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January 12 - Banking: Big Bank Failure Underscores Deposit Insurance Debate
January 19 - Bennett: No Shrinking Violet
January 19 - ETHICS: Keating Five Ask Exoneration As Panel's Hearings End
January 19 - Finance and Banking: Facing an Overhaul
January 19 - Infrastructure: An Agenda Of Roads, Cable, Wires
January 19 - Law and Judiciary: New Year, Old Battles with Bush
January 19 - Trade: Talk of Regional Blocs In International System
January 26 - ETHICS: Senators Ponder How To Treat Appearance of Wrongdoing
January 26 - THRIFT INDUSTRY: $30 Billion Sought for Thrifts; Brady Urges Quick Action
February 2 - Financial System's Wounds May Only Be Bandaged
February 2 - Skinner: Testing His Popularity
February 2 - TRADE: Members Question Fast Track
February 2 - Up Against a Wall of Tradition
February 9 - Committee Asks If Mexico Pact Will Ship Industry South
February 9 - Comparison of Banking Proposals
February 9 - THRIFT INDUSTRY: Senate Panel Reluctantly OKs $30 Billion More for Bailout
February 16 - BANKING: Banks Offer 'Contingency Plan' To Shore Up Insurance Fund
February 16 - TRANSPORTATION: Bush Releases Highway Plan
February 23 - Baby Bells' Fate Dangling Before Congress, Courts
February 23 - Bells Put a Price on Fiber Optics
February 23 - Congress Wary of Bush Plan To Open Doors to Mexico (charts)
February 23 - Getting Industries To Communicate
February 23 - Job Losses Inevitable?
February 23 - LAW/JUDICIARY: Panel Weighs Tightening Ban On Vertical Price Fixing
February 23 - Ratepayer Abuse Cases Debated
February 23 - Securities Futures Fight Resumes
February 23 - Senate Approves Export Bill Linking Sanctions, Weapons
February 23 - THRIFT INDUSTRY: RTC Gets 'Incomplete' Grade, Urged To Improve Records
March 2 - BANKING: Panel Approves Strict Penalties In Money-Laundering Cases
March 2 - BANKING: Seidman Proposes Bank Fund Plan
March 2 - COMMUNICATIONS: Administration Renews Push For Airwaves Auction
March 2 - ECONOMIC POLICY: DPA Extension OK'd by Panel
March 2 - SECURITIES: House Panel Rejects Proposal To Restrain Futures Trading
March 2 - THRIFT INDUSTRY: RTC Legislation Threatened By Distaste for Bailout
March 2 - TRADE: Bush Asks To Stay On Fast Track
March 9 - Administration Asks States To Carry the Transit Load
March 9 - BANKING: Panel Votes to Make It Riskier For Banks to Launder Money
March 9 - BANKS: Overhaul Debate Begins on Hill
March 9 - Houses Move One Step Closer To Bailout Authorization
March 9 - SECTION NOTES: Conference Expected On DPA Extension
March 9 - SECTION NOTES: Congressional Leaders Urge 'Action Plan' on Trade
March 9 - SECURITIES: Futures Trading Bill Advances, But More Disputes Await
March 9 - TRADE: Bill Would Tie Aid to Trade
March 16 - Democrats Weigh the Politics Of Battling Bush on Mexico
March 16 - FCC Proposes Clampdown
March 16 - Fundraising May Be Next
March 16 - On the Fast Track
March 16 - SECTION NOTES: Export Program Increase Approved by Committee
March 16 - SECTION NOTES: Transportation Panel Offers Highway/Mass Transit Plan
March 23 - Banking Overhaul Bill Highlights
March 23 - BANKING: Lawmakers Get the S and L Jitters From Deposit-Insurance Plan
March 23 - Bush's Export-Subsidy Plan Added to Supplemental
March 23 - CABLE INDUSTRY: Foes of Re-Regulation Effort Turn Up the Heat This Year
March 23 - COMMUNICATIONS: Bells' Bid To Make Equipment Gains in Both Chambers
March 23 - ENERGY: Panel OKs Higher CAFE Levels
March 23 - Export Enhancement Program (chart)
March 23 - EXPORT-IMPORT BANK: Members Question Proposal To Boost Weapons Sales
March 23 - SECTION NOTES: Fair Trade Measure Requires 'Talk'
March 23 - THRIFT INDUSTRY: $30 Billion RTC Salvage Bill Awaits President's OK
March 30 - Cable Industry Insists The Price Is Right
March 30 - SECTION NOTES: Gephardt Lists His Conditions For Mexico Trade Pact
March 30 - The Proposals
April 6 - Bush Proposal Stirs Debate On Future of State Banks
April 6 - COMMERCIAL BANK FAILURES, 1985-1990 (by Charter)
April 6 - Is It a Bank or a Branch?
