Push for 'Fast Track' Falters As Backers Fear Influence Of WTO on U.S. Farm Policy
June 30 - WTO Panel's Tentative Disapproval Of New U.S. Foreign-Income Tax System Raises Hope for Comprehensive Fixes
July 14 - A Quiet Deal on Members' Pay
July 14 - Customs Service a Big Winner In House Treasury-Postal Bill
July 21 - Agriculture Bill Heads for Senate Floor; Dorgan to Push Further Expansion Of Commerce With Cuba
July 21 - House Backs Bush's Decision To Maintain China Trade Ties Despite Human Rights Concerns
July 21 - House Panels' Disagreement Delays Bill To Extend Curbs on Foreign Companies That Aid Iranian, Libyan Oil Industries
July 21 - Panel Backs Normal Trade With Vietnam
July 21 - Partisan Stances Mold Fast-Track Debate, Hold Up Action on Jordan Trade Bill
July 21 - Treasury-Postal Service Spending Bill Poised for Solid House Passage
July 21 - Upgrades for Voting Machines
July 28 - Bipartisan Hopes Pinned on Jordan Pact As GOP Takes New Approach In Campaign for Fast-Track Legislation
August 4 - Battle of Business vs. Security Over Rewrite of Export Controls Will Be Joined Anew in the Fall
August 4 - House Passes Jordan Trade Bill But GOP Delays 'Fast-Track' Vote For Lack of Bipartisan Support
September 1 - Fresh From a Set of Hill Victories, Can Labor Keep the Momentum?
September 1 - Hoffa Seeks End to Oversight
September 1 - Trade and Consequences: Taking 'Fast Track' Debate on the Road
September 8 - House Passes Vietnam Trade Enhancement
September 8 - Tension Between Defense and Business Over High-Tech Export Regulation Makes Deal Unlikely Before Spring
September 22 - Administration Sees Conservation, Export Enhancement as Alternatives To Farm Subsidies Backed in House
September 29 - Congress and the President: A Recalibration of Power
September 29 - Tough Talk Helps Move Jordanian Trade Bill But Clouds Prospects for 'Fast Track'
October 6 - Bills to Build Momentum
October 6 - House Squares Off With Senate, Bush On Restructuring Farm Policy
October 6 - Seeking Wider Support, Thomas Delays Barely Bipartisan Fast-Track Measure
October 6 - Senate Clears Bill to Allow Normal Trade Relations With Vietnam on Yearly Basis
October 13 - Debate Over 'Fast Track' Authority Refocused on Domestic Concerns
October 13 - U.S. to Appeal WTO Ruling On Export Tax
November 3 - Harkin Offers 'Balanced' Farm Bill Challenging House Subsidy Plan And Increasing Conservation Funds
November 3 - Panel Backs A Radio Free Afghanistan
November 10 - Hill Weighs Repeal of Cold War-Era Law Linking Trade With Human Rights
November 10 - TRADE: GOP Pushing for Fast-Track Vote Despite Lack of Democratic Support, Ongoing Rift Over Side Issues
November 17 - TRADE: Andean Trade Legislation Passes House
November 17 - TRADE: House Leaders Postpone Vote On Fast Track
November 17 - Transportation Spending Bill Held Up by Mexican Truck Issue
December 1 - TRADE: House Backs Extension Of Export Act
December 1 - TRADE: House Passes Diamond Trade Restrictions
December 1 - TRADE: Panel Votes To Reauthorize Andean Pact
December 8 - After One-Vote Victory in House, Fast-Track Bill Lands in Senate
December 8 - Putting Kentucky On the Road to Mexico
December 8 - Sanctions Against Sudan Stall in Senate
December 15 - Finance Panel Moves Gingerly On Fast-Track Trade Bill, Scheduling Second Markup
December 22 - 2001 Legislative Summary: China's Trade Status
December 22 - 2001 Legislative Summary: Commerce, Justice, State Appropriations
December 22 - 2001 Legislative Summary: Export Administration Act
December 22 - 2001 Legislative Summary: Fast Track Trade Authority
December 22 - 2001 Legislative Summary: Illegal Diamonds
December 22 - 2001 Legislative Summary: U.S.-Jordan Trade Agreement
December 22 - 2001 Legislative Summary: U.S.-Vietnam Trade Agreement
December 22 - Fast-Track Opponents All but Throw in the Towel As Bill Advances in Senate
December 22 - House Key Vote: Fast Track Trade Authority (Vote 481)

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