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January 13 - Administration Boxed In By Sanctions Proposal
February 17 - Reports of Chinese Shipments Put Clinton on the Spot
March 2 - Buchanan's Protectionism Slows Trade Agenda
March 2 - TRADE: Protectionism's Rise and Fall In Congress Since the 1930s
March 2 - TRADE: Trade Legislation Before Congress
March 16 - CQ ROUNDTABLE: Protectionist Voices Won't Be Silenced
March 16 - SECTION NOTES: West Bank and Gaza Import Bill OK'd by Ways and Means
March 23 - IRAN/LIBYA: Trade Curbs on Outlaw Nations Upset U.S. Allies, Businesses
April 13 - Software Firms Seek To End Ban On Exporting Encryption Codes
April 20 - SECTION NOTES: Gingrich Sees Tough Battle Over China Trade Status
April 20 - SECTION NOTES: House Approves Tariff Relief For West Bank and Gaza
May 4 - FOREIGN POLICY: Dole's Record on China Trade
May 4 - FOREIGN POLICY: Rules Committee Approves Plan To Probe Iran Arms Shipments
May 4 - Uncertainty About Dole's Stand Clouds China Trade Debate
May 11 - Dole and Clinton See Eye to Eye On Favored Trade With Beijing
May 11 - TRADE: Senate Panel Moves Tariff Legislation
May 18 - Clinton Seeks To Extend China's Trade Status
May 18 - SECTION NOTES: Trade Group Divided On Banking Bill
May 25 - Focus of China Trade Debate Shifts to Capitol Hill
June 15 - FOREIGN POLICY: Panel Approves Softer Version Of Sanctions on Iran Trade
June 15 - SECTION NOTES: Bill Would Give Romania MFN Trade Status
June 22 - FOREIGN POLICY: House Passes Curbs on Trade With Iran and Libya
June 22 - Once Again, China's Critics Plan To Go Down Fighting
June 22 - Trade War Averted - For Now
June 29 - China Trade Battle Subsides As House Backs Extension
July 6 - SECTION NOTES: Senate Passes Bill To Extend MFN Permanently to Bulgaria
July 13 - FOREIGN POLICY: Clinton Fires Warning Shot In Cuba Trade Crackdown
July 20 - FOREIGN RELATIONS: House Likely To Send Clinton Iran, Libya Sanctions Bill
July 20 - FOREIGN RELATIONS: House Passes Export Rewrite, But Bill Faces Uphill Road
July 20 - SECTION NOTES: Trade Commission Bill Advances in House
July 20 - TRADE: House Votes To Grant MFN to Romania
July 27 - SECTION NOTES: Reauthorization of FTC Advances in House
July 27 - SECTION NOTES: Trade Secrets Stealing Bill Approved by Senate Panel
August 3 - SECTION NOTES: Indian Trade Measure Passed by House
August 3 - SECTION NOTES: Senate Toughens Language Of Cambodia MFN Bill
August 31 - SPECIAL REPORT/DEFENSE and FOREIGN POLICY - Issue: China trade.
August 31 - SPECIAL REPORT/DEFENSE and FOREIGN POLICY - Issue: Cuba Sanctions.
August 31 - SPECIAL REPORT/DEFENSE and FOREIGN POLICY - Issue: Iran/Libya Sanctions.
September 7 - SECTION NOTES: House Passes Legislation To Reauthorize FTC
September 14 - SECTION NOTES: Measure Would Rename 'Most-Favored' Status
September 14 - TRADE: House Refuses To Reauthorize Trade Promotion Agencies
September 21 - SECTION NOTES: FTC Funding Levels Cleared by Senate
September 28 - TRADE: Technical Changes Bill Advances in Senate
October 5 - SECTION NOTES: Trade Secrets Measure Cleared by House
October 5 - TRADE: Special-Interest Provisions Ride on Corrections Bill

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