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January 3 - RECESS NOTES: Federal Judge Rules in Favor Of Regional Bells' Challenge
January 10 - At Diner, Too Much Government on Menu
January 10 - BANKING: Request for Billions for IMF Fund Highlights Debate Over Bailouts
January 10 - Clinton's Child Care Proposal Draws GOP Supporters and Critics
January 10 - COMMUNICATIONS: Judge's Decision Casts Doubt On Telecommunications Act
January 10 - Editor's Note
January 10 - Hill Feels the Big Clout Of Small Business
January 10 - King of the Highways Plans Big Year, Despite Efforts to Tar His Record
January 10 - PROVISIONS: Changes to FDA Rules, Procedures
January 10 - Purchasing Plan Finds Few Friends
January 10 - REGULATION: Kyoto Agreement Complicates Electricity Deregulation
January 10 - Small Business: Other Voices
January 10 - THE BUDGET: Galvanized by Rosy New Numbers, Both Sides Prepare To Skirmish
January 10 - The IMF in Brief
January 10 - TRANSPORTATION: Budget Surplus Whets Debate On More Highway Spending
January 17 - CAMPAIGN FINANCE: House GOP Casts a Wide Net In Renewed Scandal Hunt
January 17 - COMMERCE: Criticism of 'Corporate Welfare' Heats Up in Congress
January 17 - HUMAN SERVICES: Child Care Proposal Sparks Debate Over Working, At-Home Mothers
January 17 - Incremental Shifts in Immigration Law Value Job Skills Above Family Ties
January 17 - Kasich's 'Dirty Dozen'
January 17 - LABOR: Critics Say High-Tech Training Plan May Not Get the Job Done
January 17 - Personal Savings in the United States
January 17 - Personal Savings Rates by Country
January 17 - RECESS NOTES: FCC Chairman Orders Inquiry Into Cable Industry
January 17 - RECESS NOTES: Seven Northeast Senators Blast Clinton's Amtrak Proposal
January 17 - REGULATION: RJR Papers Cast Further Doubt On Settlement Prospects
January 24 - 'Till Death (or Taxes) Do Us Part'
January 24 - Bills Promote the 'Business' of Space
January 24 - COMMERCE: Politically Charged Task Faces Gambling Panel
January 24 - FOREIGN POLICY: Papal Visit Highlights Divisions Over Cuban Embargo
January 24 - FOREIGN POLICY: Support for Iran Sanctions Bill Still Runs Strong in Senate
January 24 - HEALTH CARE: Private Contracting Puts Medicare Back Under the Microscope
January 24 - RECESS NOTES: Business Group's Ads Set Out To Quash Health Care Bills
January 24 - RECESS NOTES: Clinton's Plan To Bail Out Asia Faces Unreceptive Congress
January 24 - RECESS NOTES: McCain Plans To Offer Changes In Telecommunications Law
January 24 - THE PRESIDENCY: Clinton's Latest, Worst Troubles Put His Whole Agenda on Hold
January 24 - TRANSPORTATION: Many Legislators Are Placing Hope In New Amtrak Board, President
January 24 - Winners, Losers and Big Problems With Either Tax Overhaul Plan
January 31 - Alliance Demands 'Right To Choose'
January 31 - Both Parties Focus on Speech Not Scandal, to Chagrin of Some
January 31 - ECONOMIC AFFAIRS: IMF Contribution Finds Enemies Across the Political Spectrum
January 31 - History of Contested Contributions
January 31 - How Much From Tobacco?
