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January 8 - 1994 LEGISLATIVE AGENDA: Economics and Finance
January 8 - 1994 LEGISLATIVE AGENDA: Government and Commerce
January 8 - HEALTH: Two Ideological Poles Frame Debate Over Reform
January 8 - PROVISIONS: NAFTA Implementing Bill
January 8 - TRANSPORTATION: Air-Traffic Plan Received Coolly
January 15 - A Digital Breakthrough
January 15 - A Tangle of Probes
January 15 - Clinton's Chapter 1 Formula Runs Aground in House
January 15 - How the Current Formula Works
January 15 - Inside Players
January 15 - LAW/JUDICIARY: Whitewater Boosts Prospects Of Independent Counsel Bill
January 15 - Outside Players
January 15 - PROVISIONS: Thrift Bailout Refinancing
January 15 - Special Counsel May Not Quiet Clamor Over Whitewater
January 15 - Spirit of Cooperation Breaks Media Industry Gridlock
January 15 - The Legislative Proposals
January 15 - WHAT'S AHEAD: Radiation Experiments Focus of Two Panels
January 22 - 'Field of Dreams' or Pipe Dreams?
January 22 - Committees' Roads Don't Cross
January 22 - Congress Focuses on Fewer, More Significant Roads
January 22 - National Highway System (chart)
January 22 - Poland's Airwaves
January 22 - THRIFT INDUSTRY: Former U.S. Prosecutor Named As Whitewater Investigator
January 29 - Disaster Aid vs. the Deficit
January 29 - DISASTER AID: Critics Call for Better Way To Deal With Catastrophes
January 29 - Disaster Supplemental (chart)
January 29 - FEDERAL EMPLOYEES: An Expanded Role For the EEOC
January 29 - Finding Money for GATT
January 29 - Good News on the Deficit Draws Mixed Emotions
January 29 - How U.S. Aid to Former Soviet States Is Spent
January 29 - New Bills Make Waves For Broadcasters
January 29 - Outlook for Broadcasting
January 29 - STATE DEPARTMENT: Senate Votes To End Embargo On Trade With Vietnam
February 5 - A Flood of Emergency Projects
February 5 - A Long Row To Hoe
February 5 - APPROPRIATIONS: Extra Weight Complicates Disaster Aid Effort
February 5 - BANKING: Interstate Branching Boosted By Panel Vote, Dodd Shift
February 5 - COMMUNICATIONS: Senators Split With House Bill On Communications Overhaul
February 5 - EDUCATION: House Panel Rejects Shifting Money to Poor Schools
February 5 - ENVIRONMENT: Debate on Clean Water Act Echoes States' Fears
February 5 - FOREIGN AID: Lawmakers Resist Effort To End Earmarks for Countries
February 5 - PROVISIONS: Campaign Finance Bills Compared
February 5 - Reinventing Government: The First Target
February 5 - SECTION NOTES: Gonzalez Wavers Briefly On Whitewater Probe
February 5 - SECTION NOTES: Non-Indigenous Species Program OK'd by Panel
February 5 - SECTION NOTES: Senate Panel Approves Park Concession Bill
February 5 - SECTION NOTES: Simon Agrees To Fight TV Violence Bills
February 5 - STATE DEPARTMENT: Clinton Lifts Vietnam Trade Ban After Senate Provides Cover
February 5 - Supplemental Spending (chart)
February 5 - The Plans: Clinton vs. Cooper
February 5 - The Politics of Pruning Field Offices
February 5 - Vastly Different Reform Bills Put Delicate Votes at Risk
February 12 - A Budget Glossary
February 12 - A Calmer Budget Year Shaping Up
February 12 - Administration Economic Assumptions (chart)
February 12 - Clinton's Bid To Shift Priorities Constrained by Fiscal Limits
February 12 - CONSUMER CREDIT: Bill Restricting Credit Services Stalls in Banking Committee
February 12 - EDUCATION : School-to-Work Program Easily Passes Senate
February 12 - HAITI: Official Says Poor Are Getting Aid
February 12 - SECTION NOTES: Bill Seeks Increased Exports Of Anti-Pollution Devices
February 12 - SECTION NOTES: Entitlement Reform Group Begins Its Work
February 12 - SECTION NOTES: Senate Approves Measure To Strengthen Bridges
February 12 - SECTION NOTES: Senate Clears Grants To Assist Disabled
February 12 - SECTION NOTES: Tigert FDIC Nomination Moves to Full Senate
February 12 - SPECIAL REPORT -- FUNCTION BY FUNCTION: Transportation
February 12 - TRADE: Bill Would Support U.S. Companies
February 19 - Balancing the Budget Amendment (chart)
February 19 - BANKING: With Major Hurdle Gone, Prospects For Branching Bill Look Bright
February 19 - House Incumbents Raise Money At Record Rate for 1994
February 19 - Preview of Battles To Come
February 19 - PROVISIONS: Emergency Disaster Supplemental
February 19 - Telephone Geography (chart)
February 19 - Telephone Wars: Forcing Hill To Broker Information Age
February 19 - THE BUDGET: Potent Forces Arrayed Against Balanced-Budget Amendment
February 26 - BANKING: Bill on Interstate Branching Sails Through Senate Panel
February 26 - COMMUNICATIONS: Bill Advances To Nudge Industry To Get Schools Online
February 26 - Democrats as Divided as Ever On Eve of First Markup
February 26 - FEDERAL EMPLOYEES: Time Equals Money as Bill On Worker Buyouts Stalls
February 26 - Panel Approves Bill To Ease States' Clean Water Burden
February 26 - SECTION NOTES: Administration Scales Back Logging Proposal
February 26 - SECTION NOTES: Bill To Improve Boating Safety Gets Committee Approval
February 26 - SECTION NOTES: Committee OKs Bill To Curb Spread of Aquatic Pests
February 26 - SECTION NOTES: Gephardt Bill Seeks Reports On Trade With Japan
February 26 - SECTION NOTES: Greenspan Defends Increase In Interest Rates
February 26 - SECTION NOTES: House Labor Panel Approves Worker Monitoring Bill
February 26 - SECTION NOTES: Republican Senators Slam RTC, FDIC on Whitewater
February 26 - SECTION NOTES: Two Members Picked To Lead House Agriculture Panels
February 26 - SECTION NOTES: Workplace Technology Upgrade OK'd by Senate Committee
February 26 - What Opponents Seek
March 5 - 1994 COMMITTEE SUPPLEMENT: House Energy and Commerce Health Care Turf
March 5 - 1994 COMMITTEE SUPPLEMENT: House Post Office and Civil Service
March 5 - 1994 COMMITTEE SUPPLEMENT: House Post Office and Civil Service Health Care Turf
March 5 - 1994 COMMITTEE SUPPLEMENT: House Public Works and Transportation
March 5 - 1994 COMMITTEE SUPPLEMENT: House Science, Space and Technology
March 5 - 1994 COMMITTEE SUPPLEMENT: House Small Business
March 5 - 1994 COMMITTEE SUPPLEMENT: House Ways and Means
March 5 - 1994 COMMITTEE SUPPLEMENT: Senate Commerce, Science, Transportation
March 5 - 1994 COMMITTEE SUPPLEMENT: Senate Small Business
March 5 - A Calmer Budget Year
March 5 - A Fight Over Footing the Bill
March 5 - COMMUNICATIONS: Communications Overhaul Gets Panels' Approval
March 5 - CONSUMER CREDIT: Measure Restricting Credit Bureaus Approved Without GOP Support
March 5 - Delays Buy Time for Undecideds
March 5 - FOREIGN AFFAIRS: Anger Gives Way to Caution In Debate Over Russia Aid
March 5 - Four Voices Shaping the Debate
March 5 - HEALTH: GOP Seeks Unity To Bargain With Democrats
March 5 - House Budget Panel Leaves Clinton Plan Largely Intact
March 5 - HOUSE COMMITTEE SUPPLEMENT: House Merchant Marine and Fisheries
March 5 - Opposition May Be Too Strong For Super-Regulator Plan
March 5 - Regulation Proposals
March 5 - SECTION NOTES: Action on Mining Law Awaits Babbitt's Grazing Fee Plan
March 5 - SECTION NOTES: Bill Would Ease Banking Laws On Money-Laundering Reports
March 5 - SECTION NOTES: Bridge Funds May Be Used For Quake Protection
March 5 - SECTION NOTES: Clinton Moves To Reinstate Super 301 Trade Law
March 5 - SECTION NOTES: Environmental Technology Bill Advances in House
March 5 - SECTION NOTES: Republicans Vow To Delay Tigert's FDIC Nomination
March 5 - SECTION NOTES: Scientists Oppose Reliance On Captive Breeding
March 5 - SECTION NOTES: Subcommittee OKs Bill Allowing Sanctions on Foreign Banks
March 5 - The Key Battles
March 12 - A New Strain of Crop Insurance
March 12 - BANKING: Bill To Allow Interstate Branching Cruises Through House Panel
March 12 - COMMERCE: Shipping Subsidy Plan Unveiled
March 12 - Comparing Buyouts and Layoffs
March 12 - CORRECTION: Bank regulation players
March 12 - EDUCATION: Anti-Tobacco Programs Approved by House
March 12 - ENVIRONMENT: Panel Approves Limited Killing Of Dolphins and Seals
March 12 - FEDERAL EMPLOYEES: Worker Buyout Bill Embroiled In Anti-Crime Fund Debate
March 12 - FOREIGN POLICY: Export Restrictions May Be Eased
March 12 - GOP Budget Wins Some Respect
March 12 - GOP Filibuster Stalls Competitiveness Bill
March 12 - HAITI: Democrats Hit Administration Over Aristide's Ongoing Exile
March 12 - HEALTH: Subcommittee Takes First Step With Work on Stark Bill
March 12 - Helmsmen of the Probes
March 12 - How Medicare Works
March 12 - LABOR: More Jobless Aid Focus of Plan
March 12 - LABOR: Overhaul of Job Safety Law Gains Committee Approval
March 12 - New Revelations on Whitewater Revive GOP Call for Hearings
March 12 - SECTION NOTES: Bill Targeting Foreign Markets Clears Hurdle in House
March 12 - SECTION NOTES: House Committee Approves Bill On Money-Laundering Reports
March 12 - SECTION NOTES: Measure Meant To Encourage Commercial Loans Advances
March 12 - THE BUDGET: House Turns Away Alternatives, Approves Clinton Blueprint
March 19 - BANKING: Senate Passes Bill To Create Community Lending Fund
March 19 - CORRECTION: Mammal protection.
