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January 14 - End-of-Year Thrift Deals Draw Congressional Ire
January 14 - Proposals to Refinance and Overhaul the FSLIC Produced by Bank Regulators, Industry Groups
January 21 - '88 Bills Were More Expansive: Fed's Bank-Powers Decision Defies Hill Concern Over Turf
January 21 - DOT Delays Plans to Halt Some Air Service
January 28 - Bead Maker Turns Crusade Into Sales
January 28 - Elderly and Industry Join in Drive for Safer Roads
February 4 - BrainDead to Lazarus: Buying a Sick Thrift
February 4 - Complex Tax Breaks Drive Up Cost of Thrift Deals
February 4 - FCC's Patrick Moves to Appease Lawmakers
February 4 - Hollings Eases Opposition on Product Liability
February 4 - Independent-FAA Plan Gains Key Support
February 4 - Lazarus S and L (chart)
February 4 - The Week's Events
February 11 - Bush's Thrift Plan Greeted With Caution on Hill
February 11 - President's Plan to Overhaul the FSLIC Differs From Those of Bank Regulators, Industry Groups
February 11 - Projected 11-Year Cost of Savings and Loan Bailout (chart)
February 18 - A History of the Thrift Industry: The 1800s to the Current Crisis
February 18 - Bush Faces Powerful Foes As Bailout Battle Nears
February 18 - Key Thrift Industry Fears
February 25 - Accounting for the FSLIC Bailout (chart)
February 25 - Baby Bells Lobby for Chance To Offer New Services
February 25 - Capital Gains Tax Rates (chart)
February 25 - Congress Gets First Look At Bush Bailout Bill
February 25 - FUTURES MARKETS: Panel Appraises Role of CFTC
February 25 - Statistical Portrait of the Baby Bells
March 4 - Bill Likely to Move Forward Despite Early Missteps
March 4 - COMMUNICATIONS: Democrats Unlikely to Block FCC's Price-Cap Plan
March 4 - Foreign Direct Investment
March 4 - House Panel to Hold Inquiry Into High-Definition TV
March 4 - Savings and Loan Rescue Plan Is the Biggest Bailout Yet
March 4 - THRIFT INDUSTRY: Taxpayer, Consumer Concerns Trouble Bush Bailout Plan
March 11 - Democrats Challenge Bush In Eastern Air Dispute
March 11 - Law on Secondary Strikes
March 11 - Regulation of Futures Markets Has Contentious History
March 11 - THRIFT INDUSTRY: Lobbyists Outline Complaints Over Bailout Proposal
March 18 - Fighting Lorenzo on Another Front
March 18 - Lawmakers Pursue Efforts To Halt Eastern Strike
March 18 - SECTION NOTES: Democrats Plan to Monitor Price-Cap Impact
March 25 - Producers Press for Renewal Of Steel Import Quotas
March 25 - SECTION NOTES: Bill Marked Up to Assist Small-Town Rail Service
March 25 - SECURITIES INDUSTRY: SEC Focuses on Global Fraud
March 25 - THRIFT INDUSTRY: Markup of FSLIC Bailout Bill Due Following Recess
April 8 - Banking Panels Get Started On Shaping Bailout Bill
April 8 - Children's TV Bill Is Marked Up
April 8 - Key Thrift Issues Facing Congress
April 8 - Obscure Trigger-Tax Provision Imperils Aviation Budget
April 8 - SECTION NOTES: Action on Eastern Airlines Delayed Amid Sale Plan
April 8 - SECTION NOTES: Minimum-Wage Debate Begins in Senate
April 8 - SECTION NOTES: Rostenkowski Relents On Section 89
April 8 - TELECOMMUNICATIONS: Fairness Doctrine Has Markup, Though Veto Is Threatened
April 15 - Bush Bailout Plan Advances On Both Sides of the Hill
April 15 - Panel Considers New Benefits For Caribbean Imports
April 15 - SECTION NOTES: Hills Reports on GATT Talks
April 15 - SECTION NOTES: Rostenkowski Receives Steel Quota Report
April 15 - TELECOMMUNICATIONS: Broadcasting Bills Head For Floor
April 22 - SECTION NOTES: Committee Authorizes Consumer Agency
April 22 - SECTION NOTES: Panel OKs Authorization For Maritime Agencies
April 22 - SECTION NOTES: Senate Panel Approves Fairness Doctrine
April 22 - TRANSPORTATION: Highway, Rail Bills Are Marked Up
April 29 - A Tough Choice on New Thrift Rules
April 29 - AVIATION: Security Bill, Probe Unsettling House
April 29 - California's Man of Stone
April 29 - Can Anderson Bridge Gap To Fill His Wider Role?