January 31 - IMF Money Flow: Not So Simple
January 31 - Kasich's Quandary
January 31 - Lobbyists Get the High-Tech Treatment
January 31 - SECTION NOTES: FCC Will Draft Rules to Require Free Airtime for Candidates
January 31 - SECTION NOTES: Lott Seeks To Broker Deal To Break Utility Standoff
January 31 - SECTION NOTES: Supreme Court to Hear Telephone Cases
January 31 - SECTION NOTES: Talks on Renaming Airport For Reagan Continue
January 31 - TECHNOLOGY: Congress Finds No Easy Answers To Internet Controversies
January 31 - THE BUDGET: Clinton Budget Reaffirms Stand Against Broad GOP Tax Cuts
January 31 - TOBACCO: Anti-Smoking Drive's New Target: Tobacco Marketing Overseas
February 7 - A Budget Glossary
February 7 - A Range of Reactions
February 7 - Abundant Foes Say 'No Chance' To Clinton's Chosen Tax Breaks
February 7 - AVIATION: Partisan Rancor Flares in Debate To Rename National Airport
February 7 - Clinton's Fancy Budget Work Upstages Skeptical GOP
February 7 - EDUCATION: Student Loan Program May Break the Bank
February 7 - ENVIRONMENT: Clinton's Global Warming Plan Meets Wall of Opposition
February 7 - FOREIGN POLICY: Clinton Moves To Permit Sales Of Nuclear Products to China
February 7 - GOVERNMENT OPERATIONS: Senators Work To Gain Support For Rule-Making Overhaul
February 7 - HOUSING: Disaster Insurance Measure May Not Weather Debate
February 7 - How Each Agency and Department Would Fare Under Clinton Budget
February 7 - IMF Request Hits Snag
February 7 - SECTION NOTES: Workplace Safety Bill Advances Despite Democrats' Objections
February 7 - TECHNOLOGY: Clinton Establishes Council To Fix 'Year 2000' Glitch
February 14 - COMMERCE: Tobacco Industry Pushing Hard For Liability Protection
February 14 - Concerned Businesses
February 14 - ECONOMIC AFFAIRS: Battle Over IMF Funding Looms As Business Steps Up Pressure
February 14 - Education Moves to Head of Class As Crime, Unemployment Recede
February 14 - FOREIGN POLICY: Three Nations' Top Diplomats Lobby for NATO Membership
February 14 - GOVERNMENT OPERATIONS: Hill Weighs Federal Yard Sale To Pay Down National Debt
February 14 - IMMIGRATION: Backlog, Management Woes Fuel GOP Drive To Dismantle Agency
February 14 - SECTION NOTES: Federal Judge Stays Decision On Long-Distance Markets
February 14 - SECTION NOTES: Senators Oppose FCC Proposal For Free Air Time to Candidates
February 14 - STOCK MARKET: Stock Exchange Modifies Circuit-Breaker Change
February 14 - TECHNOLOGY: Panel Again Looks To Limit Internet Porn to Children
February 14 - Untapped Sources of Wealth?
February 21 - COVER STORY: Housing Overhaul Still Looking For a Home in GOP Congress
February 21 - CQ ROUNDTABLE: Net Surfing and E-Mail Clicking With Congress
February 21 - El Nino Rains Profit
February 21 - ENERGY: A Resurgence of Controversy Over Electricity Issue
February 21 - ENVIRONMENT: In Senate, Hope Springs Again For Endangered Species Law
February 21 - From Overhaul to Tax Credits
February 21 - HEALTH: Lobbyists Intensifying Debate Over Health Care Regulation
February 21 - Lawmakers Look for Ways To Make Health Plans Liable for Errors
February 21 - Richmond Already Making Changes
February 21 - TELECOMMUNICATIONS: Beleaguered '96 Overhaul Hits Another Snag
February 21 - The Rocky Relationship of Housing and Welfare
February 21 - Tribes To Get Block Grants, More Power
February 28 - A Farm-Friendly Chapter
February 28 - BANKING: High Court Says Credit Unions Overstepped Their Authority
February 28 - COMMERCE: Governors Offer Alternative To Hill's Internet Tax Bills
February 28 - Congress Courts Corporate Leaders To Support Education Proposals
February 28 - COVER STORY: Congress Looks to Kentucky For Lessons on Education
February 28 - ECONOMIC AFFAIRS: Overhaul of Bankruptcy Law Has Real Chance This Year
February 28 - Editor's Note
February 28 - ENVIRONMENT: Politics Poisons the Debate Over Superfund Rewrite
February 28 - ETHICS: Lawmaker-Doctors Must Abide By Outside Income Rules
February 28 - FOREIGN POLICY: Members Assail Clinton's Waiver Of Drug Sanctions for Mexico
February 28 - GOVERNMENT OPERATIONS: Agreement Elusive on Bills To Revamp Rule-Making
February 28 - Outlook: The Digital Marketplace
February 28 - SECTION NOTES: House Bill Expands Watch Over 'Year 2000' Glitch
February 28 - SECTION NOTES: Lights, Camera, Fees For Movie Studios?
