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 Technology and Communications

January 8 - 2018 Legislative Preview: Federal Communications Commission
January 8 - Capitol Hill Comings and Goings
January 16 - Capitol Hill Comings and Goings
January 16 - Lawmakers Look Carefully at Artificial Intelligence
January 22 - Surveillance Bill Marks Win for House Intelligence Committee Over Judiciary
January 22 - The 16th Century Technology Used to Record Votes
January 29 - European Privacy Becomes a U.S. Problem
February 5 - If You Think Nuisance Calls Are Bad Now, Just Wait
February 5 - Rural Areas Feeling Left Behind in the Race to Expand Broadband
February 12 - Capitol Hill Comings and Goings
February 26 - A Cyber Shuffle at the State Department
February 26 - Common Defense: Cyberattacks are the IEDs of Modern Conflict
February 26 - Former Sen. Gordon Smith Has Broadcasters on Offense
March 5 - Capitol Hill Comings and Goings
March 5 - Critics of Municipal Broadband Pan Harvard Study
March 5 - Should States or Feds Oversee Data Protection?
March 12 - 2019 Budget: NASA
March 12 - Capitol Hill Comings and Goings
March 12 - Chamber's Liaison to Silicon Valley Battles 'Techlash'
March 12 - House Starts to Change Its Tune on Payments of Music Royalties
March 19 - Pentagon: China's Got Nothing on Our Artificial Intelligence
March 19 - The Bell Tolls for Votes, but for How Much Longer?
April 9 - Article One: Can I Get a Witness? Hill Awaits Improbable Helper
April 9 - The FCC Says It's Fighting Robocalls, but Many More Are Coming
April 16 - Congress Twiddles Thumbs on Net Neutrality Saga
April 16 - For Facebook, the FTC Looms
April 16 - Q&A With Allie Bohm of Public Knowledge on the Facebook Fiasco
April 16 - The Startup Advocate Who Changed the Tax Bill
April 23 - Poll: Public Ho-Hum on Online Privacy
May 7 - 'Can We Text?' Trump's Campaign Emails Get Personal
May 14 - More Scrutiny Sought for Tech Transfers
May 14 - Rise of the Machines: Artificial Intelligence Challenges Pentagon
May 14 - Should Autonomous Weapons Be Banned?
May 14 - Smaller Tech Firms Worry the Feds Are Favoring Industry Giants
May 21 - Anatomy of a Vote: Democrats Cast a Wide Net for Neutrality
May 21 - House Caucus Aims to Solve Cybersecurity Issues With 'Blockchain'
May 21 - Tom Ridge: 'We're at War' With the Hackers
June 11 - Most of the Federal Government Is Ripe for a Cyberattack
June 11 - Rethinking Antitrust Policy and Catching Congress' Eye
June 18 - Anatomy of a Vote: China Takes Center Stage on Defense Bill
June 18 - Spike in NSA Surveillance Has Civil Libertarians Worried
June 25 - Getting to Yes in the Streaming Music Wars
June 25 - The FCC Dials Up Controversy Over Unwanted Phone Calls
July 9 - Questions Abound on Election's Vulnerability to Hackers
July 30 - Former Rep. Rush Holt Pushing Science to Guide Policy
September 24 - The Disappearing Phone Booths of the Capitol
September 24 - The Week Ahead in Washington
October 15 - Congress Unleashes the Drones
November 12 - 116th Congress: House Science, Space and Technology Committee
December 3 - Congress, FCC Getting Serious about Combating Robocalls
December 3 - Pallone Might Be a Deal-Maker on Net Neutrality
December 3 - The Game is On Over Control of Sports Betting
December 10 - Agencies' Porn Problem Provides Opening to Russian Spies

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