March 19 - GOVERNMENT OPERATIONS: House Democrats Aim To Sever Crime Fund From Buyout Bill
March 19 - Hearings on Whitewater Now a Certainty
March 19 - Markup Winners and Losers
March 19 - SECTION NOTES: Committee OKs Bill on Export Of Environmental Technology
March 19 - Senate Passes Pared-Back Bill To Nurture High-Tech Firms
March 19 - Small-Plane Liability Bill Casts a Big Shadow
March 19 - TECHNOLOGY: Science Policy Bill Advances
March 19 - TELECOMMUNICATIONS: Despite Compromises, Tug of War Over Phone Lines Continues
March 19 - THE BUDGET: House Leadership, Freshmen Key In Budget Amendment's Defeat
March 19 - TRADE: Congress, White House Agree China Has Yet To Earn MFN
March 26 - BANKING: House Passes Bill To Permit Interstate Bank Branching
March 26 - BANKING: Money-Laundering Bill Passes House
March 26 - Dingell Outline Softens Clinton Plan To Lure Energy Panel Democrats
March 26 - ENVIRONMENT: Stopgap Mammal Bill Is Passed After Congressional Deadlock
March 26 - FEDERAL EMPLOYEES: Helped Along by GOP Switch, Buyout Bill Wins Senate OK
March 26 - House OKs Whitewater Inquiry; Clinton Deflects New Charges
March 26 - Interference With RTC Probe Alleged
March 26 - Provisions of the Concessions Bill
March 26 - PUBLIC LANDS: Senate Votes for a Bigger Piece Of Park Concession Profits
March 26 - Pushing for 'Brady 2'
March 26 - Senate Approves '95 Budget Requiring Further Cuts
March 26 - Stark's Plan: Winners, Losers
March 26 - The Intellectual and the Scrapper
April 2 - COMMUNICATIONS: Clinton Pushes Clipper Chip Over Industry Objections
April 2 - Highlights of GATT Accord
April 2 - SECTION NOTES: Bill on Farmers Home Loans Wins Approval in Senate
April 2 - SECTION NOTES: Stopgap Marine Mammals Bill Gets Last-Minute Approval
April 2 - Super 301: An Ever-Popular Weapon
April 2 - The GATT Battleground Shifts From Geneva to Capitol Hill
April 9 - An Elusive Oversight Hearing
April 9 - BANKING: Gonzalez's Reluctance Complicates Whitewater Hearings Picture
April 9 - FOREIGN POLICY: Bid To Sell Jets to Pakistan May Provoke Fight on Hill
April 16 - AGRICULTURE: Bill To Reorganize Department Speeds Through Senate
April 16 - AGRICULTURE: Cut in Dairy Subsidy Barely Misses
April 16 - BANKING: New Controls on Hedge Funds Unnecessary, Regulators Say
April 16 - Critics of Defense Purchasing Say Congress Should Think Big
April 16 - DEVELOPMENT: Reauthorization Of Agency OK'd
April 16 - ENVIRONMENT: Discord Prompts Rep. Swift To Delay Superfund Action
April 16 - HEALTH: Centrist Mood Won't Stop Work on Liberal Plans
April 16 - HEALTH: Congress Moves to Middle On Overhaul Bills
April 16 - House Rejects Last-Ditch Move To Cut Spending Further
April 16 - Outsider Picked at Appropriations
April 16 - Pentagon Banking on Plans To Reinvent Procurement
April 16 - PUBLIC LANDS: Payment Increase For States OK'd
April 16 - SECTION NOTES: Bill on Foreign-Flag Ships Gets Panel Approval
April 16 - SECTION NOTES: Subcommittee Approves Bill On Navigational Safety
April 16 - SECTION NOTES: Wheeling Historical Area Fails in House
April 16 - Senate Clears Way for Bill On Desert Protection
April 23 - Bankruptcy Background
April 23 - HAITI: Democrats Push Clinton To Toughen Embargo
April 23 - PUBLIC LANDS: Panel OKs Park Concessions Bill; Small Operators Still at Issue
April 23 - SECTION NOTE: Canal Commission Bill Wins Panel Approval
April 23 - SECTION NOTE: Panel Approves Authorization Of Oceanic Administration
April 23 - Senate Makes a Breakthrough In Bankruptcy Overhaul
April 23 - TRANSPORTATION: Senate Passes Stopgap Measure So Airport Grants Can Resume
April 30 - AGRICULTURE: Clinton Pesticide Proposal Criticized All Around
April 30 - As China Deadline Approaches, Many See No Win on MFN
April 30 - BANKING: Senate Votes To Topple Barriers, OKs Interstate Branching
April 30 - ENVIRONMENT: Panel Approves Montana Plan
April 30 - IRAQ: House Approves Claim Payments
April 30 - Legislators Draw in the Reins On Environmental Rules
April 30 - Markup Moves Slowly
April 30 - Senate Panels Swiftly Approve Bill to Streamline Buying
April 30 - Speeding Toward Consolidation
April 30 - THE BUDGET: Congress Weighs Compromises On Budget, Spending Cuts
April 30 - The Price of Losing MFN
April 30 - U.S.-China Trade (chart)
April 30 - When Pictures Make Policy
May 7 - BANKING: Federal Reserve Nominee Blinder Warmly Received at Hearing
May 7 - COMMUNICATIONS: Panel Approves Satellite Bill
May 7 - CONSUMER CREDIT: After Compromise, Senate OKs Credit Bureau Oversight Bill
May 7 - Defining Weapons
May 7 - Fiscal 1995 Budget Resolution (chart)
May 7 - Mr. Machtley Makes Up His Mind
May 7 - President Broadly Criticized For Talk of Military Action
May 7 - PROVISIONS: Anti-Crime Bills Compared
May 7 - TRADE: President Presses For GATT Vote
May 7 - TRANSPORTATION: Amid Disputes Over Airport Bill, Gore Renews Air-Traffic Plan
May 14 - A Committee's Long Journey Toward a Highway Bill
May 14 - APPROPRIATIONS: Closing Funds Advance in House
May 14 - COMMERCE: House Approves Measure To Reauthorize EDA
May 14 - DRUGS: Senate Panel Votes To Restrict Diet Supplement Regulations
May 14 - ENVIRONMENT: Drinking-Water Bill Dispute Settled
May 14 - ENVIRONMENT: House Takes Action On Wilderness Bill
May 14 - ENVIRONMENT: Senate Passes Bill To Promote Anti-Pollution Technology
May 14 - HEALTH: Orphan Drug Bill OK'd by Panel
May 14 - HEALTH: Subcommittee Votes To Restrict Smoking in Most Buildings
May 14 - House Spending Allocations (chart)
May 14 - Keen Eyes for Highway Money
May 14 - Key 'Superfund' Issues
May 14 - Rostenkowski Sets Markup To Get Panel on Track
May 14 - SECTION NOTES: Bill Would Ban Sea Disposal Of Radioactive Waste
May 14 - SECTION NOTES: Building Restoration Backed For Black Colleges
May 14 - SECTION NOTES: Congress To Consider Toy Safety Labeling
May 14 - SECTION NOTES: Hearings Begin in Judiciary On Light Plane Liability
May 14 - SECTION NOTES: House Committee Approves Workplace Standards
May 14 - SECTION NOTES: NOAA Bill Includes Funds For Student Program
May 14 - SECTION NOTES: Senate Approves Continuation Of Ecosystem Programs
May 14 - SPECIAL REPORT: The Information Arena
May 14 - SPECIAL REPORT: The Information Arena 1994 Communications Bills -- Provisions
May 14 - SPECIAL REPORT: The Information Arena About This Issue
May 14 - SPECIAL REPORT: The Information Arena COMPETITION: Economy Will Benefit From Deregulation; Question Is, How Much?
