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January 2 - Fiscal 1988 Transportation Funds (Chart)
January 2 - Funding Breakdown for Commerce/Justice/State (Chart)
January 2 - Immigration Controversy Avoided: Commerce, Justice, State Get $13.9 Billion
January 2 - Rural Speed Limit Can Be Raised: Transportation Spending Plan Bans Smoking on Brief Flights
January 9 - Anti-Murdoch Provision in Funding Bill Sparks Flap
January 9 - Major Provisions of the Fiscal 1988 Reconciliation Bill
January 9 - U.S.-Canada Free-Trade Agreement Signed
February 6 - Conference on Trade Bill About to Resume
February 13 - Hill Leadership Sets Trade Bill as Top Priority
February 13 - The Major Obstacles Facing Conferees As They Prepare to Tackle the Trade Bill
February 13 - U.S-Canada Pact Draws Fire on Hill
February 20 - Major Proposals in Reagan's Fiscal 1989 Budget
February 27 - 'Fairness Doctrine' Has Had a Tangled Past
February 27 - Congress Set to Consider New Banking Powers
February 27 - Export-Import Bank Concerned About Reserves
February 27 - FCC and Congress Clash Over Proper Roles
February 27 - FCC's 'Independence' Can Mean Restraint
February 27 - The Banking System: Multiple Regulators
February 27 - Trade-Bill Conferees Resume Work
March 5 - But Backers Warn Game Is Far From Over: U.S.-Canada Free-Trade Pact Seen Likely to Win Approval
March 5 - Digital Taping: Hill May Be Out of the Loop
March 5 - Drug-Testing Fight Threatens Air-Service Bill
March 5 - Highlights of the Senate Bank-Deregulation Bill
March 5 - Major Provisions of U.S.-Canada Trade Accord
March 5 - Senate Approves Truck-Safety Plan
March 5 - Senate Panel Approves Bank Deregulation Bill
March 5 - Trade Bill Conferees Report Progress
March 5 - Trial Lawyers Opposed: Aircraft Firms to Get Protection Under Panel's Liability Package
March 12 - Conferees Could Be Left Behind: Deadlock Over Toshiba Ban Stalls Deal on Export Controls
March 12 - Import-Relief Compromise Proposed
March 19 - Alarm Over Foreign Investment in the U.S.
March 19 - FCC Drops Telephone Computer Charges
March 19 - Industry Would Train Owners: Lawmakers Seek ATV Refunds Despite New Safety Agreement
March 19 - Negotiations on Trade Bill Gain Momentum
March 19 - Pipeline Safety Bill OK'd by Panel
March 19 - Senate Panel to Take Up U.S.-Canada Pact in April
March 26 - Banks Upset by Price Tag on Deregulation Bill
March 26 - Conferees Seek to Finish Trade Bill by April 1
March 26 - More Than Sour Grapes Behind East-West Clash
March 26 - Negotiations Reach Critical Juncture: Business, Consumer Disputes Threaten Product-Liability Bill
April 2 - Appeals Court Voids Law Aimed at Murdoch
April 2 - Bank Failures, Scandals Spurred Passage... ...Of the Depression-Era Glass-Steagall Act
April 2 - Conferees Near Final Accord on Trade Bill
April 2 - Key Provisions of the Senate Bank-Deregulation Bill
April 2 - Reagan Veto Promised: House Approves Plan to Rehire Former Air-Traffic Controllers
April 2 - Senate Easily Approves Bank-Deregulation Bill
April 2 - Transportation Notes: House Refuses to Give States Title to Shipwrecks
April 9 - All Sides Appear to Dig In: Dispute Over Final Trade Bill Narrows to a Few Tough Issues
April 16 - Bank Deregulation: A Debate Over 'Fire Walls'
April 16 - Plant Closing Is Key Issue: Hill Leaders Bar Concessions, Veto Expected on Trade Bill
April 16 - Textile Tariff Rebates Draw Ire: Dangers Mount for U.S.-Canada Trade Pact
April 16 - Transportation/Commerce Notes: Liability Limits for Boat Owners OK'd by Merchant Marine Panel
April 23 - Highlights of the Trade-Bill Conference Report
April 23 - House Approves Pipeline-Safety Bill