February 28 - SECURITIES: Bills Seek To Close Loophole In 1995 Lawsuits Law
February 28 - TELECOMMUNICATIONS: House Passes Bill On Cell Phones
February 28 - TRADE: Sub-Saharan Development Bill Moves Quickly to House Floor
February 28 - TRANSPORTATION: Governors' Pleas Nudge Senate Into Action on Highway Bill
March 7 - Automakers Get Mixed Results on Hill
March 7 - Chart: Senate Transportation Spending Plans
March 7 - Demand for Bigger, Thirstier Cars Puts Consumers in Driver's Seat
March 7 - Drunken-Driving Plan Stirs Controversy
March 7 - ECONOMIC AFFAIRS: Leach's Even Hand at the Helm Wins IMF Funding a Big Boost
March 7 - EDUCATION: Student Loans, Other Hot Issues Deferred Until Full Committee
March 7 - FOREIGN POLICY: Opponents of Certifying Mexico As Drug Ally Face Uphill Battle
March 7 - HUMAN SERVICES: House Bill Reduces Penalties For Child Support Systems
March 7 - In U.S., No Shortage of Short Memories
March 7 - Partnership Seeking a Fuel-Efficient Car
March 7 - Rough Going for Supplemental Bill
March 7 - SECTION NOTES: Coalition Wants To Liberalize Laws on Encryption Exports
March 7 - SECTION NOTES: House Passes Stricter Penalties For Cell Phone Eavesdropping
March 7 - SECTION NOTES: Legislation on Year 2000 Glitch Cleared by Senate
March 7 - TECHNOLOGY: Microsoft Hearing Explores Whether Antitrust Laws Need Upgrade
March 7 - TRANSPORTATION: Senate's Solution to Road Wars: Deliver More Money
March 14 - Abortion Fight Puts IMF Bill on Veto Path
March 14 - BANKING: House Deal Offers Bit of Hope For Glass-Steagall Overhaul
March 14 - Changes Planned for Subsidy Program
March 14 - COMMERCE: Panel Approves Bill To Promote Competition to Cable TV
March 14 - Cyberspace Invaders
March 14 - DEFENSE: Computer-Reliant U.S. Society Faces Growing Risk of 'Information War'
March 14 - From the Family Tobacco Fields, They Eye the Hill With Unease
March 14 - GOVERNMENT OPERATIONS: Rival Bills Cloud the Scene For Regulatory Overhaul
March 14 - Growth States Stake Their Claims
March 14 - HEALTH: Clinton Pressures Lawmakers To Cure Managed Care
March 14 - Highlights of House Banking Bill
March 14 - LABOR: House Bill Targets 'Salting' by Unions
March 14 - LAW/JUDICIARY: Senate Measures Would Limit Minors' Access to 'Cyberporn'
March 14 - MEDICARE: Failure is Not an Option For This Commission
March 14 - Regulatory Overhaul Provisions
March 14 - ROUNDTABLE: Case for Free Airtime Gets Easier To Make
March 14 - TELECOMMUNICATIONS: V-Chip, TV Ratings Approved by FCC
March 14 - THE BUDGET: GOP Splits Supplemental Request, Stalling Funds for U.N. and IMF
March 14 - The Hacker's Arsenal
March 14 - Tobacco and Its Impact
March 14 - TRADE: House Passes Bill To Promote Sub-Saharan Africa Trade
March 14 - TRANSPORTATION: In Race To Meet April Deadline, Senate Passes Highway Bill
March 21 - Bumpy Road for 'NAFTA Highways'
March 21 - Editor's Note
March 21 - EDUCATION: Higher Education Act Reauthorized In Compromise Bill
March 21 - FOREIGN POLICY: House Presses Administration To Keep Up Heat on China
March 21 - HEALTH: Lawmakers Begin Looking for Cure For Insurance Portability Law
March 21 - In Canada, Consolidation Rules
March 21 - LABOR: Democrats Seek GOP Support For Minimum Wage Boost
March 21 - Panel OKs Supplemental -- With Strings
March 21 - REGULATION: Less-Than-Sweeping OSHA Bills Pass Muster in the House
March 21 - REGULATION: McCain's Panel Hunkers Down To Work on Tobacco Bill
March 21 - REGULATION: Small-Business Bill Waives Some Fines
March 21 - SECTION NOTES: 'Debt-for-Nature' Incentive Easily Passes House
March 21 - SECTION NOTES: McCain Bill Would Jump-Start Local Telephone Competition
March 21 - TELECOMMUNICATIONS: Moratorium on Internet Taxes Wins Local Groups' Approval
March 21 - TELECOMMUNICATIONS: Panel Approves Bill To Promote Competition For Cable TV
March 21 - TELECOMMUNICATIONS: Panel Moves To Privatize Satellite Organizations
March 21 - THE BUDGET: Tobacco Revenue Drives Debate As GOP Champions Medicare
March 21 - TRANSPORTATION: Shuster Prepares for Onslaught Against Members' Projects
March 28 - A Look at the National Labor Relations Board
March 28 - BANKING: House Credit Union Bill Responds To Court's 'Common Bond' Ruling
