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 Technology and Communications

January 7 - TELECOMMUNICATIONS: GOP May Allow Bells To Enter Long-Distance Market Sooner
January 14 - With Democrats at a Distance, GOP Details Its Own Plan
February 11 - FUNCTION BY FUNCTION: Science, Space, Technology
February 18 - Bill Would Provide Flexibility For 'Advanced TV' Frequencies
February 18 - Committee Is At Odds Again Over Long Distance, Cable
February 25 - Technology Reinvestment Grants
March 4 - TELECOMMUNICATIONS: Senators Propose Subsidy Scheme For Affordable Phone Service
March 11 - Cable Revenues from Subscriber
March 11 - Republicans' Cable Plan Strikes a Nerve
March 18 - Exon Wants Shield for Children
March 18 - SECTION NOTES: Measure To Continue Auctions Of Radio Spectrum Advances
March 18 - Telecommunications Bills Compared (chart)
March 25 - Bill Finds Common Ground Between the Parties
March 25 - Telecommunications Bill Addresses Competition, Universal Service
March 25 - Telecommunications: Local TV vs. Networks
April 1 - Fear of 'Two-Tiered' Society Splits Senate Commerce
April 8 - TELECOMMUNICATIONS: Compromise Bill To Encourage Competition Stalls in Senate
May 6 - House Committee Leaders Back Senate Provisions
May 6 - TELECOMMUNICATIONS: Comparing House,
May 20 - Bill Gets Panel's Approval But Isn't Home Free
May 20 - TELECOMMUNICATIONS: Panel Sets Up Clash
May 27 - TELECOMMUNICATIONS: Committee-Approved Changes
June 3 - Senators Move To Prevent Cable-Telephone 'Teams'
June 3 - TELECOMMUNICATIONS: A Dispute Over 'Dialing Parity'
June 10 - Compromise Holds as Bill Hits Senate Floor
June 17 - TELECOMMUNICATIONS: Pressler Stumbles, Gets His Footing And Wins High Praise From Colleagues
July 1 - TELECOMMUNICATIONS: At Bells' Request, House GOP Seeks Further Deregulation
July 8 - Proposed Electronic 'V-Chip' Complicates the View
July 8 - TELECOMMUNICATIONS: Clashing Over Obscenity in Cyberspace
July 22 - TELECOMMUNICATIONS: Regional Bells Ring GOP Theme With Calls for Deregulation
July 29 - Foes Bristle at TV Industry Plan For Equipment Compatibility
July 29 - TELECOMMUNCATIONS: Two United About Divisive 'V-Chip'
August 5 - TELECOMMUNICATIONS: Clinton's Veto Threat
August 5 - TELECOMMUNICATIONS: Comparing House, Senate Bills
August 5 - TELECOMMUNICATIONS: Leaders' Last-Minute Additions Offer Morsels for Everyone - Almost
August 12 - COMMUNICATIONS: Two Bills Further Violence Debate
August 12 - CORRECTION: Telecommunications bill.
September 2 - GOVERNMENT and COMMERCE: Telecommunications regulation.
September 16 - Broadcasters Win Victories In Spectrum Auction Plans
September 16 - SECTION NOTES: Bill on Recording Rights Advances in House
September 16 - SECTION NOTES: Committee Reauthorizes FCC for One Year
September 16 - SECTION NOTES: Senate Committee OKs Plan To Protect Biotech Patents
September 23 - TELECOMMUNICATIONS SPECIAL REPORT: Bell Entry Into New Markets
September 23 - TELECOMMUNICATIONS SPECIAL REPORT: Competition in Local Phone Service
September 23 - TELECOMMUNICATIONS SPECIAL REPORT: Miscellaneous Provisions
September 23 - TELECOMMUNICATIONS SPECIAL REPORT: Penalties Related to Local Service
September 23 - TELECOMMUNICATIONS SPECIAL REPORT: PROVISIONS: Telecommunications Bills Compared
September 23 - TELECOMMUNICATIONS SPECIAL REPORT: Regulation of Telephone Services
September 23 - TELECOMMUNICATIONS SPECIAL REPORT: Regulation of Video Services
September 30 - CORRECTION: Spectrum auction.
September 30 - RECONCILIATION: Broadcasters Score as Panel Preserves Spectrum Rights
October 21 - TECHNOLOGY: Royalties Bill Clears House
October 28 - Conference Panel's Optimism Shadowed by Doubters
November 11 - Talks Begin To Show Progress, But Agreement Looks Elusive
December 9 - Conferees Fighting the Clock As They Work on Details
December 9 - TELECOMMUNICATIONS: Conferees Favor 'Indecency' Standard
December 16 - TELECOMMUNICATIONS: Overhaul Comes Down to Issue Of Broadcast Ownership
December 23 - PRESIDENTIAL VETO MESSAGE: Clinton Points to Lack of Money For Technology, War on Crime
December 23 - Spate of Squabbles Leaves Bill's Fate Still Uncertain
December 23 - TELECOMMUNICATIONS: Key Agreements, Remaining Problems For Telecommunications Conferees

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