May 14 - SPECIAL REPORT: The Information Arena Contrasting Models: Two States Blaze Trails On High-Tech Frontier
May 14 - SPECIAL REPORT: The Information Arena INFORMATION NETWORK: Congress Tries To Merge Public Goals With Industry Interests
May 14 - SPECIAL REPORT: The Information Arena JUST BETWEEN US: The Promises Of New Technologies Also Pose A Threat To Personal Privacy
May 14 - SPECIAL REPORT: The Information Arena Players: Combatants on the Front Line
May 14 - SPECIAL REPORT: The Information Arena THE MARKET FORCE -- Competition: Four Experts Debate When and How
May 14 - SPECIAL REPORT: The Information Arena THE SOCIAL COMPACT: Lawmakers wrestle with how best to guarantee service for all
May 14 - State by State (chart)
May 14 - Subcommittee Approves Plan To Revise 'Superfund'
May 14 - THE BUDGET: Budget Resolution Now Final After Senate's Vote
May 14 - Tight Caps and Tough Choices Await Appropriators
May 21 - APPROPRIATIONS: Clinton Not the Only One Stung by Money Crunch
May 21 - As Deadline Nears, Pressure Builds For Clinton To Punish China
May 21 - Bipartisan Deal on Benefits Gives Boost to Overhaul
May 21 - Critical Report Fuels Drive To Regulate Derivatives
May 21 - ENVIRONMENT: Senate Overwhelmingly Approves Drinking Water Law Overhaul
May 21 - Highway Bill Complicated By Used-Tire Debate
May 21 - House Panel Approves Measure On Creating National Parks
May 21 - PUBLIC LANDS: House Names Negotiators On Mining Law Overhaul
May 21 - SECTION NOTES: House Panel Approves Bill To Disclose Radon Threat
May 21 - SECTION NOTES: Legislation on Analyzing Costs Of EPA Rules Wins Panel OK
May 21 - SECTION NOTES: Subcommittee Approves Bill On Energy Research Labs
May 21 - Supporters of Aircraft Carrier Cutting Through Choppy Sea
May 21 - THE BUDGET: House Deficit Hawks Propose Changes in Budget Process
May 21 - The Major Types of Derivatives
May 21 - The Top 10 (chart)
May 21 - TRADE: Panel OKs Tougher Export Act
May 21 - TRANSPORTATION: Temporary Airport Funding Cleared for President
May 28 - A Victory for Trucking Industry
May 28 - Amendments Entangle Labor Panel, Slowing Its Momentum
May 28 - APPROPRIATIONS: Discretionary Funding Takes Hit As Panel OKs Agriculture Bill
May 28 - Bill Highlights
May 28 - COMMERCE: Shipping 'Subsidy' Wins Panel OK
May 28 - CORRECTION: Assault Weapons Ban
May 28 - Cutbacks in Nuclear Research Get Committee Approval
May 28 - Debate Over Replacement Rule Exposes Division on Housing
May 28 - Energy-Water Development Spending (chart)
May 28 - Gibbons Waits His Turn
May 28 - House Draft Bill Steamrolls Clinton's Highway Hopes
May 28 - HOUSING: Crime Issue Animates Debate Over Public Housing Bill
May 28 - Major Funding Sources
May 28 - Panel Enhances Premium Subsidies, Adds More Benefits to Measure
May 28 - REGULATION: Senate Clears Toy Safety Bill For President's Signature
May 28 - SECTION NOTES: Authorization of Amtrak Gets Panel Approval
May 28 - SECTION NOTES: Banking Committee Approves Blinder Nomination to Fed
May 28 - SECTION NOTES: Bill To Improve Care For Minorities OK'd
May 28 - SECTION NOTES: Five Regulators Urge Caution In Derivatives Legislation
May 28 - SECTION NOTES: House OKs Bill for Work On Medical Facilities
May 28 - SECTION NOTES: Key Panel Begins Hearings On Clean Water Law
May 28 - SECTION NOTES: Senate Banking Advances Export Act Renewal
May 28 - SECTION NOTES: Senate OKs Continued Funding For King Holiday Commission
May 28 - SECTION NOTES: Subcommittee Approves Coast Guard Bill
May 28 - SOCIAL SECURITY: Senate Cleans Up Nanny Tax
May 28 - State by State (chart)
May 28 - The Unspoken Expense Of the Highway Bill
May 28 - TRADE: Renewal of China's MFN Status Angers Some Lawmakers
June 4 - BANKING: Treasury Gives Up on Its Plan To Consolidate Regulators
June 11 - 'Reinventing Government' Piecemeal
June 11 - AGRICULTURE: Pared-Back Appropriations Bill OK'd by House Committee
June 11 - AGRICULTURE: Proposed Dairy Export Board Would Boost Domestic Prices
June 11 - APPROPRIATIONS: More Quake Relief Sought by Clinton
June 11 - APPROPRIATIONS: Peacekeeping Debt Dispute Taken Up Again in Private
June 11 - APPROPRIATIONS: Space Station's Fight for Life Backed Anew by Committee
June 11 - Carr's Transportation Bill Draws Fire From Within
June 11 - Digital Piracy
June 11 - ENERGY: House Committee Supports Change in Labs' Mission
June 11 - EXECUTIVE BRANCH: Whitewater Talks Break Down; GOP Threatens Gridlock
June 11 - Gibbons' Compromise Health Bill Gets Good Marks From CBO
June 11 - HAITI: Give Sanctions Time To Bite, Gray Tells Lawmakers
June 11 - House Takes Up Desert Bill But Delays Final Action
June 11 - HUMAN SERVICES: Proposal Limits Fat In School Lunches
June 11 - Key Committees Bear Down On Overhaul Proposals
June 11 - Key Users Question Safety Of Information Highway
June 11 - Moynihan Plan a Starting Point
June 11 - Panel Approves One-Year Freeze On New Mining Patents
June 11 - PROCUREMENT: Senate Approves Legislation To Streamline Purchasing
June 11 - Results of June 7 Primaries Nationwide
June 11 - SECTION NOTES: African-American Museum Approved by Panel
June 11 - SECTION NOTES: Subcommittee Puts Off Action On Federal Worker Benefits
June 11 - Subcommittee Becomes First Panel To Approve Single-Payer Plan
June 11 - Transportation Appropriations (chart)
June 11 - TRANSPORTATION: Whitewater Distraction Stalls Work on Airport Legislation
June 11 - VETERANS: Senate Ready for Showdown On VHA Staff Exemption
June 11 - WHAT'S AHEAD: Whitewater Undertow Drags Senate Action
June 18 - APPROPRIATIONS: Energy, Water Bill Passes With Fusion Funds Intact
June 18 - APPROPRIATIONS: House Approves Agriculture Bill With Cuts in Some Programs
June 18 - APPROPRIATIONS: Unauthorized Project Funding Could Snare Interior Bill
June 18 - AVIATION: Airport Program Renewal OK'd
June 18 - Commerce-Justice-State Spending (chart)
June 18 - COMMERCE: Bill Would Aid Small Businesses Hurt by Defense Cutbacks
June 18 - COMMERCE: Fishing Bill Tries To Get Even In Fee Dispute With Canada
June 18 - CONSUMER CREDIT: Credit Act Update Passes House After Key Hurdles Cleared
June 18 - Cost-Projecting Bill Targets Unfunded Federal Fiats
June 18 - Entitlement Reform Panel Convenes in Pessimism
June 18 - ENVIRONMENT: GOP Tactics Slow Momentum Of California Desert Bill
June 18 - EXPORT CONTROLS: Panels OK Renewal Of Export Act
June 18 - GOVERNMENT OPERATIONS: Treasury-Postal Bill Is Stage For Pay Raise Dispute
June 18 - How Triggers Would Work
June 18 - Kasich Scores A Victory As House Cuts Spending
June 18 - KOREA: Senate Cautiously Prods Clinton On Handling of Nuclear Crisis
June 18 - Member Projects Harder To Finance
June 18 - Panel Backs Reorganization On Rare Party-Line Vote
June 18 - PATENTS: Bill Would Protect Unique Processes
June 18 - PRODUCT LIABILITY: Small-Plane Liability Measure Clears Longtime Obstacle
June 18 - Projects Spurned Last Year Are Back
June 18 - PUBLIC LANDS: Mining Talks To Begin
June 18 - SECTION NOTES: Bill Would Give Post Office Inspector General Position
June 18 - SECTION NOTES: Ethics Office Reauthorization Gets Committee Approval
June 18 - SECTION NOTES: Fitz-Pegado Confirmed For Commerce Post
June 18 - SECTION NOTES: House Panel Calls for Cut In Steamtown Funding
June 18 - SECTION NOTES: Purchasing Overhaul Bill Slated for House Action
June 18 - SPENDING CUTS: As 'A to Z' Bandwagon Rolls On, Leadership Strikes a Deal
June 18 - Tally Sheet (chart)
June 18 - TRADE: Leaders Introduce China Sanctions
June 18 - Triggers: Ready, Aim ... Not Yet
June 18 - University Earmarks on Decline
June 25 - A Rein on Liability Claims
June 25 - AGRICULTURE: Mandatory Crop Insurance Bill Would End 'Disaster Scramble'