March 28 - Conference Report Highlights
March 28 - COVER STORY: Labor Wants Out of the Limelight After Glare of Probes, Backlash
March 28 - EDUCATION: Senate Agrees on Debate Terms For Savings Accounts Bill
March 28 - ELECTRICITY: White House Deregulation Plan Generates Scant Interest
March 28 - Finding the Funds
March 28 - FOREIGN POLICY: Clinton's Move To Aid Cubans Upsets Lawmakers' Plans
March 28 - HEALTH: For Some Hard-To-Pass Bills, Smaller Can Be Better
March 28 - INVESTIGATIONS: Board Monitoring Teamsters Criticized by Republicans
March 28 - Labor Picking Its Big Fights for '98
March 28 - LABOR: GOP, Labor Board Lock Horns Over Union Elections Policy
March 28 - LABOR: Hoekstra's Labor Probe Attracts Criticism From Both Sides
March 28 - LABOR: House Narrowly Votes To Ban Union Practice of 'Salting'
March 28 - Reinvestment Act Again in Cross Hairs
March 28 - SECTION NOTES: FCC Chairman Backs Off Free Air Time Proposal
March 28 - SECTION NOTES: House Passes Paperwork Bill As Clinton Threatens Veto
March 28 - SECTION NOTES: Science Subcommittee OKs Invention Licensing Bill
March 28 - SECTION NOTES: U.S. Copyrights Extended For Another 20 Years
March 28 - TELECOMMUNICATIONS: Satellite Service Privatization Gets House Panel's Approval
March 28 - TOBACCO: McCain Optimistic Measure Will Get Panel Approval
March 28 - TRANSPORTATION: Road Wars and Special Projects Ensure House Bill's Rough Ride
April 4 - An Eight-Acre Battle
April 4 - BANKING: House Floor Says 'No Thanks' To Financial Services Bill
April 4 - CAMPAIGN FINANCE: All-But-Doomed Overhaul Bill Meets Its Expected End
April 4 - Chart: Tobacco Payments
April 4 - Credit Union Bill Sails Solo
April 4 - ECONOMIC AFFAIRS: Tighter Bankruptcy Laws Win Senate Panel Approval
April 4 - EDUCATION: Senate Panel Follows House On Higher Education Act
April 4 - FOREIGN POLICY: Clinton's Promises to Africa May Not Be Easy To Keep
April 4 - HEALTH: Democrats' Health Care Bill Stakes a Claim on the Hill
April 4 - HUMAN SERVICES: Senate Shifts Food Stamp Aid To Increase Road Spending
April 4 - Lagging Do-List
April 4 - LAW/JUDICIARY: House Panel Approves Update Of Copyright Liability Laws
April 4 - LAW/JUDICIARY: Visas for Skilled Immigrants Finds Home in the Senate
April 4 - LEADERSHIP: On the Hill and at Home, GOP Is Torn by Internal Strife
April 4 - REGULATION: GOP Likely To Sidestep Overhaul, Fearing Environmental Showdown
April 4 - REGULATION: Heat Intensifies as McCain's Panel Raises the Stakes for Tobacco
April 4 - SECTION NOTES: Senate Clears Bill To Toughen Laws on Cell Phone Fraud
April 4 - Supplemental Bills Compared
April 4 - The Settlement, McCain Bill Compared
April 4 - TRANSPORTATION: House Sets Up Battle With Senate In Passing $219 Billion Roads Bill
April 4 - Transportation: Special Projects
April 11 - DEFENSE: Nunn Forum Issues a Call to Arms On Computer Security
April 11 - HEALTH: Managed Care Causes Groups To Spend an Arm and a Leg
April 11 - Is Lott's Tobacco Recusal for Real?
April 11 - RECESS NOTES: Ex-Shuster Aide Indicted On Bribery Charges
April 11 - RECESS NOTES: Group Says Bill Would Increase Some Portability Premiums
April 11 - REGULATION: Industry Exit From Tobacco Talks May Incur Further Hostility
April 11 - REGULATION: Move To Halt Rise in Cable Rates May Be Running Out of Time
April 11 - SECURITIES INDUSTRY: Huge Financial Services Merger Puts Pressure on Hill To Lead
April 18 - Chart: Rayborn's Contributions
April 18 - COMMERCE: Big Tobacco, Big Government And the Senate's Nicotine Plan
April 18 - COMMERCE: Illinois Town Uses the Force of Law To Snuff Out Youth Smoking
April 18 - Considering Back-Road Route For Middle-Class Mortgages
April 18 - ENVIRONMENT: Members Go Out on a Limb Over National Forests
April 18 - FDA Power Could Be a Puff
April 18 - Industries Get a Boost From Their Overseers
April 18 - The Art of Business Lobbying Finding Profit in Regulation
April 18 - Transportation Bills Compared
April 18 - When Business Tells Washington: 'A Little More Regulation, Please'
April 25 - COMMERCE: Bankruptcy Overhaul Bill Faces House Democratic Blockade; Senate Takes Up Narrower Measure
April 25 - Correction: Special Projects
April 25 - Disability Payments
April 25 - Editor Note