April 6 - State Banks: A History of Resilience
April 6 - State vs. National Banks (chart)
April 6 - The Options
April 13 - Airline Industry Deregulation: Survival of the Fittest
April 13 - Bankruptcy and Consolidation
April 13 - Bush Urges U.S. Approval Of Mexico Trade Pact
April 13 - EXPORT CONTROLS: Gejdenson Alleges Iraq Cover-Up
April 13 - Flying United
April 13 - Members Question FCC Ruling On Network Programming
April 13 - SECTION NOTES: Rhode Island Is Seeking 'Little' Bank Bailout
April 20 - SECTION NOTES: Panel Moves To Toughen Aircraft Checkups
April 20 - TRANSPORTATION: Push for 2nd Gasoline Tax Hike Gears Up in the House
April 27 - FINANCIAL SERVICES: House Conferees Move Toward Support of 'Fair Trade' Bill
April 27 - Panel Rides Express Track, Hopes to Avoid Collision
April 27 - PROVISIONS: CFTC Reauthorization
April 27 - SECTION NOTES: House Passes Bill Bolstering Aircraft Maintenance
April 27 - Senate Bill Would Alter Path Of Nation's Road Policy
April 27 - Sentiment Grows in Congress
April 27 - TRADE: Lawmakers Offer Plans To Modify Fast Track
May 4 - APPROPRIATIONS: A Look at Each Spending Bill -- Commerce-Justice-State
May 4 - APPROPRIATIONS: A Look at Each Spending Bill -- Transportation
May 4 - Highlights of the 'Action Plan'
May 4 - SECTION NOTES: High-Tech Industry Bill Approved by House Science
May 4 - SECTION NOTES: House Panel Approves Semiconductor Chip Bill
May 4 - SECTION NOTES: Oberstar Introduces Airline Package
May 4 - SECTION NOTES: Radio Spectrum Measure Gets Panel's OK
May 4 - TRADE: Bush Defends Fast Track In Letter to Members
May 4 - TRADE: Bush's 'Action Plan' May Be Key To Approval of Fast Track
May 4 - TRADE: President Addresses Mexico Concerns
May 4 - TRANSPORTATION: State Officials, Trucking Groups Hold Out for New Highways
May 4 - TREASURY: Tight Reins Urged for Lenders Backed by Government
May 11 - Are 'Too Big To Fail' Banks Too Much for Congress?
