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January 3 - Administration, Europeans Square Off on Tariffs
January 3 - New Life for Highway Bill?
January 10 - Sweeping Legislation Expected: Democrats off Starting Blocks In Effort to Enact a Trade Bill
January 10 - Transportation/Commerce: Amtrak Sale, Mass Transit Funding Cuts Proposed
January 17 - Highway/Mass Transit Bill at Stake: Foes of 55 mph Highway Limit Plan to Challenge House Rule
January 24 - Drug Testing Urged for Transportation Workers
January 24 - House Passes $90 Billion, Five-Year Package: Speed Limit Stays a Roadblock For Highway, Mass Transit Bill
January 24 - More Talk of 'Competitiveness' in Trade
January 24 - New Senate Democrats Back Billboard Use
January 31 - Washington Snow Job: 'Take the Money, Please!'
February 7 - $65.4 Billion Provided for Highways, Mass Transit: Senate Increases Speed Limit; Stage Set for Conference Fight
February 7 - Congress Begins Walk Through Trade Mine Field
February 14 - Energy, Commerce Shake-Up May Boost Rail Law Revisions: Florio Drops Transportation for Trade
February 21 - Conferees Head for Collision on Highway Bill
February 21 - Major Provisions of Senate-Passed Highway Bill
February 21 - Proxmire Offers Comprehensive Banking Bill
February 21 - Reagan Names Two to Bank Board
February 21 - Trade Bills Introduced
February 28 - Brother, Can You Spare a Dollar?
February 28 - Check-Hold Bill Endorsed by Banking Panel
February 28 - White House Veto Threatened: Highway Conferees Negotiate On Funds for Special Projects
February 28 - White House, Hill Remain at Odds Over Trade
March 7 - Agreement Reached on Special Projects: New Speed Limit, Billboards Remaining Conference Issues On Highway/Mass Transit Bill
March 7 - FSLIC May Seek Loan to Stave Off Bankruptcy
March 7 - Highway 'Pork' Is Meat for Bill Conferees
March 7 - Senate Passes Garn-St Germain Extension
March 7 - Trade Bill: Options Aired, Markup Postponed
March 14 - Bailout of S and L Insurance Fund Approved by Senate Banking
March 14 - Dingell Prefers Two-Pronged Approach: Insider Trading, Takeover Bills Are Discussed
March 14 - House Passes Bank Regulator Bills
March 14 - Panel Approves Bills for FTC, NTSB
March 14 - Senate Floor Fight Possible: Panel Approves Drug Testing For Transportation Workers
March 14 - Showdown on Speed Limit Set for the House
March 14 - Trade Legislation Passes First Hurdle in House
March 21 - Abdnor Confirmed as SBA Administrator
March 21 - Conflicts Sharpen as House Trade Bill Advances
March 21 - FAA Director Engen Resigns
March 21 - House Panel Votes to Cap Credit Card Rates
March 21 - Speed Limit Raised to 65 mph: $88 Billion Highway Measure Cleared Despite Veto Threats
March 28 - House Panels Take Aim at Japan in Omnibus Bill
March 28 - Major Provisions of the Highway/Mass Transit Bill
March 28 - Panel Votes to Reauthorize NHTSA
March 28 - President Tries to Regain Momentum: Reagan Vetoes Highway Bill; Override Fight Seen in Senate
March 28 - Senate Commerce Approves Fairness Doctrine Bill
March 28 - Senate Passes Safety Board Authorization
March 28 - Senate Votes to Restrict Banks, Rescue FSLIC
March 28 - Supplemental Totals (chart)
April 4 - Administration Wants More Money: Funding Impasse Imperils State Department Bill
April 4 - For Job Training, Education: New Funding Proposals Added To House Omnibus Trade Bill
April 4 - Henkel Resigns From Home Loan Bank Board
April 4 - House Banking OKs Check-Hold Bill
April 4 - Panel Approves $5 Billion FSLIC Rescue Plan
April 4 - Reagan Veto Stalls Highway Bill: A Text
April 4 - Sanford Switches Lanes: Highway Bill Veto Overridden After Close Call in the Senate
April 11 - 'Portable Pension' Bill Introduced
April 11 - Buy America Provisions
April 11 - Confrontation Likely Over Trade Amendment
April 11 - Controversy Over Ad Restrictions Awaits: Senate Passes Reauthorization Of Federal Trade Commission
April 11 - Foreign Airport Access
April 11 - Pension Cash Withdrawals, 1980-86 (chart)
April 11 - Proposals to Be Added to Trade Bill: House Panel OKs Patent, Copyright Changes
April 11 - The Pension System: Can Its Promises Be Kept?