April 29 - COMMERCE: Phone-Sale Scams Target of Panel
April 29 - PROVISIONS: Senate Thrift-Bailout Bill Follows Bush Outline
April 29 - SECTION NOTES: 'Baby Bell' Deregulation Introduced in House
April 29 - THRIFT INDUSTRY: Rules for Capital Stiffened By House Banking Panel
April 29 - TRADE: Fight on Caribbean Imports Gives Rise to Tax Idea
May 6 - 'Cats and Dogs' Fight Over Funds
May 6 - Assault-Weapon Import Ban Endorsed by House Panel
May 6 - Bush Administration Officials Defend Accord With Japan
May 6 - Caribbean Import Bill OK'd With a Deal on Ethanol
May 6 - House Banking's Bailout Bill Toughens Rules for S and Ls
May 6 - House Committee Authorizes Funding for Air Security
May 6 - SECTION NOTE: Tough Line on Trade Urged by Members
May 6 - SECTION NOTES: Administration Promises HDTV Legislation
May 6 - SECTION NOTES: Trade Bill Credited On Exchange Rates
May 6 - SECTION NOTES: Ways and Means Plans Tax Hearings
May 6 - SECTION NOTES: Wheat Sale to Soviets Approved by Bush
May 6 - The Two Bills Compared
May 13 - Panel Hands Bush a Setback On Financing of Bailout
May 13 - Shrinking U.S. Markets (chart)
May 13 - Taking Technology Home
May 13 - TECHNOLOGY AND TRADE: Critics of U.S.-Japan Jet Pact Unlikely to Block Venture
May 13 - Two Views of Sematech
May 13 - Washington Policy on R and D Proving Divisive Issue
May 20 - 'Super 301' Process: How it Works
May 20 - Europeans Cite the U.S.
May 20 - SECTION NOTES: Airport Noise Abatement Supported by House
May 20 - SECURITIES: SEC Chief Plans To Leave Post
May 20 - Six Countries Are Likeliest Candidates For Inclusion on Trade 'Priority' List
May 20 - U.S. Plies Uncharted Waters In Effort to Open Markets
May 20 - U.S.-Japan Fighter-Jet Deal Is Cleared for Takeoff
May 27 - AVIATION: Warning Appended To Security Bill
May 27 - ENERGY/ENVIRONMENT Smog Bill Hearing Highlights Split
May 27 - Intellectual Property
May 27 - Japan, India, Brazil Cited For Import Barriers
May 27 - SECTION NOTES: Coast Guard Personnel Increased By Panel
May 27 - TELECOMMUNICATIONS: Phone-Rate Abuse Target of Panel
May 27 - TRADE AND TECHNOLOGY: House Panel Alters Fighter-Jet Bill
June 3 - A Network of Rules
June 3 - COMMERCE: Worm Turns Again For Safety Panel
June 3 - Media-Ownership Overhaul May Divide Legislators
June 3 - Murdoch vs. Murdoch
June 3 - SECTION NOTES: House Scheduled to Debate Japan Fighter-Jet Deal
June 3 - SECTION NOTES: Subcommittee OKs $8 Million For Aviation-Security R and D
June 3 - Time and Warner:
June 3 - TRANSPORTATION: Amtrak, Local Rail Measures Advance
June 10 - AMTRAK: Panel Approves Railroad Aid
June 10 - SECTION NOTES: First Hearing Held On 'Super 301'
June 10 - SECTION NOTES: House Warns Japan On Chip Imports
June 10 - SECTION NOTES: Ways and Means Rejects Aviation-Security Plan
June 10 - TECHNOLOGY AND TRADE: Hill Puts Strings on FS-X Deal, But Bush Holds Veto Card
June 10 - TRANSPORTATION: Drug-Testing Rift Emerges Again
June 17 - SECTION NOTES: Lawmakers Push for Waiver Of Jackson-Vanik Rules
June 17 - TRADE: Hills Gets Praise On 'Super 301'
June 17 - TRADE: House Panel Awaits Word On Steel-Import Quotas
June 24 - APPROPRIATIONS: Bill Has New Bans On Ocean Drilling
June 24 - Energy and Water Appropriations (chart)