May 11 - House Panel OKs FDIC Money, More Supervision of Banks
May 11 - Metzenbaum Musters Support To Pass Price-Fixing Bill
May 11 - Panel Moves To Protect Public From 900-Number Con Artists
May 11 - TRADE: Gephardt Backs Fast Track
May 11 - WHAT'S AHEAD: Trade, Civil Rights Move to Forefront
May 18 - AGRICULTURE: Senate Endorses $1.5 Billion In Soviet Loan Guarantees
May 18 - Commuters Face Freeway Fees As Hill Searches for Funds
May 18 - Efforts To Commercialize Rest Areas Has Businesses Crying Highway Robbery
May 18 - Fast Track: Congress' Own Creation
May 18 - House Panel Kicks Off Action On Major Bank Overhaul
May 18 - Lopsided Vote Seen Signaling Win for Bush on Fast Track
May 18 - SECTION NOTES: Senate Panel Moves on Bill To Transfer Frequencies
May 18 - TELECOMMUNICATIONS: Senate Cable Regulation Bill Gives Broadcasters a Break
May 18 - TRADE: Bush Begins Lobbying Effort To Continue China Status
May 18 - TRANSPORTATION: Air Bag Mandate Sent to Floor
May 25 - Banking Overhaul Bill Highlights
May 25 - Hill Gives Bush Green Light To Negotiate Trade Pacts
May 25 - House Panel's Overhaul Bill Is a Sweep for White House
May 25 - Rethinking Soviet Trade
May 25 - SECTION NOTES: Flight Attendants May Get Work Limits
May 25 - SECTION NOTES: Government Radio Spectrum Closer to Freedom
May 25 - SECTION NOTES: Protection Offered For Chipmakers
May 25 - SECTION NOTES: Senate Approves Drug Tests
May 25 - Senate Panel Passes Overhaul Of Federal Highway Policy
June 1 - WHAT'S AHEAD: Congress Prepares For a Busy June
June 1 - White House Looks to Senate To Maintain China Status
June 8 - Highway Bill Debate Becomes War Between the States
June 8 - Highway Program Donor States, Fiscal 1987-90 (chart)
June 8 - Seeking a Foreign Policy Lever In a Post-Cold War World
June 8 - Senate Votes To Eliminate Ban On Bells' Manufacturing
June 8 - Transit Bill Moves Forward
June 8 - WHAT'S AHEAD: Highway Bill Tops Senate Agenda
June 15 - 'Core Banks': A Return to Basics?
June 15 - A Good Sign for the Billboard Lobby
June 15 - A New Universe for Banking
June 15 - A Road Map for Change
June 15 - Amendment Links MFN Status To Family Planning Fund
June 15 - APPROPRIATIONS: House Bill Eliminates Funding For Democracy Endowment
June 15 - BANKING: Bad Financial News Persists For Banks, Thrift Bailout
June 15 - BANKING: Laundering Bill Sweeps House But Bogs Down in Senate
June 15 - Commerce, Justice, State Spending (chart)
June 15 - COMMERCE: Chip Import Bill OK'd by Senate
June 15 - CORRECTION: Surface transportation reauthorization bill (S965).
June 15 - TRADE: Bush Extents Credits To Soviet Union
June 15 - TRADE: House Critics of Bush Policy Unite on China Trade Bill
June 15 - TRANSPORTATION: Senate Endorsement Paves Way For a New Highway System
June 15 - Walls Around Banking System May Face Congress' Chisel
June 15 - What Banks Are Looking For When They Seek New 'Powers'
June 22 - A Long Haul for Moynihan
June 22 - A Look Ahead to the House
June 22 - Banking Bill Highlights
June 22 - Finding New Friends
June 22 - SECTION NOTES: Caller-ID Blocking Approved by Panels
June 22 - SECTION NOTES: Measure Would Address Vertical Price Fixing
June 22 - SECTION NOTES: Technology Package Is Introduced
June 22 - Senate Panel Cool To China Request
June 22 - Slow Start on Overhaul Bill Leaves Panel Little Time
June 22 - States Get More Road Money, New Leeway in Senate Bill
June 22 - THRIFT INDUSTRY: Seidman Seeks Up to $80 Billion To Complete Thrift Bailout
June 29 - Big Banks Win First Round In Pursuit of New Powers
June 29 - COMMUNICATIONS: Cable Re-Regulation Backers Seek Broader Support
June 29 - Considering the Consumer