April 25 - EDUCATION: Senate's Savings Accounts Bill Prompts Early Clinton Threats
April 25 - END GAME: Don't Look for Many Pet Projects To Turn Into Road Kill
April 25 - House Easily Approves Update Of Nautical Maps
April 25 - Lack of Pension Benefits Adds Urgency To Finding a Fix
April 25 - Road Bills Keep Republicans Divided While Clinton Plays Budget Hawk
April 25 - SOCIAL POLICY: Proposed Fixes Could Widen Social Security Gender Gap
April 25 - Social Security: A Range of Proposals
April 25 - TRANSPORTATION: Conference Gets To Work Deciding Where To Spend Money, Where To Find It
May 2 - 'Commuter Murder' Proposal Hits Snag
May 2 - Albright Certifies Ukraine Eligible To Receive Rest of Aid
May 2 - Correction
May 2 - EDUCATION: Deal on Student Loan Interest Rates Falters Over Offsetting Cuts, Veto Threat
May 2 - FCC Plans To Toughen Stance On Phone 'Slamming'
May 2 - FINANCE: Credit Union Bill Survives Scuffles In Senate Banking
May 2 - FINANCE: Loophole Fix Would Move Class-Action Securities Lawsuits From State to Federal Courts
May 2 - FINANCE: One Firm's Litigation Habit Drives Hill's Search for a Cure
May 2 - Group Aims Its Ads -- Even If It Means Stealing Its Candidates' Show
May 2 - House Votes for Ban on Sale Of Rhino, Tiger Products
May 2 - Industries Choose Sides in Battle To Kill Ethanol Subsidy
May 2 - LAW/JUDICIARY: Immigration Bill's Fine Print Sends Industry Into High-Tech Turmoil
May 2 - Panel Would Search Records For Holocaust Victims' Assets
May 2 - PAST AS PROLOGUE: For IMF, It's Deja Vu -- All Over Again
May 2 - REGULATION: Critics Warn of Black Market Despite Efforts To Include Safeguards in Tobacco Bill
May 2 - SOCIAL POLICY: Fearing Election-Year Rhetoric, House Moves To Avoid Specifics On Social Security Until Next Year
May 2 - TAXES: Latest IRS Hearings Prompt Calls For Less Bashing, More Action
May 2 - Tobacco Foes Look for Support
May 2 - TRANSPORTATION: As Money Runs Out for Road Projects, Conferees Struggle Over Painful Choices
May 2 - What's Ahead
May 9 - COMMERCE: Fact of Fear: Seeking Truth in the Tobacco Liability Debate
May 9 - EDUCATION: Higher Education Reauthorization Gets the Go-Ahead From House
May 9 - From the Editor
May 9 - HEALTH: Rep. Norwood's Persistence, Democratic Pressure Keep Focus on Managed Care
May 9 - Road Bill Conferees May Grab Money From Ill Veterans Who Smoked
May 9 - SOCIAL POLICY: Bill To Extend SSI Benefits for Disabled OK'd
May 9 - SOCIAL POLICY: Vocational Programs Will Be Biggest Hurdle as Conferees Take Up Job Training Bill
May 9 - TECHNOLOGY: Bill May Curb Internet Use By Pedophiles
May 9 - TECHNOLOGY: Satellite Organization Pins Hopes on Senate To Stop Privatization Bill
May 9 - The Religious Right's Foreign Policy Revival
May 9 - Tobacco Liability Proposals
May 9 - TRANSPORTATION: Clinton Administration Sets Conferees in Motion With a Road Plan of Its Own
May 16 - 18 Years of Punishment
May 16 - A 'War Widow' Who Never Wed Gave Birth to the Marriage Penalty
May 16 - BANKING & FINANCE: Bankruptcy Bill Would Make Erasing Debt Tougher for Consumers
May 16 - BANKING & FINANCE: Financial Services Overhaul Squeaks By in House
May 16 - BANKING & FINANCE: Senate Passes Bill To Move Class Action Securities Suits From State Courts to Federal
May 16 - Committee Approves Bill to Ease Licensing for Inventions
May 16 - Conferees Trim Bill, Near Agreement, But Clinton Still Threatens Veto
May 16 - Debate on China Policy Heats Up as Clinton Trip Impends
May 16 - FOREIGN AFFAIRS: Warmer U.S.-Iranian Relations Get Cold Shoulder in Congress
May 16 - From The Editor
May 16 - HEALTH: Senate Democrats Want Broad Managed Care Measure, While House Discussions Continue
May 16 - Helms Offers Cuba Aid Bill, Seeking To Put Onus on Castro
May 16 - House Passes Tougher Penalties For Neglecting Child Support
May 16 - INDUSTRY & REGULATION: Growing Ranks of Cigarette Tax Critics Invigorate Big Tobacco's Lobbying Effort
May 16 - Mass Transit in Growth Mode
May 16 - PROCESS: Today's Tax Term
May 16 - REGULATIONS: As Government Delays Action, Hatch Leads Microsoft's Critics In Urging Antitrust Scrutiny
May 16 - Senate Passes Bill to Protect Digital Copyrights