April 18 - Air Travel: Trying to Smooth Out the Bumps
April 18 - Airport and Airway Trust Fund
April 18 - Members Are Familiar With 'Friendly' Skies
April 18 - Trust Fund Surplus Provokes a Tug of War
April 25 - Rescue of S and L Insurance Fund Imperiled by Banking Dispute
April 25 - Senate Passes NHTSA Reauthorization
April 25 - Senate Votes to Make 'Fairness Doctrine' Law
April 25 - Trade Bill Headed for Certain Passage... ...Despite GOP Plan to Offer Alternative
April 25 - Trade Bill: Partial Remedy for Complex Problem
May 2 - Debate Over the Gephardt Amendment... ...Masks Extent of Consensus on Trade Bill
May 2 - Dingell, Markey Propose Takeover Measure
May 2 - Finance Committee Trade Markup Advances
May 2 - Highlights of HR3, the House-Passed Trade Bill
May 2 - House Passes Comprehensive Trade Measure
May 2 - Making the Trade Bill
May 2 - Measure Would Raise $15 Billion: Wright Reverses His Position, Backs Bigger S and L Rescue Plan
May 2 - Wall Named to Federal Home Loan Bank Board
May 9 - Airport Programs Reauthorization Introduced
May 9 - Finance Committee Approves Trade Measure
May 9 - Having No Truck With Pentagon Mitsubishis
May 9 - House Agrees to Limit Check Holds
May 9 - House Panel Votes to Make Fairness Doctrine Law
May 9 - Major Provisions of House-Passed Trade Bill
May 9 - Wright, White House Plan Rejected: House Sides With S and L Lobby On Rescue of Insurance Fund
May 16 - 'Pork' Rejected by House Subcommittee: Airport Reauthorization Plans OK'd by House, Senate Panels
May 16 - Difficult Conference Ahead: Senate Rejects the House Plan To Rescue S and L Insurance Fund
May 16 - Five More Panels Join the Act: Senate Committees Continue To Work on Trade Measures
May 16 - House Committee OKs 'Fairness Doctrine' Bill
May 16 - Panel Approves SBA Changes
May 23 - Air Traffic Control Research OK'd
May 23 - Cities Are Not Pleased: U.S. Barges Would Be Required for Sewage
May 23 - Consumer Protection Commission Under Fire: All-Terrain-Vehicle Accidents Spur Congressional Concern
May 23 - Estimated Transportation of Hazardous Materials
May 23 - Kelley Approved for Federal Reserve
May 23 - Perspective: Speaker Style: Jim Wright and the FSLIC Bill
May 23 - Regulators Warn of Strains on Insurance Fund
May 23 - Senate Schedule Begins to Slip: Export Controls, Foreign Debt Addressed in Banking Panel Bill
May 30 - FSLIC Bill Stalled in House
May 30 - House Approves Changes for SBA
May 30 - Major Provisions, 1987 Supplemental Funding Bill
May 30 - Panel Recommends Increase for Coast Guard
June 6 - $2.6 Billion for Coast Guard
June 6 - $27 Billion Airport Plan OK'd by House Panel
June 6 - 'Fairness Doctrine' Sent to President
June 6 - Commerce Hung Up on Amendment: Foreign Relations, Judiciary, Labor Add to Trade Measure
June 6 - Foreign Aid, Arms Control, Immigration Issues: House-Senate Disputes Likely Over Fiscal 1987 Supplemental
June 6 - House Panel Agrees to FSLIC Conference
June 6 - House Panel Would Boost Development Banks
June 6 - Maritime Reauthorization Approved
June 6 - New FAA Chief Nominated
June 6 - Senators Propose Bill to Control Takeovers
June 6 - Trade Picture Brightens in 1987's First Quarter... ...But Does Little to Relax Pressure on Congress
June 13 - 30 Percent More Than Reagan Request: Panel Approves $10.7 Billion For Transportation Programs
June 13 - Commerce, Justice, State and Others: House Appropriations Panels Start Doling Out FY '88 Funds
June 13 - Digital Tape Recorders Spark Lobbying War
June 13 - House OKs Quality Award for U.S. Companies
June 13 - Panel Approves Coast Guard Funds, Other Bills