June 29 - Decision on China's MFN Trade Status No Easy Call for Washington Senators
June 29 - GOP Loyalty to Bush May Be Key In Fight Over China Status
June 29 - Pelosi vs. Mitchell
June 29 - SECTION NOTES: Bill Would Extend Protections To U.S. Chip Makers
June 29 - SECTION NOTES: Large Fishers May Lose Their Drift Nets
June 29 - SECTION NOTES: Maritime Agency Measure Sees Smooth Sailing in Committee
June 29 - SECTION NOTES: Price-Fixing Measure Advances in House
July 13 - APPROPRIATIONS: Transit Wins Big In House Bill
July 13 - BANKING: Hill Maneuvers Threaten Delay Of Massive Overhaul Bill
July 13 - COMMUNICATIONS: Veto Threat Follows Approval Of Spectrum-Transfer Bill
July 13 - House Travels Favorite Road To Funding Local Highways
July 13 - PROVISIONS: Banking Overhaul Bill
July 13 - PROVISIONS: Surface Transportation Bill
July 13 - SECTION NOTES: Bush Challenges Business To Back New Schools
July 13 - SECTION NOTES: House Authorizes Research On Supercomputers
July 13 - SECTION NOTES: Legislation Would Boost Fines For Railroad Safety Violations
July 13 - SECTION NOTES: Senate Passes Legislation Mandating Air Bags
July 13 - SECTION NOTES: Ways and Means Objects To NOAA Tax Exemption
July 13 - TRADE: House Attaches Conditions To MFN Status for China
July 13 - Transportation Appropriations (chart)
July 20 - APPROPRIATIONS: Home-State Projects Pave Way For Highway Bill Approval
July 20 - AUTHORIZATION: Coast Guard Bill Passes in House
July 20 - Mitchell Struggling for Votes To Restrict MFN for China
July 20 - SECTION NOTES: Advanced Technology Industry Gets Boost from House
July 20 - SECTION NOTES: Bill Would Relax Antitrust Law For Joint Production Ventures
July 20 - SECTION NOTES: Lack of Private-Public Dialogue Undercuts Firms, Says Report
July 20 - Seeking a Safety Net for Highways
July 20 - TRANSPORTATION: House Bill's Gas Tax Increase May Stall Highway Overhaul
July 27 - APPROPRIATIONS: Demonstration Projects Survive In House Transportation Bill
July 27 - Bingaman's High-Tech Plan
July 27 - China MFN Vote Falls Short Of Veto-Proof Margin
July 27 - CORRECTION: Transportation Appropriations.
July 27 - George vs. George
July 27 - MFN Datelines
July 27 - Pork and Taxes: Will They Mix?
July 27 - SECTION NOTES: Computer Software, Patent Bills OK'd by Senate Panel
July 27 - SECTION NOTES: Panel OKs Bill To Strengthen Review of Trade Pacts
July 27 - SECTION NOTES: Panel OKs User Fees For FCC Services
July 27 - SECTION NOTES: Public Broadcasting Funds OK'd by House Panel
July 27 - SECTION NOTES: Small-Business Women Would Get Help
July 27 - TELCOMMUNICATIONS: Panel Promises Quick Action After Baby Bells Ruling
July 27 - TRANSPORTATION: Lawmakers Lard Highway Bill With $6.8 Billion in Projects
August 3 - A Look Down the Road
August 3 - BANKING: Lawmakers Gear Up for Action As BCCI Scandal Heats Up
August 3 - BANKING: Riegle's Bill Bruised But Intact As Tense Markup Concludes
August 3 - BANKING: Truth-in-Savings Revisited
August 3 - CORRECTION: Highway reauthorization.
August 3 - Democrats Walk Up to Cliff Before Getting Tax Vertigo
August 3 - House Dispute Over Gas Tax Puts Highway Bill on Hold
August 3 - INVESTMENT: Bill Seeks To Protect Investors From Big Losses in Roll-Ups
August 3 - NEWS CONFERENCE: Bush and Gorbachev Discuss Results of Talks
August 3 - SECTION NOTES: Committee Votes To Lift User Fee on Boats
August 3 - SECTION NOTES: Criminal Penalties Endorsed For Stealing Software
August 3 - SECTION NOTES: House Passes Bill That Limits Flight Attendants' Hours
August 3 - SECTION NOTES: More Tourism Sought By Commerce Panel
August 3 - SECTION NOTES: New Fees Would Be Imposed On Nation's Broadcasters