June 24 - ENVIRONMENT: Industry Officials Seek Change In Air-Toxics Legislation
June 24 - Export Subsidies Attacked
June 24 - House Begins Laborious Task Of Debating Assistance Bill
June 24 - House Committee OKs Funds To Build Supercollider
June 24 - POLAND AND HUNGARY: House Votes Trade Benefits To Encourage Reforms
June 24 - PROVISIONS: House, Senate Thrift Bills Differ on Major Points
June 24 - SECTION NOTES: Airport-Noise Abatement Bill Endorsed by Panel
June 24 - SECTION NOTES: Federal Compliance Sought For Hazardous-Waste Laws
June 24 - SECTION NOTES: Senate Panel Approves Maritime Measures
June 24 - THRIFT INDUSTRY: 102 Conferees Appointed On S and L Bailout Bill
June 24 - TRANSPORTATION: Truck-Stop Drugs Targeted by Bill
June 24 - Ways and Means OKs Bill On Caribbean Imports
July 1 - COMMUNICATIONS: Protection Offered For Phone Users
July 1 - Empire of America Savings Bank (chart)
July 1 - Glendale Federal Bank (chart)
July 1 - HUNGARY: House Turns Down A Trade Carrot
July 1 - Some May Die, Others Thrive
July 8 - Effort to Alter ESOP Rules Stirs Strong Reactions
July 8 - ESOPs: How They Work
July 8 - Firms Seek 'Transition Rules'
July 15 - APPROPRIATIONS: 'Lean' Transportation Measure Approved by House Panel
July 15 - APPROPRIATIONS: Committee Keeps Cap on EEP
July 15 - CHINA: Senate Approves Sanctions Plan
July 15 - Congress Ready Once Again To Curb Children's TV
July 15 - LABOR: Takeovers Spawn Legislation To Block Use of Pensions
July 15 - MERCHANT MARINE: Committee Avoids Coast Guard Fees
July 15 - THIRD WORLD DEBT: Reduction Urged For Mexico
July 15 - TRADE: House Approves Export Bill
July 15 - TRADE: Panel Eyes Data Improvements On Foreign Investment
July 22 - Fight on Airline Smoking Ban Involves New Strategies
July 22 - Negotiations on Bailout Bill Move Behind Closed Doors
July 22 - SECTION NOTES: Small-Plane Liability Would Be Limited
July 22 - Thrift Conference Checklist (chart)
July 22 - TRADE: PC Sales OK'd To East Bloc
July 29 - APPROPRIATIONS: Commerce, Justice Funds Approved
July 29 - APPROPRIATIONS: Rural Air Grants Take the Knife
July 29 - Bush Agrees to Extension Of Steel-Import Quotas
July 29 - Commerce, Justice,
July 29 - COMMUNICATIONS: FCC Broadcast Fees Avoided In $450 Million Package
July 29 - Highlights of the Thrift Bill (HR1278)
July 29 - Offshore Oil Moratoriums Survive on Senate Floor
July 29 - Transportation Appropriations (chart)
July 29 - TRANSPORTATION: Politics Cloud the Issues Of Airline Smoking Ban
July 29 - TRANSPORTATION: Senate's OK Clears Airport-Noise Bill
August 5 - AGRICULTURE: Chicago Futures Indictments Help Propel CFTC Measure
August 5 - APPROPRIATIONS: Rules Maneuver Avoids Vote On Permanent Smoking Ban
August 5 - COMMUNICATIONS: Senators Find Few Complaints With Bush's FCC Nominees
August 5 - Dodging Touchy Census Issue, House Passes Funding Bill
August 5 - PRESIDENTIAL STATEMENT: Bush Announces Extension Of Steel-Import Quotas
August 5 - SECTION NOTES: Deceptive-Mail Bill Goes to Senate
August 5 - SECTION NOTES: Drug-Testing Measures On Collision Course
August 5 - SECTION NOTES: Nuclear Clean-up Plan Unveiled by Watkins
August 5 - Sweeping S and L Bailout Bill Heads for Final Passage