June 25 - ANTITRUST: Bill To Avert Baseball Strike Thrown Out by Senate Panel
June 25 - Appeal of 'A to Z' Puts Leaders In a Precarious Position
June 25 - APPROPRIATIONS: Commerce, Justice, State Bill Heeds Clinton Requests
June 25 - APPROPRIATIONS: Defeating Efforts at Cutbacks, House Passes Interior Bill
June 25 - APPROPRIATIONS: Focusing on D.C.'s Fiscal Woes, Committee OKs Spending Bill
June 25 - APPROPRIATIONS: Mortgage Funds Get Boost From Senate
June 25 - APPROPRIATIONS: Panel Approves Agriculture Bill Relying on FDA User Fees
June 25 - APPROPRIATIONS: Science Projects May Take Hits In Energy and Water Bill
June 25 - APPROPRIATIONS: Space Station Debate Ensured By Panel's Vote To Fund It
June 25 - COMMUNICATIONS: Chairmen Agree, Speeding Telecommunications Bills
June 25 - Debate Over Limiting Lawsuits Nears Emotional Showdown
June 25 - ENVIRONMENT: Bill OK'd To Limit Waste Transport
June 25 - EXECUTIVE BRANCH: On Party Lines, Senate Rejects GOP's Whitewater Proposal
June 25 - HEALTH: Latest FDA Tobacco Testimony Suggests Regulation Is Near
June 25 - HOUSING: Chambers Differ on How Big An FHA Loan Can Be
June 25 - How Mr. Z Found Mr. A
June 25 - Immortality Through Earmarks
June 25 - Legislative History
June 25 - Moderates on Senate Finance Panel Offer a '95 Percent' Solution
June 25 - NUCLEAR FACILITIES: Senate NRC Bill Adds Penalties
June 25 - Panel Democrats Hold Together Despite Wrangles Over Benefits
June 25 - PROCUREMENT: Small-Business Vote Delayed
June 25 - PUBLIC LANDS: Wilderness Bill Advances
June 25 - SECTION NOTES: Inspector General Approved By Post Office Panel
June 25 - SECTION NOTES: Shipbuilding Incentive Bill Exits Subcommittee
June 25 - SECTION NOTES: Steamtown Museum Cutbacks Win Committee Approval
June 25 - Sneak Attack
June 25 - The Deficit: Better Than Expected
July 2 - AGRICULTURE: Crop Insurance Bill Advances After Battle Over Subsidies
July 2 - ANTITRUST: Pearl Jam Packs the House With Ticket Complaints
July 2 - APPROPRIATIONS: House Passes $249.7 Billion For Labor-HHS Spending
July 2 - APPROPRIATIONS: Senate Approves Energy Bill, Preserving Metal Reactor
July 2 - APPROPRIATIONS: Space Station Bounces Back With Strong House Vote
July 2 - Bill To Streamline Purchasing Gains House Approval
July 2 - CANADA: Fishing Bill Says: Let's Get Even
July 2 - COMMUNICATIONS: Panel Approves Satellite Bill
July 2 - Cut Requests Rebuffed
July 2 - EXECUTIVE BRANCH: First Phase of Whitewater Probe Yields No Criminal Charges
July 2 - GOP Senators Backing Dole Plan
July 2 - GOVERNMENT OPERATIONS: OKs Change In Type of Ink
July 2 - Hearings Take Shape at Banking Panels
July 2 - High Court Sends Cable Case Back
July 2 - Highlights of Liability Bill
July 2 - Highlights of the Gibbons Bill
July 2 - NASA's Timetable
July 2 - New Telecommunications Age Hits a Snag in the Senate
July 2 - PRODUCT LIABILITY: Filibuster Halts Liability Bill; Supporters Look to 1995
July 2 - Rivlin Brings Independent Streak To Director's Chair at OMB
July 2 - SECTION NOTES: Banking Panel Approves Funds For Third World Lenders
July 2 - SECTION NOTES: Coast Guard Renewal Bill Sets Drug-Fighting Threshold
July 2 - SECTION NOTES: Holocaust Survivor Bill Approved by Panel
July 2 - SECTION NOTES: House OKs Postal Service Bill Adding Independent Inspector
July 2 - SECTION NOTES: In Mock Markup, Trade Panel Shows Support for GATT
July 2 - SECTION NOTES: Measure Would Let Ex-Im Bank Finance Defense Purchases
July 2 - SECTION NOTES: Propane Bill Would Promote Research and Development
July 2 - SECTION NOTES: Senate Clears Agricultural Bill; New Fees Target Shortfall
July 2 - SECTION NOTES: Senate Foreign Relations Panel Backs Biodiversity Treaty
July 2 - SECTION NOTES: Ways and Means Rejects Bill To Revoke MFN for China
July 2 - Small-Aircraft Liability Bill Glides Through House
July 2 - The Bills' Key Differences
July 2 - THE BUDGET: Gephardt Pledges Votes on Cuts As 'A to Z' Holds at 204 Signers
July 2 - The New Space Station
July 9 - Big Decisions Now on Shoulders Of House, Senate Leaders
July 9 - DEFENSE AUTHORIZATION: House, Senate Bills Disagree On B-2 Bomber's Future
July 9 - Four Bells Ask Judge To Lift Restraints on Competition
July 9 - LABOR: Senate Foes Likely To Derail Striker Replacement Bill
July 9 - Pulling the 'Soft Trigger'
July 9 - Two Long-Awaited Banking Bills Readied for the Final Stretch
July 16 - '94 Spending Process Serves Up Disappointment for Everyone
July 16 - APPROPRIATIONS: Congress Orders District To Reduce Budget
July 16 - APPROPRIATIONS: Despite Complaints, Committee OKs Transportation Bill
July 16 - APPROPRIATIONS: Senate Passes $8.84 Billion Bill With Guard Funds Added
July 16 - Breyer's Business Risks
July 16 - CLARIFICATION: Community Development Banks
July 16 - CLARIFICATION: Local Telephone Facts
July 16 - Clinton's Investment Proposals (chart)
July 16 - COMMERCE: Fishing Treaty Talks Resume; Canada Stops Fee Collection
July 16 - ENVIRONMENT: House OKs Renewal Of Rockfish Law
July 16 - EXECUTIVE BRANCH: Delaying Probe, Fiske Requests Later Whitewater Hearings
July 16 - House Passes Strong Rescissions Bill
July 16 - Industry Is a House Divided Over FHA Loan Expansion
July 16 - LABOR: Senate Rejects Striker Bill; More Action Unlikely
July 16 - Leaders Signal Readiness To Deal On Employer Mandates
July 16 - Local Telephone Facts
July 16 - Military Construction (chart)
July 16 - Miller in the Middle
July 16 - Regional Companies Warn Of Higher Phone Bills
July 16 - Scaled-Down Desert Legislation Ready for House Passage
July 16 - SECTION NOTES: Authorization of FCC Wins Subcommittee Approval
July 16 - SECTION NOTES: House OKs Authorization Of Steamtown Site
July 16 - SECTION NOTES: House Panel Approves Bill On Small Business Agency
July 16 - SECTION NOTES: House Puts Treasury Bill Back in Hands of Senate
July 16 - SECTION NOTES: Subcommittee Approves NASA Authorization
July 16 - THE DEFICIT: White House, CBO Both Foresee Lower Deficits for '94 and '95
July 16 - TRADE: Clinton Seeks Action on GATT Pact, Proposes Financing Package
July 23 - Administration Sticks With Clipper
July 23 - AGRICULTURE: Insurance Bill to Farmers: Get With the Program
July 23 - ANTITRUST: Insurers Back Brooks' Repeal Of Antitrust Exemption
July 23 - APPROPRIATIONS: Crime Funding Moving Ahead In Commerce-Justice Bill
July 23 - APPROPRIATIONS: Labor-HHS Spending Bill Moves to Senate Floor
July 23 - APPROPRIATIONS: Transportation Bill Approved After Symbolic Challenge
July 23 - Banking Provisions Catch a Ride On Community Lending Bill
July 23 - BANKING: Conferees Stall On Two Major Bills, Holding Up Banking Agenda
July 23 - BANKING: House Approves Energy Panel's Bill on Insurance 'Redlining'
July 23 - CAMPAIGN FINANCE: Incumbents' Cash Advantage
July 23 - COMMERCE: Final Action Nears On FTC Renewal
July 23 - Computer Exports Would Gain
July 23 - Cost Containment Next Hurdle As Overhaul Moves to Floor
July 23 - Critics Fear GATT May Declare Open Season on U.S. Laws
July 23 - Dairy Price Supports To Be Weakened
July 23 - Dole's Call for Competition
July 23 - ENERGY: Panel Approves Elimination Of U.S. Helium Program
July 23 - ENVIRONMENT: Subcommittee Approves Bill On Solid Waste Shipments
July 23 - EXECUTIVE BRANCH: As Whitewater Hearings Begin, Members Brace for Fireworks
July 23 - Flurry of Proposals Hits Communications Law
July 23 - HOUSING: House Passes Reauthorization After Fight Over Aliens
July 23 - Keeping the Fighting Edge: Monitoring Vital Signs
July 23 - LABOR/ECONOMIC AFFAIRS: Administration Urges Congress To Push Pension Bill
July 23 - LABOR: Ways and Means Subcommittee OKs Job Retraining Bill
July 23 - Leaders Tell Clinton Measure Must Have Slower Approach