August 3 - SECTION NOTES: Panel Authorizes $1 Billion For Public Broadcasting
August 3 - SECTION NOTES: Panels Clear Reauthorization Of Railroad Act
August 3 - SECTION NOTES: Senate Backs Protections For Securities Investors
August 3 - SECTION NOTES: Senate Committee OKs Pipeline Safety Bill
August 3 - TECHNOLOGY: Expanded Programs Could Boost U.S. Competitiveness
August 3 - TELECOMMUNICATIONS: Consumer Protection Bills Hit Telemarketing, 900 Calls
August 3 - TRADE: Bush Sends Soviet MFN Pact To Congress for Approval
August 3 - U.S.-Soviet Trade Accord Highlights
August 10 - BANKING: Former BCCI Official Testifies On First American Purchase
August 10 - ECONOMICS and FINANCE: Special Report on Legislative Action in the 102nd Congress
August 10 - GOVERNMENT and COMMERCE: Special Report on Legislative Action in the 102nd Congress
August 10 - SOCIAL POLICY: Special Report on Legislative Action in the 102nd Congress
August 17 - WHAT'S AHEAD: Confirmations Pile Up For Senate's Return
August 24 - BANKING: Key Fights on Overhaul Bill May Occur on the Flanks
August 24 - Lobbyists Storm Capitol Hill, Clash Over Banking Bill
September 7 - BANKING: Congress Tries Its Hand At Probing BCCI Affair
September 7 - BCCI Scandal Prompts Fed Proposal To Change Laws on Foreign Banking
September 7 - Key Hill Actors
September 7 - States Fear Losing Road Funds If Highway Bill Stalls
September 14 - APPROPRIATIONS: W.Va. Highways Win Funds
September 14 - BANKING: Clifford Fights for His Honor As BCCI Hearings Begin
September 14 - BANKING: Panel Members Put Obstacles In Way of Overhaul Bill
September 14 - FARM CREDIT: Agriculture Panel OKs GSE Bill
September 14 - Fed on the Defensive
September 14 - SECTION NOTES: Gephardt Lays Out New Trade Plan
September 14 - SECTION NOTES: Injury Compensation Returns to Forefront
September 14 - THRIFT INDUSTRY: RTC Request Gets Chilly Response
September 14 - Transportation Spending (chart)
September 14 - TRANSPORTATION: Fatal Subway Crash Pushes Drug, Alcohol Testing Bills
September 14 - TRANSPORTATION: Leadership Exploring Ways To Get More Funding
September 21 - APPROPRIATIONS: Senate OKs Transportation Bill, Blocks Attack on Road Projects
September 21 - Fate of Overhaul in Doubt As Conflicts Solidify
September 21 - House Leaders Withdraw On 'Nickel for America'
September 21 - House, Senate Banking Bills Compared
September 28 - BANKING: Clarke Starts Down Long Road In Confirmation Hearings
September 28 - COMMUNICATIONS: House OKs Broadcast User Fees For Most FCC License Holders
September 28 - DEVELOPMENT BANKS: IMF Payment Hike OK'd by Panel
September 28 - GOVERNMENT-SPONSORED ENTERPRISES: House Agrees To Tighten Reins On Freddie and Fannie
September 28 - House Panels Take Shots At Bank Overhaul Plan
September 28 - SECTION NOTES: Railroad Safety Bill Passed by House
September 28 - THRIFT INDUSTRY: Taylor Confirmation Likely; New RTC Chief Named
September 28 - TRADE: Panel Approves Lifting Duties On Andean Products
September 28 - TRADE: Rostenkowski Holds Up Bills In Dispute With OMB
October 5 - APPROPRIATIONS: Conferees Require Drug Testing In Transportation Bill
October 5 - BANKING: Banking Panel Democrats Agree To Go Forward on Overhaul
October 5 - BANKING: Republicans Rush To Defend Clarke
October 5 - Commerce, Justice, State Spending (chart)
October 5 - EXPORT CONTROLS: Battle on Telecommunications Poses New Obstacle for Bill
October 5 - FARM CREDIT: GSE Regulation Spurs Conflict
October 5 - Gunfight at the Texas Corral
October 5 - PRODUCT LIABILITY: Senate Commerce Begins Anew In Face of Hollings' Opposition
October 5 - SECTION NOTES: Stronger Drift Net Ban OK'd by Merchant Marine