August 5 - The Debate on Financing
August 12 - Commerce
August 12 - New Thrift Regulatory Structure
August 12 - PROVISIONS: Congress OKs Sweeping Bill To Save Thrift Industry
August 12 - S and L Bill: Troublesome 'til the End
August 12 - SECTION NOTES: Children's TV Grants Passed by Senate
August 12 - SECTION NOTES: Sikes Confirmed By Senate
August 12 - Trade
August 12 - Transportation
August 26 - 'Baby Bell' Regulators Struggle for Power
August 26 - Bell Chronology
August 26 - The Main Players
August 26 - The Yellow Pages War
September 2 - Lobbying by Committee
September 2 - Unions Turn to Grass Roots To Rebuild Hill Clout
September 9 - APPROPRIATIONS: Hill Moves Ahead On Three Bills
September 9 - APPROPRIATIONS: Total Smoking Ban on Airlines Faces Big Fight in Senate
September 9 - HUNGARY: Trade Concession Voted by House
September 16 - APPROPRIATIONS: Commerce, Justice Bill Stalls In Scrap Over Drug Funding
September 16 - APPROPRIATIONS: Tobacco Interests Rubbed Out in Senate Cloture Vote
September 16 - TECHNOLOGY AND TRADE: Bush Veto of FS-X Conditions Barely Survives in Senate
September 16 - Transportation Appropriations (chart)
September 23 - House OKs Bomb-Detector Bill With Funding Compromise
September 23 - SECTION NOTES: Fastener Inspection Bill Passed by House
September 23 - SECTION NOTES: Senate Passes Maritime Bill
September 23 - TRADE: Steel-Quota Enforcement Gets Approval in Subcommittee
September 30 - APPROPRIATIONS: Commerce, Justice, State Bill Finally Passed by Senate
September 30 - APPROPRIATIONS: Transportation Cuts Left to Conferees
September 30 - Avalanche of Fax Messages Lands Close to Home
September 30 - Commerce, Justice, State (chart)
September 30 - Conferees Compromise on NEA After Helms Loses Vote
September 30 - SECTION NOTES: Amtrak Rail Subsidies Renewed by House
September 30 - SECTION NOTES: Aviation Security R and D Wins House Approval
September 30 - SECTION NOTES: House OKs Protections For Phone Users
September 30 - SECTION NOTES: Mitchell Adds His Voice to Call For Lifting Jackson-Vanik
September 30 - TRADE: Ways and Means Gives Support To Renewed Steel Quotas
October 7 - A Few Good Merchant Marines
October 7 - COMMUNICATIONS: Fairness Doctrine, Dial-a-Porn Coupled on House Measure
October 7 - SECTION NOTES: Bill Approved to Limit Small Plane Liability
October 7 - SECTION NOTES: Copyright Bills OK'd By House Judiciary
October 7 - SECTION NOTES: Estimate Raised On Thrift Cost
October 7 - SECTION NOTES: House Approves Steel Quotas
October 7 - SECTION NOTES: Panel OKs Bill to Cut Campaign-Ad Cost
October 7 - SECTION NOTES: Senate Bill Would Expand ICC's Rail Authority
October 7 - SECTION NOTES: Senate Confirms Breeden for SEC
October 7 - SECTION NOTES: Senate Passes Export Bills
October 7 - SECTION NOTES: Subcommittee Approves DOE Research Funds
October 7 - TELECOMMUNICATIONS: Senate Panel OKs Modified Bill To Regulate Childrens' TV
October 7 - TRANSPORTATION: Members Prod Bush On Airline LBOs
October 14 - SECTION NOTES: Interior Appropriations Sent to President
October 14 - SECTION NOTES: Waste-Reduction Bill Wins Panel OK
October 14 - Supercomputers Crunch Bits (And $$$) by the Billions