July 23 - Leadership Perks
July 23 - Next Phase of Whitewater Probe Involves a Tangle of Issues in Arkansas
July 23 - Panels Tackle Fast Track, Financing
July 23 - PUBLIC LANDS: Alternate Park Plan Advances in House
July 23 - REGULATION: Utility Companies Bill Advances
July 23 - SECTION NOTES: Amtrak, Railroad Safety Bills Advance in House
July 23 - SECTION NOTES: Authorization for NASA Advances in House
July 23 - SECTION NOTES: Baucus Urges Flexibility In Superfund Overhaul
July 23 - SECTION NOTES: Competing Oil Stockpile Bills Get Energy Panels' OKs
July 23 - SECTION NOTES: House Votes More Funds For Loan Programs
July 23 - SECTION NOTES: Science Committee Approves NOAA Authorization
July 23 - SECURITIES: House Bill Boosts Stock Exchanges
July 23 - SOCIAL SECURITY: Conference OKs Bill Creating Independent Agency
July 23 - SPECIAL REPORT: $575 Million Project Is Heart Of Clinton Conversion Effort
July 23 - Storming the Capital
July 23 - THE BUDGET: Social Security Still Untouchable As House Targets Entitlements
July 23 - The Cutting Edge
July 23 - TRADE: Members Near Compromise On 'Dual-Use' Exports
July 23 - Transportation (chart)
July 30 - After Lopsided House Approval, Desert Bill Awaits Conference
July 30 - AGRICULTURE: Panel Approves Pesticide Bill Allowing 'Negligible' Risk
July 30 - APPROPRIATIONS: Military Construction Measure Boosts Domestic Projects
July 30 - Avoiding Most Controversies, Senate Passes Interior Bill
July 30 - BANKING: Conferees Iron Out Final Knots, Combine Two Major Bills
July 30 - Battle Over Medicare Part C Plan
July 30 - Chances for Overhaul in Doubt As Time for Action Dwindles
July 30 - Commerce-Justice-State Spending (chart)
July 30 - COMMERCE: Ways and Means Approves New Maritime Subsidies
July 30 - Committee OKs Proposal To Allow Private Workers in Federal Plan
July 30 - Crackdown on Phone Fraud Awaits Senate Approval
July 30 - Defining the Terms
July 30 - EDUCATION: Funding Formula, Prayer Issue Hold Up Senate Action
July 30 - ENVIRONMENT: Bill Is Passed To Require Sellers To Tell Home Buyers of Radon
July 30 - For Jordan, Peace Is Its Own Reward
July 30 - FOREIGN AID: U.S. Steps Up Rwandan Relief As Lawmakers Assail Pace
July 30 - HEALTH: Leaders Using Fervent Approach To Convert Wavering Members
July 30 - Key Provisions of Gephardt Plan
July 30 - LABOR: Boxing Regulation Board Approved by Panel
July 30 - Military Construction (chart)
July 30 - NEA's Brushes With Controversy
July 30 - PUBLIC LANDS: House Passes Bill To Revamp Park Concessions Policy
July 30 - Punishing Session Awaits Altman
July 30 - Ready for the Regulatory Game, The Bells Await Starting Time
July 30 - Resolving the Issues
July 30 - Rostenkowski Case Exposes Ambiguous Expense Rules
July 30 - SBA Bill Proceeds To House Floor
July 30 - SECTION NOTES: 'Green Technology' Bill Passes, Requires Risk Assessment
July 30 - SECTION NOTES: Committee Votes To Eliminate Federal Helium Program
July 30 - SECTION NOTES: Panel Approves Restrictions On 'Orphan' Drug Rights
July 30 - SECTION NOTES: Panel Votes To Include U.S. In Accelerator Plans
July 30 - Senate Panel Narrowly OKs GATT Financing Package
July 30 - The Fifth Death of the Fair Trade Bill
July 30 - Trade Panel To Regain Power To Curb 'Unfair' Advertising
July 30 - TRADE: Committee Rejects China Sanctions
July 30 - Witnesses Fend Off GOP's Jabs As Whitewater Hearings Open
August 6 - 'King of the Hill'
August 6 - AGRICULTURE: House Passes Bill To Overhaul Crop Insurance Program
August 6 - APPROPRIATIONS: Conferees Cut Nuclear Reactor From Energy and Water Bill
August 6 - APPROPRIATIONS: Senate Rejects Cutbacks For Public Broadcasting
August 6 - Assistance Experiments
August 6 - BANKING: House Approves Interstate, Community Lending Bills
August 6 - COMMERCE: House Bill Gives New Boost To Maritime Subsidies
August 6 - COMMUNICATIONS: More Funds OK'd For FCC
August 6 - Contentious Health Care Debate Puts Gephardt Style to Stiff Test
August 6 - Corn Growers Preserve Earmark Energy Rule
August 6 - CQ ROUNDTABLE: Tradition of Frustration Will Greet Rivlin
August 6 - Despite Advances, Superfund Heads for More Hurdles
August 6 - DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA: Conferees Agree To Cut Federal Payment
August 6 - ENERGY: Alternative Energy Gets a Boost
August 6 - ENVIRONMENT: Taking a New Road To Mining Reform
August 6 - Food Stamp Experiments Spark Welfare Debate
August 6 - Foreign Aid and Favored Nations
August 6 - GOVERNMENT OPERATIONS: Clinton, Congress Strain to Limit Unfunded Federal Mandates
August 6 - GOVERNMENT OPERATIONS: Panel Reauthorizes JFK Commission
August 6 - GOVERNMENT OPERATIONS: Senate Panel Renews, Revises Paperwork Reduction Act
August 6 - HEALTH: Orphan Drug Bill Gets Panel OK
August 6 - Home -State Interests Prevail As Ethanol Rule Squeaks By
August 6 - Judiciary Panel OKs Provisions On Malpractice, Antitrust
August 6 - Key Differences in the Bills
August 6 - Mitchell Aims for 95 Percent
August 6 - Mitchell's Arm-Twisting Efforts Focus On 10 'Undecided' Democrats
August 6 - PRODUCT LIABILITY: Small-Airplane Bill Cleared
August 6 - SECTION NOTES: Bill Offers Small Business Relaxed Securities Rules
August 6 - SECTION NOTES: Military Construction Bill Nears Final Approval
August 6 - SECTION NOTES: Telemarketing Bill Targets Scams
August 6 - SECURITIES: Stock Exchange Bill Passes House
August 6 - Senate Passes School Aid Bill But Shifts Funding Formula
August 6 - Stories Conflict, Tempers Flare In Marathon Week of Hearings
August 6 - TELECOMMUNICATIONS: Competing Voices in Bell Debate Are Coming in Loud and Clear
August 6 - TRADE: Senate Finance OKs GATT Pact, Drops Fast-Track Extension
August 6 - TRANSPORTATION: Congress Prepares To Lighten Truckers' Regulatory Load
August 6 - TRANSPORTATION: Panel Switches High-Speed Rail To Slower Funding Track
August 6 - Troublesome Talks: A Chronology Of White House-Treasury Contacts
August 6 - VETERANS: House Approves Veterans' Bills
August 6 - WHAT'S AHEAD: Health Care Comes Front and Center
August 6 - With Outcome Still Uncertain, Members Face Critical Vote
August 13 - 'Retrospective' Tax Proposal Snarls Superfund Rewrite
August 13 - A Mixed Review From CBO
August 13 - APPROPRIATIONS: Few Sparks Fly as Congress Clears Energy Bill
August 13 - APPROPRIATIONS: Senate Passes Labor-HHS Bill; Measure Goes to Conference
August 13 - BANKING: Bill Redistributes Unclaimed Funds
August 13 - BANKING: Community Lending Bill Clears; Interstate Branching Held Up
August 13 - Bill Seeks Impact Studies For Future Trade Deals
August 13 - COMMERCE: Bill To Help High-Tech Business Snagged on Two Provisions
August 13 - COMMERCE: Senate Panel OKs SBA Renewal
August 13 - CORRECTION: Health Care
August 13 - CORRECTION: Unfunded mandates
August 13 - Democrats' Defeat Raises Specter of Gridlock
August 13 - ENERGY: House Passes Bill Easing Oil Law
August 13 - ENVIRONMENT: Bills Seek Uniform Protection For U.S. Wildlife Refuges
August 13 - ENVIRONMENT: Committee Endorses EPA Study Of Indoor Air Pollution
August 13 - ENVIRONMENT: Panel Moves To Stem Poaching Of Rhinos and Tigers
August 13 - ENVIRONMENT: Senate Passes Bill On Waste Hauling
August 13 - GOVERNMENT OPERATIONS: Panel Approves Mandates Bill
August 13 - Highlights of Revised Bill
August 13 - House Delays Health Care Debate As Leaders Plot Strategy
August 13 - House Moderates Offer Plan
August 13 - House Upholds Favored Status For China, Rejects Sanctions
August 13 - HOUSING: Weatherization Bill Gets House OK
August 13 - INDIAN AFFAIRS: Despite Opposition, Panel OKs Bill Protecting Indian Sites
August 13 - LABOR/ECONOMICS: Bill To Tighten Pension Rules Heading to House Floor
