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 Technology and Communications

January 4 - Al Franken Targets 'Stalking Apps'
January 4 - Encryption: Unlocking Data Opens Pandora's Box
January 4 - Patents: War of the Trolls Rages On
January 4 - Surveillance: Renewed Focus on Spying Powers
January 11 - For Latest Medicare Fix, Congress Moves Quickly
January 11 - Pollsters Stymied by 25-Year-Old Law Blocking Cellphone-Autodialing
January 11 - The Trouble With Political Polling
February 1 - Giuliani: Zeroing In on Cybersecurity
February 1 - Transportation Wonks Get Into Driverless Cars
February 22 - Drones Pose Challenges For Congress, FAA
February 22 - Study Shows Drones Could Devastate Jet Engines
February 22 - Tiffany Moore: Emissary for Tech
March 7 - 2016 Influencers: Drone Regulations
March 7 - 2016 Influencers: Encryption
March 7 - 25 Powerful Influencers for 2016
March 21 - Net Neutrality is Killing Business, or Maybe It Isn't
March 21 - OPM's Data Security Guru Tries to Keep it From Happening Again
April 4 - Government Hack of iPhone Opens New Front in Encryption Battle
April 11 - DNA-Mapping Project Could Revolutionize Health Research
April 11 - Rep. Scott Perry: 'Very Receptive' to Debt Collectors' 'Wants and Needs'
April 11 - The FCC is in a Battle Over Prison Phone Call Rates
April 18 - Broadcasters Hire Lobbyist; Pro-Regulatory Group Adds Spokesman
April 18 - States Target Insurers Who Mine Personal Data to Sneak in Rate Hikes
May 9 - Drone Lobbying Group Breaks Up
May 9 - Music Industry and Website Operators Spar Again Over Copyright
June 6 - FCC Chairman's Aggressive Agenda Has Lawmakers Up in Arms
June 6 - Who's Got the Most Drones? New Data Says Silicon Valley
June 13 - A British Firm's Zika Solution Catches Congress' Eye
June 13 - Government Contractor Signs Lobbyist; Tech Consumer Group Has a New General Counsel
June 13 - The Federal Register is Going Fully Digital
June 27 - Documentary 'Zero Days' Examines U.S. Cyberattack on Iran
July 11 - Proposed Tech-Export Rules Bashed by Companies, Researchers
September 6 - Fall Legislative Preview: Broadband Expansion Stalled by Partisan Issues
September 12 - Alarms Sounded Over Student-Data Collection Services
September 12 - Cell Phone Providers Gain Spokeswoman; Shaddegg Switches Firms
September 12 - New Drone Rules Leave Much Unresolved
September 12 - Tech Industry Seeks Clarity From Candidates on Policies
September 12 - The Internet Association Has a New Trade Expert
September 26 - The GOP Turnabout on the Internet Transition
October 3 - GOP Crowdfunding Law Works to Democratic Advantage
October 3 - Trump's Spam Tactic
October 17 - Reid Torpedoes Animal Protection Bill
October 17 - Tracking Political Ads in a Whole New Way
November 10 - 115th Congress: House Science, Space and Technology Committee
November 14 - Democratic Trust-Busters Could Have an Ally in Trump
December 5 - Copyright Chief's Dismissal Stirs Protests
December 12 - As Boss Moves Up, Schumer Aide Moves Out to K Street
December 12 - FCC Privacy Rule in Limbo

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