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 Technology and Communications

January 27 - FCC Chairman Michael Powell Likely to Cooperate With Congress On Telecommunications Regulation
January 27 - Panel to Move on Technology Export
February 3 - Chairman Tauzin Charts A Bold Course for Commerce
February 3 - Chairmen Stake Their Claims To Oversee Business Issues
February 3 - The Tauzin File
February 10 - Congress Scrutinizes New HHS Rules, Considers Another Effort to Pass Medical Privacy Legislation
February 17 - Hatch Seeks Harmony on Web Tunes
February 24 - HHS Reopening Medical Privacy Rules To Consider Industry's Objections
February 24 - Policing Consumer Privacy: Congress Prepares to Opt In
March 3 - House Panel Approves Measure Barring Caller ID Interference
March 24 - Bush Administration's Suspension Of Medical Privacy Regulations Revives Partisan Struggle on Hill
March 24 - GOP Senators Seek Assurances That White House-Backed Export Curbs Would Not Weaken National Security
March 24 - House Passes Bill to Relax Rules On Smaller Telecom Companies
March 24 - Overwhelmed by E-Mail
March 24 - Tauzin Promises Quick Action By Full Panel on 'Spam' Bill
March 31 - Congress Steps Into Clash Of Copyrights, Consumer Rights
March 31 - Digital Dilemmas
March 31 - Internet Copyright Law Amendment Gets Noisy Support from Librarians
March 31 - Promising a Lighter Regulatory Touch, FCC's Powell Indicates He Might Loosen Restrictions on Media Concentration
April 7 - Napster and Other Entertainment Sites Urge Creation of Licensing System To Distribute Music Online
April 14 - Cuts in Business Breaks Resisted
April 28 - McCain Links Internet Tax Moratorium With Help for States to Tax Online Sales
April 28 - Tauzin's Push to Deregulate High-Speed Internet Service Meets Resistance From Bells' Critics
May 5 - Senate Panel Considers a Bill To Prevent Human Cloning By Banning a Lab Technique
May 5 - The New Face of Internet Taxation
May 5 - Turf Battles, Lobbying Blitz Roil 'Broadband' Deregulation
May 12 - Business Groups Line Up Against Proposal to Allow Consumers to Sue 'Spammers'
May 12 - Commission on Privacy Blasted By Democrats
May 12 - Commission on Privacy Blasted By Democrats
May 12 - High-Speed Internet Access Bill Emerges From House Commerce Panel With Less Momentum Than Tauzin Hoped
May 19 - Bill on Phone Competition May Get Even Harder on Bells
May 19 - Judiciary Approves Updating Of Copyright Law for Internet
May 26 - House Judiciary Committee Narrows Scope of Bill Aimed at Regulating 'Spam'
May 26 - House Judiciary Wins Role in Reviewing Broadband Bill
June 9 - Judiciary Panel Plans Changes In 'Broadband' Web Access Bill
June 16 - Fate of House 'Broadband' Bill Handed to Rules by Judiciary
June 16 - What's at Stake for the Industry
June 23 - Cures May Arise From Genome Mapping, But Congress Anticipates Headaches
June 23 - The Genetic Information Debate
June 30 - Proposed Panel Would Study Antitrust Law
June 30 - Tauzin May Draft Bill on Online Privacy
July 14 - Online Copyright Bill Advances
August 4 - Panel Backs Stiffer Curb on Internet Taxes
August 11 - Calling Bell Companies Anti-Competitive, Hollings Pushes Bill to Split Them Into Retail and Wholesale Units
September 8 - Tension Between Defense and Business Over High-Tech Export Regulation Makes Deal Unlikely Before Spring
September 15 - Possible Privacy Proposals
September 15 - Surveillance in a New Light
October 6 - Surveillance: Playing Catchup
October 13 - House Judiciary Votes to Renew Internet Tax Ban for Two Years; GOP Leaders Want Longer Extension
October 13 - House Passes Anti-Terrorism Bill That Tracks White House's Wishes
October 20 - Moratorium on Internet Sales Tax Expires As Senate Negotiations Stall Over Whether, and How Long, to Extend It
October 27 - Internet Tax Moratorium Still Stymied
November 17 - Internet Tax Moratorium Extension Clears After Senate Rejects Plan For Multistate 'Compact'
December 1 - TRADE: House Backs Extension Of Export Act
December 8 - Regional Bells Gear Up For End-of-Session House Vote On Bill to Ease Local Competition Rules
December 15 - In Setback for the Bells, Broadband Deregulation Vote Is Delayed in House Until March
December 22 - 2001 Legislative Summary: Broadband
December 22 - 2001 Legislative Summary: Export Administration Act
December 22 - 2001 Legislative Summary: Internet Taxes
December 22 - New NASA Chief Confirmed
December 22 - Wireless License Sale Measure Dies

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