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January 8 - BORDER CROSSINGS: Mexico's Long Road to Truck Safety
January 8 - CONGRESSIONAL AFFAIRS: GOP Plans an Election Year Push For Tax Cuts Rejected in 1999
January 15 - TRADE: White House Vows Full Pressure For Upgraded China Trade Status, But Democratic Support Questioned
January 22 - TRADE: Will 'Isolationist' Tag Hurt?
February 12 - TRADE: Unrest Over Clinton's Policies, Possibly Adverse WTO Ruling Complicates China's Trade Status
February 19 - TRADE: Gramm Puts Muscle Behind 'Dual Use' Export Rewrite
February 19 - TRADE: House Members Offer Proposals To Make Expanded Trade With China More Palatable
February 26 - : Appeals Court Upholds Rejection Of War Powers Lawsuit
February 26 - : Deutch Apologizes for Breach; Probe of CIA's Actions Continues
February 26 - : Senate Hopes to Act Quickly On Spy Investigations Measure
February 26 - : WTO Ruling Costly for U.S. Exporters
February 26 - COMMERCE: Senate 'Dual-Use' Export Bill Hinges on Which Department Would Get Primary Authority
March 4 - FOREIGN AFFAIRS: Local Sanctions Echo Abroad
March 4 - Lott: Export Bill Must Move to Floor
March 4 - TRADE: Agriculture Has Muscle In China Free-Trade Fight
March 4 - TRADE: Reading the Tea Leaves
March 4 - TRADE: When Markets Fail the Farm
March 11 - : New Tax Break May Be Offered To Counter WTO Export Ruling
March 11 - TRADE: 'Dual Use' Export Rewrite Quickly Stalls in Senate As Committees Squabble
March 11 - TRADE: A Trade Bill in China's Wake
March 11 - TRADE: Urgent Push for China Trade Bill Now Likely to Start in Senate
March 18 - TRADE: A Guide to the China Trade Debate
March 18 - TRADE: White House in Full Battle Mode In Final Push for China NTR
March 25 - Anti-Missile Delay Prompts Review
March 25 - Members Try For Clean Bill On China Trade
March 25 - Negotiators See Progress On Bill to Expand Trade With Caribbean, African Nations
April 1 - China Trade Winds Buffet Ways and Means
April 1 - Industry Seeks Fresh Approach To Rewriting Export Controls
April 8 - Before the House Votes
April 8 - Bipartisan Group of Legislators Urges Election Date in Haiti
April 8 - No Deal on African, Caribbean Trade
April 8 - Rep. Callahan Tries to Block Israeli Radar Sale to China
April 8 - Senators Want Tougher Stand Against War in Chechnya
April 8 - With Date Set for China Trade Vote, Battle for Public Opinion Heats Up
April 15 - To Assist Computer Exports, House Bill Seeks to Bypass Broader 'Dual Use' Measure
April 15 - With Textile Dispute Settled, Negotiators Near a Deal On African, Caribbean Trade
April 29 - No Consensus Yet on Online Trading
April 29 - Senate Will Let House Go First On China NTR
May 6 - A Trade Accord Long in the Works
May 6 - China Trade Bill's Supporters Sense Victory as House Vote Nears
May 6 - House Fends Off Senate Protectionists, Wins Softer Limits on Apparel Imports
May 6 - Hutchinsons Can't Agree on China
May 6 - In Black Caucus, One Free-Trade Vote May Not Foreshadow Another
May 6 - New Support
May 6 - Persecution Report Cites China
May 13 - A Panel to Monitor Rights in China? Past Commissions Had Mixed Effects
May 13 - Statesmen and Celebrities Deploy To Woo the Undecided on China
May 20 - Attempt to Aid Russian Jews Now Molds China Trade
May 20 - Candidates' Quandary
May 20 - China Bill May Have the Wrong Number
May 20 - History's Eye Turns on House And Its Likely Vote for Trade
May 20 - House Diplomacy
May 20 - The First Votes
May 27 - Big Victory for China Trade Needs Senate's Blessing
May 27 - Enacting Trade Bill Would Not Bridge All That Divides U.S. and China
May 27 - Unions and Pro-Trade Democrats: Estrangement but No Divorce
June 10 - California's Vulnerable Seats Give Democrats Hope for Election Sweep
June 10 - Exit of WTO
June 10 - Finance Committee Members Agree Not to Slow China Bill, But Lott Has Yet to Set a Vote
June 10 - Major Issues in the Campaign
June 10 - Rogan's Run: The GOP Fights For a Crucial Swing District
June 17 - Lott Says He Won't Rush Into China NTR Vote With Perilous Amendments Afoot
June 24 - China Trade Normalization Vote In Senate Pushed Into July
July 1 - GOP Leaders Yield on Relaxing Sanctions Against Cuba
July 1 - National Security May Make Senate China Road Tricky; Ways and Means Backs Vietnam Trade Incentives
July 15 - Senate, White House Fail to Agree On Arms Proliferation Measure; China Trade Debate Up in Air
July 22 - Trade Measure Won't Clear Until Fall; House Backers See a Risky Delay, Stave Off Annual Move Against China
July 29 - Frustrated in Attempts to Attach Weapons Curbs to Intelligence Bill, Thompson Eyes China Trade Measure
July 29 - Lopsided House Vote Maintains Vietnam Trade Incentives; No More Action Likely This Year
September 9 - China Trade Bill Nears Its Finale As Senators Spurn Amendments
September 9 - Lott Supports Andean Aid Legislation
September 16 - China Trade Bill Remains Intact As Senate Rejects Arms Sanctions
September 23 - After the China Bill: Fresh Start For the Trade Expansion Debate
September 23 - PAC Man Bites Back
September 23 - Trade With China: The Next Steps
October 7 - Byrd Pushes to Give Steel Firms A Cut of Anti-Dumping Fines
October 7 - Nikes May Swoosh Through Duty-Free
October 7 - Tax Proposals Could Hitch Ride On Year-End Spending Bill
October 7 - The Likeliest Survivors
October 14 - The Many Shades of Trade Policy
October 21 - Senate Passes Bill Updating Rules for FTC Merger Reviews
October 28 - Dissension in Senate Stalls Anti-Terrorism Bill
October 28 - Export Control Bill Is Up in the Air
October 28 - Tax, Wage Bill Hurtles Toward Veto After GOP Adds Disputed Policy Riders
October 28 - Tougher Sanctions on Sudan Are Unlikely to Get Past Senate
November 4 - House Clears Extension Of Law to Regulate 'Dual Use' Exports
December 16 - 2000 Legislative Summary: China's Trade Status
December 16 - 2000 Legislative Summary: Export Administration Act
December 16 - 2000 Legislative Summary: Sub-Saharan/Caribbean Trade

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