April 23 - House Vote Raises Democrats' Hopes: Congress May Yet Send Reagan A Veto-Proof Trade Measure
April 23 - Independent FAA Endorsed by Air-Safety Panel
April 23 - Rep. Anderson Named to Chair Public Works Panel
April 30 - House Committee OKs Two SBA Bills
April 30 - Money Found for Coast Guard's Drug Patrols
April 30 - New Problems Surface for Canada Trade Pact
April 30 - Panel Takes Aim at Telephone Scams
April 30 - Telephone/Hearing-Aid Bill Wins Panel's OK
April 30 - Trade Bill Passes Senate, Heads for Certain Veto
April 30 - TRANSPORTATION/COMMERCE NOTES Amtrak Authorization
April 30 - TRANSPORTATION/COMMERCE NOTES Panama Canal Commission
April 30 - Trial Lawyers Opposed: Liability Limits for Plane Makers Approved by Senate Commerce
May 7 - Expanded Powers: The View From Three Banks
May 7 - House Panel Approves Two Aviation Bills
May 7 - House Panel Starts Work on U.S.-Canada Pact
May 7 - House Strikes Alaska Oil Rules From Trade Bill
May 7 - Reluctant to Vote: Split Between Panel Democrats Threatens Product-Liability Bill
May 7 - What Glass-Steagall Does
May 14 - Banking, Product-Liability Lobbying Increase
May 14 - Consumer Amendments Blocked: House Energy and Commerce Enters Thicket of Liability Law
May 14 - Democrats Hope to Profit From Trade Bill Veto
May 14 - House Panel Tries Again on Coast Guard Bill
May 14 - Trial Lawyers Use Tough Tactics in Fight Against U.S. Product-Liability Standards
May 14 - Unofficial Markup Process Begins: Smooth Start in Both Chambers For U.S.-Canada Trade Accord
May 21 - 'Quick Fix' Seen as Unlikely: Senate Panel Gets Bad News On S and L Insurance Fund
May 21 - COMMERCE NOTES: Product-Liability Dispute
May 21 - COMMERCE NOTES: Telemarketing Fraud
May 21 - Conferees Agree on Rail-Safety Bill
May 21 - Hill Reluctant to Take Lead on Market Regulation
May 21 - House Panel OKs Telephone/Hearing Aid Bill
May 21 - Must Fully Disclose Terms: House Banking Panel Approves Limits on Home-Equity Lenders
May 21 - Overhaul of SBA Minority Program Approved
May 21 - Panel OKs Compromise Plan: Fewer Ads, More Quality Shows Demanded for Kids' Television
May 21 - Senate Passes Sewage-Barge Bill
May 21 - Senate, House Panels Draft Canada Trade Bill
May 21 - The Securities Markets: Terms and Definitions
May 21 - The White House Group's Recommendations
May 28 - Civil and Criminal Penalties Provided: Congress Clears Ban on Tin-Based Boat Paints
May 28 - Fish and Wildlife Bills Sent to House Floor
May 28 - House OKs Rail-Safety Agreement
May 28 - Panel OKs Increase in Transportation Budget
May 28 - Senate Delays Vote on Trade-Bill Veto Override
May 28 - Tide Turns on Drug Testing of Rail, Other Workers
May 28 - Transportation/Commerce Notes: Hearing-Aid Compatibility
May 28 - Transportation/Commerce Notes: House Panel Votes to Limit Children's TV Ads
May 28 - Transportation/Commerce Notes: Merchant Marine Bills
May 28 - Transportation/Commerce Notes: Pipeline Safety
May 28 - Transportation/Commerce Notes: Sewage Sludge
May 28 - U.S.-Canada Trade Recommendations: Highlights
May 28 - Uranium Fight May Pose Problem in the Senate: Conferees OK U.S.-Canada Trade Proposals
May 28 - White House Message: Reagan Rejects Trade Bill, Calls for Better Alternative
June 4 - Business-Consumer Talks Break Down: Product-Liability Legislation Nears Committee Approval
June 4 - Dingell Signals Change on Drug Tests
June 11 - Committee's Role Is as Old as the Republic
June 11 - Disputes Erupt Over Uranium, Subsidies: Panels Abruptly Halt Work on Canada Trade Bill
June 11 - Educational Programs Required: Limit on Kids' Television Ads Gets Strong Backing in House
June 11 - House Approves Hearing-Aid Bill
June 11 - Merchant Marine: Too Close to Its 'Clients'?
