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 Technology and Communications

January 22 - Civil Liberties Advocates Oppose Democrats' 'Technological Wall'
January 22 - No Ringing Endorsements for Robocall Fix
January 28 - Internet Access Rates Stall, Riling Manchin
February 4 - Net Neutrality Debate Moves to Court
February 4 - People to Watch in 2019: Melika Carroll
February 11 - John Dingell: Veteran, Statesman, Twitter Hero
February 19 - State Issues: Data Privacy
March 11 - A Tax Idea to Save Journalism
April 1 - Civil Libertarians Lobby House Judiciary on Surveillance Reauthorization
April 1 - Open-Web Rules Still Stuck Amid Signs of Hope
April 29 - John F. Kennedy, the Latest Tweeting Sensation
April 29 - The Unlikely Sheriff of Silicon Valley
May 13 - Contrary to FCC Reports, Farms Still Suffer From Slow Broadband
May 13 - Lawmakers Want Action Against Robocalls, Some More Than Others
May 13 - The FCC's Broadband Sleight of Hand
May 13 - Warren's Tech Breakup Proposal Isn't Hurting Her Campaign Fundraising
June 3 - Fintech Beat: Big Tech Shakes Cryptocurrency World
June 3 - Government Struggles to Rein In Artificial Intelligence Programs
June 3 - What Is Artificial Intelligence?
June 10 - Fintech Beat: States Poised to Act as Crypto-Cops
June 17 - Fintech Beat: A Golden Rule to Make Fintech Shine
June 17 - Republican-controlled FCC hangs up on corporate robocallers
June 17 - When it Comes to Facebook, Breaking Up Is Hard to Do
June 24 - Big tech gets big help from climate change skeptics
June 24 - Disinformation continues to pose a serious threat to U.S. security
June 24 - Fintech Beat: The New Coin of the Realm Raises a Host of Issues
June 24 - Pressure mounts for antitrust action against Silicon Valley giants
June 24 - Some progress against cyber threats
June 24 - U.S. is woefully unprepared for cyber-warfare
July 8 - The Most-Viewed Bill in Congress This Year Is a Head-Scratcher
July 22 - Player One Is Ready to Lead the Video Game Association
July 29 - After stumbles, U.S. tries to recover a leadership role in telecom
July 29 - Airwaves now reserved for educational purposes may go to 5G
July 29 - Some areas would be happy just to have 4G communications
July 29 - The nuts and bolts of 5G
July 29 - What is spectrum and why does it matter to 5G?
September 23 - The upcoming surveillance debate could force Trump to compromise
October 7 - Declining response rates weaken government surveys -- and policies
October 15 - Artificial intelligence commission sued for lack of transparency
October 15 - Transportation and data-service providers battle for bandwidth
October 21 - A dispute over copyright disputes
October 21 - Big Data's promise in opening up credit access
October 21 - Disinformation spreads, and already infects the 2020 elections
October 21 - Exposing 'deepfakes' is a high-tech challenge
October 21 - Falsehoods on Facebook could prompt changes in law
November 4 - 2020 Election Issues: Disinformation attacks
November 4 - Seven major issues will be prominent in voters' minds in 2020
November 4 - The decline of local journalism is likely increasing polarization
November 12 - Michael Breen leads the human rights fight to the web
November 12 - Political Science: The planet gets short shrift in U.S. research
November 12 - The progressive case against Facebook runs into the First Amendment
November 18 - Spy agency wants Congress to reauthorize controversial spy tools it no longer uses

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