May 16 - Teachers' Union Learns Harsh Lesson On Mixing Dues With Politics
May 16 - TECHNOLOGY: States Get Study of Sales Taxes, On-line Industry Gets Moratorium In Internet Agreement
May 16 - This Week in Congress
May 16 - Tobacco Legislation's Rapid Pace Emboldens Backers, Confounds Foes
May 16 - TRANSPORTATION: America Hits the Highways, And Congress Must Navigate
May 16 - U.S. Companies Brace for Fallout From Trade Curbs Against India
May 23 - FOREIGN POLICY: Parties Agree on Need To Probe Clinton's Export Waiver for China
May 23 - Highlights: How the Bill Would Affect Drivers, Mass Transit Passengers
May 23 - INDUSTRY & REGULATION: Microsoft Lawsuits Leave Lawmakers Divided Over Continued Hearings
May 23 - LAW/JUDICIARY: Shortage of Skilled Workers Fuels Immigration Bills
May 23 - Lawmakers Add Student Loan Interest Rate Fix to Transit Bill
May 23 - PAST AS PROLOGUE: Voting in the Dark
May 23 - REGULATION: Defeat of Liability Limits Hits Tobacco Bill Hard
May 23 - SOCIAL POLICY: Congress Gives Moderate Response To Panel's Push for Privatization Of Social Security Overhaul
May 23 - TRANSPORTATION: Congress Clears Huge Transportation Bill, Restoring Cut-Off Funding to States
May 30 - Battles Over Jurisdiction Likely To Keep Congress From Merging Food Agencies
May 30 - FOREIGN POLICY: Hill Inaction on Export Controls Left Decisions in Clinton's Hands
May 30 - From the Editor
May 30 - In Kentucky, No Unified Voice On Tobacco Farmers' Future
May 30 - TRANSPORTATION: Senators Pile On the Take-Home Projects After Coaxing House To Reduce Its List
May 30 - Unsafe Food Sparks Outbreaks Of Concern, Little Action
June 6 - BANKING: Donations To Be Shielded From Creditors
June 6 - FCC May Vote On Internet Subsidy
June 6 - HEALTH: House Eases Return to Jobs For Disabled
June 6 - HEALTH: Managed-Care Task Force's Tensions Burst Into View
June 6 - REGULATION: Tobacco Foes Hope Loaded Bill Will Be Hard To Say 'No' To
June 6 - TRANSPORTATION: Rockefeller Vows To Save Veterans' Benefits, Forcing Slowdown of Highway Bill
June 6 - What's Ahead
June 13 - Adventures in Privatization
June 13 - COMMERCE: Private Enterprise With Official Advantages
June 13 - COMMERCE: Senate's Product Liability Deal Has Strong Prospects For Avoiding Clinton Veto
June 13 - FOREIGN AFFAIRS: Kim Urges End To Sanctions on North Korea
June 13 - FOREIGN AFFAIRS: Sanctions on Missile Aid To Iran Are Cleared By a Veto-Proof Margin
June 13 - From the Editor
June 13 - House Bill Would End Overtime Pay for Some Salespeople
June 13 - House Committee Approves Bills To Fight Drug Money Laundering
June 13 - How Fannie Mae Wins Friends And Protects Its Business
June 13 - Mandates and Money
June 13 - Negotiators Hopeful Private Talks Will Settle IRS Overhaul Bill
June 13 - TRANSPORTATION: Highway Law Benefits Those Who Held the Purse Strings
June 20 - EDUCATION: House Comes Up Short in Vote For Tuition Savings Accounts; Presidential Veto Expected
June 20 - Embargo Exemption Approved
June 20 - FOREIGN AFFAIRS: Hill's Probes of Dealings With China Unlikely To Alter Basic Relationship
June 20 - REGULATION: Amendments and Ads Bury 'Inviolable' Tobacco Bill
June 20 - Speaking of Tobacco
June 20 - TECHNOLOGY: Internet Tax Ban Advances, Including Plan To Study Levies on Out-of-State Sales
June 20 - TECHNOLOGY: Satellite TV Bill Wins Panel Approval
June 20 - TRANSPORTATION: Debate on Airline Competition Lies Ahead as Panel Approves Bill To Aid Small Communities
June 20 - TRANSPORTATION: Shuster Says He Did Not Design Highway Legislation To Benefit His Family
June 27 - 'TECHNICAL CORRECTIONS': As Chairman Archer Sees It, A Tax Break Is No Mistake
June 27 - APPROPRIATIONS: Clinton Raises the Stakes In Dispute With Republicans Over Census-Taking Method
June 27 - China's MFN Status Backed
June 27 - Clinton's China Syndrome
June 27 - Commerce Panel Votes To Delay Higher Satellite TV Fees
June 27 - REGULATION: Democrats and Republicans Compete To Develop Passable Tobacco Legislation
June 27 - She Who Shuns the Senate
June 27 - TAXES: Republicans Set Their Sights On Further Reduction In Capital Gains Tax Rate
June 27 - TRADE: Pointing to Farmers' Plight, Gingrich Plans a New Vote On Fast-Track Legislation