August 13 - Panel Attempts To Balance Fishing Industry Rules
August 13 - SECTION NOTES: 'Made in America' Hotline Passes House
August 13 - SECTION NOTES: Bills on Space Agency Grants, Bumper Safety Win Approval
August 13 - SECTION NOTES: House Authorizes Programs On Railroad Safety
August 13 - SECTION NOTES: Maritime Authorization Gets Panel Approval
August 13 - SECTION NOTES: Military Construction Bill Wins Final Approval
August 13 - SECTION NOTES: Panel OKs Bill To Strengthen Child Support Enforcement
August 13 - SECTION NOTES: Panel OKs Plan To Find Jobs For FBI Fingerprint Workers
August 13 - SECTION NOTES: Republicans State Objections As Bill on Lead Advances
August 13 - SECTION NOTES: Senate Approves Renewal Of Homeless Program
August 13 - SECTION NOTES: Senate Finally Clears FTC Reauthorization
August 13 - SECTION NOTES: Senate Votes To Extend Life Of JFK Commission
August 13 - SECTION NOTES: U.S.-Built Ships Would Be A Must for Cruise Lines
August 13 - Senate Sponsors Reinforce Communications Bill
August 13 - SOCIAL SECURITY: 10 Years Later, House Clears Bill To Make Agency Independent
August 13 - SPACE: House OKs Checks on Russia In Space Station Venture
August 13 - TELECOMMUNICATIONS: Bills Would Ensure Wiretap Access
August 13 - THE BUDGET: House OKs Procedural Change To Spending Comparisons
August 13 - TRANSPORTATION: Airport Funding Measure Heads to President
August 13 - TRANSPORTATION: Bill Would Extend Smoking Ban
August 13 - TRANSPORTATION: Stage Is Set for Battle Over Highway Bill
August 13 - WHITEWATER: Schedule for Hearings Is Unclear As Starr Takes Over Probe
August 20 - AGRICULTURE: Plant Varieties Bill Gets House OK
August 20 - AGRICULTURE: Plant Varieties Bill Gets House OK
August 20 - APPROPRIATIONS: Dispute Over FDA User Fees Highlights Budget Squeeze
August 20 - APPROPRIATIONS: Dispute Over FDA User Fees Highlights Budget Squeeze
August 20 - Bills Would Give FCC Primacy In Fostering Competition
August 20 - Commerce-Justice-State Spending (chart)
August 20 - COMMERCE: Senate Passes SBA Renewal
August 20 - COMMUNICATIONS: House Approves Bill On Retransmissions
August 20 - CORRECTION: Campaign finance regulations
August 20 - ENVIRONMENT: Panel Addresses Waste Flow Between and Within States
August 20 - ENVIRONMENT: Superfund Bill Goes to House With Compromise on Taxes
August 20 - HEALTH: Dietary Supplement Bill Faces A Tough Time in the House
August 20 - HEALTH: Dietary Supplement Bill Faces A Tough Time in the House
August 20 - INTERIOR: House Passes Bill To Provide For Upkeep of Presidio Post
August 20 - Overhaul Won't End Superfund Woes
August 20 - SECTION NOTES: FEMA's Focus Would Shift To Natural Disasters
August 20 - SECTION NOTES: High-Speed Rail Bills Pass House, Senate
August 20 - SECTION NOTES: House Votes To Authorize Research Programs
August 20 - Section Notes: Railroad Jobless Bill Passes House
August 20 - Status of Appropriations: 103rd
August 20 - TELECOMMUNICATIONS/LEGAL AFFAIRS: Wiretap Access Bill Advances As Funding Qualms Sidelined
August 20 - TRADE: Key Panel Moves GATT Pact; Conference Talks Begin
August 20 - TRANSPORTATION: Safety Program Bill Clears House
August 20 - WHITEWATER: Altman, Once a Rising Star, Resigns at Treasury
August 27 - A Call for Weapons Cuts
August 27 - Bill To Simplify Purchasing Wins Senate Approval
August 27 - HEALTH: Prospects for Major Overhaul Fade as Senate Goes Home
August 27 - RECESS NOTES: Senate Approves FOIA Bill Covering Computer Files
August 27 - RECESS NOTES: Senate Passes Legislation On Child Nutrition
September 10 - Bank Scandal Still a Factor in '94
September 10 - Chances for Limited Measure Slight As Congress Returns
September 10 - SPECIAL LEGISLATIVE OUTLOOK: An Opportunity Lost?
September 10 - SPECIAL LEGISLATIVE OUTLOOK: Antitrust Revisions
September 10 - SPECIAL LEGISLATIVE OUTLOOK: Aviation Industry
September 10 - SPECIAL LEGISLATIVE OUTLOOK: Bankruptcy Overhaul
September 10 - SPECIAL LEGISLATIVE OUTLOOK: Bosnia-Herzegovina
September 10 - SPECIAL LEGISLATIVE OUTLOOK: Cabinet-Level Status for the EPA
September 10 - SPECIAL LEGISLATIVE OUTLOOK: California Desert Protection
September 10 - SPECIAL LEGISLATIVE OUTLOOK: Community Development Lending
September 10 - SPECIAL LEGISLATIVE OUTLOOK: Crop Insurance
September 10 - SPECIAL LEGISLATIVE OUTLOOK: Defense Conversion
September 10 - SPECIAL LEGISLATIVE OUTLOOK: Endangered Species Act
September 10 - SPECIAL LEGISLATIVE OUTLOOK: Export Controls
September 10 - SPECIAL LEGISLATIVE OUTLOOK: Fair Credit Reporting Act Update
September 10 - SPECIAL LEGISLATIVE OUTLOOK: Fair Trade in Financial Services
September 10 - SPECIAL LEGISLATIVE OUTLOOK: Fishing Regulations
September 10 - SPECIAL LEGISLATIVE OUTLOOK: Health Care Overhaul
September 10 - SPECIAL LEGISLATIVE OUTLOOK: High-Technology Competition
September 10 - SPECIAL LEGISLATIVE OUTLOOK: Insurance 'Redlining'
September 10 - SPECIAL LEGISLATIVE OUTLOOK: Interstate Banking and Branching
September 10 - SPECIAL LEGISLATIVE OUTLOOK: Job Retraining
September 10 - SPECIAL LEGISLATIVE OUTLOOK: Major Domestic Bills Had Bipartisan Support
September 10 - SPECIAL LEGISLATIVE OUTLOOK: Maritime Industry
September 10 - SPECIAL LEGISLATIVE OUTLOOK: Mining Law Overhaul
September 10 - SPECIAL LEGISLATIVE OUTLOOK: National Highway System
September 10 - SPECIAL LEGISLATIVE OUTLOOK: Old-Growth Forests and Spotted Owls
September 10 - SPECIAL LEGISLATIVE OUTLOOK: Pesticide Regulation
September 10 - SPECIAL LEGISLATIVE OUTLOOK: Product Liability
September 10 - SPECIAL LEGISLATIVE OUTLOOK: Safe Drinking Water
September 10 - SPECIAL LEGISLATIVE OUTLOOK: School-To-Work Transition
September 10 - SPECIAL LEGISLATIVE OUTLOOK: Social Security Tax on Domestics
September 10 - SPECIAL LEGISLATIVE OUTLOOK: Solid Waste Management
September 10 - SPECIAL LEGISLATIVE OUTLOOK: Space Station
September 10 - SPECIAL LEGISLATIVE OUTLOOK: State Department Authorization
September 10 - SPECIAL LEGISLATIVE OUTLOOK: Striker Replacement
September 10 - SPECIAL LEGISLATIVE OUTLOOK: Telecommunications Competition
September 10 - SPECIAL LEGISLATIVE OUTLOOK: Trucking Deregulation
September 10 - SPECIAL LEGISLATIVE OUTLOOK: Water Pollution
September 10 - WHAT'S AHEAD: Health Care, Purchasing Among the Top Items
September 17 - A History of Hard Feelings
September 17 - BANKING: Nationwide Branching Bill Finally Clears Senate
September 17 - Defense Bill Cleared
September 17 - ENVIRONMENT: GOP Opposition, Lack of Time Threaten Superfund Rewrite
September 17 - Exon Plan To Sweep Indecency From Superhighway Criticized
September 17 - FINANCIAL SERVICES: Retooled Fair Trade Bill Heads to House Floor
September 17 - For Businesses, a High Price For Chemical Weapons Ban
September 17 - LAW/JUDICIARY: Bill Would Extend Rights Law To Alaska Cannery Workers
September 17 - PROVISIONS: Telecommunications Provisions
September 17 - PUBLIC LANDS: House Tells Conferees To Keep One-Year Mining Moratorium
September 17 - Removal of 'Fast Track' May Put GATT in the Fast Lane
September 17 - SECTION NOTES: Congress Considers Baseball's Antitrust Exemption
September 17 - SECTION NOTES: House Passes Reauthorization Of Maritime Commission
September 17 - SECTION NOTES: Panel Approves Bill To Lighten Regulatory Load on U.S. Ships
September 17 - Support Erodes as Key Backers Voice Little Hope for Passage
September 17 - WHAT'S AHEAD: Congress Set To Debate U.S. Haitian Policy
September 24 - ANTITRUST: Baseball's Antitrust Exemption Draws Fire in Congress
September 24 - APPROPRIATIONS: Agriculture Conference Report Makes a Dent in the Deficit
September 24 - APPROPRIATIONS: House Demands, Quickly Gets A Slimmer Treasury Bill
