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 Technology and Communications

January 25 - High-Tech Sector Senators Pushing For High-Speed Wireless Internet
January 25 - Principals in Broadband Debate In No Hurry to Rejoin Battle
February 8 - Capitol's Voices on Space Policy
February 8 - Fiscal 2004 Budget: Commerce
February 8 - Fiscal 2004 Budget: NASA
February 8 - NASA Chief Gets High Marks
February 8 - Reliable Space 'Delivery System' Still an Elusive Goal for NASA
February 15 - Fiscal 2003 Omnibus: Commerce, Justice, State
February 15 - Lawmakers Likely to Limit New High-Tech Eavesdropping
March 1 - New FCC Broadband Rules A Mixed Victory for Authors Of Telecommunications Rewrite
March 15 - Leahy Challenges Secrecy Of Corporate Information
March 15 - Senate Takes Up Internet Gambling Ban
April 12 - Simpler Spectrum Sale Rules May Trigger Turf Fight
May 3 - Lawmakers Warn That U.S. Cannot Afford to Fall Behind In Nanotechnology Research
May 10 - House Bill Hits Web Gambling Through Credit Card Companies
May 10 - Senate Pushes For Quick Markup Of Bill Promoting Nanotechnology As the Next Big Thing
May 17 - Electronic Check Measure Approved by House Panel
May 24 - Capitol Takes Cautious Approach To Filtering Lawmakers' E-Mail
May 24 - House Panels' Turf Battle Drops Internet Gambling Bill In Rules Committee's Court
May 24 - Is 'There Oughta Be a Law' a Real Answer to 'Spam'?
May 24 - Permanent Ban on Internet Taxes Poised for Quick House Approval, But Senate Has Its Own Demands
May 24 - Prohibitions on Mass Mailings
June 7 - FCC Media Ownership Changes Prompt Senate Plans for Opposition, But House Leaders Not Prepared to Act
June 7 - Gambling Bill: House Decides To Hold 'em
June 14 - FTC Wants Spam Laws Tightened
June 14 - Hotly Challenged Exemption For State-Regulated Wagering Still in Internet Gambling Bill
June 14 - Senate Expected to Take Up Popular Spectrum Trust Fund Bill
June 21 - 'Spam' on Senate Floor Menu
June 21 - Surprise Reversal of Ownership Ruling Leaves FCC Chief in Uneasy Position
June 28 - Senate Adds 'Deal Breaker' To Spectrum Auction Measure
June 28 - Senate Committee Toughens Media Ownership Restrictions in Second Swipe at FCC
July 12 - Focus on Media Ownership Issue Takes Lawmakers by Surprise
July 12 - House C-J-S Bill Glides Through Appropriations Subcommittee, But Tougher Decisions to Come
July 19 - Internet Tax Break Bill Advances
July 19 - Legislation Details the 411 on 911 Emergency System Grants
July 19 - Opposition to FCC Media Ruling Thwarts C-J-S Bill's Easy Passage Through Spending Panels
July 26 - C-J-S Spending Bill Becomes Venue For Wide Range of Policy Disputes
July 26 - Ways to Attack Media Ownership Rules
August 2 - Internet Betting Bill a Serious Game
August 2 - Senate Moves Toward Ban on Internet Tax
August 2 - Tobacco Tax Evasion Ban Advances
August 30 - Fall Agenda: Media Ownership
August 30 - Fall Agenda: Spam Limits
August 30 - Management of Asbestos Legislation Slipping Away From Judiciary Chairman
September 6 - Bush Threat to Veto Reversal Of New Media Ownership Rules Has Few Lawmakers Quaking
September 13 - Senate Will Take Up FCC's Media Ownership Rules
September 20 - House Passes Internet Tax Ban for States
September 20 - Stay Tuned: FCC Deregulation Temporarily Thwarted By Dorgan Amendment, Senate
September 27 - Companies Differ on FDA Guidelines for New Products
September 27 - Despite Congress' Best Efforts, Separate Court Rulings Put 'Do Not Call' Registry on Hold
September 27 - Fraudulent Spammers Penalized In Latest Senate Judiciary Bill
October 4 - Internet-Based Activist Group Puts Powerful Spin on Politics
October 11 - E-Check Processing Moves to Senate
October 18 - Database Piracy Bill Approved By Judiciary Subcommittee
October 18 - Genetic Anti-Discrimination Bill Wins Unanimous Senate Vote, But House in No Hurry to Act
October 25 - As Senate Passes Anti-Spam Bill, House Continues Its Battle Over Definition and Enforcement
November 8 - Improved Emergency Services Funding Backed in House
November 8 - Internet Tax Moratorium Expires While Bill Languishes in Senate
November 15 - Grass-Roots Groundswell of Opposition Delivers Internet Tax Setback to Senate
November 22 - $3.7 Billion Measure Focusing On a Much Smaller Slice of Life
November 22 - Anti-Spam Measure Benefits From End-of-Session Desire To Please Voters Back Home
November 29 - Anti-Spam Bill Readied for Bush Might Not Stop Junk E-Mail But Puts Consumers in Charge
December 6 - Policy Riders Slow C-J-S Bill
December 6 - State and Local Governments Bide Time on Internet Taxes Despite Stalled Moratorium
December 6 - VA-HUD: Veterans Win More Health Funding
December 13 - 2003 Legislative Summary: 'Do Not Call' Telemarketing List
December 13 - 2003 Legislative Summary: Crimes Against Children
December 13 - 2003 Legislative Summary: FCC Media Ownership Rules
December 13 - 2003 Legislative Summary: Internet Gambling
December 13 - 2003 Legislative Summary: Internet Tax Moratorium
December 13 - 2003 Legislative Summary: Junk E-Mail Limits
December 13 - 2003 Legislative Summary: Nanotechnology
December 13 - House-Cleared Anti-Spam Bill Expected to Have Minor Effect On Volume of Unwanted E-Mail

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