June 27 - TRANSPORTATION: House Panel Casts Its Vote for Competition But Hands Major Airlines a Setback
July 11 - APPROPRIATIONS: Amtrak a Winner as Senate Subcommittee Approves $47.5 Billion Transportation Bill
July 11 - Congress Calls For Tighter Restrictions On Encryption
July 11 - FOREIGN AFFAIRS: Clinton Vietnam Policy Draws Critics
July 11 - FOREIGN AFFAIRS: Probes of Chinese Missile Technology Focus on Satellite Export Rules
July 11 - FOREIGN AFFAIRS: Senate Lifts Sanctions for Farm Exports
July 11 - Identity Theft Measure Sails Through Senate Panel
July 11 - REGULATION: Latest Senate Vote Idles Republican Hopes For Product Liability Legislation
July 11 - Satellite Sanctions on China Have History of Inconsistency
July 11 - Spare Senate Panel Attendance Slows Abortion Amendment
July 11 - TRANSPORTATION: Plan for Longer Flights From D.C. Criticized as Members' Perk, Praised as Pro-Competition
July 11 - What the Highway Bill Does
July 18 - APPROPRIATIONS: Chafing Under Constraints Of New Transportation Law, Appropriators Face Hard Choices
July 18 - APPROPRIATIONS: Decision on Census Money Provides a Sample Of the Brinksmanship Ahead
July 18 - Clinton Avoids Veto Override By Vowing To Punish Russians For Aiding Iranian Military
July 18 - COMMERCE: Disaster Aid Legislation Hits Trouble
July 18 - COMMERCE: House Commerce Approves Digital Copyright Protections, With Assurances for Lawful Use
July 18 - FCC Under Further Scrutiny Over Universal Service
July 18 - FOREIGN POLICY: Prospects Brighten for IMF Funds As GOP Looks To Boost Trade
July 18 - FOREIGN POLICY: Pushed by Business Groups, Lawmakers Rush To Exempt Farm Exports From Sanctions
July 18 - Property Rights Proponents Concede Defeat This Year But Say Victory Is in Sight
July 18 - REGULATION: Tobacco Issue Still Smolders Despite Evidence That Voters Have Other Priorities
July 18 - TRANSPORTATION: FAA Measure Advances, Burdened With Plans To Add Flights at Crowded Airports
July 18 - When Is a Treaty Not a Treaty?
July 25 - APPROPRIATIONS: District of Columbia Bills Differ Over Transportation, Economic Development
July 25 - APPROPRIATIONS: Senate's Commerce-Justice Bill Attracts a Swarm of Amendments
July 25 - APPROPRIATIONS: Senate's Transportation Bill Leaves Plenty of Room For Dispute in Conference
July 25 - COMMERCE: Microsoft Again in Hot Seat After New Allegations Of Anti-Competitive Practices
July 25 - On a Broader Front, Business Is Often Defeated by Its Competing Interests
July 25 - Trade Bill: Not Just 'Fast Track'
July 25 - TRADE: Africa Initiative, Other Trade Measures Overshadowed by 'Fast Track' Revival
July 25 - TRADE: Normal Trade With China Wins Approval
July 25 - TRADE: On Tariff Bills, Businesses Can Write Their Own Ticket
August 1 - APPROPRIATIONS: House Passes Transportation Bill, Leaves Coast Guard, FAA Funding To Be Settled in Conference
August 1 - Cable Industry Under Fire Again Over Rate Increases
August 1 - Congress Clears Bill To Protect Biomaterials Suppliers
August 1 - House Clears Bill To Consolidate Job Training Programs
August 1 - NOTEWORTHY: House Votes To Continue Normalization With Vietnam
August 1 - ONE YEAR LATER: Tenuous Bipartisan Alliance on Trade Succumbs to Election-Year Tensions
August 1 - TRADE: House Panel Votes To Drop Certain Tariffs
August 8 - APPROPRIATIONS: House Throws Book at Prosecutors, Passing Tough Rules on Conduct
August 8 - BANKING: Bill Would Widen Penalties For Fraudulent Practices Of 'Information Brokers'
August 8 - BANKING: Inclusion of 'Killer' Amendment Leaves Little Hope For House Regulatory Bill
August 8 - Building Bridges Between Hollywood and Congress
August 8 - COMMERCE: Disney in Washington: The Mouse That Roars
August 8 - COMMUNICATIONS: House Panel Votes To Curb 'Slamming'
August 8 - COMMUNICATIONS: Restriction on Satellite TV Sets Back Effort To Promote Competition for Cable
August 8 - House Commerce Approves Bill To Improve 911 Service
August 8 - House Passes Bill To Suspend Taxes on Some Imports
August 8 - TRANSPORTATION: House Passes FAA Bill, Leaving Conference To Resolve Funding, Competition Conflicts
August 15 - Current Sanctions
August 15 - FOREIGN AFFAIRS: Second-Guessing Sanctions: The Price of Pressure