October 14 - TAXES: Ways and Means Turns Down Utility Tax Rebate Plan
October 21 - Far-Reaching Smoking Ban Climaxes 2-Year Odyssey
October 21 - Losing Rural Air Subsidies
October 21 - TRADE: European TV Rules Draw Rebuke
October 21 - TRANSPORTATION: Airline LBO Bill Wins Approval After Trump Takeover Sours
October 28 - AGRICULTURE: Bush Unveils Plan For Pesticides
October 28 - Balancing the Need to Protect Security With Workers' Rights to Be Candid
October 28 - Congress Moves to Buttress Aid to Whistleblowers
October 28 - Regulators Score Danny Wall In Lincoln Savings Probe
October 28 - SECTION NOTES: Abandoned-Mines Bill Passed by House
October 28 - SECTION NOTES: Watered-Down Eastern Bill Passed by Senate
October 28 - TELEMARKETING: You Asked for It: Fraud Bill Targets Former Supporters
October 28 - TRADE: House Seeks Action On EC TV Rules
November 4 - Anti-Lorenzo, Trump Fervor
November 4 - APPROPRIATIONS: Transportation Bill Nears Completion
November 4 - APPROPRIATIONS: Turf Fight Develops Over Funding Bill
November 4 - Gonzalez Steps on Many Toes In Lincoln Savings Inquiry
November 4 - Transportation Appropriations (chart)
November 11 - A Real Person Says 'No Thanks'
November 11 - APPROPRIATIONS: Commerce, State Bill Clears
November 11 - Baucus Warns of Hill Action If Talks With Japan Fail
November 11 - Clean-Air Bill Loses Steam In Rush to Adjournment
November 11 - LABOR: Minimum-Wage Bill Cleared, Ending 10-Year Stalemate
November 11 - NUTRITION: Food-Monitoring Bill Passed by Senate
November 11 - SECTION NOTES: Bill Extends Farm Aid To Quake Victims
November 11 - SECTION NOTES: House Clears Measure On Eastern Strike
November 11 - SECTION NOTES: Senate Action Stalled On Transportation Bill
November 11 - Tough Oil-Spill Measure Rides Atop Environmental Wave
November 11 - TRANSPORTATION: Drug-Testing Bill OK'd by Senate
November 11 - When Madison Avenue Talks, Farm-Belt Members Listen
November 11 - Where the Lines are Blurred
November 18 - LAW/JUDICIARY: Senate Panel Delays Markup Of Major RICO Revision
November 18 - Lincoln Savings: The Human Cost
November 18 - SECTION NOTES: Senate Panel OKs Steel-Quota Bill
November 18 - SECURITIES: Program Trading, Data Disputes Stall Market Reform Bills
November 18 - TRANSPORTATION: House Panels Rush to Pass New Waste-Hauling Rules
November 25 - COMMUNICATIONS: New 'Dial-a-Porn' Language OK'd
November 25 - Hill May Face Decision Shortly On Jackson-Vanik Limits
November 25 - SECTION NOTES: Expired Steel-Quota Law Restored by Congress
November 25 - SECTION NOTES: Tied-Aid, Development Bank Authorization Cleared
November 25 - The Sponsors: Jackson and Vanik
December 2 - LEGISLATIVE SUMMARY: Commerce
December 2 - LEGISLATIVE SUMMARY: Transportation
December 2 - TRADE: Hill Is Pressing Jackson-Vanik
December 9 - Bush Pledges to Move Ahead
December 9 - Cable and the Law
December 9 - Cable TV: The New Big Kid Confronts Re-Regulation
December 9 - Joe Sixpack: This One's for You
December 9 - Same Issue, Different Channel
December 9 - Top Cable Companies (chart)
December 16 - SECTION NOTES: Steel-Quota Pacts Are Completed
December 30 - Two China Sanctions Lifted

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