October 5 - THRIFT INDUSTRY: Panel Proves Tight-Fisted In Refinancing Bailout
October 12 - Bells' Services Get Court OK
October 12 - COMMITTEES: Jones' Retirement Will Open Merchant Marine's Top Seat
October 12 - House Turns Away Attempts To Cut Highway 'Pork'
October 12 - MANUFACTURING: House Passes Measure Intended To Hammer at Price Fixing
October 12 - SECTION NOTES: Panel Approves Limits On 900 Numbers
October 12 - SECTION NOTES: Plan To Study Census Is Sent on to Bush
October 12 - SECTION NOTES: Women's Programs Get House Nod
October 12 - THRIFT INDUSTRY: Controversial Proposal Calls For Pay-As-You-Go Bailout
October 12 - TRADE: Export Control Bill Snagged; Bush Concerns Unresolved
October 12 - TRADE: Hungary, Czech Bill Approved
October 12 - TRADE: New Soviet Pact Sent to Hill
October 12 - TRANSPORTATION: House Panel Leaders Unveil Six-Year Highway Bill
October 19 - 913060 913061 913062 913063 913064 913065 913066 913067 Provisions: Banking Law Overhaul
October 19 - APPROPRIATIONS: Smart Highways Being Steered To Panel Members' States
October 19 - Export Bill's Future Cloudy Despite Panel's Approval
October 19 - Highway Highlights
October 19 - SECTION NOTES: Boat Owner Protests Prompt Move To Roll Back Fee
October 19 - Transportation Spending (chart)
October 19 - TRANSPORTATION: Compromise Highway Bill Set for House Floor
October 26 - BANKING: Deal Smooths Overhaul's Path To Floor, But Not to Passage
October 26 - BANKING: Senate Panel Sorting Through Conflicting BCCI Stories
October 26 - BANKING: Taylor Confirmed By Senate
October 26 - CORRECTION: Highway story.
October 26 - House, Senate Versions
October 26 - TRADE: Unfair Practices, Takeovers Targeted by House Panel
October 26 - TRANSPORTATION: House Approves Highway Bill Strewn With Obstacles
November 2 - Banking Overhaul Losing Ground To Complexity, Controversy
November 2 - COMMUNICATIONS: Digital Tape Truce Wins Early Nod
November 2 - CORRECTION: Highway story.
November 2 - Halloween on the House Floor
November 2 - PROVISIONS: Surface Transportation
November 2 - SECTION NOTES: Court Clears Way For Bells To Provide News Services
November 2 - SECTION NOTES: Measure Would Crack Down On Telemarketing Fraud
November 2 - SECTION NOTES: Panel Boosts Training In High-Tech Fields
November 2 - TRADE: Bulgaria, Mongolia To Get MFN Status
November 2 - TRADE: House Ignores Veto Threat, Passes Export Controls
November 9 - BANKING: Clarke Nomination Turned Down
November 9 - Gephardt Outlines Plan To Pry Open Markets
November 9 - GOVERNMENT-SPONSORED ENTERPRISES: Farm Credit System Bill Fails in the House
November 9 - INTERIOR: Miller's Control, Cooperation Surface in Alyeska Hearing
November 9 - INVESTMENT: Roll-Up Protection Passed by House
November 9 - Leaders Look for Compromise After Overhaul Bill Fails
November 9 - New House Banking Bill
November 9 - SECTION NOTES: 'Tour the U.S.A.' Promotion Approved
November 9 - SECTION NOTES: High-Tech Research Gets Green Light
November 9 - SECTION NOTES: Senate Votes To Improve Indoor Air Quality
November 9 - SECTION NOTES: Telephone Privacy Measures Move Ahead in Senate
November 9 - SECTION NOTES: Voice Vote OK Given 900-Number Bill
November 9 - SECURITIES: Conferees Consider Updating Commodities Trading Rules
November 9 - TRANSPORTATION: Highway Conference Under Way Amid Unease About Timetable
November 9 - What Was Thrown Overboard
November 16 - Bill Shrinks as Chances Dim For Broader Overhaul
November 16 - Cap for Credit Card Rates Catches Fire
November 16 - COMMERCE: House Panel Sends Insurers Late-Session Wake-Up Call