September 24 - APPROPRIATIONS: Sen. Byrd Steers $90 Million To West Virginia Highway
September 24 - ARMS CONTROL: U.S. Places Limit On Arms Cuts
September 24 - CAMPAIGN '94: Labor Working To Strengthen Weakened Political Muscle
September 24 - Details of Bipartisan Bill
September 24 - ENVIRONMENT: Outlook Clouded as Disputes Impede Superfund Overhaul
September 24 - EXPORTS: House Passes Bill To Renew OPIC
September 24 - FOREIGN POLICY: Future Is Bleak For Iraq Bill
September 24 - Four Thorns for the President
September 24 - Highlights of GATT Accord
September 24 - Interior Conferees Concur On Mining Moratorium
September 24 - Labor's High Hopes Faded Fast
September 24 - Mr. Reasonably Clean
September 24 - Panel OKs More Flexible Bill On Safe Drinking Water
September 24 - Panel Votes To Curb Spending On Railroad Historic Site
September 24 - PROCUREMENT: Purchase Reform Clears House
September 24 - PUBLIC LANDS: Purchase of Forest OK'd in House
September 24 - SECTION NOTES: Coast Guard Measure Passed by House
September 24 - SECTION NOTES: Desert Protection Bill Faces Tough Going
September 24 - SECTION NOTES: Fire Prevention Measure Advances in House
September 24 - SECTION NOTES: House Gives Approval To 'Green' Ink Bill
September 24 - SECTION NOTES: Panel Approves Assistance For Rural Northwest
September 24 - SECTION NOTES: Pressler's Opposition Stalls Shipping Bill
September 24 - SECTION NOTES: Senate Bill Aims To Protect Gas Station Owners
September 24 - SECTION NOTES: Senate OKs Bill To Create National Highway System
September 24 - SMALL BUSINESS: House SBA Measure Targets Women
September 24 - Stumped by Bells' Objections, Hollings Kills Overhaul
September 24 - The Supreme Court's Call
September 24 - Trade Agreement's Financing Package Scours the Back Alleys of the Budget
September 24 - TRADE: Clinton Prepares Aid Package For Russia Before Meeting
September 24 - Ways and Means Bill Provides Stopgap Financing for SEC
September 24 - WHAT'S AHEAD: Senate Appears Stalled As Adjournment Nears
September 24 - With Health Care Receding, GATT Pact Gains Urgency
October 1 - A Health Care Chronology
October 1 - AGRICULTURE: House OKs Reorganization Bill, Including Review Board
October 1 - ANTITRUST: Congress Threatens a Firm Hand If Baseball Strike Goes On
October 1 - APPROPRIATIONS: Senate Clears Spending Bill
October 1 - APPROPRIATIONS: Treasury-Postal Bill Clears With Hill Pay Freeze
October 1 - BANKRUPTCY: Rewrite of Federal Law May See Quick Action
October 1 - Can GOP Count On Its Own To Back Ambitious Plan?
October 1 - COMMERCE: Bill To Aid Global Competition Still Stalled in Conference
October 1 - CONSUMER CREDIT: Fair Credit Report Rewrite Nears Completion
October 1 - Demise of Health Care Overhaul Produced Big Winners and Losers
October 1 - Democrats' Overhaul Bill Dies On Senate Procedural Votes
October 1 - Details of the Housing Bills
October 1 - ENVIRONMENT: Hope Dries Up for Bill On California Desert
October 1 - ENVIRONMENT: House Approves Restrictions On Hauling Waste
October 1 - ENVIRONMENT: House Passes a State-Friendly Drinking Water Act
October 1 - ENVIRONMENT: Senate, Labor Opposition May Kill Superfund Bill
October 1 - ENVIRONMENT: Water Projects Get Panel Ok
October 1 - GATT Pact Lurches Off Course As Hollings Hits the Brake
October 1 - Highlights of Final Sale
October 1 - Hold-the-Line Interior Measure Gets Final Approval
October 1 - Hollings' Vexing of Party and President Caps a History of Maverick Moves
October 1 - HOUSING: Hill Trying To Build Flexibility Into HUD's Programs
October 1 - Interior Spending (chart)
October 1 - INTERNATIONAL FINANCE: Banking Trade Act Passed by House
October 1 - LOBBYING, PERQUISITES: Leaders Turn to Arm-Twisting To Pass Gift Ban in House
October 1 - Overhaul Issue Unlikely To Rest in Peace
October 1 - PUBLIC LANDS: House Passes Bill On Park System
October 1 - PUBLIC LANDS: National Park Fee Increase Gets House Panel's OK
October 1 - PUBLIC WORKS: Senate Panel OKs EDA Bill
October 1 - RUSSIA: Clinton-Yeltsin Meeting Focuses On Trade Instead of Aid
October 1 - SECTION NOTES: Commerce OKs Patents Bill For Joint Inventions
October 1 - SECTION NOTES: Panel Approves Aid to Areas That May Lose Logging Jobs
October 1 - SECTION NOTES: Panel OKs Plan To Enforce Conservation at Sea
October 1 - SECTION NOTES: Public Works Softens Bill On Hazardous Pipelines
October 1 - SECTION NOTES: Senate Backs Indians' Right To Use Peyote in Religion
October 1 - SECTION NOTES: Senate Commerce Approves 2 Revised Railroad Bills
October 1 - SECTION NOTES: Studds Says Time Has Run Out On Fishing Overhaul
October 1 - SECURITIES: House Passes SEC Funding
October 1 - Senate Clears Spending Bill After Byrd Chops Request
October 1 - Senators, Conceding Defeat, Drop Mining Law Rewrite
October 1 - SOCIAL SECURITY: $1,000 Tax Threshold Backed For Domestic Workers
October 1 - SPACE: Panel Approves Policy Changes
October 1 - TELECOMMUNICATIONS: Legislation on Wiretapping Heads for Floor Debate
October 1 - TRADE: Export Renewal Advances
October 1 - Transportation (chart)
October 1 - Treasury-Postal Spending (chart)
October 1 - WHAT'S AHEAD: 'Musts' and 'Wants' Remain on Agenda
October 8 - After a Momentary Revival, Bill On Unfunded Mandates Stalls
October 8 - AGRICULTURE: Bill To Alter Milk Pricing Advances in House
October 8 - AGRICULTURE: House Approves Pesticide Bill
October 8 - COMMERCE: Bill on Gas Stations Heads to President
October 8 - COMMERCE: Legislators Fear U.S. Shipping May Sink With Subsidies Bill
October 8 - COMMERCE: Maritime Mishmash Goes to Final Hour
October 8 - COMMUNICATIONS: Satellite Dish Bill Clears Senate
October 8 - Congress Clears 'Nanny Tax' Bill To 'Decriminalize Baby Sitting'
October 8 - Congress Clears Revision Of Bankruptcy Code
October 8 - CONSUMER CREDIT: House Passes Fair Credit Bill, With Bonbons for the Senate
October 8 - Despite Senate Delays, Passage Of Desert Bill Appears Likely
October 8 - ENERGY: Strategic Petroleum Reserve Reauthorized by Congress
October 8 - Entitlement Resolution's Failure Is Deficit Hawks' Last Gasp
October 8 - ENVIRONMENT: House Approves Water Bill, But Final Action Blocked
October 8 - ENVIRONMENT: Indoor Air Measure Out of Breath
October 8 - Environmental Detour
October 8 - FINANCIAL SERVICES: Regulation Bill Passes House
October 8 - From Minor Clause to Cause Celebre
October 8 - GOVERNMENT OPERATIONS: Patent Legislation Fails To Advance
October 8 - House Postpones GATT Vote In Last-Minute Drama
October 8 - Last-Minute Talks Fail To Save National Highway Legislation
October 8 - Long-Delayed Reorganization, Crop Insurance Bill Cleared
October 8 - PENSIONS: Retiree Tax, Benefits Bills Move Forward in House
October 8 - Reinventing Government Bit by Bit
October 8 - SECTION NOTES: Bill To Cut Burden of Paperwork On the Public Stalls in House
October 8 - SECTION NOTES: Clock Ticks on Competing Bills To Promote Rail Safety
October 8 - SECTION NOTES: House Approves Extension of 1979 Export Act
October 8 - SECTION NOTES: House OKs Conference Report On Promoting Foreign Markets
October 8 - SECTION NOTES: New Airplane Smoking Ban Stalls in Senate
October 8 - SECTION NOTES: Non-Lethal Defense Exports Get Financing Approval
October 8 - SECTION NOTES: Senate Clears Bill on Trade For Small Stock Exchanges
October 8 - SECTION NOTES: Senate Easily Approves Tigert To Lead FDIC
October 8 - SECTION NOTES: Senate Misses Deadline To Maintain SEC Fees
October 8 - SECTION NOTES: Transportation Safety Board Reauthorized by Senate
October 8 - Superfund Bill's Supporters Look to Next Congress
October 8 - TELECOMMUNICATIONS: Wallop Puts Closing-Hour Hold On Wiretapping Bill