June 11 - Panama Canal Commission Extension Approved
June 11 - Product-Liability Bill to Exempt Abortion Drugs
June 11 - Senate Sustains Trade-Bill Veto
June 11 - Senate Votes to Reauthorize Rail-Safety Programs
June 11 - Veto Threat Issued: Small Funding Hike OK'd for Transportation
June 18 - Airline-Consumer Bill Could Move: Testing Transportation Workers For Drugs: Plan Gaining Speed
June 18 - Commerce, Justice, State Funding (chart)
June 18 - House Panel Approves Product-Liability Bill
June 18 - House Passes Incomplete Bill: Commerce, Justice, State Funding Bill Advances
June 18 - Members Exclude Themselves From Pay Raise: House, Senate Committee OK Treasury-Postal Service Funds
June 18 - Omnibus Trade Bill to Get a Second Chance
June 18 - Panel Limits Insurers' Antitrust Exemption
June 18 - Ruling Erases One Problem of U.S.-Canada Pact
June 18 - Treasury, Postal Service Appropriations (chart)
June 25 - Trade Bill Hangs in Balance: Senate Debates Plant-Closing Bill As Republicans Try to Amend It
June 25 - Turf Fight Surfaces Over House Rule: $10.6 Billion OK'd for Transportation Programs
July 2 - House Defies Reagan in Transportation Bill
July 2 - House Panel Approves Satellite TV Measure
July 2 - House, Senate Panels OK Public Broadcasting Bills
July 2 - Pension Plan Terminations, 1980-87 (chart)
July 2 - Rail-Line Aid Wins Committee OK
July 2 - Senate Commerce Endorses Independent FAA
July 2 - Senate Panel Approves NBS Reauthorization
July 2 - Senate Stalled on Plant-Closing Notification
July 9 - Bill Headed for Conference: Senate Agrees 92-0 to Revamp SBA Minority Business Program
July 9 - Congress Clears NTSB Reauthorization
July 9 - Cost of Closing Thrifts Put at $15.2 Billion
July 9 - Couple Gets Heard With Persistent Lobbying
July 9 - ECONOMIC AFFAIRS NOTES: Markey Presses Market Bill, SEC Backs One Vote Per Share
July 9 - House Panel Nears Action on Bank Regulation Bill
July 9 - New Copyright Fees for Satellite TV Operators
July 16 - Both Votes Seen as Veto-Proof: Trade, Plant-Closing Bills Win Strong House Backing
July 16 - Economic Affairs Notes: Ruling Yields Windfall to S and Ls, Panels Back Canada Trade Bill
July 16 - Far More Than Administration Sought: Senate Approves $10.6 Billion For Transportation Programs
July 16 - Hearing-Aid Bill Passed by Senate
July 16 - Public Broadcasting Reauthorization Advances
July 16 - Senate Committee Prods States on Drunken Driving
July 16 - Senate Passes SBA Reauthorization
July 23 - Should It Go in Omnibus Bill? House Leaders Weigh Drug Tests For Air, Bus, Truck, Rail Workers
July 30 - Amendments Held for Second Measure: House OKs 'Dire Emergency' Supplemental Bill
July 30 - Appropriations Set at $15 Billion: Commerce, Justice, State Funding Approved
July 30 - Bill to Protect Aviation 'Whistleblowers' OK'd
July 30 - Canada Bill Submitted, OPIC Measure OK'd
July 30 - Congress Clears Hearing-Aid Bill
July 30 - Highlights of the House Bank-Deregulation Bill
July 30 - Senate Banking OKs Two S and L Bills
July 30 - Senate Panel OKs International SEC Action
July 30 - Some Consider Vote Fruitless: Judiciary Members Reluctant To Deal With Insurance Issue
July 30 - Weary House Panel OKs Bank-Deregulation Bill
August 6 - 'Dire' Spending Bill Stalled by Contra-Aid Fight
August 6 - Economic Affairs Notes: Canada Trade Bill Moves Ahead, Panel Backs Insider-Trading Bill
August 6 - House Judiciary Approves Satellite-TV Fees
August 6 - Provisions of the Omnibus Trade Bill
August 6 - Reagan Bows to Politics on Plant-Closing Bill
