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October 1 - Aid for Needy Approved: Panels in Both Chambers Act to Block FCC Phone Fee
October 1 - Communism and the $8.4 Billion: Reagan-Congress Funding Flap Spills Over Into IMF Meeting
October 1 - Export Controls
October 1 - Financing Aid for Exporters: Senate Passes Export-Import Bank Extension
October 1 - House Decisively Rejects Coal Slurry Bill
October 1 - Industrial Policy Pressed: Committee Democrats Delay Roth Trade Department Efforts
October 8 - House Rejects Discharge Of Amtrak Debt
October 8 - Sen. Roth Scores Victory: With a Bow to Industrial Policy, Panel Backs Trade Department
October 8 - Trade Adjustment Aid Extended
October 22 - Air Bag Regulation Reconsidered
October 22 - Avoiding Last Year's Deadlock: Commerce Panel Sets Date For Vote on Phone Rate Bill
October 22 - House Passes Compromise Maritime Bill
October 22 - Senate Action Slated: House Rejects Key Provisions Of Bill to Ease Export Controls
October 29 - Export Controls
October 29 - Party-line Vote: Panel Approves Phone Bill Despite AT and T Lobby Drive
October 29 - Road Repair Funds Voted
November 5 - 'Domestic Content' Bill Approved By House
November 5 - Export-Import Bank
November 5 - FCC TV Ruling
November 5 - Funding Boost for Legal Services: Conferees Approve Funding For Commerce, Justice, State
November 5 - Highway Bill Snarled
November 5 - Maritime Authorization
November 5 - Telephone Access Bill
November 5 - Victory for Bonker: Business Wins House Reversal On Easing High-Tech Exports
November 12 - Commerce, Justice, State Funding Nears Final Approval
November 12 - Energy Technology Exports
November 12 - Fiscal 1984 Maritime Authorization: Chambers Split Over Ship Construction Aid
November 12 - House Votes to Block FCC Phone Rate Plan
November 12 - Senate Action Uncertain: House Sets Six-Month Delay For Disputed TV Rule Change
November 19 - Credit Card Fraud
November 19 - Credit Card Surcharges
November 19 - First Since Fiscal 1980: Commerce, Justice, State Funding Bill Cleared
November 19 - House Asks Civilian Access To Satellite Air Navigation
November 19 - Senate Action Pending: FCC Telephone Rate Issue Awaits Returning Congress
November 19 - TV Syndication Rights
November 26 - FCC Authorization: Bill Boosting Public Broadcast Funds Cleared
November 26 - Legislation Needed: Stalemate Ties Up Funding For Road Repairs, Interstates
November 26 - Summary of Major 1983 Congressional Action: COMMERCE
November 26 - Summary of Major 1983 Congressional Action: TRADE
November 26 - Summary of Major 1983 Congressional Action: TRANSPORTATION

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