October 8 - The Gingrich Ascendancy
October 8 - WHAT'S AHEAD: GATT Measure Awaits Post-Election Session
October 15 - ENVIRONMENT: Desert Bill Became a Trial In Crucial Final Hours
October 15 - HEALTH: Senate Clears Compromise Bill On Dietary Supplements
October 15 - HUMAN SERVICES: Pieces of Child-Support Bill Salvaged at Session's End
October 15 - Members, Looking Beyond Break, Plot Post-Election Business
October 15 - SECTION NOTES: Bill To Preserve Regulation Of Tow Trucks Stalls
October 15 - SECTION NOTES: Bill To Preserve Regulation Of Tow Trucks Stalls
October 15 - SECTION NOTES: FCC Authorization Fails in Senate
October 15 - SECTION NOTES: House OKs, Senate Stalls Bill on Idaho Ecosystem
October 15 - SECTION NOTES: House Passes 2-for-1 Bill On Pipelines, Drivers
October 15 - SECTION NOTES: Housing Program Renewal Bill Does Not Reach Senate Floor
October 15 - SECTION NOTES: Maritime Safety Package Dies in Senate
October 15 - SECTION NOTES: Maritime Safety Package Dies in Senate
October 15 - SECTION NOTES: Measure Clarifying Distribution Of Timber Receipts Clears
October 15 - SECTION NOTES: Reauthorization of EDA Gets House Approval
October 15 - SECTION NOTES: SEC Bill Clears After Delay That Cost $19.4 Million
October 15 - SECTION NOTES: SEC Bill Clears After Delay That Cost $19.4 Million
October 15 - SECTION NOTES: Senate Approves Bill To Help Minority and Small Business
October 15 - SECTION NOTES: Senate Approves Legislation On Certain Oils, Fats
October 15 - SECTION NOTES: Senate Clears Bill Extending Wetlands Agreements
October 15 - SECTION NOTES: Senate Clears Bill To Finance Maritime Preservation
October 15 - SECTION NOTES: Senate Clears Bill To Increase Foreign Antitrust Cooperation
October 15 - SECTION NOTES: Senate OKs Bill To Reauthorize Transportation Safety Board
October 15 - SECTION NOTES: Senate OKs Bill To Reauthorize Transportation Safety Board
October 15 - SECTION NOTES: Senate Passes Patent Bills That Stop in House
October 15 - TELECOMMUNICATIONS: Senate Clears Bill To Facilitate Police Wiretapping
October 15 - TRANSPORTATION: High-Speed Rail Gets a Push
October 15 - WHAT'S AHEAD: The Capitol Grows Silent As Members Campaign
October 29 - CQ ROUNDTABLE: Where NAFTA Divided, GATT Finds Unity
October 29 - The Falling Deficit (chart)
October 29 - WHAT'S AHEAD: Final Campaign Week Overshadows GATT
November 5 - Food Program Spending (chart)
November 5 - GATT's Disappearing Act
November 5 - LEGISLATIVE SUMMARY: Agricultural Reorganization
November 5 - LEGISLATIVE SUMMARY: Antitrust Revisions
November 5 - LEGISLATIVE SUMMARY: Aviation Industry
November 5 - LEGISLATIVE SUMMARY: B-2 Stealth Bomber
November 5 - LEGISLATIVE SUMMARY: Bankruptcy
November 5 - LEGISLATIVE SUMMARY: California Desert
November 5 - LEGISLATIVE SUMMARY: Clean Water
November 5 - LEGISLATIVE SUMMARY: Community Development Lending
November 5 - LEGISLATIVE SUMMARY: Competitiveness
November 5 - LEGISLATIVE SUMMARY: Derivatives
November 5 - LEGISLATIVE SUMMARY: District of Columbia
November 5 - LEGISLATIVE SUMMARY: Endangered Species
November 5 - LEGISLATIVE SUMMARY: Export Administration Act
November 5 - LEGISLATIVE SUMMARY: Fair Credit Reporting Act Update
November 5 - LEGISLATIVE SUMMARY: Fair Trade in Financial Services
November 5 - LEGISLATIVE SUMMARY: Federal Crop Insurance
November 5 - LEGISLATIVE SUMMARY: Financial Planner Regulation
November 5 - LEGISLATIVE SUMMARY: Fishing Regulations
November 5 - LEGISLATIVE SUMMARY: Health Care Overhaul
November 5 - LEGISLATIVE SUMMARY: High-Speed Rail
November 5 - LEGISLATIVE SUMMARY: Insurance Redlining
November 5 - LEGISLATIVE SUMMARY: Interstate Banking and Branching
November 5 - LEGISLATIVE SUMMARY: Merchant Marine
November 5 - LEGISLATIVE SUMMARY: Military Pay Raise
November 5 - LEGISLATIVE SUMMARY: Mining Law
November 5 - LEGISLATIVE SUMMARY: National Highway System
November 5 - LEGISLATIVE SUMMARY: National Parks
November 5 - LEGISLATIVE SUMMARY: Old-Growth Forest and Spotted Owls
November 5 - LEGISLATIVE SUMMARY: Pesticide Regulation
November 5 - LEGISLATIVE SUMMARY: Product Liability
November 5 - LEGISLATIVE SUMMARY: Public Lands Management
November 5 - LEGISLATIVE SUMMARY: Reinventing Government
November 5 - LEGISLATIVE SUMMARY: Safe Drinking Water
November 5 - LEGISLATIVE SUMMARY: Securities and Exchange Commission
November 5 - LEGISLATIVE SUMMARY: Solid Waste Management
November 5 - LEGISLATIVE SUMMARY: Space Programs
November 5 - LEGISLATIVE SUMMARY: Space Station
November 5 - LEGISLATIVE SUMMARY: Striker Replacement
November 5 - LEGISLATIVE SUMMARY: Superfund
November 5 - LEGISLATIVE SUMMARY: Telecommunications
November 5 - LEGISLATIVE SUMMARY: Trucking Deregulation
November 5 - LEGISLATIVE SUMMARY: Unfunded Mandates
November 5 - LEGISLATIVE SUMMARY: Whitewater
November 5 - LEGISLATIVE SUMMARY: Wilderness Areas
November 5 - LEGISLATIVE SUMMARY: Wiretapping
November 5 - LEGISLATIVE SUMMARY: Worker Retraining
November 12 - HOUSE COMMITTEES: Energy and Commerce
November 12 - HOUSE COMMITTEES: Merchant Marine and Fisheries
November 12 - HOUSE COMMITTEES: Small Business
November 12 - SENATE COMMMITTEES: Small Business
November 19 - CORRECTION: House Public Works Committee
November 19 - Election Poisons Consensus On Superfund Overhaul
November 19 - In GATT Vote, Clinton Hopes To Avoid Another Nail-Biter
November 19 - REPUBLICAN AGENDA: Budget-Amendment Vote Likely To Be First Up
November 19 - REPUBLICAN AGENDA: Capital Gains May Cause Division Within GOP
November 19 - REPUBLICAN AGENDA: GOP Uses Tax Incentives To Foster Family Values
November 19 - REPUBLICAN AGENDA: Political Terrain Is Right For Tax Bidding War
November 19 - REPUBLICAN AGENDA: Prologue From GOP 'Contract'
November 19 - REPUBLICAN AGENDA: Tort Plans Limits Liability, Aims at Frivolous Suits
November 26 - Ever-Shifting Marketplace
November 26 - Handicapping Lame Ducks
November 26 - PROVISIONS: GATT Implementing Bill
November 26 - Sides Fielding New Teams In Legislative Battle
November 26 - TEXTS: Dole Statement, Letters Outline GATT Deal
November 26 - TRADE: Dole, Clinton Compromise Greases Wheels for GATT
November 26 - WHAT'S AHEAD: 103rd Returns to Capitol For Final Business
December 3 - CAMPAIGN FINANCE: FEC Sets Rules on Personal Use Of Campaign Contributions
December 3 - Candidate Resources (chart)
December 3 - Financial Services: Still Negotiating
December 3 - Free Trade Carries the Day As GATT Easily Passes
December 3 - GATT Puts U.S. on Latest Stretch Of the Long Road to Freer Trade
December 3 - PROVISIONS: Interstate Banking Law
December 3 - Tax-Increase Barrier Proposed
December 10 - 'Dynamic Scoring' Plan Exposes Deep Divisions Within GOP
December 10 - APPROPRIATIONS: Livingston Plans Rescissions To Show GOP Can Cut It
December 10 - Economic Council's Rubin Named To Replace Bentsen at Treasury
December 10 - In Search of a CBO Director
December 10 - SPENDING CUTS: Consensus Elusive for Panel In Plan To Cut Benefits
December 17 - Clinton Woos the Middle Class As Tax Cut Contest Begins
December 17 - EXECUTIVE BRANCH: Whitewater Review Delayed for Now
December 17 - GOP Sharpens Budgetary Knife Over International Programs
December 17 - House Committees: Transportation and Infrastructure (Formerly Public Works and Transportation)
December 17 - Insider Kies Picked To Head Joint Tax
December 17 - Pay-As-You-Go Law May Tumble
December 31 - Clinton Moves to Trump GOP By Targeting Programs
December 31 - Malpractice Changes High on List
December 31 - Some Modest Proposals On Republican Table
December 31 - Tightening Farm Belt May Put Squeeze on Republicans

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