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 Technology and Communications

January 1 - House Vote 239: Telecommunications Overhaul
January 29 - Diversity Debate Shapes Media Ownership Rules
February 5 - Futurist: Target Google
February 5 - Ham Radio Users Burn a Bridge to the 19th Century
February 5 - Raising AIDS Awareness, One Gamer At a Time
February 12 - Fiscal 2008 Budget: Commerce
February 12 - Fiscal 2008 Budget: NASA
February 12 - Judiciary Panel Approves Criminal Penalties for Misuse of Caller ID
February 12 - Lame Duck or Leapfrog?
March 5 - Caller Identification Fraud Is Target of Second Measure in House
March 5 - Committee Created for Antitrust Investigations
March 5 - Conservapedia: See Under 'Right'
March 5 - Futurist: Wireless Without Strings
March 5 - Potential Taxing Dilemma Ahead for Online Auction Sites
March 12 - Media: Capitol Convergence
March 19 - Caller Identification Fraud Measure Approved by House Subcommittee
March 26 - Near-Unanimous House Passage for Bill Targeting Caller ID Abuse
April 2 - Edwards Camp Goes All A-Twittering
April 2 - Futurist: Getting the Message
April 2 - Net Neutrality Debate Poised to Go Into Overdrive
April 16 - Qorvis Flaks for the Digital Revolution
April 30 - Bill Seeks Enhanced 911 Service For Internet Phone Customers
April 30 - Senate Judiciary Takes Aim At Practice of Caller ID Fraud
May 7 - Bill Criminalizing Installation of 'Spyware' Advances in House
May 7 - Media: Streaming Stagecraft
May 14 - Identity Theft Measures Get the Go-Ahead in House Panel
May 14 - Spam Scams Glom Onto Abu Ghraib
May 21 - Electronic Waste Creates a Policy Mess
May 28 - 'Spyware' Bill Sponsors Hope for Senate Nod
May 28 - Futurist: A History of the Future
June 4 - Media: Small Niche, Big Impact
June 4 - Online Drug War Caught in a Tangled Web
June 11 - 'Spyware,' 'Phishing' Bill Passes House
June 18 - House C-J-S Spending Measure Includes Global Warming Initiative
June 18 - House Passes Second Measure Addressing Caller ID Misuse
June 25 - Futurist: Auditions for Disaster
July 9 - Bill Making Caller ID Fraud a Crime Gets Senate Panel Approval
July 9 - C-J-S Spending Bill Goes to Senate Floor
July 9 - CAIR's Washington Times Spat
July 9 - Charging Up for the Next New Things
July 9 - Media: Pundit Power
July 9 - Pentagon in Trade Tussle
July 9 - Seeking Improved Health Care Through Information Technology
July 23 - Bill Would Delete Expletives From Broadcasts
July 23 - Printers Help Federal Agents but Worry Privacy Advocates
July 30 - A Broad Advocacy Spectrum Backs Satellite Merger
July 30 - A Sonic Showdown Over Concerts
July 30 - Futurist: The Same Old Song
July 30 - Re-Examining Broadband Using a Democratic Lens
August 6 - Dick Durbin, Cyberlegislator
September 3 - Facing the 50-Year Carbon Challenge
September 3 - Fall Agenda: High-Speed Internet Access
September 10 - Futurist: E-vangelizing in a Digital Age
September 17 - Your Representative Is Only a Modem Away
October 1 - Fee-Free Wireless Campaign Proves Costly
October 1 - Industries Work Up a Patent Lather
October 1 - Length of Ban on Internet Access Tax Divides Senate Commerce Panel
October 8 - Futurist: The Virtual Picket Line
October 15 - Bill to Extend Internet Tax Moratorium Advances as GOP Pushes for Ban
October 15 - Switch to Digital Has Congress Tuning In
October 22 - House Solidly Backs Four More Years for Internet-Access Tax Moratorium
October 29 - Bill Advances to Extend Authority To Collect Fees for Do Not Call List
October 29 - Electronics Makers Learning to Lobby
October 29 - House Bill Would Establish Standards for Health Information Technology
October 29 - Senate Passes Seven-Year Internet Access Tax Ban, Punts to House
November 5 - Futurist: A Vote for Better Design
November 5 - House Panel OKs Mine Safety Overhaul Bill
November 5 - Internet Access Tax Moratorium Measure Signed
November 5 - Lawmakers Seek Clearer Picture of High-Speed Internet Usage, Access
November 5 - Panels Vote to Make Permanent Do Not Call List
November 12 - Media: Spreading the Word
November 19 - The Tinseltown Sleaze Treatment
November 26 - Copyright Wars Come to the Campaign Stump
December 3 - Futurist: Digital TV's Mixed Signals
December 10 - Media: Less Popular Than the Pols
December 17 - Do Not Call Registry Reauthorization Legislation Passed by the House
December 24 - Senate Passes Bill to Preserve 'Do Not Call' Rosters

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