August 6 - Refunds OK'd for Owners of Unsafe Vehicles
August 6 - Senate Clears Trade Bill by Lopsided Vote
August 6 - Text of Reagan's Statement: Plant-Closing Bill Enacted Without President's Signature
August 6 - Treasury-Postal Conference Stalls
August 6 - Worming a Retraction Out of CPSC
August 13 - Aid for Women-Owned Firms OK'd
August 13 - Canada Trade Pact Gets Strong Support in House
August 13 - Congress Clears Fishing-Safety Bill
August 13 - House Passes Maritime Reauthorization
August 13 - SBA Bill Talks to Resume Next Month: Conferees Seek Competition For Minority-Firm Contracts
August 13 - Transportation/Commerce Notes: ATV Refunds
August 13 - Transportation/Commerce Notes: Aviation 'Whistleblowers'
August 13 - Transportation/Commerce Notes: Drug Testing of Rail Workers Backed by House Committee
September 3 - 100th Congress Will Finish on a Partisan Note
September 3 - Canadian House Approves Trade Agreement
September 3 - Early Debate on the Aim of Deposit Insurance
September 3 - FDIC and FSLIC: How the Funds Deal
September 3 - Options Range From Studies to Total Overhaul: S and L Crisis Forcing New Look at Deposit Insurance
September 3 - Senate Set to Consider Textile Import Quotas
September 10 - Committee Approves Tariff Suspensions
September 10 - Fiscal 1989 Treasury, Postal Funding (chart)
September 10 - FSLIC Bailout Looms; Dollar, Debt Stir Fears
September 10 - House Panel Scores Bank Board on Thrift Crisis
September 10 - Innovation Required To Maintain Systems
September 10 - Labor Plan Imperils Transportation Bill
September 10 - Options Considered to Speed Glass-Steagall Bill
September 10 - Textile Bill Snagged Despite Senate Passage
September 17 - Coast Guard Authorization Cleared
September 17 - Drexel Case Seen Spurring Support: House Votes 410-0 to Stiffen Penalties for Insider Trading
September 17 - House Panel OKs Rail Reauthorization
September 17 - Senate Completes Work: Democrats Will Skip Conference To Speed Action on Textile Bill
September 17 - Senate Passage Likely: House Approves Protections For Aviation Whistleblowers
September 17 - Split Over Labor Plan Stalls Transportation Bill
September 24 - Bill Makes Compromise More Difficult: Energy/Commerce Panel Seeks Tight Reins on New Bank Powers
September 24 - Conferees Reach Agreement: Funding OK'd For Commerce, Justice, State
September 24 - FSLIC Bailout Talk Escalates
September 24 - House Accepts Senate Changes: Textile-Quota Bill Clears Congress, Awaits Veto
September 24 - House OKs Drug Testing for Rail Jobs
September 24 - House Panel Approves Satellite TV Bill
September 24 - House Passes Air Safety Bills
September 24 - Members Bow to Veto Threat: Conferees Drop Labor Items, Agree on Transportation Bill
September 24 - Parliamentarian 'Screwed Up': Jurisdictional Fight Stalls Drunken-Driving Bill
September 24 - Senate Clears Bill on Canada Free-Trade Pact
September 24 - Shippers Divided Over Bill: Committee Kills Plan to Protect Shippers From Rail Monopolies
October 1 - Conferees Agree on SBA Set-Aside Changes
October 1 - Consumer Issues, Turf Battles Stall Action: Prospects for New Bank Powers Fade in Congress' Final Days
October 1 - Fight Over Legal Services: Congress Clears Spending Bill For Commerce, Justice, State
October 1 - Fiscal 1989 Transportation Funds (chart)
October 1 - Funding Breakdown for Commerce/Justice/State (chart)
October 1 - House Banking Votes to Set Up FSLIC Panel
October 1 - More Funds for Drug Interdiction: $11 Billion Transportation Spending Bill Clears
October 1 - Text of Reagan's Message: President Vetoes Textile Import-Quota Bill