November 16 - COMMUNICATIONS: Senate Cable Regulation Bill Headed for Another Season
November 16 - SECTION NOTES: Bill Would Allow Gambling On U.S.-Flag Cruise Ships
November 16 - SECTION NOTES: Census Adjustment Wouldn't Change Funding Allocation
November 16 - SECTION NOTES: Panel Demands Iraq Pay for Oil Spills
November 16 - Then There Is the Thrift Bailout
November 16 - TRADE: China MFN Bill Going Nowhere As Adjournment Approaches
November 16 - TRADE: Export-Control Measure Hits New Roadblock
November 16 - TRANSPORTATION: Highways and Transit Win Big As Conferees Make Progress
November 16 - WHAT'S AHEAD: Long, Hard Week Looms As Adjournment Nears
November 23 - A Little Problem for RTC Funding How To Rustle Up $80 Billion
November 23 - ANTITRUST: Curbs on Insurance Industry Win Democratic Backing
November 23 - Credit Card Rate Cap: Flash in Pan
November 23 - Highway Formulas Give Way To Old-Style Horse Trades
November 23 - LABOR: Warning Workers Of Snooping
November 23 - Lawmakers Go To the Wire On Bank Overhaul Bill
November 23 - SECTION NOTES: Bill To Allow Gambling On Ships Wins OK
November 23 - SECTION NOTES: Bill Would Ring Up No Sale For Telephone Solicitors
November 23 - SECTION NOTES: Coast Guard Authorization Bill Heads Into Conference
November 23 - SECTION NOTES: Measure Aims To Assist Entrepreneurial Women
November 23 - SECTION NOTES: Senate Panel Would Blackball States' Sports Lotteries
November 23 - Senate vs. House Bills
November 23 - TECHNOLOGY: Computer Measure Moves Forward
November 23 - TRADE: Foreign Investment Scrutiny Sought
November 23 - TRADE: MFN Status Bills Pick Up Speed As Session Nears Close
November 23 - TRADE: Panel Gives OK To 'Super 301'
November 23 - TRADE: Senate Slows Andean Initiative After House Approves Bill
November 23 - TRANSPORTATION: Airport Measure Passes House
November 30 - A Detailed Road Map Through The Provisions of the Highway Bill
November 30 - Banking Overhaul Bill Highlights
November 30 - Breathing Room for Thrift Bailout
November 30 - Congress Clears Slim Version Of Banking Overhaul Bill
November 30 - GOVERNMENT-SPONSORED ENTERPRISES: Complaint From Fannie Mae Delays Senate Measure
November 30 - Highway and Transit Overhaul Is Cleared for President
November 30 - SECTION NOTES: Bill Sets Reorganization Of Tourism Agency
November 30 - SECTION NOTES: Bill to Allow Gambling on Ships Sails Through House
November 30 - SECTION NOTES: Coast Guard Authorization Cleared for President
November 30 - SECTION NOTES: Copyright Renewal Bills Advance
November 30 - SECTION NOTES: House Clears Renewal Of Patent Office
November 30 - SECTION NOTES: Public Broadcasting Corp. Reauthorized, Criticized
November 30 - TAXES: 'Extenders' Get Six Months In Hill Compromise
November 30 - TELECOMMUNICATIONS: Nuisance Call Bill Clears Congress
November 30 - TRADE: House Approves Conditions On China MFN Status
November 30 - Trading With Moscow
November 30 - What the Bill Does
December 7 - RECESS NOTES: House Plans To Consider High-Tech Compromise
December 7 - SUPPLEMENT: By Land, Air and Sea Transportation Appropriations
December 7 - SUPPLEMENT: Justice Rules Commerce, Justice, State Appropriations
December 7 - SUPPLEMENT: On The Road Again (chart)
December 7 - Supplement: Where The Money Goes Commerce, Justice, State - FY 1992
December 7 - SUPPLEMENT: Where The Money Goes Transportation -- Fiscal Year 1992
December 7 - TRANSPORTATION (chart)
December 14 - PROVISIONS: China's Trade Status
December 14 - PROVISIONS: Deposit Insurance Overhaul Bill
December 14 - PROVISIONS: RTC Refinancing, Restructuring
December 21 - CORRECTION: Banking bill vote.

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