June 13 - Target Date for Senate Floor is June 22: Senate Panels Key on Exports As Trade Markups Wind Down
June 20 - Highlights of Senate Trade Provisions as Reported
June 20 - House Committee OKs 'Truth in Savings' Bill
June 20 - House Panel Votes to Reauthorize Trade Agencies
June 20 - Making the Senate Trade Bill
June 20 - New SEC Chairman Nominated
June 20 - Senate Panel Votes to Extend Commerce Programs
June 20 - Trade Bill Heads to Floor Trailing Veto Threat
June 27 - Airline Measures Passed
June 27 - Called 'Woefully Inadequate': Panel OKs Commerce, Justice, State Funding
June 27 - Commerce, Justice, State Funding (chart)
June 27 - Democrats Plan to Repackage Bill: Senate Avoids Override Fight On 'Fairness Doctrine' Veto
June 27 - Plant-Closing Fight Seen on Trade Bill
June 27 - Private 'Dumping' Suits Not Allowed: Senate Plans Long Workweek As It Finally Takes Up Trade Bill
July 4 - Across-the-Board Cut Approved: House Votes $13.8 Billion Bill For Commerce, Justice, State
July 4 - Amount Exceeds White House Request: House Committee Approves $11 Billion for Transportation
July 4 - Angry Senate Votes to Bar Toshiba Imports
July 4 - Commerce, Justice, State Funding (chart)
July 4 - Conferees Agree to $8.5 Billion FSLIC Plan
July 4 - FTC Authorization, 'Gray Market' Cars
July 4 - House Passes 'Truth in Savings' Bill
July 4 - Major Provisions of Supplemental Funding Bill
July 11 - Air Travel for the Masses: Could Be a Myth
July 11 - Deregulation: New Doubts, Damage Control
July 11 - House Approves Coast Guard Bill
July 11 - International Farm Subsidy Cut Sought
July 11 - Senate Twice Retains Veto-Bait Provisions
July 11 - Trade Bill Includes a Labor Priority: Plant Closing
July 18 - Fiscal 1988 Transportation Funds (chart)
July 18 - House Approves 2 Percent Spending Cut: $11 Billion Transportation Bill Would Curb In-Flight Smoking
July 18 - House Panel Votes Import Quotas on Textiles, Shoes
July 18 - Moves to Block Ship 'Reflagging' Rejected in Senate
July 18 - Panel Approves FCC Funds
July 18 - Panels OK Bills to Protect Airline Consumers
July 18 - Senate Approves New FAA Chief
July 18 - Treasury, Postal Service Spending (chart)
July 18 - Veto Threats Grow for FSLIC Rescue Package
July 18 - Votes Repeal of Windfall Profits Tax: Senate Winding Up Debate On Omnibus Trade Measure
July 25 - Greenspan Vows to Be Apolitical: 'Independent' Fed Has Shifted With Political Winds of the Past
July 25 - Highlights of HR3, the Senate-Passed Trade Bill
July 25 - House Panel Approves SEC, FCC Funding
July 25 - Takeover Debate Centers on States' Powers
July 25 - Technology Innovation and Development
July 25 - Toshiba Import Ban
July 25 - Trade Agency Authorizations
July 25 - Trade Bill Passes Senate, Heads for Conference
July 25 - Veto Threat Hangs Over FSLIC Bill
August 1 - A $10.8 Billion Bailout for FSLIC: Deal Struck on Banking Bill Smooths Way for Enactment
August 1 - Bill OK'd to Require Airline Information
August 1 - Commerce Panel Approves 'Baldrige Awards'
August 1 - House Passes Sewage-Barge Bill
August 1 - Rail-Safety Deadlock May Break: Senate Panel Votes to Stiffen Fines for Rail, Air Violations
August 1 - Senate Panel OKs Greenspan, Ruder Nominations
August 1 - Textile Quota Bills Moving in House, Senate
August 1 - Trade Notes: House Passes Ban on PX Sales of Toshiba Goods
August 8 - 'Gray-Market' Car Measure Approved
August 8 - Cap on Interest Rates Rejected: Credit Card Rate Disclosure Ordered by House Committee
August 8 - Congress Clears FSLIC Bailout Legislation