August 15 - Shipping Law Revisionists Buoyed by Hearing
September 5 - APPROPRIATIONS: Senate Spurns House Cuts In Labor-HHS Spending; Clinton Praises 'Good First Step'
September 5 - Chart: Labor-HHS-Education Spending
September 5 - Fee To Register Internet Address Can Begin Again, Says Judge
September 5 - No Tolerance for 'Spam'
September 5 - Political Web Sites
September 5 - POLITICS: Home Page as Hustings: Candidates Work the Web
September 5 - REGULATION: GOP's Secret Weapon Against Regulations: Finesse
September 12 - 'DEATH ON THE HIGH SEAS': Disaster Victims' Rights
September 12 - Senate Finance Panel Approves Tariff Relief Bill
September 19 - Democrats Block Cloture on 'Salting' Legislation
September 19 - FOREIGN AFFAIRS: Members Call for Bolstering Satellite Export Restrictions With Industry Incentives
September 19 - Highlights of the House Tax Bill
September 19 - REGULATION: Fisheries Regulators Must Navigate Shoals Of Conservation and Commerce
September 19 - REGULATION: On-Line Smut Curb Criticized As Too Tough
September 19 - Rescuer of Embattled Economies Is Now Under Siege Too
September 19 - TECHNOLOGY & COMMUNICATIONS: Administration Eases Rules On Encryption
September 19 - TRADE: Free Trade Doesn't Sell In Congress Anymore
September 26 - LAW & JUDICIARY: House Passes Bill To Increase Visas for High-Tech Workers, Adds Safeguards for Americans
September 26 - REGULATIONS: Panel Approves Bill To Protect Financial Data
September 26 - TECHNOLOGY: Bill Takes Aim At 'Slamming,' 'Spamming'
September 26 - TECHNOLOGY: Internet Tax Moratorium Set Back
September 26 - THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK: New Worlds To Conquer
September 26 - TRADE: House Vote Signals a Key Reversal Of U.S. Support for Free Trade
September 26 - TRANSPORTATION: Senate Passes FAA Authorization Amid Doubts About Deregulation
October 3 - Local Programming Still Up In the Air With Satellite Bill
October 3 - Negotiators Try To Wrap Up Transportation Spending Bill
October 3 - TRADE: How Two Fervent Free-Traders Helped Set Back 'Fast Track'
October 3 - TRANSPORTATION: Alaskan 'Road to Life' Bill Passes in Senate as GOP Tries To Steer Around Veto Threat
October 10 - APPROPRIATIONS: Labor-HHS Bill Stalls; Programs May Be Wrapped Into Omnibus Spending Measure
October 10 - COMMUNICATIONS: Copyright Bill For Digital Age Advances
October 10 - ENERGY: Is Big Oil's Profit Well Starting To Run Dry?
October 10 - House Acts To Delay Fee Increase Paid by Satellite Companies
October 10 - House Panel Approves FAA Funding Without Adding Flights
October 10 - Music Copyright Measure Clears After Compromise on Royalties
October 17 - 20 MORE YEARS: Hold That Mouse
October 17 - APPROPRIATIONS: Labor-HHS Spending Includes Additional Billions For Schools, Medical Research
October 17 - COMMERCE: Disney Locks In 20 More Years Of Protection for Its Characters Under Copyright Extension Bill
October 17 - House Calls for Sanctions Against Steel-Dumping Nations
October 17 - Pared-Back FAA Reauthorization Could Kick Off 'Year of Aviation'
October 17 - Popular Anti-Bribery Bill Snagged in Satellite Dispute
October 17 - TECHNOLOGY: A Weakened 'Slamming' Bill Sent to Senate
October 24 - APPROPRIATIONS: Some Controversial Riders On Transportation Spending Fall by the Wayside
October 24 - Chart: Transportation Spending
October 24 - GOOBERS: 'Peanut Police' Handcuffed
October 24 - INDUSTRY & REGULATION: Congress May Sharpen Scrutiny Of Giant Corporations
October 24 - Senate Declines To Consider Tariff Suspension Measure
October 24 - Spectrum Licensing Language Deleted From Spending Bill
October 24 - TECHNOLOGY: Telephone 'Slamming' Bill Dies in Senate
October 31 - COMMERCE: Action in the War on Tobacco Moves Away From Capitol Hill
November 14 - Legislative Summary: Governmental Regulations
November 14 - Legislative Summary: World View
December 5 - ETHICS: Shuster's Ties to Developer Raise Questions of Favoritism
December 5 - Shuster Smooths Way for Expansion Of Son-in-Law's Employer
December 12 - GOP Keeps Up Pressure For Stricter Controls on China Satellite Commerce
December 12 - TRADE: Central American Leaders Hope To Turn Disaster Into Opportunity

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