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 Technology and Communications

January 10 - Congress Already Debating President's Proposal To Restructure Space Policy
January 10 - Key Players and Their Interest In the Online Sales Tax Debate
January 10 - State Deficits Increase Pressure For Authority to Tax Internet Sales
January 24 - Softened by Exemptions, Database Protection Bill Still Stands Little Chance
January 31 - Bill Would Block Food Lawsuits
January 31 - Transit R&D Amendment Silent on Cost
February 7 - Big-Bucks Penalty For Brazen TV
February 14 - Super Bowl Incident Spurs House To Raise Fines on Lewd Broadcasters
February 21 - Election Overview: Web Politics and Growing Pains
February 21 - Internet Phoning Pulls Congress Back Into the Telecom Fray
February 21 - Internet Phoning: The Lobbyists
February 21 - Standing Still May Be Best Action For Congress on Technology Issues
February 28 - House Panel Approves Bill Combating Database Piracy
March 6 - Alternate Database Bill Approved by House Panel
March 6 - House Panel OKs Indecency Bill; On-Air Broadcasters Take Steps To Clean Up Their Acts
March 13 - Indecency Bill May Raise First Amendment Issues
March 13 - Media Ownership Issue Returns
April 3 - Recording Industry Asks Congress' Help in Growing Battle Against File Sharing
April 10 - Seeing Mandates From Both Sides
April 24 - Senate Looks to Internet Access Tax
May 1 - lnternet Tax Ban -- the Issues
May 1 - Local Broadcasters Come Out Ahead As House Panel Approves Changes To 1999 Satellite Television Law
May 1 - Senate Passes Four-Year Ban On Internet Access Taxes
May 8 - Satellite TV Policy Changes Not on Senate's Hurry List Despite Push From Industry
May 15 - 'Video Voyeurism' Could Join Ranks of Federal Crime
May 15 - Bill Targets 'Aggravated ID Theft'
May 15 - Coalition Backing R&D Credit Jumps on U.S. Jobs Bandwagon
May 22 - Bill Would Expand Copyright Powers of Recording Industry
May 29 - Maglev Struggles to Get Off Drawing Board As Critics Challenge Cost-Effectiveness
June 5 - Satellite TV Law Reauthorization Wins Easy House Panel Approval After Members Stow Amendments
June 12 - Preaching Smaller Government
June 19 - Regulation to Restrict 'Spyware' Approved in Subcommittee
June 26 - 'Spyware' Regulation Bill Approved
June 26 - Comparing Indecency Measures
June 26 - Senate Adds Media Ownership Language to Indecency Proposal As Appeals Court Rebuffs FCC
July 3 - Funding for Basic Science Has Little Traction in Congress
July 3 - Japan May Get Competition for Fastest Computer
July 3 - Next Big Scientific Breakthrough Takes Time
July 3 - Ruling Suggests an Alternative For Online Pornography Law: Mandate Use of Internet Filters
July 3 - United States Struggles to Attract Youth to Careers in Science
July 10 - A New Indecency Standard: Lost in 'Terminal Vagueness'?
July 10 - Chasing Indecency
July 10 - Indecent or Obscene? Some Ground Rules
July 24 - Community-Operated Radio Stations Squeeze Into FM Band
July 24 - DVD Filtering Technology Could Evade Copyright Lawsuits
July 24 - Local Programming Funds Figure Into CPB Authorization
July 24 - Measure Allows Companies To Send Just the Fax
July 24 - Overlapping Interests, Jurisdictions Complicate Efforts to Reauthorize Satellite Television Law
July 24 - So Many Amendments Put Internet Telephone Regulation Bill on Hold
August 7 - Cheers and Jeers Resound for Bill to Ban File Sharing
August 7 - File Sharing: Fair or Unfair Use?
September 4 - Court Ruling Puts Congress in Crossfire of Internet File-Sharing Controversy
September 4 - Technology Coalition Offers Alternative to File-Sharing Legislation
September 11 - Enforcement Key to House 'Spyware' Bill
September 11 - Panel OKs Bill To Prevent Copyright Theft
September 25 - 'Wireless 411' Protection Bill OK'd in Panel
September 25 - Assistance on the Way to More States With Telecom Funds
September 25 - Bill Wins Approval to Establish Copyright Royalty Judges
September 25 - Copyright Authentication Bill Passes in House
September 25 - Debate Over 'Digital Transition' Reheated by Bill on Surrender of Analog Broadcast Spectrum
September 25 - Lawmakers Seek to Crack Down on 'Video Voyeurism'
September 25 - NASA Reauthorization Moves Slowly as Lawmakers Debate Details, Cost of U.S. Participation in Space Race
September 25 - Senate Panel Approves 'Spyware' Bill
October 2 - Diverse Groups Oppose Hatch Filesharing Bill
October 2 - Hatch Caught Between Technology And Entertainment Industries As Anti-Piracy Bill Hits Impasse
October 2 - Senate Votes to Free Up Spectrum For First Responders
October 9 - Conferees Drop Indecency Measure
October 9 - Congressional 'Spyware' Fix Likely to Prove Elusive
October 9 - Intellectual Property Bills Combined
October 9 - Online Piracy Bill May Wait Until 2005
October 9 - Prospects for Satellite TV Bill Hinge on Chambers Resolving Digital Programming Dispute
October 9 - Senate Passes Revised Bill to Create Copyright Judges
October 30 - Competing for the Single-Wire 'Triple Play'
October 30 - Telecommunications Companies Brace For Regulatory Review, Overhaul
November 6 - Film Industry Joins the Battle Against Internet Pirates
November 6 - Lame-Duck Session May Offer a Crystal Ball Into Next Year
November 6 - No Election Day Meltdown, But Problems Remain
November 6 - Senate Commerce, Science and Transportation in the 109th Congress
November 20 - Internet Taxes Moratorium Re-Extended
November 20 - Lawmakers Set to Tack Access to Network TV Onto Omnibus Measure
November 20 - New Three-Judge Panel To Settle Copyright Disputes
November 27 - Bill to Help Digital Satellite TV Clears
November 27 - Senate Confirms Daschle Aide for FCC Commission Slot
November 27 - Senate Passes Package of Bills Protecting Intellectual Property
December 4 - 2004 Legislative Summary: 'Spyware' Crackdown
December 4 - 2004 Legislative Summary: Broadcast Indecency Penalties
December 4 - 2004 Legislative Summary: Broadcast Spectrum for Police and Firefighters
December 4 - 2004 Legislative Summary: Local Broadcasting via Satellite
December 4 - 2004 Legislative Summary: NASA Reauthorization
December 4 - 2004 Legislative Summary: Online Piracy
December 11 - Narrow Intellectual Property And Domain Fraud Bill Cleared
December 11 - Republicans Revive Gore Plan, Sparing Telephone Rate Hike
December 11 - Senate Clears Video Voyeurism Curbs

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