August 8 - House OKs Minting of Olympic Coins
August 8 - House Panel OKs Bill to Deter DAT Imports
August 8 - House, Senate Panels OK Air Taxes
August 8 - Individual Measures That Make Up the Trade Bill
August 8 - Leaders May Try to Override Veto: FCC Kills 'Fairness Doctrine,' But Congress Will Renew Fight
August 8 - Provisions of House, Senate Trade Bills Compared
August 8 - Quality Awards Bill Goes to President
August 8 - Response to Passenger Complaints: House Committee Backs Bill Requiring Airline Disclosure
August 8 - Senate Confirms Ruder for SEC
August 8 - Senate OKs Greenspan as Fed Chairman
August 8 - Trade Topics Compete for Hill's Attention
August 15 - Caretaker Image Could Ease Verity Nomination
August 15 - LEGISLATIVE SUMMARY: Banking
August 15 - LEGISLATIVE SUMMARY: Commerce
August 15 - LEGISLATIVE SUMMARY: Transportation
August 15 - Major Provisions of FSLIC Recapitalization Bill
August 15 - Texas Depositors Shaken: Bill Is Signed to Restore Faith In Ailing S and L Insurance Fund
August 15 - Trade Deficit Shows No Improvement
August 22 - Televangelists: Temptations of Tax-Free Status
August 22 - The Charity Business: A Taxing Question
September 12 - House Passes SEC Authorization
September 12 - Judge Keeps Leash on 'Baby Bells'
September 12 - Textile Vote Set; Trade Conference Slowed
September 12 - Verity's Approval Likely Despite Trade Views
September 19 - Bill Raising Safety Violation Fines Clears
September 19 - House OK Too Weak for Veto-Bait Quota Bill
September 19 - New DOT Head Will Be in Aviation 'Hot Seat'
September 19 - Verity Nomination Moves to Senate Floor
September 26 - Panel Strikes Airline Ad Provision in FTC Bill
September 26 - Refugee Amendment Added by Hatfield: Senate Panel OKs Funding Bill For Commerce, Justice, State
September 26 - Trade Talks With Canada Stall
October 3 - House Committee OKs Flight Safety Bill
October 3 - House OKs Sale of Bicentennial Coins
October 3 - Off-Budget Plan Loses by Five Votes: Worried About Safety, Delays, House Passes Airport Bill 396-0
October 3 - Prohibition on Transportation Spending Bill: Smoking Ban for Short Flights Likely to Ignite Senate Scrap
October 3 - Senate Panel Votes to Ease SBA Prepayments
October 3 - State Controls Backed: Senate Banking Approves Anti-Takeover Bill
October 3 - U.S.-Canada Trade Accord Back on Track
October 3 - Ways and Means OKs Ban on Imports From Iran
October 10 - Deputy Secretary Tapped to Head DOT: Burnley Faces Rough But Likely Confirmation
October 10 - FCC Bill Caught in Partisan Cross-Fire
October 10 - House Approves FTC Reauthorization: Howard Wins in Turf Fight Over Airline Ads
October 10 - House, Senate Vote to Ban Iranian Imports
October 10 - Key Elements of U.S.-Canada Free-Trade Accord
October 10 - Many Details Unresolved: U.S.-Canada Trade Accord Draws Tentative Hill Support
October 10 - Panel Approves Bill to Rehire Controllers
October 10 - Pressure Builds on Senate to Act: Bill to Improve Airline Service Wins Easy Approval of House
October 10 - To Repay Debt to Retirement Account: Railroad Unemployment Tax Is Adjusted by House Panel
October 10 - Vote Scheduled on Verity Nomination
October 17 - $14.3 Billion Appropriated: Commerce, Justice, State Funding Approved
October 17 - Commerce, Justice, State Funding (chart)
October 17 - House Approves FCC, NTIA Bills
October 17 - New Commerce Secretary Sworn In Oct. 19: Senate OKs Verity NominationDespite Fear Over Trade Views
October 17 - Odds Against Reagan in Trade Conference
October 24 - Panel Attempts to Restore 'Fairness Doctrine'