October 1 - Transportation/Commerce Notes: Panel Approves Bill Requiring Satellite Firms to Pay Royalties
October 8 - Adjournment Delay Keeps Work Going: A Flicker of Life Remains In Drive for New Bank Powers
October 8 - Commerce Notes: Drug Smuggling by Plane
October 8 - Commerce Notes: Fishing Pact Blocked by Fight Involving Boat's Final Haven
October 8 - Commerce Notes: Gray-Market Cars'
October 8 - Commerce Notes: Pipeline Safety
October 8 - Commerce Notes: Satellite-TV Fees
October 8 - Commerce Notes: Small-Business Loans
October 8 - Commerce Notes: Truck Safety
October 8 - Commerce Notes: Women-Owned Businesses
October 8 - Economic Affairs: House Backs Foreign Disclosure; Textile-Quota Veto Sustained
October 8 - House Approves SBA Reauthorization
October 8 - No Cap on Interest Rates: Conferees Approve Credit-Card Disclosure Bill
October 8 - S and L Crisis Gets Last-Minute Attention: House Advances Thrift Bills; Wall Raises Bailout Estimate
October 15 - Bill Intended to Limit Abuse: Revisal of SBA Minority Program Raises Questions on Many Sides
October 15 - Commerce Notes: 'Gray-Market Cars'
October 15 - Commerce Notes: FCC Authorization
October 15 - Commerce Notes: House OKs Plan Allowing GSA To Help Deaf Call Government
October 15 - Commerce Notes: Women-Owned Businesses
October 15 - Other Measures Linger: Hopes for Thrift-Bailout Bill Dashed for Year
October 15 - Public Broadcasting Dispute Eased
October 15 - Some Pieces May Move Separately: Caught in House Turf Battle, Banking Deregulation Bill Dies
October 22 - Bicentennial Coin Bill Cleared
October 22 - Commerce Notes: Bill to Boost Quality of Kids' TV Clears Despite Veto Possibility
October 22 - Commerce Notes: Communications for Deaf
October 22 - Commerce Notes: FCC Authorization
October 22 - Commerce Notes: Minority Business Aid
October 22 - Commerce Notes: Pipeline Safety
October 22 - Commerce Notes: SBA Loan Prepayments
October 22 - Commerce Notes: SBA Reauthorization
October 22 - Congress OKs Bill on Satellite-TV Transmissions
October 22 - Congress Orders More Aviation-Safety Research
October 22 - Economic Affairs Notes: Bill on New Banking Powers Dies, Taking Thrift Commission With It
October 22 - Public Broadcasting Programs Reauthorized
October 22 - Rep. Dingell's Wife Helps Push Lawn-Dart Ban
October 29 - DOT Will Issue Rules: Transportation Drug-Test Plan Succumbs to Splits in Opinion
October 29 - LEGISLATIVE SUMMARY: Banking
October 29 - LEGISLATIVE SUMMARY: Commerce
October 29 - LEGISLATIVE SUMMARY: Transportation
November 5 - Reagan Vetoes SBA Loan-Prepayment Plan
November 5 - Text of Memorandum of Disapproval
November 12 - President Reagan's Veto Messages
November 12 - White House Announces Four 'Pocket Vetoes'
November 26 - Mulroney Victory Clears Way for Free-Trade Pact
December 3 - Seidman Would Revise Deposit Insurance: Debate on Thrift Industry Crisis Shifts to Search for Solutions
December 10 - Safety Concerns Color Debate Over Cosmetics
December 17 - GAO Says FSLIC Needs $85 Billion Bailout
December 24 - Legislative Outlook: Banking
December 24 - Legislative Outlook: Commerce
December 24 - Legislative Outlook: Trade
December 24 - Legislative Outlook: Transportation
December 24 - Thrift Industry to Congress: Don't Send Us the Bill
December 31 - Canada Endorses Trade Accord With United States
December 31 - FAA Tightens Security for Overseas Flights
December 31 - Trade Clash Erupts Over European Ban on U.S. Beef

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