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 Technology and Communications

January 4 - 2009 Legislative Summary: Digital TV Delay
January 11 - Who's Guarding the Health Records?
January 18 - American Unease in the China Market
January 25 - Federal Radio Spectrum Measures Would Attend to Broadband Demand
January 25 - How Neutral Should Net Neutrality Be?
January 25 - Information Overlord: Congress Wants to Keep Censorship Off the Internet
January 25 - Working on the Writers' Bloc
January 25 - Worrying About a Big Shakeup
February 1 - Medical IT Plan Called Too Much, Too Soon
February 8 - Antitrust Chief's Actions Softer Than Her Words
February 8 - Cybersecurity Research Measure Wins Easy Passage Following Hacker Attack on House Web Sites
February 8 - NASA's New(Old) Mission
February 8 - The DARPA Initiative
February 15 - Things That Go Woosh in the Flight
February 22 - Cyber Waves on the Potomac
March 1 - Senate OKs New Penalties for Caller ID Manipulation
March 22 - Where Ocean Cables Come Ashore, the Internet Is Vulnerable
March 29 - Bill Sets Rules for Pre-Paid Calling Card Providers
April 19 - Bill Would Create an Inventory for Radio Spectrum
April 19 - House-Passed Caller ID 'Spoofing' Bill Is Aimed At Fighting Identity Theft
April 19 - Should the FCC Regulate Ads on Children's Programs?
April 26 - Taking Hollywood Off the Trading Floor
May 10 - 'Smart' Power Grid Requires a Fast Phone
May 10 - Committee Republicans Have Their Own iPhone App
May 10 - Prepaid Calling Card Disclosure Bill Advances in House
May 10 - Senate Passes Satellite TV Reauthorization
May 10 - The Medium, Or the Message?
May 10 - What the Law Says About Telecommunications
May 17 - Bill to Reauthorize Science Programs Runs Aground After Partisan Disagreement on Funding
May 17 - Lawmakers Target a Modern Danger
May 17 - New Rules of Internet Gambling
May 17 - Patent Rewriters Finding Ways That Won't Work
May 17 - Satellite TV Reauthorization Bill Cleared in House
May 17 - Taming a Brave, New Wireless World
May 31 - Shopping for Car Repair Opportunities
May 31 - Weaving a Modern GOP Web
June 14 - Senate Panel Backs Bill to Lower Television Ad Volumes
June 21 - HUD Tweets Its Own Horn
June 21 - Placement Firms Shut Out of Visa Business
June 21 - Safe at Home But Not on the Web
June 28 - Prepaid Calling Card Disclosure Bill Passes in House
June 28 - Senate Panel Scales Down 'Kill Switch' Provisions On Legislation Aimed at Improving Internet Security
July 12 - Cities Tax Online Hotel Bookings, But Without a Discount
July 12 - Making E-Books More Friendly to the Blind
July 19 - Bridging the 'Valley of Death'
July 19 - Public Interest in the Private Sector
July 19 - Pushing for A Venture Capitol
July 26 - Bill Aims to Increase Funding for Security R&D
July 26 - Suspension of Disbelief: Crushed Animals
August 2 - Bill to Aid Communications for Disabled Advances
August 2 - Bill Widens Anti-Stalking Laws to Include Cyberstalking
August 2 - Cybersecurity: Learning To Share
August 2 - Defending the Hill's Own Networks
August 2 - Internet Gambling Repeal Bill Approved in House, With Licensing Rules to Be Set by Treasury Department
August 9 - Bill Seeks Communications Accessibility for Disabled
August 9 - Emergency Response Gets a Busy Signal
August 9 - Mars: Containing the Red Menace
August 16 - Much Evidence Still in Paper Files
September 13 - Does Your Phone Need a Radio?
September 13 - Small Planes Have Feelings Too
September 20 - Specter Wants Courts on Display
September 27 - For Army Recruits, Maybe iPushup Is Next
September 27 - For Lobbyists, Gridlock Offers Lucrative Prospects
October 4 - Bill Would Make Internet More Accessible to Disabled
October 4 - How Not to Manage Cybersecurity
October 4 - Legislating at the Mouse-Click Level
October 4 - Senate Counters High Court With 'Animal Crush' Bill
October 11 - No Net Change in Neutrality Standoff
November 1 - Government Leaks: Capping the Well
November 8 - House Committees of the 112th: Energy & Commerce
November 15 - Hollywood Finds a Better Story Line in the Election
November 22 - Five Questions With Linda Killian, Journalist, Author
December 6 - Consumer Online Protection Bill Advances in Senate
December 6 - FCC Seeks to Auction Off 'Beachfront Property'
December 6 - House Clears Bill to Regulate TV Commercial Volume
December 6 - On the Move in Technology: Garg
December 13 - Private Sector's Privacy Purview
December 13 - Sites Set on Openness
December 27 - 2010 Legislative Summary: Science Programs Authorization
December 27 - Bill Directs FCC to Set Caller ID 'Spoofing' Regulations
December 27 - Consumer Information Protection Bill Clears
December 27 - Three-Year Science Programs Authorization Bill Is Cleared

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