October 24 - Reimbursement for Seized Fishing Boats
October 24 - Trade Conferees Seek to Reassure Markets
October 31 - Added to $11 Billion Spending Bill: Senate Agrees to Ban Smoking on Most Flights
October 31 - Airline Flight Records Would Be Public: Senate Attaches Drug Testing To Consumer-Protection Bill
October 31 - Fiscal 1988 Transportation Funds (chart)
October 31 - Interest-Rate Cap Defeated: Near-Unanimous House OKs Credit-Card Disclosure Bill
October 31 - Reagan Bans Imports From Iran
October 31 - Senate Passes Bill to Boost Aviation Programs
November 7 - Bill Revises Deregulation Law: House Panel on Shippers' Side In Dispute Over Railroad Rates
November 7 - Effects of 1930 Law Color Debate on Trade Bill
November 7 - House Approves Air-Safety Bill
November 7 - Leadership Urges Action This Year: Trade Conferees Inch Ahead While Avoiding Major Issues
November 7 - President Lifts Computer Chip Sanctions
November 7 - Rail-Safety Bill Passed by Senate
November 7 - Railroads, Shippers Steamed Up Over Rewrite
November 7 - Sen. Proxmire Outlines Banking Overhaul
November 7 - Senate Passes Maritime Programs Bill
November 7 - Shaping the Trade Bill
November 7 - Trade, Environment Top September Interests
November 7 - U.S.-Mexico Trade Agreement Signed
November 14 - Export Controls Hang in Balance: Trade-Bill Conferees Search For Toshiba-Ban Compromise
November 14 - House Rejects Bid to Kill Trade Amendment
November 14 - Revision of Minority Contracting Program OK'd
November 14 - Trade Deficit Shrinks; Market Turns Up
November 21 - All-Terrain Vehicles Targeted: Panels Try to Bolster Consumer Safety Board
November 21 - Bad Feelings Smoothed Over: Senate Panel Approves Burnley to Head DOT
November 21 - Congress Clears SEC Reauthorization
November 21 - Greenspan Urges Repeal of Glass-Steagall Act
November 21 - More Access to Programming: Senate Committee OKs Plan To Aid Satellite-Dish Owners
November 21 - Panel Approves Truck Safety Bill
November 21 - Past Bills Have Failed: Lawmakers Take Plunge Again On Product-Liability Measure
November 21 - Trade Conferees OK Some Education Provisions
November 28 - Harmonized Tariff Schedule to Be Pushed
November 28 - Senate Panel Prepares to Debate Bank Powers
December 5 - But Senate Will Be Watching Safety Steps: Burnley Confirmed as Transportation Secretary
December 5 - House Panel to Vote Dec. 8: Prospects Improving for Product-Liability Bill
December 5 - House Votes to Revamp SBA Minority Aid
December 5 - Senate Panel OKs Credit-Card Disclosure Bill
December 5 - Veto Considered Unlikely: Conferees Close to Agreement On $22 Billion Airport Package
December 12 - Fairness Doctrine Dropped, Fees Rejected: Broadcasting Changes Spark Heated Debate
December 12 - Product-Liability Package Approved by Panel
December 12 - Subcommittee OKs Rail-Safety Plan
December 12 - Trade Deficit Balloons to Record Level
December 12 - U.S., Canada Finalize Terms of Free-Trade Pact
December 19 - More Funds to Ease Congestion: Airport-Reauthorization Plan Easily Cleared by Both Houses
December 19 - Transportation/Commerce Notes: Product-Liability Bill Put Off Until Next Year
December 26 - Airport and Airway Reauthorization Provisions
December 26 - Re-flagging Bill Sent to President: Coast Guard Reauthorization Fails to Clear
December 26 - Senate Passes Credit-Card Bill
December 26 - The 100th Congress: Banking
December 26 - The 100th Congress: Commerce
December 26 - The 100th Congress: Trade
December 26 - The 100th Congress: Transportation

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